Now, You Too Can Own These Glasses

By Ishaan . August 7, 2011 . 2:31pm

The Atlus-D-Shop in Japan has a pair of glasses for sale. Maybe you’ll recognize them:



No? How about now?


You can find them at the Atlus-D-Shop or at AmiAmi. They’re scheduled to release in late August. While they don’t come with lenses of any power, they can be used with prescription lenses. They’ll set you back 7,350 yen (that’s around $93).


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  • The glasses look actually nice, but I just bought me a new pair of glasses so no need~ :(

    • AnimusVox

      haha same here. I’m content with my new glasses.

    • Necessities aside, how does 93$ sound for a spectacle frame? Too much, or just average?

      • Hm it depends, if it’s high quality and from a big brand it’s Ok, but most of the money for glasses are in the lenses so I’d say for a game accessory(don’t know anything about the quality also must fit on your face) it’s a little bit more expensive than average. I’m not an expert at that tho~

        • I feel so too. Japan’s not modest when it comes to pricing; merchandises even more so.

          • Sadly it works for them…they are so evil..but what can our innocent nerd hearts do against it?? ;___;

          • Well… If this makes you feel better: Things are expensive in Norway as well. Except the country’s not big on franchises or merchandises. And it’s cold about 3/4 a year.

            Feeling better? ^v^
            I certainly am not… [Sniff]

          • @DrakosAmatras:disqus Lol, NO! How the hell should I feel better if you tell me something so sad?! Tho almost the same can be said about Germany, it’s cold and super expensive..damn taxes! >_<

      • Its rather low cost. 

        • It is? Hm. But by which standards: for a spectacle frame, or for a merchandise?

      • puchinri

        That sounds average for most to me. Plenty of frames, regardless of brand or style, are well above $100 or even $200. And that’s here. I can only imagine how much frames are in Japan…

        • I see. So, provided that the frame fits on the face nicely, this could be a good memento for a bespectacled Persona 4 fan.

          • puchinri

            That’s what I was thinking~. (Though Raioh did point out that we don’t know the quality of them, but they look pretty good at least.)

        • Thought as much, was not sure though so went the safe way, lol. Then again, we still don’t know about the quality and material of the frames and what size it has.

          • puchinri

            Ah, that’s true! 

            They do remind me of a pair I have by Coach. And while they’re a plastic or something (definitely no metal), they’re really sturdy, so I just kind of assumed these would be the same as far as quality goes. I’m even more curious now.

        • Exkaiser

          Though, normally frames get covered by insurance, and I doubt they’d do that here.

          I wouldn’t mind a pair of these, myself, though.

          • puchinri

            I’m not sure if it’s the frame, or the whole deal, but I always thought that insurance generally won’t cover all of it, if even most? But no, I can’t see that applying here.

          • Exkaiser

            Oh, they never cover -all- of it, but my glasses tend to run over $200 before insurance, so I’ll take most of it.

          • puchinri

            Oh, lol. I started to wonder about your insurance, hehe. But yeah, same.

  • I didn’t even have to look at the headline to know what these glasses were :)

  • BOUGHT AND BOUGHT!  Finally, and right around the perfect time to get glasses!  These will go great with my GLORIOUS HAIR.

    • puchinri

      I’ve been noticing your icon a lot and I’m curious, is that Shoulder a Coffin Kuro? Or just by the same artist?

      • You actually hit the nail right on the head.  It’s exactly that!

        • puchinri

          Oh, haha, that’s awesome!

          I remember starting GA when the anime came out, and since then I’ve been picking up on any instance of her style, and since I finally started reading Kuro, I noticed your icon and got a little excited. x’D

  • They look nice, but call me when they get these bad boys!

  • Hahaha, wouldn’t it be great if they sold evokers?

    • Uh… That’d be morbid.

      And funny.

      • I can already see the rage in the parents faces~

        • Of course! Half the fun’s gonna come from that, you know.

          • Well even if I wanted to I just can’t disagree with you! I’d love to have a national rage about that merchandise!

    • AzureNova

      LOLZ, I’d use mine everyday.

      • Just don’t confuse them with your original or it will be a one time use only buy…~

        • AzureNova

          XD I lol’d hard at that.

  • DanteJones

    “they can be used with prescription lenses.” Whoa. It’s just about time to get new glasses too. I dunno guys, should I?

    • Why are you still here dammit! I thought you are going to Japan! And yes you should even if it’s just for the love for Persona!

      • DanteJones

        I’m on the way to Japan as we type! I’m on my laptop right now. :D Though the flight attendant -did- say something about not using laptops, something about knocking out all the aircraft’s important electronics or something, but that’s just crazy talk–OH DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN

        • WTF!? Nooo~! Wait for me I’ll jump into DaiRaiOh and rescue you!!

          • Guest

            Too late I already got them down to safety with the Jet Scrander

        • XD

          If I could click “Like” on that comment more than once, trust me, I would.


    • shion16

      Glasses are a part of the soul

      • Especially when u have to…put them…on for the first time

      • When i was born my soul came free, why didnt the glasses came free too?

  • shion16

    I want PERSONA 3 headphones

    • Skyr795

      They aren’t supposed to be that great though (although still better than Apple Earbuds and such). Also there are several similar looking models.

      • There are better versions similar in model design but I think they are mostly sold out by now~

      • RaptorFB

        Both the Japanese(ATH-EM700) and USA(ATH-EM7 GM) versions are prone to cable breaks on the 3.5mm connector side. Fortunately, the USA version has a detachable extension, which can be easily replaced. The Japanese version does not.

      • Exkaiser

        I have a fairly similar pair of ATH-EM7 headphones by Audio-Technica, and they’re great.

    • AzureNova

      I want the Devil Survivor headphones ^_^

    • jello44

      Those are nice (and they have them as stated), but I’d rather have these.

    • Champ W

      I got one XD~

    • Blazeddc

      I’ll take some Persona 3 Evokers.

      Oh wait….


  • OverlordFuka

    I was JUST saying to my brother that I wanted those glasses of Souji’s! XD They should do everyone else’s glasses as well, that’d just be badass.

    • puchinri

      It would be so awesome if they made everyone’s glasses.

  • MrRobbyM

    I really want em’, but getting prescription lenses for something that big would be really expensive :/

  • If only I could get these as my prescription ones, my insurance would cover most of it and it would be a justifiable purchase! 

  • RaptorFB

    The glasses are listed as preorder, but out of stock/sold out on Amiami a day or two after Destructoid had a similar article back in April. Such a shame, as they look really nice.

  • Xerain

    So are they plastic or some kind of metal?

    • Exkaiser

      Probably plastic.

      • Xerain

        If they were memory metal I’d seriously consider them. But that would ruin the ending of the game.

        • Exkaiser

          Something in the True Ending, I presume?

          I actually haven’t gotten around to beating the True Final Boss. I just need to grind up a bit to beat her, but haven’t found the motivation to do so yet.

  • Save for the little rainbow band, this is essentially what my glasses look like anyway, and I got them for free when I was still on the NHS. So thanks but no thanks Atlus, I already have my Persona glasses and will be keeping my money.

    • alumne

      Which brand are they?

      • They’re not actually a brand, I got them from my opticians (Specsavers) as one of the free pairs of frames they offer. Ironically enough, I chose them around about the time I was playing Persona 4 BECAUSE they looked so much like Souji’s glasses.

    • Guest

       Yeah you might throw some people off with that rainbow lol…

  • puchinri

    I have a pair of glasses that look about the same myself (too). But I still want these. A lot. And they’d be very nice to have for the next time I go to the optometrist. 

    I’m getting these, no matter what. Even if I have to buy them off of Amazon for an even higher price.

  • Elemiel


  • Well I could get new lenses and these frames would be nice at least, but, I would rather take P3P gear.

  • Oh good, amiami is already sold out.  I almost bought a pair.

    • origami_samurai

      They are not sold out, you just have to pre order them, they don’t have any in stock cus they are not released yet

      • Aoshi00

        They’re probably pre-sold out if AmiAmi accepted lots of pre-orders alrdy (someone mentioned pre-order opened several months back), Might become available again if they are able to get more or some people cancel their preorders.. seems like a special item like this is in big demand..

        I actually haven’t changed my glasses for years.. never wore this style of artsy black framed glasses before :(… looks so cool… wonder what the quality is.. and getting lenses for them is expensive too..

        • origami_samurai

          You have a point (sigh) gonna use a load of money this month pre ordered Tales of xillia, thats £60 + if i’m gonna get these another £50 T_T

  • Well okay….some glasses. Looks like some you can get somewhere else, but I guess this is….nice?

  • Room201

    I managed to pre-order these glasses at HobbySearch a while back. I haven’t bought new glasses in a while so I went for these…all I’m hoping is that they are good quality (for the price).

  • AzureNova

    I don’t even wear glasses, but I want these!

    • Aoshi00

      It would be convenient to wear them just for decoration if you don’t need to wear glasses *.*…

  • I just got new glasses, darn it, guess I’ll wait next year!

  • cmurph666

    ZOMG~! I knew what they where from the first pic~! I can’t wait to wear them~

  • All I saw was the strip and I KNEW what I was looking at.

    Ahh.. I need new glasses. Does D-Shop even ship outside of the US?

    • Champ W

      You mean outside Japan, right?
      They don’t, but AmiAmi does.

      • AmiAmi doesn’t sell much Persona merchandise. Nearly everything is sold-out or backorder

  • That…That’s a lot of money…

    • lostinblue

      It’s cheap, at least for european standards. Mine were way more expensive and they aren’t exactly top range

  • origami_samurai

    Mum has been nagging me to get some new glasses……. :D

  • To be honest you can probably find a similar pair of glasses and airbrush those rainbow on the side. Then again people like their official merchandise.

    [edit – I remember glasses cost a lot so maybe this will do lol]

  • Aoshi00

    Seems like this is made by COSPA?  I’ve seen this name for other anime related merchandise like Steins;Gate Upa plush, mug coasters, etc, this company makes good products right?  Persona 4 glasses are indeed cool…

    • Indeed…

    • They pretty much makes most of anime related stuff that you can’t imagine to be made XD Quality is good too

  • PrinceHeir

    Ami Ami products are amazing :)

    i think Ami Tokito uses it as well :D

  • LaserVision

    After the initial sticker shock, I’ve realized people probably spend just as much if not more for designer frames anyway. Not that I’m included, of course ;). So I guess it really isn’t that bad..

  • glemtvapen

    Looking at it closely, that is not the exact P4 MC’s glasses. MC’s has no rainbow band, and the rim frame is actually colored grey with black temples.

    Sadly, the only one you are buying is an expensive fake knockoff or MC Shadow version’s glasses.

  • Awesome, but I just dropped $180 on new glasses on Wednesday.  It was either that or a 3DS, and with the 3DS price drop… I really needed the new glasses.

  • vivaluis59

    Well seeing as how i bought my glasses for 300$ and i want some new ones this might be cool.. But the  fact that they are 93$ without the proper lenses makes me wonder if the cost to make the lenses and put them in will make this investment more expensive than buying glasses from TSO

  • I would give Atlus all my money for these.

    If I had money.


  • It’s pretty normal to sell it so expensive , after all we are talking about real glasses.

    The same has been done for Bayonetta , this last one and Jeane Glasses could be bought for 26000 yens et 30000 yens (approximately).

    This is truly a great collectible but i’ll pass i’m not blind yet :)

    • brain_cleanser

      My last pair of glasses ran about 100 bucks, and they’re a pair of cheepo-wire frames, cuz of the severity of my prescription. Honestly, I’d buy these and get them fitted with prescription lenses if my insurance would cover them. Alas, they shall remain a dream x.x

  • Actually, I don’t find these glasses to be that expensive. I had to pay more for glasses back when I used them (contact lenses ftw!!)

    • lostinblue

      Eye rape ftw! (contact lenses are not for me)

  • thaKingRocka

    I don’t think I’ll be buying these glasses, but the article was just the push I needed to get started on Persona 4. I had recently felt like playing a JRPG again after quite some time. I think Lost Odyssey was the last. I’ve been playing so many FPSs on the PC and Rockstar games on the 360 that I felt it was time for a change of pace. I bought the game on the day of release, and just last night popped it in. I had forgotten how lame those limited save systems were. I fell asleep with the controller in hand and kept waking up trying to get to the next save point. Regardless, the story and characters have definitely got me interested. I liked what I was awake for.

  • Don’t know if anybody else commented it but… this glasses have been on AmiAmi for about 5 months now. And pre-orders ‘sold-out’ about 3 months ago.

  • AnimusVox

    What I really want is Chie’s jacket.

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