Ghostlight Summon Persona 2: Innocent Sin To Europe

By Ishaan . August 9, 2011 . 6:41am

In addition to The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, Ghostlight have picked up another popular PSP RPG — they’re publishing Persona 2: Innocent Sin in Europe. Like Trails in the Sky, it appears as though Innocent Sin will be released in some sort of collector’s edition, too.


Just when the game will release in Europe hasn’t been officially announced yet, but one of our readers asked that question over Twitter and Ghostlight replied that they were hoping to match Innocent Sin’s U.S. release.

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  • Wow Ghostlight is getting faster and faster. Nice that P2IS is coming to more people.

    • Alex

      and this bring a lot of hope for persona 2 2, lets hope before the vita, so that we can get all personas released.
      Now i’m waiting for a Persona Hd collection on PS3:
      P3FES+P4 with trophies, dual audio,HD

      • Oh, it will happen; the re-release, that is. The games are too memorable and popular to just disappear unnoticed. The only question is “when” and “where” (which console).

        • Alex

          I think that the will be in the period between the first news on Persona 5 and it’s release, after the personas 2 time will come for the fifth game

  • RagnaXBL

    Ghostlight is on point

  • ^_^
    Bless you, Ghostlight. We’ll be relying on you in the future as well. [Salute]

    Especially because my region is EU.

    • Thanks.  It’s been a good year for us so far :) and we’re still looking at some other games as well :).

  • I wonder if Atlus will ever make a European branch.  Maybe after a few more high sellers…

    Anyways, nice to know companies like this deliver.  Is Ghostlight the “XSEED” of Europe?

  • Exkaiser

    Pretty good news for European Megaten fans.

    • If there were to be releases of Raidou Kuzunoha games in the future, I hope they pick those up as well. Let alone an EU release, those games went by under the radar even in US.

      • Alex

        the second didnt came to ue, and the first only in english, they had make an effort for nocturne who was in french, so it’s logical that the game didnt enough sales, even if its fine for me a lot of people dont play games in france it they’re not in french.

        • Oh, right. The first one did come to Europe. Thanks for the reminder. It certainly was hard to find though.

          • Alex

            i’ve bought it 2 year ago i think when i begun my smt madness with the dd saga 1 and 2 colletor, it was cheap at this time

  • Alex

    Perfect, for Persona 3 i have the us and ue version because the collector was great, this time i’ll take only the ue collector

  • Extra_Life

    And announced pretty early to considering the timing of other PAL PSP releases! Slowly but surely, Europe is getting there.

  • SirRichard

    I think Ghostlight are quickly becoming our own Atlus or XSEED, dare I say it.

    About time, because as nice as Rising Star are, they can’t cover everything.

    • Wow.  High praise indeed :) Atlus and Xseed are both great.  On a personal level I feel the more people releasing JRPG’s over here the better.

  • Ghostlight is one of the coolest publisher names I’ve ever heard. And I’m happy for any European Persona fans! The Collector’s Edition is probably going to be great.

  • Sho Atlus

    people will never enjoy this great game ;_; 

    they will always ask where the hell is P5? 

  • Ghostlight = GODS.

    Srsl, they just keep on spoiling us with treats like this. I already have a place in my room for Legend of Heroes: TitS and this one here :3

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