Anarchy Reigns Multiplayer Trailer Advises To Attack From Behind

By Ishaan . August 16, 2011 . 10:57pm

Sega put the Anarchy Reigns character reveals on hold for a multiplayer trailer. It doesn’t show much that’s new, but you get to see a few items and Jack out-ninjaing a ninja.



(Oh, and Oinkie’s full name appears to be Edgar Oinkie, just in case anyone was curious.)

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  • Ben Tan

    wow, theres also coop horde mode! day one purchase..

  • That looks really really really fun. Really feels like classic beat ’em ups like Die Hard Arcade brought into the current generation

  • dr000d

    Platinum Games…marry me, please.

  • andref

    Definitely not ignoring this, nice to see more information and hope there is good enemy Ai in horde mode to beat up. Getting this so I don’t have to resort to more multiplayer shooters to play with other people

  • Guest

    Sam from Vanquish please
    And Rent-A-Hero #1 and Joe Shinobi or Hotsuma
    throw Travis Touchdown in there too why not

    • Code

      Bayonetttaaa o3o~!

    • PrinceHeir

      oh yes please, Shinobi or Hotsuma vs Zero would be badass :)

      this game reminds me of Spawn In the Demons Hand from the arcade :P

      it looks like my interest in this game keeps getting bigger as time passes buy.

      might be a Day 1 for me :P

  • Code

    Definitely looking forward to it, it’s going to be a tough wait owo; Seriously I think the characters make it, but really digging the fact they even are putting a good handful of modes in the game! I’m really hoping this sparks some more great multiplayer/online beat`em up’s in the future T3T;

  • AzureNova

    Attack from behind huh (darts eyes)…… SURPRISE BUTTSEX >_< !!!!!

  • wow this keeps getting better and better….and damn if i dont wanna know more about that ball game now

  • Oh my god! Was that a new mode at the end? “Anarchyball” maybe?!

  • Göran Isacson

    Co-op and that ball game looks like fun… but man, I don’t know about the versus other human players multiplayer.

    See, here’s my problem. The over the shoulder-camera… can it really work in a multiplayer arena? Previous “many versus many” beat em ups like Smash Bros, Power Stone etcetra had a camera that showed almost everyone of the fighters on the same screen. Can a game like this really work with an over the shoulder camera?

    Granted, I am a TOTAL noob at multiplayer. I’m highly inexperienced at online gaming, and I do know that first person shooters work even if their point of view is even narrower. I’m just saying, the camera and the playstyle involved just kind of makes it a little weird to me.

    Also, Jack was basically invincible during that throw, which took a LONG time to execute. I can foresee players being very annoyed at doing an attack from behind, only to be locked in that attack and then have an opponent just stand around and immediately snipe THEM the second the attack animation finishes.

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