Fewer Releases And Lower Sales Lead To A Slow July In North America

By Ishaan . August 11, 2011 . 4:32pm

It was a slow July for software sales in North America. For one thing, there were far fewer new releases this year (17) compared to July 2010 (29), and the ones that were released didn’t sell as well as last year’s top-sellers did.


“Looking across PC, console and portable game sales, 19 titles sold over 100K units last July, while this year, only 8 titles peaked 100K units,” says the NPD Group’s Anita Frazier. As a result, retail software declined by 10%.


The NPD Group point out that July 2011 was the slowest July period since 2006.  Here’s July’s top-ten chart, featuring an appearance from a few older games that were able to crawl their way back up the charts.


Rank Title System Publisher
01. NCAA Football 12 PS3, 360 Electronic Arts
02. Cars 2 PS3, 360, PC, Wii, DS Disney
03. Call of Duty: Black Ops PS3, 360, PC, Wii, DS Activision
04. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game PS3, 360, PC, 3DS, Wii, DS, PSP Disney
05. Just Dance 2
Wii Ubisoft
06. Major League Baseball 2K11
PS3, 360, PC, Wii, DS, PSP, PS2 Take Two
07. Zumba Fitness: Join the Party PS3, 360, Wii Majesco
08. Fallout: New Vegas PS3, 360, PC Bethesda
09. New Super Mario Bros. (DS) DS Nintendo
10. Mortal Kombat
PS3, Xbox 360 Warner Bros.

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  • It’s funny that happen after IGN so called Nintendo is ruining 2D Platformer article this week. Nintendo is the only company that would have a game like New Super Mario Bros DS. Still able to make it into the top 10 after 5 years on the market, and at it’s original price.

    • Well it seems to add credibility to my statement that once youve played one Mario platformer or even Mario Kart, then youve played them.

      Further, I do not think anyone would write home about this chart, considering only 8 games sold over 100K units this month, meaning, NSMBDS sold a rather small amount.

      • kylehyde

        most of these 8 titles that “sold over” 100k units are not even stand alone titles, the only stand alone titles on the chart are NSMB DS and Just dance 2 which sold around 120k, which makes more surprising that a 5 years old title still can sell after all this time.

        • I dont think it is surprising considering it is an evergreen title and had already made news this year. Really, it had to have been doing that amount for a while since NSMB DS crossed 9mln earlier this year. 

      • It’s funny to criticize that a game that launched in 2006 can “only” sell 100,000 copies last month. That’s more than Atlus’ “biggest launch in the company’s history” with Catherine. Plus you can say that all the games on the list play like their counterparts (with the exception of the older Fallouts).

        Plus if IGN wants to say Nintendo is killing platformers, they should perhaps stop giving them 8’s and 9’s and stop giving them awards like Editor’s Choices (DKC, Kirby EY, NSMB, NSMBW) and #1 game on Nintendo DS (NSMB 2009, #2 in 2010). 

        • lol IGN is just butthurt because they failed with operation rainfall or whatever, besides you’ve noticed their crappy top 25 lists? 1 position per page, they obviously are starved for pageviews so they’ll do anything like creating bait articles with pseudo journalism to get fanboys to get mad and trolls to insult people.

          • IGN’s as bad as Kotaku now?  Well then…

          • Sadly most of IGN’s usuals are shortminded fanboys, and their articles as of lately have been more on the fanboyish-page-view-starved side than informative, as for Kotaku’s new awful and glitched design and their off topic’s articles that can be found on sankakucomplex, I guess we can blame that on the fact that it’s a slow period for gaming news, but to be honest this site and joystiq are my favorite gaming sites.

          • I can tell you stories from before Kotaku’s redesign.  I was part of the unofficial Kotaku Steam group, Kotakuites, after all…

      • Are you trying to say that “once you’ve played one Mario platformer or Mario Kart, you’ve played them all?”  ‘Cause that is so far from the truth you don’t even know.

        • What do you mean? It is true. As Ive stated before, once you’ve played one 3D Mario, then you have played them all. All 3D Mario games are essentially level expansions to Super Mario 64 offering no changes to the formula. All 2D Marios were the same until recently with multiplayer FINALLY being offered for the Mario franchise, however before that game all the games were the same. Mario Kart too. Only Double Dash differentiated however Ninty ditched following up with it to return to making the next Mario Karts rehashes of the original Mario, just with more colorful art design and casualizing it even more.

          • You go play Super Mario World and tell me it’s the exact same game as Super Mario Bros. 3.  I dare ya.

            Same applies to Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy.

          • I do not see any differences between the two. Both are 2D, utilize a map, have special levels, same powerups, same story. Really, you could tack on the levels from either one and essentially not tell the difference between one or the other. 

            Same could be said for Sunshine and Galaxy. Once again, just paste the levels from the other game and one couldnt tell the difference between the two. The feeling of the games is the same, no enhancements in gameplay in either. Just standard typical Mario fare, same story, same artistic direction, same same same. 

          • CONFIRMED: Unable to distinguish differences in gameplay in any games.

    • kylehyde

      One more time it has proven that you can’t say IGNorant without saying IGN.

      • I don’t know why I even bother getting on IGN anymore. All that comes of it is outdated “news,” filler articles about the most obvious things, and the constant spewing of bias and “Nintendo/Microsoft/Sony sux!” fanboy/fangirl wars in the comments.

        It’s so much nicer here… :)

        • kylehyde

          Certainly it is.

        • Joystiq’s commenters are pretty bad too.  I don’t know why I keep commenting there…

      • Aoshi00

        I haven’t bothered w/ IGN’s amateurish biased reviews for years, the only good thing about them is IGN Strategize’s Jessica Chobot giving tips on achievement, awesome gal, her and Qore’s Veronica Belmont :)

        • PrinceHeir

          ohh Aoshi you :P

          jokeeee XD

          but yeah it seems IGN sucks nowadays, literally i haven’t been in that place ever since i discovered Siliconera, Andriasang and Destructroid.

          the only thing i go there if there’s a exclusive trailer or exclusive that Mass Effect comic(which they should have let us download it on the PSN/XBLA/STEAM.

          oh well good to see New Super Mario Bros STILL on top after all these years.

          sad to see COD is still selling year after year. i mean the games are fun, but wow they haven’t change or improve the formula since 2008.

          • Aoshi00

            Hey, they’re both cute and hawt gaming chicks, I do watch most of their shows :)  yeah, I only read here and andriasang as well (but I don’t comment there like you :), and Destructoid occasionally.. It is pretty amazing NSMB DS is still selling, pretty crazy.. I guess people always like to play CoD online.. 

          • PrinceHeir

            ohh well Veronica seems to be a pretty girl, not sure about Jessica though XD

            yup2 oh well maybe it’s their “call of duty” for some reason

    • are you that jodiacon dude on youtube who ze uploades ze naruto gnt battleS?

  • Well guess I was wrong since Catherine didnt chart. Should have been easy for it with this slow month. I wonder why they shipped out 200K units to only get around 70K something sold, really. 

    I wonder how in the world LagOut New Bugas made it up there, and Black Ops still selling like hotcakes, guess it will still be 59.99 when Modern Warfare 3 releases in November. 

    Terrible month in deed.

    • MrRobbyM

      I also wonder how New Vegas is still selling well. I know it’s Bethesda, but it’s been quite a while since release and it’s not even that good of a game.

      • Because of the DLC.

      • neo_firenze

        New Vegas had price drops pretty much everywhere in July too. 

        Also, is Steam included in these numbers?  Because the PC version New Vegas at a massive discount was probably the biggest thing from the July Steam sale (that’s when I bought it), that would certainly give it a bump in units sold. Apparently Steam won’t share their sales numbers with NPD (even though NPD is currently trying to capture digital sales numbers), but individual publishers CAN share their Steam sales numbers with NPD. I would guess that New Vegas’s strong performance comes in part from being the highest profile item in their big July sale.

    • jello44

      Oh nevermind, what made me think Catherine came out last week…

    • HistorysGreatestMonster

      You do realize that Catherine went on sale the very last week of the month, though, and didn’t even getting a full seven days? It released the 27th of the month. Sadly, that’ll also split its sales for August too, but for a niche title, it did fine. 

      • I highly doubt it will move 130K units this month, sorry. I dont think I indicated it sales were bad, just not what I expected considering there were no other big name releases beyond NCAA this month. If only ATLUS was blessed with a larger marketing budget. 

        • HistorysGreatestMonster

          According to vgchartz (who are, admittedly, not the most trustworthy of sites, but still), as of its second week, it has sold close to 200k between both systems, with 128k on PS3 and 70k on 360. I would be very surprised if it doesn’t settle down around 300k by the end of August, with 200k or closer for PS3 and 100k for 360.

          • malek86

            VGC also said it had sold 150k combined on the first week, while NPD (which should cover until that week) says 78k. I’m not sure who’s right, but chances are it’s not VGC.

            Then again, it doesn’t matter all that much. If Atlus shipped 200k copies, it means they believe they’ll eventually sell them. That’s good for them.

          • HistorysGreatestMonster

            I’m not usually one to defend it VGChartz, BUT as I said before the month ended after four days. That’s over a half a week. It could easily have sold 78k in four days and then the other 72k in the following three days. That would make both sites correct.

          • malek86

            No, VGC doesn’t work like that. They track every week from Sunday to Saturday. So if a game is released on Thursday, they’ll only track three days for that week. Therefore, their 150k number was only for the week ending on July 30th.

            NPD also works like that, with their “months” always ending on a Saturday, regardless of whether it’s the actual end of the month. That’s why some times they’ll cover 4 weeks, and some other times 5 weeks (to compensate the shorter time in comparison to the calndar months).

  • IGN was made to be IGNored.

  • I wonder how many clueless people bought New Super Mario bros thinking it would automatically be 3d if they played in their 3ds 

    • I imagine the New Super Mario Bros only sold to people buying the most selling hardware of the month. 

  • shy_mel

    Dem legs on Mario!

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