Tecmo Koei Re-Distributing Dead or Alive: Dimensions Costumes Once More [Update]

By Ishaan . August 14, 2011 . 3:00pm

If you picked up Dead or Alive: Dimensions late and missed out on the free downloadable costumes, Tecmo Koei will be re-distributing them from August 15th until September 19th.


There are 34 costumes in all, and you’ll be able to grab one everyday by connecting your 3DS to a Wi-Fi connection. You can view some of the downloadable costumes in this post. Don’t hope for anything too skimpy, though…the chosen costumes are all in fairly good taste.


Update: Reader, banballow, points out that Team Ninja’s Facebook page mentions a second re-distribution period from September 19th – October 22nd.

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  • Syltique

    So you need a 3DS by … tomorrow, or you miss out forever on 34 Dead or Alive costumes?  That’s really unfortunate.  Why would they make THAT many costumes optional?  

    • OneOkami

      I believe they took this approach to encourage people to be prompt in buying the game.  In when it launched, the idea was “you need to buy it now or you’ll miss out on free costumes”, and costumes are largely what Dead or Alive is known for (especially for the females).

      I think the original plan was to only do two rounds of the costume DLC but I suspect they’re doing it again now in anticipation of many new 3DS adopters in the wake of the price cut.

      • Avojavo

        It worked the first (well, second) time on me. The two games I bought with my 3DS was Zelda OoT and Doa:D. That meant I caught the last 10 or so of the first wave before picking up the complete set the second time round.

        But I believe you’re right: when people buy a 3DS, they’re trying to give a little something to have these people buy DoA:D at the same time. 

  • I’d prefer new costumes since I already have all of them, but whatever.

  • malek86

    I got all of them already, but good for those who didn’t buy the game until now.

    I still think they should eventually just make them available on the eShop or something.

  • MarkMario

    Going to be getting a 3DS soon, but not tomorrow.
    Was going to trade DS for 3DS.
    And this was going to be the 1st game I get.

    • Croix

      Already traded my DS, but because of stock issues, don’t actually have a 3DS yet. I too hope the costumes are available somehow later.

      Edit: Just saw banballow’s post, looks like good news.

      • Guest


        • Croix

          ‘WHY WULD I DO’…what, exactly?

  • kylehyde

    I only lost the first costume, so tomorrow I’m going to get all.

  • XypherCode

    oh man i can’t even buy the game until some time i’m flat broke :( they should just put it up as paid DLC next time and not as fixed scheduled downloads :|

    • Guest

      You’re really asking for paid costume packs? Wow. This stuff used to be unlockable in games. No reason to pay for costumes. Besides the cheat codes Namco Bandai sells costume packs are the worst type of paid DLC.

      • XypherCode

        yeah. i’m just saying they should just let us download them anytime and not by fixed periods 

  • Aoshi00

    So the costumes can only be accessed from the game and not e-shop? I just picked up a US 3DS the other day (Target also did the early price drop following Walmart but sold out and I got Best Buy to price match it).  If I order DoA Dimensions from Amazon now, I won’t be able to get the game tmw..

    • See @banballow:disqus’s post. :)

      • Aoshi00

        So SpotPass means it would update automatically everyday if you leave your 3DS in sleep mode or you need to play the game everyday?  Otherwise you really need to mark your calendar not to miss d/ling it.. I wish it’s not just limited to the day like the extra Layton puzzles like you could download them in a batch later.. I saw this game in Best Buy the other day, looks really good, and the costumes are hawt.. don’t wanna miss them.. will grab a copy from Amazon then and get what I miss in Sept :)

        • neo_firenze

          You need to actually play the game every day.  No in-game requirements other than pressing start on the main menu, and you can leave the game in sleep mode right at the title screen and just flip the screen open and get the new costume in about 10 seconds. 

          It’s a pretty good game though, one of my two favorite 3DS titles released so far (along with, shockingly enough, Samurai Warriors Chronicle).  And I did find that the daily costumes kept me interested and ended up drawing me into the game more.  Probably wouldn’t have hooked me as much if I just did a batch download of all the costumes at once, though I admit it’s a little bit of an odd/burdensome system to get these bonus costumes.

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks for clarifying.  Yeah it’s troublesome but I guess it gives you a nudge to play the game everyday.. I rarely leave it on sleep mode, drains the battery too fast.. costumes definitely make most games more interesting like Miku or Bayonetta, especially free or unlockable ones, not greedy DLCs like Idolmaster :) 

            Cool, I ordered the game last night, seems like it’s rated very highly too. Now I’ll need to remember how many days I missed until I get my copy..

            I was thinking of getting Blazblue for the 3DS, but most reviews said it’s a lousy port, it’s only $20 now…  so DoA Dimensions sounds like a good one until Mario Land 3D, Mario, & Mario Kart I guess..

  • banballow

    This is from Team Ninja’s facebook…


    Back by popular demand!DEAD OR ALIVE Dimensions Special Costumes – One free costume per day via Nintendo 3DS SpotPass on the following schedule:August 15, 2011 – September 17, 2011 & September 19, 2011 – October 22, 2011 Every morning from 10AM to 9AM of the next daySpecial costumes (34 in total/one new costume per day)

    … important to note that they currently plan to do another run of the DLC starting Sep 19.

  • Finally. I thought it will never gonna happen. Must not miss any costumes this time. What a weird way to distribute DLC, though it’s better than not having any at all. Wish Capcom added some more costumes for RE the Mercenaries 3D.

  • A shame. Looks like some of those I’ve actually seen in  a DoA game for free. Especially the Kasumi costume.

  • Kitsune Miku

    Im actually quite angry that these dont just stay on a store as Ive still not had the chance to grab my 3DS and thus will miss this again. Tecmo, stop being asses to your DoA fans and just give us a download code or leave them there and make us pay for them! I happily would!

  • mikanko

    I kind of miss unlocking costumes from actually playing a game.

    Shoutouts to Tekken for still holding it down.

  • PersonaSpace

    I feel like I’m giving in to cheap marketing ploys, but since I’m a huge completionist, I awsn’t going to buy the game as I had missed the first 2 distribution periods. However, now that we’re getting a 3rd and 4th, I’m going to buy the game later today.

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