Final Fantasy Type-0 Camera And Phantoma To Be Tweaked For Full Game

By Ishaan . August 14, 2011 . 12:00pm


Final forum member, Rabla, has gone digging through the Final Fantasy Type-0 demo files and discovered a few things that haven’t been mentioned before. First amongst these is the name of the final member of Class 0, the shotgun-wielding girl. She’s called “Cater”.


Another discovery, although this is hardly a surprise, is that Bahamut will be one of the game’s summons.


Meanwhile, on Twitter, director, Hajime Tabata, has been watching feedback on the Type-0 demo, including complaints about the game’s camera, and says that both the camera and Phantoma will be spruced up in the full game.


A big thanks to Rabla for sending word of his discoveries, and to Dan for the Tabata tip!

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  • I really didn’t have any trouble with the camera, but it’s nice that they’re listening to complaints.

    I’d really like to play as Cater, since I LOVE using King and his guns. He’s a beast!

    • Yu_TheKing

      The camera only gets wonky when locking-on to an enemy (usually a tall one) while against a wall. Locking off solves it but it makes cast magic while strafing a hassle.

      Oh, King and Queen are my favorites :D Especially since he can kick an opponent down and then brutally shoot em’. 

  • Syltique

    I didn’t have any trouble with either in the demo.  If I was being reallyyyyyy picky, I guess I would say that they could make the default setting point towards the ground a little bit more, since it can point towards the sky sometimes.  Gathering Phantoma could maybe be a little faster, but I didn’t have any problem with it.

    Controlling Bahamut is going to be awesome.

    I’m not sure about the names though.  I heard it was something like Trey, Kate (Keito) and Cinque.  Cinque means “five” in Italian also.  

    [EDIT] Found this on FFWiki. I don’t speak Japanese so I don’t know which one is correct, personally.

    “No.04 Kate: A female, handgun-wielding member of Class Zero with dark brown hair. Her name was recently found in the demo’s files as ケイト, which translates to Kate, not Cater (ケイター).”

    • The Japanese is indeed Keito, but I’m waiting to see her name written in english before I draw any conclusions about it being Kate or Cater.  I’m leaning toward Cater though.  I know Japanese fans have been calling her Keito for a long time before the demo, so I’m guessing its still derived from the cards.  It could just be that whatever language they are deriving it from pronounces it differently from how its pronounced in English.

      • Syltique

        I guess Cater is “four” in old French, or … something?  Gives Cater some more plausibility.  It just sounds strange to my ear.

        “cater (n) four-spot of dice, from Old French quatre four, from Latin quattuor]”

        • yeah…so…if anyone knows how that would be pronounced in old french, im guessing the japanese is derived from that.  im guessing the R wouldn’t be pronounced… so thats partly why it ended up as keito in japanese, but in english alphabet it’d still look like Cater…oy so confusing.  plus there is already Qator (katoru)

        • DanteJones

          I’m not sure if it’s Kate or Cater, but I thought I’d try looking the number four up in different languages for fun. :D 

          I found a couple where it could be from, check it out:
          Ladin: “cater” 
          Albanian: “katër”
          (these next couple I’m not too sure about, since I don’t know how they’re pronounced)
          Irish: “ceathair”
          Scottish Gaelic: “ceithir”

          Pretty much just went through here: for ones that sounded like they were similar. To be honest I’m not too sure, we’re probably just gonna have to wait for the english version to come out.

        • I’m guessing that maybe the characters are named after a deck of cards, with all of them being numbers in different languages and then having, jack, queen, king, and ace

        • Scrooge_McDuck

          Ace, deuce, trey, cater, cinque and sice are dice gambling terms.

    • Yu_TheKing

      The wikia now says it is in fact Cater.  Also says that Machina is Izana’s younger brother (fun fact)

  • DanteJones

    Hmm, anyone here have a problem with the camera? The only time I found a problem with it is when it would randomly un-lock from a targeted enemy, even if you’re still holding the button down.

    About the student’s names, are those the numbers they are given or are those their actual names (not including Machina and Rem)?

    • Exkaiser

      One time, the camera flipped out on me, but it was because I summoned Golem inside a building, right next to a wall.

      Kind of a poor decision on my part. Especially since I did it as soon as I entered the room (It was the room with the Behemoth in it in Mission 1), and before I could even see Nine.

      • DanteJones

        Ahh yeah good point now that you mention it, same here too but with Shiva so it was a little less severe. That’s when I found out summoning kills the summoner, which was Sice who I was trying to level, so I had to restart the mission lol. ;D

    • The worst camera experience I’ve had was with the 3 colossus mechs on the 3rd stage.  I locked on to one, but it kept switching targets rapidly, and even though I was holding forward the camera kept flipping, so I was pretty much running back and forth in one spot.  It’s not a game breaker for me but it could definitely be improved.  And I just know there are trolls who would throw a hissy fit about stuff like this.

      • DanteJones

        Whoa, that sounds bizarre, yeah I never ran into that problem. Maybe I just got lucky at that part? Though Exkaiser reminded me that the controls could be a bit better when you are using the summons.

  • badmoogle

    Thank god about the camera!I hope they make it to follow the character automatically.
    I generally love to control the camera myself but for this game it really feels akward to move it with the d-pad while (at the same time) i’m moving and attacking with my character.

    • Aoshi00

      I tried the demo and didn’t really like using the d-pad to control the camera either (instead of the L/R shoulder btns, of course you don’t get the up/down w/ that).. How could people move the char around w/ the analog stick and be comfortable controlling the camera w/ the d-pad above it at the same time?  That’s the major problem I had w/ Peace Walker and could only play for several hours before calling it quits (now waiting for the HD collection)..   In recent years I’m just not good w/ holding the PSP.. like Miku after a couple of songs it would give me cramps..  and playing it on Dreamy Theater 2nd on PS3 is much better (but I still need to play all the songs on the PSP to unlock everything, really troublesome)..  Now I’m hesitating if I should get this game or wait for the eventual HD upscaled ver to play it on PS3 or Vita..   I’m OK w/ games on PSP like the slower turn based RPGs or visual novels, but for action games it’s just hard for me *.*…  wonder by tweaking  he means we can use the shoulder btns?  Now it’s just R following your char’s back.. I was ok w/ Crisis Core before too, I don’t remember if the shoulder btns were used to control the camera freely..

      • badmoogle

        Yep i had the same problem with the Peacewalker demo and it was the only reason i didn’t buy it (perhaps i’ll get it now if they release the HD version as stand alone)

        • Aoshi00

          I even bought PW twice before (actually 3 times including the digital d/l, thinking it would be better to play w/ dual shock 3, but now I sold my useless PSP Go..).. the US collection will include PW, but the Jpn ver is standalone.. I definitely can’t wait to play PW because I liked MGS3 so much..  the d-pad and face btns to control the camera just didn’t work for me..

          • badmoogle

            I’m curious why they don’t release the western versions of HD collections as stand alone games?Personally i’m only interested in PW.I have no intention buying the rest of the games again.I like Metal Gear but i’m ok with my PS2 versions and my pocket is not exactly limitless at the moment…:/

          • Aoshi00

            Really you would prefer PW as standalone? I thought we get the better deal here, just like the Ico collection instead of 2 separate games.  It’s OK, I do have the PS2 games but don’t mind replaying them widescreen w/ trophies.  I don’t have a US PS2 hooked up anymore (just the Jpn one), and I’m not using the Phat B/C PS3 either because its fan is too loud, I used it to play MGS3 upscaled before and it looked beautiful.  Maybe I’ll jump right into PW first because I really wanted to play it..

            I pre-ordered many PSP games alrdy, like Photo Kano, Senritsu no Stratos, and Grand Knights History, too many games…

          • badmoogle

            Answering to your later post (and sorry to siliconera because we got very out of topic):
            I still have my PS2 hooked on my tv with component cables,and i think i will continue to have it for a long time as i have many PS2 games that i haven’t finished/played yet.Sure the quality is far from anything HD but i never cared that much for graphics anyway (art direction was always more important for me) and personally i don’t consider the MGS games as important as (for example) the Team Ico ones.I’d hate rebuy my whole PS2 collection just for high definition and trophies.This reminds me of a person i used to know who had a big movie collection in video cassete format,rebought all of them in DVD format and in recent years decided to rebuy his whole (massive) DVD collection in blu ray.Really it never ends and big video game companies want to mimic this strategy.I would really prefer it much more if they took 32bit-era games and made them HD but i think this would’ve been much more difficult and cost them much more money.
            Oh and i don’t care for trophies at all.:p

          • Aoshi00

            I have quite a few machines hooked up and needed a separate component and HDMI hub.. PS3 Phat (which I don’t use anymore really, but in case I need to play PS2 games), PS3 Slim, 3 360s (one Jpn, one US old, one US Slim, I like the faceplates lol), a Jpn slim PS2 (the old PS2 I gave to my sis which she doesn’t play now either), 2 Wiis (Jpn blk, US wht), also the PSP component, and HDMI DVD player..

            Lol, I think I fell into the same trap as your friend, but my VHS collection wasn’t that big, back then had no money to collect movies.. and I do find myself upgrading a lot of my favorite DVDs to blu-rays..  Gotta luv trophies/achievement man :)  It’s not really for bragging.. I just like to see a record of what I’ve played instead of just some save files, and later I could look back wow I played this game like 4 years ago, and it gives me an excuse to replay my favorite games, some of them I’ve missed like I never finished Zone of Enders 2.. So far I think the HD remakes are for the games who truly deserved it..  of course remakes for really old games are cool too, like Rayman Origins for XBLA looks hot.

            I don’t get trophies just for trophies’ sake though, like some people just platinum everything which I think is pretty crazy and dedicated.. you could see I start many games w/ low percentages lol, but I just like to seem them there for some reason.. now that they exist.. it’s a cool way to browse your progress w/o loading up your games.. I still wish they would patch MGS4 or Valkyria Chronicles someday, but now it seems impossible..

      • About the d-pad camera controls: I’ve learned to move the camera using the side of the left index finger, leaving the thumb free to use the analog nub. It’s a technique called “fingerhooking” or the “claw”, and although it’s awkward at first it quickly became second nature to me. Have you tried that?

        • Aoshi00

          Thanks, I’ve heard of it, so that’s the famous claw eh using your index finger? I never played MonHun though, maybe I’ll give it a try.. for PW it didn’t work, the fire fights were too hectic, especially against the tank bosses and no pause during menu when using items or switch weapons..  I was wondering if people only turn the camera when they stop running..  I’ll give the demo another try using the claw to see if it works :)

  • Yu_TheKing

    Cater?! That may not be of the more popular characters’ (name-wise at least) But I’d have to see her in action to decide.

    Edit: The Phantoma needs to restore a tad more MP for effective use, since I people are gonna rely on healing or wall casting.

    • malek86

      Yep, Phantomas need to be upped in MP recovery. As of now, they are pretty much useless.

      • Hinataharem

        Well, I wouldn’t call it completely useless. I mean, it does have another purpose than MP recovery. That’s more of a bonus.

        • Yu_TheKing

          Yeah, Im sure for the full game its practically a necessity for magic upgrades in that sense, but when you just defeated 3 Battle Armored Troops  
          and the first two have disappeared, the last one giving you 8 Mp doesn’t really help when you had to use spells that cost 10x that amount.

  • danemc95

    Since I play a lot of monster hunter on the psp, the camera controls didnt feel awkward, but the un-locking thing did kinda annoy me. Good to hear that Square are paying attention to complaints though. And is it just me or does anyone else think that the new girl look kinda like Meryl from MGS

  • No problem with the camera so far, the demo is awesome !! Still no date for us though… :(

  • evilmoogle

    3rd mission + summon golem = camera wen’t crazy pills

  • Rihawf

    She resembles a little Merly from MGS, funny.

  • Guest

    They shoulda named one character “Agito”

    • Syltique

      “Agito” is going to be in the story still.

    • How bout a legendary warrior of the game’s world named Agito? They didn’t have to see him just referenced him I guess.

  • MarkMario

    Yay the camera will be fixed.
    Very hard to see when you have it on auto lock and running.
    And yes, more MP plox.

  • using bahamut in this game is gonna be fun.

    is gonna feel like something i wanted to happen in FFXI. if he was a playble summon at the time.

    really like that in this game with Mp usage feels like a actual FF game. btw i hope we here news about transfers data to the actual game when it releases in oct 13 (money and levels )

  • Never had problems with the demo….but yeah the camera could use some work…..

  • Göran Isacson

    I have said it before, and I shall say it again- while tweaking the camera and the gameplay is a good thing, there is but one thing and one thing alone I hope this game gives us- a storyline that takes it’s setting seriously.

    Now, JRPG’s have been catching a lot of flak for their special brand of melodramatic storytelling, and Final Fantasy is no exception. The aging crowd which once ate the “high on emotion low on logic” style up now finds it tasteless and unappealing, and I am one of them. And when it comes to games with an all-teenager cast, the dangers become ever greater. Hence, I utter this plea in the vain hopes that someone out there can hear them, that Square-Enix has given this games story enough thought that it will NOT become a mindless slog through characters who are more archetypes than they are characters.

    Square-Enix… I know that you have here a game about school-aged characters, but please, PLEASE do not write them as NORMAL school-aged characters. Do not write this is some high-school romantic comedy manga. These kids are in WAR. They are being trained to kill for their nation, so please- write them as SOLDIERS. What do I mean by this?

    I mean that I don’t want to see a plot twist where the characters go to an onsen to relax, so that you can throw in cheap fan-service to lighten the mood. I mean that I don’t want to see a love-triangle develop where the characters act not as people with functional logic brains, but as their archetypal trappings dictate they do (ala “Omg that mean Ace-Senpai he didn’t appreciate my bento even though I worked on it for a really long time, not that I like him or anything!”).

    I don’t want unrealistic angst that slows down the story and which is resolved in a way so asinine it makes me question why the character angsted in the first place. I don’t want a main character, if there is a main character, so bland they couldn’t lead ants to a pic-nic. I want a story about young people growing up into soldiers, bitterly facing down an overwhelming situation yet soldiering on regardless. You want to tell a story about a bloody war, then study how other stories about bloody wars were done, NOT the latest high-school harem manga. That’s all I want. A proper story of a bloody war with child-soldiers. If Square-Enix can pull that off, even if it’s a story for the PSP, then we are golden and I take back every mean thing I’ve ever said about X and XIII.

    • SalomeHarras

      I’m glad you feel that you speak for the whole “aging” crowd community that happens to still play video games.  I wasn’t aware we appointed you as our ambassador for the online world.

      This might come as a shock to you, but it really doesn’t matter what the setting is, the bottom line is that these are kids, and kids often act on their emotions and not on logic and experience, because, surprise surprise, they don’t have the life experience to make those kind of decisions.  They are also affected by their hormonal imbalance that these people go through at this age.  Are you so far out of touch from your childhood that you don’t remember this?  

      What you’re ignorantly saying is something that Square-Enix has NEVER done in any of their main, canon Final Fantasy games (which would keep out X-2).  What you desire out of these characters is ironically the same thing you are supposedly advocating against:  a character archetype that just happens to appeal to your tastes at this stage in your life, which I might note, is also laughably unrealistic.  How many people do you actually know that possess a “functional, logical” brain?  I certainly don’t know that many, after all, look at that the state of both the worldwide economy and politics.  

      I’m not sure why Square-Enix should change the direction of their story from a non-existant paranoia that you have, into an archetype that has been done to death in other entertainment mediums.  Perhaps you should step back, stop responding with your emotions (I’m laughing at this, I really am), and clarify to everyone else what you’re actually saying underneath that whiny manifesto of yours, which is something I can agree to.  

      • Göran Isacson

        Fair enough. It was erroneous of me to state that I speak for “the aging crowd”- what I should have said is that I have observed this attitude spreading amongst many but hardly ALL fans of JRPGs, and that I feel the same way.

        What I am asking for is that Square Enix do NOT write characters according to simple archetypes. A “tsundere”. A “constantly cool person that’s always laid-back”. A “aggresive shonen hero”. Simply put, a character that acts not according to what past experiences has forged them into, but according to his or hers easily identifiable archetype that’s commonly found in other stories.

        Now. Every character in a story must, to some degree, be an archetype. This is common sense. But when a character more or less completely acts their archetype even in situations where it isn’t sensible to act that way, that is when you end up getting a stereotypical mess that just ends up feeling plastic and lifeless. I have seen it happen in games like Dirge of Cerberus, 3rd Birthday (which I will admit, I only watched a Let’s Play of) and Final Fantasy X-2. Even XIII, which I will admit I do not find ATROCIOUSLY bad like many other haters seem to, suffered slightly from this. I found Hope’s sudden turn from being constantly angry to constantly spouting hopeful platitudes very jarring, and Fang never quite developed beyond “the cool tough girl that cares about her not!girlfriend”. Vanille, while developing in a nice way that I found believable, kept. MOANING. Her many noises and constant gasps took me out of the game with how unneccessary and quite frankly fan-servicelike they felt. That the characters come back at the end-battle with a simple “wish and clap your heels together” solution felt cheap and not very well thought out.

        What I’m doing by talking about those other games, is that I wish to illustrate that Square Enix has made a number of moves lately in their games that has depleted my confidence in their ability to write a game that does not exceed or go beyond their traditional story-telling tropes. “People meet up as global battle consumes world, eventually become the closest of nakama and fight a gigantic monster that wishes to destroy all time and space, for more or less clear reasons. Throw in a dash of very shallow shinto-istic philosophy about all living things being part of one giant eco-system that they use as an excuse to build a deliberately vague set of rules for paranormal events in the world, shake and bake”. They have marketed Type-0 as a game in a serious, war-torn environment where all the characters already know each other, which is a new setting that can offer interesting changes. Yet a setting alone is not a guarantee that they ARE trying out new things, or that they can make the setting believable.

        When I see the trailers where characters act cocky and brazen, such as one scene where a character armed with a spear leaned back while standing right in front of troopers armed with firearms and gave them a cocky “come get some ” attitude… when we had previously seen that these troops are more than capable of just opening fire and tearing his body to shreds with rifle-fire, it feels false to me. Plastic. As if they thought “we can’t go beyond the standard trope of showing our hero stand there and pose, despite this game being set in a very grim and dark war-setting”. The actions of the character felt like it did not match with the setting, and that makes me fearful that they will end up using OTHER tropes that does not fit the setting. I fear that the story will feel schizo-phrenic, that they will switch between “wacky academy hijinxs” and “serious bloody brutal war” in such a way that it doesn’t gel together, and that the final boss will be a cosmic monster that threatens all existence instead of the opposing army invading them. (Yes, I do believe that Kuja should have been the final boss of IX and Basch the main and viewpoint character of XII).

        Granted- I am basing this on the VERY brief glance we’ve seen so far. The game may surprise me! I want it to surprise me, this looks like it has really fun gameplay! But when all I have to base my opinion on is the released material, well, I’m gonna base my opinions on the released material. What I’ve seen has me cautious and wary of a setting being wasted because Square Enix isn’t confident enough to go beyond old tropes and archetypes, even if those archetypes are not suited to the setting.

        That is my statement. This is what I’m saying. I want something that will make me feel. The same old recycled archetypes and story beats won’t make me feel anything.

        • Hinataharem

          I’m sure this game will be dark, and stay dark. I’m sure there won’t be a big nasty One Winged Angel as a last boss. The demo, trailers, and other media have shown that they intend to do something different with this game. Hell, most fans believe that a lot of Class Zero won’t live to see the end of the game.

          I mean, there are dead bodies lying around during battle. Of children! One girl even runs up to you, and falls over dead.

          I have no doubts this game will be different, and it will please people like you. 

          • Göran Isacson

            If they actually have the courage to go ahead and kill of characters that are NOT the elder mentors, I will indeed be very pleased. Say what you want about game-play balance and how that’s affected by removing what may be a persons favorite character and how that might piss off some of the fanbase, but war stories have to have casualties. If they do take that risk, I will be VERY pleased.

    • oh my god i just wrote a giant reply but it has to get approved first

      • Göran Isacson

        Ha ha, the first time I tired writing out this monster I got hit with a “moderators must approve it” first, and it still didn’t come up. Pro-tip: my first post felt a lot more ragey and had a lot more cursewords, so that might have been why it didn’t get approved. No idea if that’s what happened to your text, but yeah- just know that it might be quicker to rewrite it and edit some of the words, than to wait for moderator approval.

        • Ah, I wasn’t ragey or anything, I guess I just have a potty mouth…oh well

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. That being said, the camera work is terrible.

    I’ve run through my fair share of bad camera in games, and Square Enix isn’t very good at this topic (I remember the floaty, slow, awkward camera of XIII or the one in Crisis Core where it refuses to turn if Zack isn’t at least ten feet away from a wall), but in Type-0 it’s basically broken – sometimes it runs wild if a locked-on enemy moves too fast, to the point the main character disappears from the screen; it also tends to change targets at random in places.

    It’s too bad fighting without locking on enemies means I can’t use the overpowered Kill Sight criticals – otherwise I wouldn’t even bother with the R button. I hope the camera is severely tweaked before release.

  • Good. The camera was AWFUL so I hope that’s fixed first.

  • A shotgun wielding girl. They saved the best for last in my opinion.
    The screen shot is kinda blurry, but I think she looks a tiny bit like Larsa from XII.

    And mother of god there are some insanely long comments!

  • Christ

    yeah the camera sucked but didnt stop me from playing and certainly not from wanting this game more and more! please don’t let this issue change the release date, it’s already late enough

  • I’m seriously glad they will fix the camera, thats like the only thing holding Type-0 for being one of the best PSP games, if not the best =)

  • PrinceHeir

    yay thanks square :)

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