Mega Man Is Still A “Very Important” Brand To Capcom

By Ishaan . August 9, 2011 . 10:45pm

Following the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man’s exclusion from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, there’s been a lot of chatter and questions as to whether Capcom are laying the Mega Man brand to rest. During a video Q&A, Capcom’s Christian Svensson provided the following reply to the question: “Is Mega Man dead?”


“Oh, absolutely not. The frustrating thing for me is I have nothing I can hold up and say, ‘Oh, here’s this other Mega Man thing’. Absolutely, we have other things… Mega Man is a very important brand to Capcom. We get questions [like] ‘Are you guys trying to kill the brand?’


“No, absolutely not. It will continue to be a very important brand for us. I wish I had something I could hold and display for you that that’s the case, but I don’t right now. But super, super important to us; I do want to express that.”


It’s understandable that a lot of people that were looking forward to Mega Man Legends 3 — us included — are disappointed that the project was cancelled. That said, something to consider is that there could have been a multitude of reasons for its cancellation, especially in light of the fact that even the planned Prototype Version that was meant to gauge interest in the game never made it out the door.


Perhaps the game itself ran into development issues. Perhaps Capcom’s senior management played the Prototype Version and thought it wasn’t very good (it was even delayed once), and decided it was time to stop throwing money at a game that was going nowhere. Perhaps the team moved on to another Mega Man project instead. There could be any number of reasons that can’t be publicly discussed.


Regarding the cancellation, Svensson says:


“The decision was not made lightly. Certainly, we knew there would be a lot of upset people and in spite of that, we still had to make that decision. That doesn’t mean we don’t care about you at all. I unfortunately can’t get into the details of it, but it was not a decision that was made lightly and I can tell you that no one is happy about that decision, but it was a decision that had to be made.”


A lot of time and money goes into making games — even those with controlled budgets like Mega Man Legends 3. Prototypes of games are shelved all the time for various reasons, often related to quality or viability. The major difference in this case is that the prototype was highly-publicized and developed with the input of fans.

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  • DanteJones

    I too was really looking forward to Legends 3, the other three games were really fun to play (including Misadventures). 

    Although, if any of you guys haven’t already and would like to do something about it, you can go to and register to join the Devroom (don’t forget to grab a Servbot number if you do register!). There’s also the facebook group you can check out:
    Joining the Devroom and getting a Servbot number will have more of an effect though, so do both if you like!

    • Im waiting for the time i can say:

      “ITS OVER 9000!!!”

      • Exkaiser

        They’re up past 12,000 devroomies now, I think, so feel free to say it.

        When the game was cancelled, there were only 4000, between Europe and NA. Kinda sad.

    • It’s not a sure fire, but, at least it’s something the MML fans and even Megaman fans to send a statement to Capcom that there’s still interest in the series/franchise.

  • fair enough

    but I can’t help thinking that the “importance of the brand” is really only fancy talk for “we can still milk this franchise for what it’s worth” and not CAPCOM wanting to actually continue it. . .

    • godmars

      Which runs counter to Megaman not being included in MvC3. How the heck do you pick Firebrand over him when MM was in MvC2?

      • Thomas Maloney

        Or when he was in the first game?
        That had an even smaller roster, yet he (and Roll) were still in it) :V

  • I can only say, FU!”# You Capcom, you are trolling the fans and thats lame

    I was saving money at my eshop for the prototype version and now i downloaded a 3D golf game, which it is not bad, but WTH!!

    • elsalvadorps

      Really it was Kenji that was trolling the fans by stating that the game was green lit when week/months later those who have continued to work on it have said the opposite.

      • So.. What you’re saying is in the end, it was the fans themselves that screwed themselves?

        • elsalvadorps

          Well…kinda since they pretty much led themselves to believe that this was going to happen due to Inafune when all Capcom said it might

  • Hmm. Actions mean more than words, but at least you guys bothered to address this. I’ll have to wait and see what the future has in store then.

    Third strike, you’re out. So be careful, Cappycom. (Though, I guess it’s also “third time’s the charm”.)

    • Exkaiser

      More like “Third Strike’s the Charm.”

      Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

      • DanteJones

        “Ohhhh, a wise guy?! Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop!”

        Anyone ever play that Three Stooges game way back when? Man, that was some ridiculous fun.

    • godmars

      In the overall market structure, examples from Square as well as Capcom, even actions don’t mean anything. Nevermind words.

      Capcom needs to deliver something other than remakes and Monster Hunter.

      • elsalvadorps

        I’m sure Dragon’s Dogma and Asura’s Wrath would like a word with you

        • Last I checked, Asura’s Wrath wasn’t actually being developed by Capcom.

        • godmars

          When they come out and if they’re good then they can kick my ass as much as they want.

          If they turn out to be broken with Capcom making excuses for them however, well I would say they better be ready to turn around and bend over, but then they wont be worth giving a shot to the nuts will they.

          Anarchy Reigns on the other hand is really looking like a game I will gladly service after its mistreated me. Which isn’t saying anything when you consider that one of its characters is a literal pimp.  

      • Money? Yes.

  • Apache_Chief

    “We totally are still making Mega Man games, even though I have absolutely nothing to prove it.”

    But for reals, no grudges here. Capcom has been my favorite developer for as long as I’ve paid attention to who develops games. Their dlc and rerelease practices are on the sketchy side, but they make good games. Which is what matters to me. 

    As for this Mega Man fiasco, it really seems like no one wanted it to happen. No one who will admit it anyway. It’s a shame the prototype version (which as I understand was basically done) couldn’t come out so they could get a reasonable gauge of interest, but that wouldn’t have been a very good indicator anyway. I just wonder if the game got the kind of support that it is getting now back then, if it could have stood a chance. Or maybe it was doomed from the beginning. 

    TL;DR: Capcom should totes put Volnutt in RE Mercenaries. It’s be all pew pew pew and the zombies would be all ahh shining lazeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr

    • You just brought some much-needed humour to this thread. :)

    • Exkaiser

      You heard it here first, folks- Umbrella Corporation invented Reaverbots!

      • mikanko

        If you’re saying Capcom are secretly Umbrella Corporation IRL, I think you might be on to something!

        • Exkaiser

          It all adds up- that’s the reason Umbrella was always around, no matter how much they ran the company into the ground.

          MONSTER HUNTER! A virtually unlimited supply of capital!

          • Good god. We must alert everyone. Call the S.T.A.R.S.!

            Ask for Barry Burton.

  • kroufonz

    yeah whatever capcom…………………….

    “The decision was not made lightly. Certainly, we knew there would be a lot of upset people and in spite of that”

    they knew there would be negative reaction with DmC and now they also knew there would be negative reaction with megaman, why am i have this weird feeling that tell me they would have another thing that would have huge negative reaction and fans backlash like DmC and MML3 stuff (if they already do it second time there is huge chance they will do it for third time:P)

  • Part of being a large company is being brave enough to make decisions your stakeholders won’t like. I applaud Capcom for having the temerity to claim that Mega Man still matters. It probably would have been easier for all involved to claim that Mega Man is in hibernation after they realized they temporarily lost the ability to make games worthy of his pedigree.

    I wish that Capcom would just throw it all down and say, “You try making a big sequel to a game released a decade ago and not piss anyone off.” They’ve been taking too much flak for too long for no good reason.

  • dundundon


    Cause 3DS sales blow? come on Capcom, I was planning on buying one as soon as MML3’s out but now there really is no reason at all.

    Maybe make them for Vita instead? Pretty please…

    • I like how people assume Vita will sell like hotcakes, aside from what could be a better launch than 3DS it could just as well have a drought period too.
      Capcom is better off just making the game on any platform and market it so fans will jump on the ship.

      • dundundon

        How the hell you assume that I assume Vita will sell like a hotcake? 

        I just want the game I like on a system I like (and definitely will buy).

        I don’t care how a system will sell, that’s for the concerned corporate’s higher up to lose hair for (though I suppose this will affect the system’s line up in the end, but I still have no power over this over supporting the console, mind you).

  • Probably it can be termed as  “good business” when Capcom decided to officially cease MML3 from a corporate point of view of sorts.

    Their explanation was the game did not met the required criteria/s. Either the game may not meet or garner expected sales target or its just this so-called lack of fan participation/interest that circulated around when all these MM fan outrage broke out after MML3’s demise.

    IMO, Capcom should not have pulled thru with the MML3 project at start, or perhaps they had a lapse of judgement?

    • They realized they had neither the resources nor the manpower to continue this project and chose a bad time to announce it. Assuming they had both at the start of this project, this is the only fault they committed.

      • And that fault lead to fan outrage and disappointment. Probably it could have been averted if Capcom put a halt on everything since day one, before announcing the game.

        That is, they were not able to grasp their incapability to finish MML3  from its infancy at the beginning. Surely that alleged issue between them and Inafune who departed as the game was currently being developed was not one of the reasons, as they previously stated.

        • elsalvadorps

          Remember who pushed for it, Inafune pretty told fans that the game was a reality and they ate it all.

          (IMO)Who knows maybe CC had doubts about it but them probably knowing Kenji’s tactics they didn’t try to step in at all to ensure that later on the game wont end up being so costly

  • They have a funny way of showing it.
    In a persperctive, they’re doing what’s logical, but as a fan of the series, I can’t help but feel some deep resentment for what they did.

  • mikanko

    The biggest thing here is people should maybe stop being so personally invested in the decisions big video game companies like Capcom, Sony, Squeenix, Nintendo make.  Money will always be the bottom line, and the wisest actions we can take are voting with our wallets.  Complaining as loud as we can over the internets can make for an awfully long waste of time.

    • They didn’t even release the Prototype, so how can we viably “vote with our wallets” hmmm? Oh yeah, that’s right, we can’t. Nob.

    • Therin lies the problem, we aren’t getting the titles we deserved once we HAVE voted with out wallets. With a huge amount of Wii games selling better in the US then Japan, and fairly strong sales of Megaman 9 and 10 why did we not get Prototype? and why is Xenoblade a gamble? Many gaming companies are looking for the huge sucess and not willing to take a risk (even if it is slight) for a smaller payoff and thats a very big issue.

      • mikanko

        It’s not very fair.  I agree.  Just saying the outlandish hate outpouring and casting down off the internets is kinda wasted.

        People saying they’ll boycott Capcom games won’t really lead to anything good.  If everyone did it it just means people who make games at Capcom will go out of business and have to find jobs somewhere else.  Buy the games you’ll enjoy, pass on the ones you don’t.

        If no one buys DmC chain smoking reboot, Operation Socom City, or Dead Rising 2: Model Swap the Record people at Capcom might get the idea those were probably bad ideas.  We can hope.

        It’s not something that’s necessarily easy to get used to, and I don’t think criticism isn’t sometimes warranted.  I’d be a hypocrite if I said that, as I criticize plenty.  But a lot of people seem to have a problem accepting that Nintendo of America doesn’t see profit to be made in bringing over great jrpgs to the SNES during these last couple years of the system… err Wii… err whatever. 

        I feel old.

        • Well I understand how you feel, and I know that this isn’t new, but I think the situation in the 90s should be looked at as a point of interest. Nintendo refused to bring a lot of their RPGs over, instead choosing a sequel and marketing it poorly. Square, Enix, Capcom and a number of other companies began bringing over more games and the genre just kept getting bigger and bigger, with the Playstation and Playstation 2 providing gamers with tons of great product and were rewarded with tons of profit.

          Do you remember the games Nintendo refused to localize. the one to immediately jump to mind was the fourth Fire Emblem, Seisen no Keifu. Since the release of the GBA game, the 7th, Rekka no Ken, every fire emblem released in both territories has either don comperable or higher numbers in the US before factoring in the PAL regions (again selling well).

          I agree its silly that people are so incredibly hateful, I can understand them being vocal considering how often we are now being worked over.

          • mikanko

            Oh I agree, and with your other post in the opening.  I think MML3 canceled outright is a bad business decision.  MM9 and 10 are 50% off on PSN right now, so maybe even those didn’t sell what they wanted them to as I’ve seen them on sale multiple times.  9 Especially is amazing in my opinion, and I can’t see how they didn’t surpass any expectations. It’s hard to know what they’re thinking really from a gamers perspective.

            Capcom execs make those decisions from what they consider good business sense though.  They probably have back pocket market analysts quoting them all sortsa numbers we probably wouldn’t imagine to think of.  Bad economies and people being more conservative than they should because they don’t want to lose their jobs doesn’t help things much either. 

            I think there’s a lot of merit into what Capcom PR has said about MML3 not being shown to the public like it was if not for the encouraged fan participation.  Most games that don’t get green lit never see the light of day. In this case it makes it a lot harder for any of us to swallow because we saw so much.  Saying MML3 prototype was ready for retail is easy for us to say without playing it ourselves.  It sucks.

            I’d love to see the project resurrected for Vita/3ds/XBLA/PSN/Wii-U-Ware etc.  If they’re going to be so scared about taking chances they should concentrate on making it as cheap to produce and widely marketed as possible.  Still, that’s easy for me to say. If their load of outsourced low risk high reward games sell those millions of copies they project them to, it’s hard to say they were wrong. 

            I do hope they’re wrong though, but only so long as they don’t go out of business and can still make a new Darkstalkers… not that I can expect such wishes to be granted magically.  Whatever happens, happens.

            As for 90s jrpgs finally making it to the states, well, I’d honestly chalk most of that up to FFVII hitting both Europe and the US like a meteor.  Square, Capcom, anyone else couldn’t keep their mits away from capitalizing on that.  There wasn’t much risk involved, and before FFVII hit, most of them were still being pretty lazy towards the genre.

        • Guest

          Obviously Namco got the idea when no one bought Dead to Rights, Clash of the Titans, Enslaved, and Knights Contract but clamored for Tales of Graces F.

          • mikanko

            If you’re saying those games sold poorly because they weren’t so awesome, or just not appealing to that many people, I agree.  If you think boycotts and fan outrage helped all that much, I’d be pretty hesitant to.

            Graces was already made and sold well for their pretty large standing fanbase in Japanland too, so there’s not a lot of risk in hiring a small localization team to work on it.  I’m assuming it’s a small team considering how long the localization is taking, I could be wrong! 

            Vesperia did sell pretty well for recent jrpgs in the West, and fan requests don’t hurt.  There’s no reason to be uncivil about making said requests though…. other than this being the anonymity of the internets, and people largely just throw civil out the window on a daily basis already.

            but yeah.

          • Guest

            They’ve rarely localized Tales games. You know this. We know this. All of a sudden they decide to do it now and we didn’t even get a localized Wii version? (yet we got ToS2 for Wii) Also if Vesperia sold well in the West, where was the U.S. PS3 version there? The fan translation patch of Graces F was almost complete as well (which didn’t take all that long actually) before they canceled it, and we all know how much $ and support fan translation groups get (sarcasm). Point is no matter how ‘uncivil’ or vocal some fans got in terms of requests, it eventually did reach home to an otherwise previously closed eared company. Meanwhile all along here with Capcom, the fans had a more direct input….

          • mikanko

            Namco failed to garner Western support with a slew of bad games.  Games Republic went under largely because of it, and if DmC doesn’t succeed wildly I have a feeling NT won’t be far behind.  I seriously doubt any boycotting from a niche fanbase like Tales fans had much to do with it.  Do you really think that many people have bile built up from bitterness to avoid buying a game they’d enjoy?  Those numbers reach into the hundreds of thousands the company foolishly expected those games to sell to?  The games were mostly bad, or at the very least not carrying broad appeal to begin with.  It was bad business.

            Fan demand for Tales games definitely helps, but I’ve yet to see anything show that with more vitriol the fan base throws at something the more results are gained.  Things like active translation projects with lots of fan interest probably also went a long way.

            For Vesperia not being released on PS3 it kinda surprised me beyond what was likely a timed exclusive.  If you look at the 360 sales I remember them ranking ahead of any other jrpg efforts on the system.  I can say Graces makes more sense though, as it’s yet to see any US release, and I’m sure any sales analyst would tell you it’s a safer bet to sell better than a game that already saw English release on another platform two years prior.

            Anyways, I’m not saying voicing opinions is bad.  Just tirelessly calling out “Crapcom ate my baby!” or “Namco Bandai, more like Scamco Plzdie!” are probably wasted efforts.  Unless those things help people relieve stress, which I guess is good!

            I usually just try and 1cc a Galuda game and fail miserably instead, but different strokes for different folks etc.

  • d19xx

    “Megaman is still important to Capcom! He’s like the equivalent of Meg in Family Guy. Their names are pretty close too.”

    • Haha, as if Capcom just gave Dash/Legends fandom a faceful of fart. Oi…

  • maxchain

    Of course they’d say that, it’d be downright rude of them to pronounce a time of death in front of UDON and Archie Comics.

  • Exkaiser

    They’re lying.

    Megaman isn’t a very important brand to them. Not anymore.

    PROTOMAN IS. Coming this Fall, Protoman Universe and Protoman Legends!

    • mikanko

      Day one baby!

    • I’d play them.  Protoman deserves his own miniseries.

  • SolNeko

    i bet megaman died, infact they murdered him, legends was one of the series that wasnt the same game each installment T_T. theyre trying to cover up his death with the release of 20 new street fighter 4 updates.

  • Advent_Andaryu

    Capcom does nothing but lie and make excuses, I have lost all faith and trust in them. Why doesn’t Capcom have anything to show us? Because they trashed everything Mega Man related they had built up to this point.

    I guarantee you that the only thing Mega Man we will get in the next 2
    years is a either a crappy remake or some kind of remastered port. Please god Capcom prove me wrong.

    • elsalvadorps

      They’re probably not showing anything due to how this game’s cancelation was treated. Maybe they want to be sure that a game is greenlit before they present out to the public (Remember Kenji was the one hyping the game’s release).

      And one game doesn’t make a franchise

  • BGMcDF

    Because nothing says important like abandonment.

    In all seriousness, I’ve long since cared about any Megaman projects. Legends 3 was the only exception, and we saw how well that turned out.

  • Hinataharem

    *cough  bullcrap cough*

  • dr000d


  • Capcom…we don’t care and we don’t want BS Lies.  Geez at least be honest :l

  • 2002120141

    Of course Capcom won’t kill the Megaman brand, just well… THE Megaman (Rock, X, Exe, etc.) I probably haven’t seen the guy in ages. All we get nowadays are Mega Men, as seen in the Megaman ZX/Zero/Starforce series. Sure there was MM9 and 10 but somehow it feels like they’re more into making Mega Men games/storylines rather than Megaman ones. 

  • I believe him when he says that Mega Man is still important to Capcom. I mean, between the main series, X series, Mega Man Zero, Battle Network, and Star Force amongst others, this is a huge and important franchise for Capcom. They just failed with continuing the “Legends” series. What I don’t like is they make vauge statements and things like “I unfortunately can’t get into the details of it” I mean, come on, the fans do deserve some details.

    • mikanko

      Japanese devs seem to like things pretty hush.  That and if he talked about something in the works that wound up never coming to be it would only add more fuel to the fire for the haters.

      I’d still like to know everything Svensson knows so I could be rest assured Megaman won’t be abandoned as was Street Fighter for a full decade.  The guy seems pretty sincere though, and maybe I’m naive, but I tend to take him and Seth Killian for their words.

  • Göran Isacson

    “I unfortunately can’t get into the details of it, but it was not a
    decision that was made lightly and I can tell you that no one is happy
    about that decision, but it was a decision that had to be made.”

    But see, here’s the thing- WHY can’t you get into the details? You are PR, isn’t it your job to maintain relations with the fanbase and the public? I understand that you keep quiet about things when being open would be BAD PR, but if the truth is bad PR, well. You get where I’m going with this.

    So yes, I’m stating for the record that I honestly believe that Capcom killed off the game not so much because it was failing to live up to expectations, but because of power struggles between them and Keiji Inafune and this is their payback- and Christian Svensson has the utterly sucky and unenviable job to clean up their mess.

    That being said, I AM open to the possibility that Keiji DID reveal Megaman Legends 3 before all the legal issues, red tape, green lights etc had been properly cleared up, and that it was all a gambit on his behalf to drum up fan-interest and “guarantee” it got made. It’s not impossible- Keiji may well have known he was a pariah at Capcom, and wanted to get at least ONE game out before it was his time to go. And as such he created a PR-nightmare and left Capcom a mess there was no easy way out of, I’m willing to accept that as a possibility: that we have no one to blame for getting our hopes up but Keiji Inafune.

    But. But but but. If you had to ask me to put money on one side being the villain here, I would honestly go with Capcom. Their other practices have left a sour taste in my mouth, and I have far more confidence in Keiji, then I have in the anonymous upper Capcom management. Right or wrong… I guess that’s up to history to decide.

    • mikanko

      Conspiracy theories like these are kinda reaching.  Keiji Inafune complained his bosses didn’t have video gaming backgrounds necessary to make good decisions, were too impersonal, and only cared about taking the safest most conservative approach to doing business.  Cancelling a series out of spite doesn’t fit that portrayal.

      • It does when Infaune was trying to get on Capcom’s board like he did.  To explain, Let me refer you to another “popular” producer, Yoshinori Ono of Street Fighter IV fame.  I remember reading on this very site that he[Ono] also decides what multiplayer focused games are available in which region as “Online Game Development Manager.”  One such game that is only available for Japan is Monster Hunter Frontier, of which Ono cites Cultural differences as to why it isn’t being shared with the rest of the world. Mega Man, in Capcom Japan’s eyes, is strictly Japanese.  Of course they would think that having 15k people working on MML3 mostly in the EU and NA would be a cause of concern.

        • mikanko

          Not saying I disagree with you, just not sure what you’re getting at.

          Capcom’s board is made up of business men without game development backgrounds.  Inafune complained about that.  He had what was a dead end job and decided to leave because after so many years he found it stagnant.  It’s understandable. 

          The board saying, “omgosh, that Inafune rascal couldn’t learn his place and decided to up and quit on us, his rightful betters.  We better cancel the series he was working so hard on to show him how much we resent his disobedience!”  Doesn’t really follow into the role of an impersonal bunch of stuffy suits Inafune painted a picture of.

          That’s all I was getting at.

          With Inafune out of the picture to fight for the project I’m sure changed the landscape of MML3’s circumstances. Had he stayed MML3 could well have come to fruition.  We’ll never know for sure.  The decision coming because of bad blood or spite just seems kinda reaching.

          • Göran Isacson

            A fine point- I can’t really refute anything you say with anything but my own gut feelings, so my arguments will probably not carry much weight. But I can’t help but feel that after reading up on Japanese corporate structure and some REAL horror stories of how outgoing and very spirited developers (westerners as well as native Japanese) were treated due to how deeply entrenched the attitude that the nail that stands out MUST be hammered down goes over there… I can’t discount simple, ugly spite as an actual factor in their decisions.

          • I’ll grant you that, but you can’t seriously take Capcom’s word on a subject now can you? 

            You also have to take into account the fact that Capcom also had another Mega Man game in the works that was similarly canceled because of Inafune leaving the company.  The only reason the outrage wasn’t there for that game is because everybody got the game that they really wanted, MML3…

            …Or at least they thought they did.

          • mikanko

            There’s just really no evidence to suggest they cancelled the games for any other reasons other than conservative business stances.  With Inafune gone those games lose a lot of direction and lobbying that was likely going on behind the scenes.

            S-Kill usually says things in pretty good faith, and while he’s self professed the “biggest Megaman fan at Capcom USA” he’s struggled with convincing Capcom people in Japan that their iconic Rockman is popular in the US.  The assassination of Megaman by the coward Capcom seems more unbelievable than the ugly truth they just didn’t see continuing those two specific games as safe business decisions.  Even then, there’s no real reason to think they’re totally ditching the franchise if they say they’re not.

            Now, if we get Rockman Platforming Jam released in two years with characters from X, Zero, EXE, Starforce etc. all combined into a horrible mess of a game with no real foresight.  Then you can probably worry, especially if Ingrid is there.

  • Yu_TheKing

    Here we go again >w<

  • cmurph666

    Pssh, Rrright.

    It was all done to spite Inafune.


  • z_merquise

    Don’t worry guys, Capcom would add Megaman music everytime Spiderman makes his entrance in Ultimate MvC3.

    Preview is here:


    • DanteJones

      “And look, here comes our hero! The Super Senta–err… SUPAIDA-MAN!!” (not actually in the video)
      Thanks for that Z, I had a good laugh. xD

    • I like this Spider-Man better.

  • If they cared they could make Legends 3 themselves from scratch…

  • PersonaSpace

    Translation “We plan on holding on to MegaMan’s IP so no one else can do anything with him while we let him die.”

  • This seriously only makes Capcom look worse when someone releases a statement like that. Two cancelled games and not included in either version of MVC3 despite being the most requested character but he’s still important? Ok, Capcom. Keep feeding us these BS lies. What a slap in the face. Who wants to bet the next Mega Man is some awful spin-off that has nothing to do with Mega Man but has the Mega Man name just to try and boost sales?

  • After reading this I have one thing to say to Capcom.

    ACHOO! Excuse me, but I’m allergic to bull-shi*.

  • epy

    Standard PR move. You can replace “Megaman” on the first statement and it can be used for everything. Konami could use the exact same statement and use it for Suikoden… then again I don’t think they care enough about it to even release a PR statement.

  • If they decided at TGS to resume the project I would understand and applaud them. Aside from a few bitter people they’ve shown many people that games need support, and many would be willing to give it now that they see that no game is above being cancelled.

    The problem here is that Capcom seems obsessed with raising their numbers while decreasing costs. (Easiest example is Devil May Cry) Yes that is an understandable strategy it only works if you are not sacrificing the quality of the product. In truth the last Capcom developed Megaman most people saw (and few people bought) was Starforce 3, the vast majority of our Megaman games have been done by Inti Creates.

    Now with that in mind look at the games Capcom has made internally: Megaman EXE, Megaman Starforce. While I (and many others) enjoy these games they are not the next evolutionary step for Megaman, Legends is. It has most of the more modern conventions we expect from games, and while earlier game had some input issues the concept for megaman, dodging, jumping and exploring is both loyal to the original concept and progressive. The Legends formula is where Megaman should go, it has been for 10 years.

    This is long So I’ll wind down and shut up, but Capcom has a chance to solidify support of megaman (and don’t even need to make it 3d) as well as refine the Legends concept. It would be a shame not only to waste the resources committed to the project thus far, but to let this opportunity to reestablish Megaman slip by. Even if they were unsure of the project’s viability, the true indicator would be sales of the Prototype Version, so why get to the point where that can be released? It was on track until the last minute back in May, so why the sudden change?

    • Maybe it just sucked?

      • Absolutely possible! Although a bit unlikely considering the trailers all looked very good. We also should have been given the chance to cast our votes. 

        • My point was just that, there’s a chance it was a bad or simply mediocre game, and if that was the case, I can see why they wouldn’t want to keep throwing money at it. :)

          • That never stops Activision! HAHA! I keed I keed.

          • mikanko

            I kinda think the people at Activision are too busy swimming in Scrooge McDuck stylized pools of money to care about how each new game is poorer than the last. =/

          • DanteJones

            @mikanko:disqus Don’t forget the furniture made up of lowly interns rolled together like a game of Twister gone horribly wrong.

          • Except that Activision’s games sell millions of copies. Not so surprising then that they keep tossing money at them, eh? ;p

          • DanteJones

            And now we’ll never know. Does that mean we lost half the battle?

          • Guest

            Activision dropped Guitar Hero & DJ Hero (oversaturated yes) but it DID make them over 1 million per game. They also dropped True Crime but now Square-Enix picked it up. My point is not all the time video game companies make smart decisions.
            Megaman is like Capcom’s “Mario”. This is why this is such a big deal to them and the fans.

          • shion16

            Inafune wasnt part of the game development.
            Was any of the legends1&2 members of the staff in megaman legends 3 staff? 

          • Inafune was absolutely involved with this project. He was the one that pushed for it to be developed in the first place, against all odds. He was the one that hosted the Comic-Con panel last year and talked at length about the game and the devroom and everything else. If nothing else, he was the heart of Legends 3.

      • TempestTwin

        That and for the fact they probably wouldnt get maximum sales out of it, being how the 3DS just got a price drop maybe capcom are holding back the project until more people own a 3DS? Who knows.

        • No, I don’t think that has anything to do with it, to be entirely honest. This game wasn’t going to come out until well into 2012 in any case and a lot more people will own 3DSes by then.

          • TempestTwin

            True but the fact of the matter is the 3DS isnt doing so well as many companies, nintendo themeselves, anticipated. I believe they cancelled the project due to many factors, lack of 3DS sales being one of them.

            I believe Capcom planned on making Megaman legends 3 ever since back to Tatsunoku vs Capcom, if that happens to be the case why else would they all of a sudden, cancel the game. You say it might have “just sucked”, but they wouldnt know that until they would have released the proto type version.

          • I see your point, but it doesn’t always take consumer feedback to tell if a game is bad. That’s what prototypes are meant to do…convey whether or not a game concept is viable/fun/interesting/etc. If Prototype Version was none of those things, it’s only natural that they’d tell the team to stop wasting their time. Capcom’s a company that thinks in the long term. :)

      • Guest

        As long as it stayed true to the PS1 Legends games there’s no way in my mind it could be worse than the Starforce games they loved to churn out in multiple versions

        • In your mind, sure. But your mind isn’t necessarily indicative of how game development actually works. :p

          • Guest

            But my point was the Legends games were well received for their time, so logic dictates that as long as the fan base wants them and as long as they retain the same elements that people liked from the first two, then it has potential for success more so than failure. Especially when they were so previously confident with the Starforce games by making multiple versions and how they had such direct input this time around with the fans for this game. So even though I said “my mind”, the writing is pretty much on the wall.

            Edit: Nevermind the fact that Megaman 9 and 10 sold well despite being archaically designed!

          • malek86

            Didn’t the first two games sell pretty low? Wouldn’t that mean the fanbase wasn’t particularly interested?

            I mean, you have a franchise like Megaman which is quite famous and has many followers, so if the fanbase really liked those games, shouldn’t they have sold more?

          • The problem is that the PS1 days and this current generation are very different, especially when it comes to action games. For example; clunky controls were acceptable in the PS1 days, but they aren’t now. 

            But controls aside, the Legends games were Inafune’s babies. With him gone, you’ve got to wonder if the project didn’t lose its creative direction. That was what I was getting at.

          • Yes, but the games could be made exponentially better by modern design concepts. Heck Megaman Legends and the Misadventures of Tron Bonne didn’t even support analog controls.

    • shion16

      You cant say dmc from ninja theory is cheaper version when it hasnt even come out.

      Kamiya and mikami are gone, but new perspectives for a franchise is always a good thing, you just have to open your mind a little bit

      • mikanko

        Say what you want about the character design, myself and likely some other DMC fans are a bit hesitant to welcome this new incarnation for valid reasoning.  Namely Ninja Theory have yet to make an action game with solid and polished game mechanics.  Obviously this opinion isn’t shared by everyone, but it’s prevalent enough to hold merit. 

        Ninja Theory’s largest asset has been an arguably above average narrative, voice acting and overall presentation for their games.  Even if they’re producing Shakespeare it’s not going to replace the hundreds of hours fans of the series have sunk into various replays of DMC3, with its vast combo system.  It’s arguably still the best the genre has to offer years later, and it seems apparent to a lot of people DmC won’t be recreating anything resembling it.

        • shion16

          1.- DMC3 and 4 werent made by the original creators, they were made by Hideaki Itsuno who is working in dragon dogma.

          2.-The plot of the DMC games have no sense at all, its a good moment for the franchise to put a plot in their games and not only a mixture of fanservice moments and cliches like JACKPOT, HELL YEAH, CRAZY etc etc . Go play Sengoku basara if you want that kind of stuff.

          • mikanko

            I’m aware of who made DMC3 and 4.  DmC is being made by other developers just for the sake of having a new game in the series to churn a profit.  I don’t have to be happy about it.

            Please don’t compare Sengoku Basara to DMC 1, 3 or even 4.  The sense of refinement in the combat for those games just isn’t comparable.  DMC games are better action games than anything else out there in many ways.  I’d really only say NG and Bayonetta have been close when it comes to depth, and even both of those handle the genre very differently.  The series is being handed off to developers who’ve yet to make anything resembling any of those three if you’re looking at the competency of their gameplay mechanics. 

            That’s really the biggest problem I have with DmC.  If the game was called something else I’d be more open to it, but taking away the combat is taking away what makes Devil May Cry what it is.  It’s as bad as making Ridge Racer into a game where the goal isn’t to perfectly turn corners without so much as letting your bumper hit a fly.  It’s no longer the same game anymore.

            The new aesthetic, plot etc. is really not a concern of mine, and was never the driving force behind what makes the series stand out from other games.  I’m not that fond of Ninja Theory’s plots either, though I’ll say they handled narrative pretty well in Heavenly Sword.  It doesn’t really change my negative outlook towards this reboot.

            Opinions will be opinions, looking at NT’s track record I think mine is pretty valid.

        • MPHavoc

          Considering that Capcom hired out members of the DMC development team to work alongside Ninja Theory(possibly to help in polishing said-game mechanics) on this project, it IS a bit of a presumptuous overreaction on the fanbase’s part to say that it’s not going recreate or at least somewhat resemble the convoluted gameplay system we’ve come to love. It’s particularly baseless since we haven’t seen a single gameplay video to determine the quality of combat; Ninja Theory’s past approach to gameplay(whatever people’s opinions on it are) being a negligible point since they’re not working on this on their own.  Honestly, fans need to stop freakin’ out and wait until a demo is released before they start making derisive judgements.

          People had similar misgivings toward MercurySteam sharing the license of the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow with Konami, but it became a huge commercial success as indicated in sales figures and reviews. And MercurySteam was a far less creditable company in the gaming industry that had only produced games of an average or mediocre quality.

          All I’m saying is give them a shot.  If it works out, we’ll ideally have a game that balances out badass action, character development, and epic story-telling.  If not, it’ll give Capcom a wake-up call and they’ll go back to developing internally, and fans can sweep the memory of DmC under the rug just like we did DMC2.

          • mikanko

            I would’ve agreed with you before playing Enslaved.  Unfortunately I did.

            The engine they’re using can’t do anything above 30fps, which already flashes a big red warning sign.  One or two liaisons from Capcom overseeing the project don’t help give assurance.

            I hope you’re right, and I may try a demo, or at least watch footage at full speed should it become available.  The little they’ve shown just looked awful though.

            Also, I’m of the opinion Lords of Shadow had a pretty poor combat system, so yeah, maybe not a great example.

      • Actually Capcom has spoken about how using western developers is cheaper.

        Also while the original people are gone, I enjoyed DMC 4 and it is one of Capcom’s highest selling games of all time, so why not continue that?

        • shion16

          The original people didnt make DMC 3 and 4, that was atsuno who is working in Dragon Dogma

          • I know thats why I brought that one up. I am also a bit torn on Dragon’s dogma as it everything I want, and has a lot of talent behind it, but I have second thoughts anytime I buy a Cacpcom product. What if I buy it day one, they sell 900,000 copies and Capcom deems it “unprofitable”?

          • malek86

            I’m not sure how the low sales of a product should somehow lessen your enjoyment of it.

            The only possible consequence would be that they won’t do a sequel, but that shouldn’t impact the current game in any way.

          • shion16

            Vanquish sales were low and its one of my favorite games.
            Who cares the sales? We play a game to have fun, not to buy a game of the year. 
            If thats whats important, Activision is for you

          • mikanko

            That kinda goes to what I was saying about being out of your control.  It takes some effort.  I don’t always succeed myself. 

            If you’ll like Dragon’s Dogma or whichever game made by whoever, chances are you’ll probably be happier spending money on it and enjoying it.  People avoiding a title because of a logo on the box or because of some hidden sales figure, maybe they’re over thinking things a bit too much. ^^;

          • I think you’ve all misunderstood my point. 900,000 copies is great, it means lots of people are interested in the game, and me being one of those people supported, and enjoyed the game. Now, say I do this, and lots of other people do this, and Capcom says “thats not enough no more games for you” Well thats were the issue is. Thats why I have trouble supporting Capcom, I could just buy the game for 20$ used a few months after it comes out, but I choose specifically to support certain games because I like the idea. Perhaps it is a small thing that I do, I feel that I can’t really complain if the games I want aren’t being made if I don’t put my money in and say “THIS, I want THIS” Its not that I exclusively enjoy games with high sales, actually quite the opposite my favorite game of all time is Rent a Hero, and I LOVE Bionic commando (yep the 3d one) sure its a very broken game, i have fun with it, heck its even signed by a bunch of Capcom employees including producer Keiji Inafune.

            The point I’m trying to make is that the numbers don’t mean anything to me or about the game, what matters is support. I’m telling Capcom I want more of something, and because it hasn’t reached a crazy standard Capcom has set, we may never see it again. Thats very sad.

          • mikanko

            I agree it’s sad.  Still doesn’t change what I meant though.  I guess maybe I’ve lost some idealist in me, but supporting a company thinking it matters in the long run can only go so far.

            As long as you buy the games you enjoy playing, and hope they continue to make those games, but don’t let it personally drain your hopes and dreams if they don’t… well that’s all we can really do.  I guess too many of my favorite series have disappeared over the years and I’ve become desensitized.

            That and there are still plenty of games coming out to keep me busy.  Focusing on one dead Panzer Dragoon seems to get in the way of looking forward to a new Armored Core.  Reminiscing about my broken Angelan virtualoid gets in the way of having hope for whatever new project Kamiya is working on.

            and holy crap does Skullgirls sound awesome when you listen to Mike Z talk about it for an hour long panel.

            Turn that frown upside down.

            yadda yadda.


        • Skua

          Reducing development time via outsourcing =/= cheaper

          Western outsourcing means that they can increase output by expanding the resource pool – talent that isn’t easy to get ahold of in Japan. At Capcom, they have only a limited number of developers spread across several multi-year projects, so the idea is to smoothen the process by hiring large teams from outside the company.

          The issue is whether to go with a Japanese or western studio.

          As it stands, American/British developers are paid far more than their Japanese counterparts (about twice as much money on average), but the supposed advantages are that they’re more efficient, better tuned with modern technology, and are more familiar with games that westerners want to buy. In theory, that means higher quality, western-oriented games that are released faster.

          On the flipside, Japanese publishers aren’t used to western-sized budgets, so the tendency has been to hire companies that are just hungry for projects and are willing to work for less (that’s where GRIN, Ninja Theory, and Double Helix come in. The successful, highly valued studios don’t pursue Japanese contracts since they get paid much more by large American/European publishers). Because of the western pay scale, costs remain significantly higher than if they did everything in Japan, but the differences are lessened.

          So far, these collaborations with hungry studios haven’t exactly panned out.

  • TempestTwin

    Yeah nah, I am sick of your lies capcom. You keep on making up these lame excuses. If Megaman was really that important to you as you say he is, you would of included him in marvel vs capcom 3 at the very least. Megaman is your main mascot. You don’t put him in the first revision of MVC3, and when you had the oppurtunity to put him in the game AGAIN you still exclude him from the game. On top of all that, you cancel Megaman legends 3. I am sick of your crap that you are doing with megaman. I am very happy with what you have been doing with street fighter, but just please I ask of you, stop disappointing me and every other megaman fan out there because your starting to make yourselves look like a bunch of fools.

  • All I hear is ass talking.

  • Rot in hell with your lies Crapcom!!

  • Sal
  • Historiata

    This says a lot about the professionalism of CAPCOM, though. Times are changing, sure, but is it really okay to build so much hype on something with the risk of not being able to fly with it?

  • To hell with Capcom. They care nothing about the wants and needs of their fans, shown with the cancellation of the highest anticipated Megaman Legend 3. Instead of finding a way to make it happen, they just let the “Super, Super Important” series slip away like it was nothing. Yeah. Good way of showing Megaman the support you say it deserves, Capcom.

  • mogster

    it would not suprise me if they gave the next mega man to ninja theory, and make a crappy american movie………oh wait they already did that to devil may cry

    • Oh, snap!

    • Capcom’s also taking a big risk with that DMC Remake. I’ve heard of irate and outraged veteran DMC fans reacting to it when they laid eyes on the new Dante.

  • VERY hard to believe.

    • SerendipityX

      Exactly, I want believe them and I understand the whole “business and $$$” thing. But then why does it feel like their feeding me a bunch of BS over and over again? :/ (That and I’m still feeling the burn of UMVC3)

  • FireCouch

    Keep making awesome games Capcom.

  • Good to hear this -_- I do hope they honor what they hold dear from time to time too… without just saying, “its still important to us” .Still waiting for the next starforce megaman game (or megaman network style)

  • Don’t lie to me, Capcom. You’re spewing bull.

  • Maybe someday, in like 6-7 years someone will speak and say what happened. I really wanna know the details.

  • This means very little considering they canceled not one, but two Mega Man games.  Their overall behavior this gen has been appalling.  The name Capcom means very little to me now.

  • evilkaz

    man i was sooooo looking forward to mml3. There had better be a mega man game coming out next year, or i will write you a very sternly worded letter.

  • I would like to stress Svensson or Killian’s earlier comments to explain exactly why Capcom was to why MML3 was so quick to the chopping block:

    While here in the West, we value the Mega Man brand based on fan loyalty, but the Japanese value something, like Mega Man, based on cultural influences.

    So what they were saying earlier was that because Mega Man was so intrenched in Japanese culture, or rather, influenced Japanese culture, Capcom Japan thinks that Mega Man ISN’T popular in the West, when in fact the opposite is true.

    When Capcom saw that 15k “servbots” signed up for the devroom, mostly from the EU and NA, they were able to “Justify” the cancellation.

  • PrinceHeir

    i don’t know what’s happening to capcom nowadays.

    outsourcing RE and DMC to other developers, lock DLC content as well as overprice ones, early adopters getting screwed(UMVC3) cancelling MML3 yet allowing multiple RE games and SF as they want.

    come on capcom what happened to you????

  • Setsu Oh

    rockman and roll dlc umvc3!!! for the fans!
    the fact that cap waitied a question like that to answer proves how far from fans the non sf teams are . wait there isn’t a rockman team…..i suppose they got busied on something else like vers.2012 … would that be the opinion of the heads at capcom? no idea comes close to what inafune san could have found so we scrap everything and focus on other IPs?
    i was right to mistrust them then!
    can anyone ask ono san if he pitch a sf (more like 3 but darker) and make it like mk vs dc, with mk? i don’t mind non violent mk, we already have the best version of mk in years. im tired of silly looking chars in ssf4. i’m not playing looney toons for a reason.

  • Oh Capcom…..Why do you disappoint me so? I don’t find this believable……Unless you have Keiji Inafune’s permission, then I don’t see how Mega Man is still important to Capcom, because you can’t make anymore without the creator of the character, right (they may can still put Mega Man characters in some more of THEIR games, but not actually make another one)? And it’s not just Mega Man Legends 3. Despite some judgements, people were really hoping for Mega Man Universe, which they cancelled too. Because of those games, we haven’t really had any NEW Mega Man games for a long time, which is weird (they released Mega Man Zero Collection, but that’s not really a new game. It’s just a compilation of older games. Operate Shooting Star was only released in Japan, and it’s basically only a remake of the very first Battle Network Series…..without changing the graphics/visuals). Finally, with Keiji Inafune quitting, many had thoughts that Mega Man was finally going to die…..If Capcom still cares about Mega Man, all I can say is that they need to make a sequel of the previous series, a total spin off, or an all new Mega Man game (without messing it up!). No, not just screenshots, dates, or videos of the new game, I mean actually RELEASING it. I’m not mad. I’m sick of being mad. I’m just flat out disappointed…..again. Shame on you, Capcom……again.

    Note: About them messing it up, I mean like COMPLETELY changing the story (like you’re not fighting robots, which all Mega Man games do), the character (like make Mega Man a human), or make a Mega Man game without the signature weapon all playable characters have. No. Mega Man is a robot fighting
    other robots or in other series, like Mega Man ZX, will be about you in your
    robot-like suit fighting other robots or other people in their robot-like suits, and the playable character(s) must have a Buster Arm or Buster-Like Gun, the signature weapon in the Mega Man series. Finally, the game needs very import options, such as saving AND deleting your file (remember Resident Evil The Mercenaries? Yep. The horror of the game not letting you delete saved files, which means you can’t fully replay it or if someone else did crap on it, you have to play with their crap).

  • Actually, the cancelation of mega man legends 3 lead to the riots in London, that’s why they keep in secrecy the reasons why it was cancelled so there won’t be any more riots all over the world.

  • I feel real bad for Mr.Svensson. Because I know some people who aren’t responsible for these situations are going to get the hate. But nothing Capcom does right now will change anyone’s mind. I can admit that killing Mega Man Universe was something I support (it looked awful; like Mega Man Powered Up had all the charm and polish forcibly removed), and maybe Mega Man Legends 3 was going to suck? We never even saw Mega Man in those screens they released. But pulling him from MvC? There’s no reason for that. In fact, that was arguably the only thing they HAD to do to actually show that he means something to the current Capcom heads.

    Street Fighter was pretty dead before Yoshinori Ono came up with SFIV, and convinced higher ups to let him have a crack at it. I expect that, until that person comes along for Mega Man, it’s going to stay dead. And that it was pretty irresponsible of Inafune-san to leave Capcom without first grooming a replacement like that. That would be like Miyamoto leaving Nintendo without putting Eiji Aounuma in charge of Zelda or Koizumi in charge of Mario.

    I’m still crossing my fingers that we’ll get a current gen, HD Mega Man revival though. Courtesy of CyberConnect 2. I’d actually LOVE to see that. But right now, it’s hard to believe anyone at Capcom proper (no offense Mr.Svensson, but after Dark Void and Bionic Commando, it’s clear Capcom US doesn’t call any important shots) gives a sh** about the Blue Bomber.

  • stop lieing though your theeth…this is just getting sad, and your arnt gonna bring me back on your cash mule

  • Don’t cry for Capcom, Argentina. Christian Svensson has the temerity to honestly say, “I wish I had something I could hold and display for you that that’s the case, but I don’t right now.”

    Oh really?

    It may only be a start, but how about getting on the phone with Nintendo and Sony and getting some of the older titles released on their respective online storefronts? Let’s take a quick look, shall we?

    For Nintendo – simply looking at the Wii Virtual Console – we still await the following:
    -Mega Man VI (NES)
    -Mega Man VII (SNES)
    -Mega Man X2 (SNES)
    -Mega Man X3 (SNES)
    -Mega Man: The Power Battle (Arcade)
    -Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (Arcade)
    -Mega Man Soccer (SNES)

    I didn’t honestly want to include that last one but sure, why not. And hey, perhaps the Arcade titles are too big to be released (though I kinda doubt it). Ignoring just the Arcade titles, that’s still five titles that remain unreleased that would do nothing but engender goodwill among the fanbase.

    Let’s take a glance on the Sony side of things:
    -Rockman 4 (PSOne Classics Import)
    -Rockman 5 (” ” “)
    -Rockman 6 (” ” “)
    -Rockman X3 (” ” “)
    -Mega Man X4 (PSOne Classics)
    -Mega Man X5 (” “)
    -Mega Man X6 (” “)
    -Mega Man Legends (” “)
    -Mega Man Legends 2 (” “)
    -The Misadventures of Tron Bonne (” “)
    -Mega Man 8 (” “)
    -Rockman Battle & Chase (PSOne Classics Import)

    That’s *twelve* titles to choose from. Simply offering the ‘Legends’ and original ‘Rockman’ titles would yield five or six games (depending on whether you include ‘Tron Bonne’) that would, at the very least, assuage the frustration felt by the cancellations of ‘Legends 3’ and ‘Mega Man Universe’ as well as Mega Man’s snub in ‘Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3’. 

    And what have the benevolent Gods on Mount Olympus blessed us with?

    Half off on games that have been out for two or three years now on the Playstation Network. And Christian Svensson telling me that Capcom has nothing to offer or show me to indicate how important Mega Man still is to them.

    Oh, and I see that hand in the back, that someone wants to tell me to just purchase ‘Anniversary Collection’ or ‘X Collection’ and call it a day. That doesn’t really speak to the issue – buying a last-generation game to solve a current-generation problem. I don’t know who decides what gets released on the online storefronts – I’m aware that games must be rated first and all that – but this is a problem that Capcom absolutely could do *something* about and, so far, has done, well, nothing.

    TL; DR. There, I said it first.

    • MML PSone games won’t make it to PSN.  They failed “IP checks” according to Svensson.  I think that it is bs since they worked through the legal rodeo that was TvC and brought it to the states without any trouble.

      • That’s exactly my point. You’re right – I had neglected to mention the IP / contract stuff that Svensson mentioned back in May. But, you’re also right in that, once upon a time, Capcom said that Tatsunoko VS Capcom would never come stateside due to all the intellectual properties involved. Like many other gamers, that impossible game currently sits in my library because Capcom took the time to get the proper clearances. I sincerely believe that, if they wanted to, they could do the same thing with Legends, Legends 2 and Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

        And even if we allow for this IP clearance nonsense and accept that Legends will never see the light of day on the Playstation Network, it doesn’t explain the lack of other titles. Speaking realistically, what’s taking them so long on releasing the following here in the States:

        -Rockman IV (PSN)
        -Rockman V (PSN)
        -Mega Man VI (Wii Virtual Console and, someday, PSN as Rockman VI)

        I suspect that X2 and X3 may have emulation issues keeping them from being released on Virtual Console – C4 chip effects, specifically. Not that Capcom has confirmed or denied anything – I think they’ve said that Nintendo decides what gets released and when, but still.

        At this point, *almost* anything Capcom does that promotes Mega Man can only do more good than harm. Heck, Seth Killian could finally reveal his amazing “secret in Mega Man 9 that no one has discovered yet”. He’s either pulling an Ed Boon (“Oh, there’s all sorts of undiscovered things in Mortal Kombat”) and the secret is that there’s no more secrets or the secret is something so trivial that it wasn’t worth our time to begin with. I’d be genuinely surprised if it was something worthwhile.

  • You know the Inafune argument is such bs right? The creator of Devil May cry left. They still make games. Same with Resident Evil, Street Fighter, pretty much all the the creators are not with Capcom.(inb4 they all suck now, don’t make me mention the Starforce and Battle network games)  It’s like that with a lot of companies. They still have the rights, they still have the franchises, and they will continue to market off of them.

    Now with the cry of Megaman, Something will come. It’s moronic to kill of a gaming icon. Give the blue bomber time, to get a proper game, and to the people bitching about Street Fighter and fighting games “stealing” the limelight, Please do some fucking research. There wasn’t ANY capcom fighters for 10 YEARS after 3rd Strike on the Dreamcast. Then Ono-san and Nitsuma-san came in and sparked the interest up to the Jap big wigs who evidently have sticks so far up their asses. There are people who do enjoy these games, just as some enjoy Megaman.

    Consider the following. He’s not getting a new game every fucking year like Sonic or Mario, which in my personal belief, are getting really fucking stale. (ESPECIALLY Sonic)

    On the comment on letting CyberConnect do Legends. Capcom does have ties with them now with Asura’s Wrath. I sense good things with this statement.

    • elsalvadorps

      Difference is you know…all those other Capcom franchises make money and Magaman makes Capcom do more than usual.

      What is the Inafune arguement and 128 games isn’t stale for you?

    • You’re right, in that Capcom would be stupid to turn down money on a property that has, in the past, made them money. That they would be fools not to release a new Mega Man title. That’s not really the issue here, though – Capcom is claiming that there’s nothing they can do for us right at this precise instant. This is wrong – there are plenty of Mega Man titles that could be rereleased on current gen console online storefronts (Wii Virtual Console, Playstation Store) that would at least put a bandaid on the bulletwound left from cancelling Legends 3 and Universe. 

      And I’m giving them benefit of the doubt here – maybe Legends 3 and Universe just weren’t that promising and they were sparing us from two lackluster titles. I wish they had left that up to *us* but, as of this instant, that’s out of our hands.

      You’re incorrect, in that Capcom took a hiatus from fighting games in 1999. It was 2001 – they still did the Versus games (Capcom VS SNK, Capcom VS SNK 2, Marvel VS Capcom 2) and Street Fighter EX3 (2001). If you’re saying they didn’t make a fully-fledged Street Fighter title, then I absolutely concur.

    • Interesting! I did not know that! (if this is true)

  • Us Mega Man fans want to know that a serious project is in the works.  Maybe it’s still in pre-production and it’s direction isn’t settled, but at least knowing something is being worked on is what the fans want to hear. 

    I think Capcom should have at least put the MML3 Prototype version out on the 3DS eShop for free. Take what they had, make sure it ran smooth enough for a small playthrough, and distributed it.  Then, gather that fan reaction data.

    Capcom wondered why participation was so weak in the DevRoom?  Fans didn’t have anything to go on.  We’d get one thing to think about for a month and then nothing.  Had the Prototype been released, I’ll bet that the DevRoom would have exploded with participation, because the fans finally had something to think about.

  • LaserVision

    You guys know what would be a really dumb idea? To announce another Mega Man game. And cancel it. Again. Either they don’t announce anything and people freak out or they announce something too early which could be cancelled and people will still freak out. They can’t win either way. People should just calm down.

    With regards to Capcom, next time they announce another Mega Man game it should darn well be near finished. Let everyone else think whatever the hell they want until then.

  • crapcom presents:The Death of Megaman
    To sum things up unfortuantly while many people are dissapointed including myself heavily being a all around megaman fan,due to how capcom works these days their hate towards kenji inafune leaving and their own way of making half-assed games these days it was a sure thing they were gonna screw this game up

    Megaman is capcoms mascot or was i cant rememeber a game before megaman and it has its own fanbase,however that fanbase is now dying and capcom is fully aware of this and yet proceeded with this move,sales of the ds are down alot i can get a bargain at gamestop for a ds for 99 bucks forseeing this may be part of the reason of the cancellation,the simple truth is however this is hate,there was no reason to exclude megaman from marvel vs capcom 3 other then out of spite,capcom is losing money and losing fans with cancellation of megaman games

    It is with this regard i think a new company needs to oversee the megaman next generation,i suggest Konami since their familair with side-scroller games like castlevania,as for megaman legends i think a company like Atlus the same people who made disgaea with their perks and humor would be perfect for the devolopment of megaman legends

    I will be honest i have no more faith in capcom im also a resident evil fan and im sick of their action games and their constant lack of zombies,they already screwed up with the save feature on the mercenaries,but the finishing touch is their newest game revelations,their big theme is monsters with socks for mouths,is that scary?

    Capcom has no clue what it is doing their in dissaray and unfortuantly at this point they cant afford too many more mistakes even though i expect to see them,thanks to them we will probobly never see another megaman game,you need publicity to get a game moving and if no game is made how are people gonna build on it?Simple answer is no game is gonna get more popular unless you actually publish it,by now if capcom all of a sudden said their making a new megaman game i wouldnt beleive them or care because its crapcom doing what they do best to screw their fans over.

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