The Final Fantasy Type-0 Japanese Demo Is Available Now [Update]

By Ishaan . August 10, 2011 . 9:00pm

For those that care to download it, the Japanese Final Fantasy Type-0 demo is now up on PSN. You can either grab if off the Japanese PlayStation Store (you need a Japanese PSN account for this) or grab it at this link.


If you use the link, scroll down, hit the red button on the bottom-right, then scroll down further on the next page, and click the big red button in the centre of the page. You’ll need firmware 6.39 or above to run the demo and 332 MB of free space on your PSP.


You may find the following resources useful while playing through the demo, so give them a read to get a better idea of what’s what:


Final Fantasy Type-0′s Controls Explained In One Moogle Filled Pamphlet

Square Fires Final Fantasy Type-0 Magic System Screens

A Look At Final Fantasy Type-0′s Battles And World Map In Video Form

Watch Director Hajime Tabata Play Final Fantasy Type-0 (the same demo)

Final Fantasy Type-0 Demo Detailed

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  • Herok

    sweet downloading it now

  • I’ll wait for the site to put it up.  Hate switching my PSP over to my Japanese account just to play a demo.

    EDIT: Oh hey, look what I found that’s already up:

  • Be right back, downloading the firmware updates before downloading the demo. I will never get why Sony dishes out constant firmware updates ;__; It hurts people who have crappy internet (me!)

    • Kibbitz

      Blame the pirates?

      • I seriously doubt it’s only because of that though~

        • Kibbitz

          Well, pirates cover part of the security aspect. The rest are a series of upgrades for stability and some odd features here and there based on someone’s summary of 2004 to 2009 updates or such. No idea about the rest though.

    • Kitestwinblades

      It would be nice if Sony warned us about firmware updates (And everything for that matter). I mean People send so much chain-mail over PSN saying “Sony’s Birthday this- Kevin Butler MW3 That” but Sony should seriously take advantage of the mailing system and send mandatory messages (Important ones of course). I’m so sick of their updates screwing with my online play and in some case- confusing my internet provider.

  • IceRomancer

    Thanks so much for the reminder!!
    Downloading it now! Wheeeeee!!

  • This is the most excited I’ve ever been for a demo!

  • Shinji Kazuya

    Wooooooo! Downloading it RIGHT NOW!!!

  • am actually gonna do a translation for it real soon. am playing and getting to know everything.

    so when the actual game releases i can keep going at it ^ ^

    • escobear

      translation yes please~

  • XxDestinyXx

    I love those costumes! This game looks amazing!  xD

  • Downloading it like everyone else.  My PSP needs some love.

  • Hinataharem

    My body is ready.

  • <3 I love this lol. I'm such a FF freak lol!

  • Aoshi00

    Only watched the intro movie and walked around a bit.. Funny the chocobo was named Chichiri (what happened to him was sad though..), reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi, guess they’re really going w/ the Chinese constellation bit…

    • mikanko

      I want to see Tomokazu Seki voice a chocobo now, thanks for the image ><

      • Aoshi00

        lol.. I was like Chichiri?  And then the SD Chichiri popped into my head.. well, we’ll get to hear more of him in P4 as Kanji soon :)

  • mogster

    i want to make love with all the party members:}

  • mikanko

    Oh thank you PSP for being region free.  Thank you, thank you!

  • IceRomancer

    ZOMG I love the music for the level with bahamut in it! This game is great, I love it already! :)

  • WTF this thing is AMAZING! Holy god.

    • malek86

      I don’t like to use the word “amazing”, but I must say this demo is, in fact, amazing.

      Urge to import rising…

  • Lordphantomhive

    Beside a couple minor issues (e.g.: camera and lock-in doesn’t seem that tight), I am very impress with what I played so far. Please bring this overseas SE!

  • DanteJones

    Oh man, that’s what I get for taking a nap. Downloading NAO!

  • Oh hey.. Cool, downloading the demo now and doing the PSP update. Can’t wait to try it out. XDD If it’s pretty cool, it might steal me away from all the English made otome games and Eden Eternal.

  • I have never regretted not having a PSP as hard I am now. ಠ_ಠ it easy.

    • *comfort~* I’m sowwies. D: I’d send you mine.. but I also want to play the demo. ^^;

      • :’) It’s the thought that counts. I’m so going to Vita this. When I can.

        • lol I never play my PSP, so it’s always just sitting there, even tho I have TONS of games to finish.. the only one I’ve finished (out of the 25 or 26 games I own) is Crisis Core (lol all for the love of the Turks.. -_-; Man.. I want Before Crisis sooooo badly).

        • Ryos

          It might be if.  They’ve had technical issues getting 2 UMD games playing nice on PSN – as in they don’t work at all. Then there are no guarantees this is even coming here…There’s always the slim possibility of that HD version coming out but eeeeeeh, I wouldn’t count on that. You’re missing out on a lot of amazing games though.

  • So the downloaded demo from the site will work regardless of having a Japanese account or not?

    • Yup. You don’t need a Japanese account to download the demo from the website. But follow the instructions listed above, if you can’t read Japanese to download it.

      And the picture instructions from SE’s page is also helpful, if you’ve never had to manually download something and add it to your memory stick. XD

    • Yes, it works perfectly on my psp.

  • Oh man, the demo was so awesome. Also, King + Kill Sight tears enemies apart.

  • Oh my, this game is fantastic. Took me a little while to wrap my head around the controls (doesn’t help that I don’t know any Japanese whatsoever) but once I did it was smooth sailing.

    I like the more mature tone that the game seems to give off, especially in the opening scene. Combat is fun and can be challenging, which is nice considering how easy most of Final Fantasy XIII was.

    My understanding of the game is limited, but from what I’ve played/seen I feel confident saying this is my favorite Final Fantasy-related game since XII.

  • SlashZaku

    Getting the hang of things (just beat the first mission) and trying out the characters (liking King right now, hearing Rem is also a good choice but I’ll have to give everyone a spin) but so far, the game is great (camera is kind of bugging me here and there).  I’m booking a plane ticket right now to Square’s NA offices with a briefcase of threats and my PSP to bring the game over, even if they have to up-port it to Vita.

  • After 2 hours of downloading, I finally can play it ;__; Sweet victory

    • I hope for your sake they don’t make the full game digital only. D:

      • Haha what are you talking about, silly. It’s on…. ly… 2 UMDs…. ( ̄Д ̄)

    • DanteJones

      About the same amount of time here, booooo. Dx

    • Sho Atlus

      And i thought MY internet was bad… :V

  • PantsuKun

    I can’t wait to try out Queen~! +_+

  • malek86

    I must admit that’s quite impressive. Superbly detailed graphics and not an ounce of dithering. Areas are maybe a little on the small side (a lot of short loadings here and there), but I guess this is the best you can do with the PSP’s limited memory.

    I didn’t quite get the hang of the combat system (barely completed the mission with almost everyone dead, a D ranking in the end), but it looks fun enough. Enemies do look a bit cheap, they attack you as soon as you get up, not even giving you time to dodge. Geez. Still they said this demo had increased enemy levels, so I guess the full game will be more balanced.

    Too bad for some of the typical Monster Hunter features (hey, developers, how about you pause the game and let me browse my inventory with ease?).

    • Ren

      You get up instantly if you dodge. I was getting mauled on the tutorial fight, then I discovered that your character will dodge(and get up at the same time) even if he/she is down. My only problems with it are the multiplayer, which saps away your other battle characters but don’t put them back when they leave, leaving you to do it manually; the lock camera when sometimes you disappear from screen; and fantoma gathering, because the button combination is just bad.

      • malek86

        Oh wow, that helps. I’ll try the demo again.

        I almost feel tempted to import it (as I have a subtle feeling that they might localize it only for a PS3 remaster or PSV enhanced title, both of which wouldn’t sit well with me). Still, I’ll wait a bit and hope.

  • So far I love it. Nearly everything about it is perfect, even the camera once I
    got the hang out how to adjust it. I especially love the opening and the scene
    with the Souryuu Queen Dragon above Byakko. I’ve played through 4/5 of the missions and so far my favorite characters are Ace and Nine. Oh, by the way, when you get access to the city part, you can go to a store and it shows all the playable characters, in order, Ace, Deuce, Trey, Gun Girl (4), Cinque, Sice, Seven, Eight, Nine, Jack, Queen, King, Machina and Rem, so 10 is the missing member. If this doesn’t come out in the US. I think I’ll go insane. I just wish it was in English, so I could understand it. BTW: I found an example of the Commander Killed, Underlings Surrender Technique.

  • PrinceHeir

    will wait on this one, too many games to play.

    maybe till they make a translated version???? :P

    • kisunoyami

      “maybe till they make a translated version”

      You mean, until a U.S version of the demo is released?

  • Kibbitz

    Oh wow, this is horrible. After years of avoiding Final Fantasy, this might be the one to get me in on gameplay alone. Don’t really care for the uniforms and clothing design, but that’s a supremely minor gripe if the game actually only gets better from this point on. Also, is Queen voiced by Mamiko Noto?

    • kisunoyami

      You just need to get used to the gameplay.

      • Kibbitz

        Just so we’re on the same page, are you advising me to get used to FF Type-0 or the older FFs? Because I haven’t played any FFs since X-2 due to lack of interest, but Type-0 has been almost perfect in terms of what I want gameplay-wise, so I’m not sure whether you’re telling me to give the older games a try and adjust.

    • Queen’s voiced by Ami Koshimizu. Andriasang has a list of characters and their voice actors here:

      • Kibbitz

        Thanks! Looks like I need to clean out my ears =| Seiyuu list is fantastically lovely though~

    Seriously need to repair it this weekend~

    • *pat, pat* I’m sowwy~ ; ; Good luck on repairing it!

    • Kibbitz

      >_> *sneaks in and writes an entry in the journal about PSP being fixed this weekend*

  • Been playing it for 2 hours and well, its fun just that I can’t understand a word… lol.. The other fun thing is while you were playing in a mission you can play in someone’s game as a guest or if you want to put it this way someone else is in your game… Its random though… If I am not mistaken that is.. Or was it computer generate?

    However, there is one very annoying thing.. Although I do not understand Japanese but I realise that there is this S.O.S thing.. Its frustrating cuz I got a feeling that it is kinda hard to achieve the requirement in a set of time.. There is this one hit thing which is kinda random too.. Oh well, still, its a fun game.. XD

  • sandra10

    Can you guys write a full demo review or something? Or maybe a video review? I don’t want to be left out of all the fun…

    • IceRomancer

      Lol! Your comment made me go, “Awwww!” x3

  • Sho Atlus

    This day is the complete opposite of my daily life!

  • Yu_TheKing

    Aside from minor camera mishaps and the random guest appearance, I find everything superb; the cutscenes are sharp on par with PS3-like graphics, the bloodiness is well done and to decent degree, and the gameplay, music and voice acting is just *-*

  • Ren

    I got “Keito’s Summer Uniform” ‘ケイトの夏服’

    Seems like we already know the name of the gun girl.

    • Keito sounds like the Japanese equivalent of Kate… Shouldn’t it be like… Quatre or something? She’s Four right?

      • Ren

        Yup, she’s four. And her name is pronounced keito in japanese, but how it’s actually romanized is still unknown.

        • I put in the kanji from the Summer Clothes into a translator and got the English names: Ace, Deuce, Trey, Kate, Cinque, Sice, Seven, Eight, Nine, Jack, Queen, King, Machina, and Rem. That makes me wonder why SE would give all the others number names, but not the Death number. I still think Kate’s her name. Why else would all the other names’ kanji come out in their romanized form? By the way: Kate means pure.

  • Is anyone concern about the camera and framerate?

    • danemc95

      The camera? A little(particulary in tight corridors). The framerate?No, it seems pretty smooth to me.

    • Framerate? Never had any problems…

  • MarkMario

    I’ll download this…soon…

  • THIS GAME  IS FRICKINNG AMAZING… I’m maining King and Nine. And loving it!

  • danemc95

    You know how some people say Square Enix is dying? Yeah…no, not with titles like this. In many ways I feel that this and Versus are in some way experiments for Square, who I feel may be thinking about walking away from their traditional turn based combat system, which if true, concerns me a bit, but if they can continue to produce games of Type-0’s quality, I would in no way be dissapointed.

  • danemc95

    I think ive found how to turn off multiplayer. In the mission prep, the VERY LAST selection before the mission begins, go to the bottom choice and select it.

  • A lot of people I follow on Twitter are LOVING this game. I can’t wait to get home and try it out myself. I’m really looking froward to it now that I’m seeing all this positive response :)

  • I realize this is supposed to be a big final release for the PSP platform, but I think I’d rather see it delayed for the West and upgraded to a Vita title.  That would be the launch day sale clincher for me.

    Something to think about. 

  • mogster

    you guys are silly, vita is fail

  • Suppa Man

    This game is pretty awesome! Amazing graphics, gameplay, story…..
    My only gripe is that if you dodge roll when locked on, it twists the camera and gives a strange view. Other than that, amazing.

  • it says this game data is corrupted

  • Christ

    anyone got passed the impossible mission?

    • What mission was that?

      • Lordphantomhive

        The 4th mission (the one where it raining hard and you’re in a forest).

    • Yu_TheKing

      I did it! It was definitely impossible at first but it with a bit of leveling (and magic spamming) its completed.

  • Loving. Every. second. Although I am somewhat confused about some things though… I mean, I think I did every possible mission. But there’s this mission thingiee which I accepted from one of the moogles which leads me into a town area. There I talked with a NPC but no matter what I choose, nothing else seems to happen.

    I did defeat the behemoth.

  • Hmm… I downloaded it, but it says the data is corrupt. Help please? :/ I really wanna play this.

    • I really don’t know how to help you.. is your firmware 6.39 or more recent?
      If it is, then did you follow SE’s instructions? This one:
      It shows you what folder (the NPJH90209 folder) and the two files were needed to be moved onto the memory stick. I followed that and it works fine on my PSP.

      • I actually tried it a couple more times, to no avail, but I ended up going to PSPdemocenter and it worked. I don’t know what was going on. :o But thank you for replying and trying to help :] Now to finish my Summer reading so I can waste my life away playing the demo <3

  • Help! I want to play this but the psn network downloading is so slow and always have the  “the connection to the server is timed out” error. I can’t use the computer download too.

    • Yu_TheKing

      Just use the pspdemocenter.

  • Altoire

    SE please don’t disappoint me.. Release this here please

  • you can also get the demo here:

  • Uh Sorry guys for being a total noob but how do I actually play the demo?
    Is it really… Required to have PSN account? Please help me!

  • OH YES!!!!! Im loving his game. I’ve been plaing it for a day and a half straight and Its still great! If only it let us play as Jack though…

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