Avenging Spirit And Master Higgins Make Their Way To Virtual Console

By Ishaan . August 11, 2011 . 8:30am

Note: If you own a 3DS, today’s the last day that you can sign into the eShop so it can register you for the Ambassador program.



Avenging Spirit was rated for the 3DS by the ESRB back in May, and this week sees its release on the 3DS Virtual Console for $2.99. While taking a walk with your girlfriend, you’re gunned down by mobsters and she’s kidnapped and held for ransom. You come back as a ghost so you can rescue her and rest in peace after it’s over.



Also out this week is a game called Go! Go! Kokopolo on DSiWare (800 points or $8) where you’re an angry wildcat trying to find the people that disturbed your afternoon nap. You have to coax enemies into chasing you around the stage and ultimately leading them into the mouth of a carnivorous plant.



The other notable retro release this week is Super Adventure Island II (800 points) for the Wii Virtual Console. Master Higgins has a new love interest after the last one proved to be a bit of a disaster. Then, a hurricane destroys their raft and they end up separated, both suffering from amnesia. Tina gets taken in by the king of Waku-Waku island and is engaged to him, with Higgins making his way to the island. 


Finally, there’s a 2-player co-op shoot-em-up on WiiWare, titled Kyotokei. You can grab this for 500 points ($5).

  • dragoon_slayer12

    where is metroid 2 and Zelda Oracle of ages and seasons???? I these eshop virtual console titles are ducking more and more they release.

    Wish list…
    Mario land 2
    3 I stated above
    Final fantasy
    Wario land
    Pokemon pinball

    Top of the head. I’ve been playing ds games on the 3ds more than anything, nintendo needs to get there shut together with the eshop. AND WHERE ARE MY 3D DOWNLOADS!!?? I’m not buying that golf game (haven’t played golf since that rugrats put put golf game on ps1), and I own the nes revivals already

    • Wii’s Virtual Console is a thing.  It is a thing that is still happening.  I think if you take a moment and look at this thing, you will quickly see that all the wish lists in the world will not make them pull out their big guns faster, if at all.

      Even though the 3DS really needs a killer app right now that appeals to someone who doesn’t just have a giant N64 nostalgia hard-on….

      • there are only two n64 ports people need to top with this n64 game nonsense when its the minority

        • OoT is the only “killer app” Nintendo has out.  It’s a slightly updated version, yes, but it’s still the fourth re-release of the game in less than a decade.  Star Fox comes out next month.  N64 port.  BArring first-party, Rayman 3D is just another Rayman 2 port.  This is the point I’m making: those are the hardcore-targetted games.

          Mario Land 3D isn’t due until November.  Kid Icarus and MarioKart seem to still have no announced release date.  As first party titles go, Nintendo is banking on OoT to sell systems, and I already own that game three different ways.  beyond Nintendo, the only thing with an established release window that’s getting anyone particularly excited seems to be Cave Story, which, while upgraded to hell and back, is still, at it’s core, a port of something you can get on the system *already* via DSiWare.

          But yeah if you want Nintendogs or to fly around Wuhu Island then sure the 3DS has original games I guess.

          • thank you for proving that there games that appeal to people beyond the two n64 ones which was the only thing i had issues with you posting .

            for the rest i agree but Kid Icarus and MarioKart are this year and Mario Kart 7 will be released December 4th.

  • “I like Ikaruga, but I think the art direction and music are a little too good”

    Thus, a Kyotokei purchase was made

    • “I like Ikaruga, but I’ve never so much as seen a physical copy with my own eyes and am thus left to believe it is a myth of some sort, but this sounds and looks a lot like that was supposed to, give or take some absolutely awful anime portraits drawn by a seventh grader.”

  • I’m actually shocked it took this long for someone to rip off ikaruga’s brilliant mechanics. Looks cute enough, and $5 is much better than what something like this would’ve commanded back in ’07 (Nintendo says….$15 dollar price point!!!). But I don’t play my Wii anymore. That’s what happens when you actively stop games from coming to your console, NOA (Guess the A stands for A**holes now?).

    Might pick up something for the 3DS though…but might not. I mean, I’m going to have 20 games to download (more like 10, since I refuse to replay those oft-repackaged NES games anymore) for free soon….

  • Rarutos

    Killing many innocent… things because they ruined your afternoon nap?! That’s horrible! D:

    Game seems really silly though. Quite a villain protagonist!

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