Go Through Nine Character Spotlight Videos Of The King of Fighters XIII

By Ishaan . August 16, 2011 . 4:05pm

These videos may take a while to get through, so let’s just get right down to it. Atlus USA have released nine new videos of King of Fighters XIII, each focusing on a single character and their moves:


Andy Bogard:


Joe Higashi:


Terry Bogard:




Mai Shiranui:


Yuri Sakazaki:


Benimaru Nikaido:


Goro Daimon:



The King of Fighters XIII is slated for release on October 25th in North America and October 27th in Japan. Rising Star will publish the game in Europe sometime in winter.

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  • I hope this game is region free

    i am counting the days

    So excited

    by the way that back alley stage is amazing

    • Guest

      PS3 is region free unless you mean XBox…

    • dr000d

      Every PS3 game is region free… =3

    • mikanko

      It’s releasing in Europe the same week as the US from what I understood.

  • did mai get censored? lol.  she has a new artwork

    • Guest

      eh? Still looks bouncy to me

      • not the sprite itself, but the artwork before the actual gameplay.  oh well

        • Yeah her portrait looks more covered up

    • mikanko

      It’s probably something with the ESRB in the US.  MvC has to cover up Morrigan and Trish in art for public domain kinda things like websites and trailers.

  • PrinceHeir

    awesome stuff :)

    it seems they added more voices during hits(kinda like the early KOF games as well Guilty Gear and Blazblue)

    cannot wait for this.

    Ami Koshimizu’s voice(Mai) is sooo lovely :)

    Kallen and Holo FTW :P

    • Rarutos

      Ohh, no wonder Mai sounded familiar. Yes she sounds lovely.

      Getting pretty hype for this… I don’t know why, I just want every fighting game that’s coming out this year, it’s terrible! I’m never going to get good if I keep switching around games. XD

      • PrinceHeir

        yup2 :)

        all we need is a new Darstalkers, Samurai Shodown, Guilty Gear 3

        and ports of Melty Blood, Virtua Fighter 5 FS on consoles

        and im set for life :)

  • SirTeffy

    I just spent 15 minutes slinging jokes about Mai’s… “assets” with a friend.

  • Code

    Looks really good, I’m definitely tempted to look into it >w>’ I have to admit though one of the first times I’ve seen projectiles in KOFXIII, there kind of static looking opo? On the other hand, you know what isn’t static looking; Mai o3o;;

    • mikanko

      How would Tao tell Mai and Litchi apart?

  • List your teams here

    King/Kim/Joe AWW YEAH

  • Its no “ARE YOU OKAH!” but at least Terry says something during his BUSTAH WOLF,  i kinda wish they added a little combo in the end to show off the new gameplay but oh well, u can find those YT

  • puchinri

    Oh man, ugh. So glad it’s in October and so far away so I can save up for it. But it’s in October. …WHY SO FAR AWAY!?

    SO excite to play with King, Kula and K’ though~. I really want Momoko though. ;u;

    • mikanko

      Kula, Betty and I still don’t know who for my team!

      Momoko shows up in XIII!

      … in team Psycho Soldier’s ending as a cameo!

      At least they still remember her, unlike lost tokusatsu tae kwan do girls.  God I miss Jinju Lee. =/

      • puchinri

        Yay Kula all around! I was considering Betty too myself though. x’D

        Yeah, I was sad it was just a cameo. ;u;

        I didn’t recognize the name at first… BUT I REMEMBER THAT GIRL! I love her so much. >u<
        Andddd I just realized they have forgotten her existence apparently. Alas, sadness commencing now. ;n;

        • mikanko

          May Lee and Angel came about when Eolith(Korean company that helped SNK out financially in early 2000’s)had say in development.  I think there’s a conscious decision to avoid them. Not sure if there’s any licensing issues, more they just don’t think of them as “true” SNK characters or whatever. 

          It’s kinda short sighted if true.  There are probably more ex-SNK employees working at Dimps, 8ing, Examu, Arc System Works etc. than there are working on the current series.  Oh well.  Her kaeru shirt was the best.

          • PrinceHeir

            ahh man so almost everyone from the main games left SNK huh :(

            hmm what about Samurai Shodown team as well as Metal Slug team???

            Eolith actually did an awesome job on 2002, but alas i still love XI as their biggest comeback game ever. everything from the game is amazing and fresh.
            they only need to fix things like the tag system(didn’t like it at all; prefer the classic Team Battle) and the timer, seriously even if the time is 0 you still have to wait till the super get’s finished which stops everything from moving plus you still get the damage.

            2002 UM however did another amazing job(i still have yet to play this but from watching the videos this could dethrone my XI. adding splice art during supers(genius) awesome soundtrack(great remixes), Nameless character rocks and finally Hiroaki art is godlike O______O


            i wonder if SNK can make another KOF Dream Match, Samurai Shodown. or other franchises like Metal Slug, Garou, and THe Last Blade

          • mikanko

            I don’t know how much of the KoFXI team is left around.  I’m sure there’s a solid amount considering the work being done on XIII.  They are obviously smaller though.

            I was just pointing out that SNK lost a lot of staff ten years ago when they went bankrupt, and some before that too.  A lot of ASW’s founding staff worked for both Capcom and SNK at times in the 90s etc., and I’ve heard companies like Dimps and 8ing tossed around as places where some of the old staff wound up.

            I don’t know all the logistics, just saying -if- current SNK-Playmore is avoiding characters for not being SNKy enough then it’s kinda short sighted with most the original devs for Art of Fighting, Garou Densetsu, KoF etc. not being with the company any more either.

            Then again I’m biased. “May” Jinju Lee is my favorite character.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Glad they changed Trap shot to F, D, FD, it was pretty obvious and hard to do the other way.
    But making Yuri’s Uppercut a half circle was kinda stupid ;P

  • So many KoFs. Do I really want to get this and start acquiring another franchise? O_o

    • LuciferD666

      As far as gameplay. It is more technical(ecspecially in this game)than Street Fighter.But it is fairly easy to get into KOF.As far as story goes..Well….Your on your own.

      • mikanko

        I like KoF more than SF, but saying it’s more technical is kinda subjective. 

        Option selects, priority linking, hit confirms, spacing, safe jumps, meter management, footsies etc. all lead to SF being a pretty deep game. SF4 has watered down the technical side considerably from SF3 to appeal to a broader audience that doesn’t always take the time to learn the technical side to the game. Doesn’t mean it’s not there.

        It’s really comparing kittens and puppies.

        • I wouldn’t say that OS makes SF a deeper game, although all games tend to have OS I think SSFIV has far too many for far too many situations. Plinking simply makes links a little easier but nothing really changes gameplay wise,  you still do the same combos, same punishes. But spacing, meter management, footsies and such are needed in most fighting games including KoF/SF.

          • mikanko

            Never did I say SF is the deeper game.  For the most part all the examples I was giving are basic in all fighters.  Both games have tons of stuff to learn, and in the case of these two, just prioritize importance a bit differently.  I guess I’m just under the impression people might see SF as being less technical because the combos are shorter and the game moves slower, which I don’t really think holds true.

            I think generalizing KoF as more technical seems overly subjective.  KoFXIII has fewer 1 frame links than SF4 which already makes it a game I’ll have an easier time with, lol.

            There’s a ton to learn in both games.  I guess it might depend on your definition what makes a fighter technical though. If we’re talking just entry into a series I think it’s a coin toss. Neither are exactly GG.

        • LuciferD666

          Oh I’m sorry if you took it to a more subjective view.I aploligize;I meant more techinal as in you have more mechanics and options than SF.Such as rolling,the ability to run,and choosing what length you want to jump from the ground.In no way did I mean SF mechanics are what keep people from quality play.

          I’m sorry If I didn’t describe myself better.

          • mikanko

            My bad as well, a little quick to play Devil’s advo.

          • LuciferD666

            that should be me lol.

    • SalomeHarras

      I’m not actually sure where you were going with this question (or if was rhetorical or not), but from a competitive point of view, there are actually only a few King of Fighters that are deemed worthy of someone’s time.  If the structural integrity of the gameplay is of no concern to you, then there really is little reason to buying or even playing this.

  • Fightan game of the year for me. It’s shaping up to be one of the most balanced fightan games this gen.

    Team? Raiden (Since his dropkick got nerfed, he should be alright), Shen (Damage nerf, exactly what he needed) and Robert (No idea about his changes). Maybe change Robert for Billy or Ash.

    • mikanko

      After watching Mike Z’s Skullgirls panel at Evo via the youtubes I’m not sure this’ll be my fightan game of the year.  Might depend on the online because I’ll be hard pressed to find anyone near me who wants to play this.  That and Skullgirls won’t really take off to its potential till next year should it get the monies they need to keep releasing new characters.

      It’s definitely up there though.  I plan on playing Betty and Kula and I am thinking their nerfs were mostly necessary, so definitely get big props!  Hoping Saiki and ’98 Iori don’t ruin the show, but it’s definitely looking to be the most solid the series has looked

      • Well, I have one friend who’ll play 13 with me, and I got a couple of friends on PSN to pre-order, so I think I’m covered for who to play with.

        I can’t get into Skullgirls. I know Mike Z is doing some great things with it, it’s been in development for years, it’s cheap, etc, etc. But I think my mind is in total NOPENOPENOPENOPE mode over the art style of the game. I know. Yeah. Fighting game, I shouldn’t care about how it looks and just play it for the solid gameplay, etc. But I just can’t stomache the style and the look of the game, I just really really can’t. I hope that didn’t come off as offensive, but it’s sort of how I feel right now.

        • mikanko

          Ah, that’s too bad.  I personally like the odd style, but have found some who just can’t get into it.  Mike Z didn’t actually get on board with Alex Ahad in making the game until a year or two ago, and production didn’t -really- start until then.  It took Pandemic getting disolved by EA for Mike Z to have the programmers tojoin his new studio before work really began.  Considering how much they’ve accomplished in such little time it’s pretty outstanding. 

          As hard as it is to fathom it really does look like the “fixed Marvel 2” he calls it.  I do hope people turned off by the style at least give the demo a fighting chance. I know the artist behind the series has character concepts for something like 30 characters or more, guys and gals of all shapes and sizes, so if the game bombs I’ll be sad to never get to see them.

          I still remember reading the thread on SRK where someone told him he should set a wait limit if you press start so the game won’t pause until you hold it down for a couple seconds, and he instantly turned around and added it to the game code within a few hours.  That’s just nuts.

          It has “Garbage Day!”

          The zoning character even has a Cable color palette!

          I don’t even know what Umbrella will play like yet, but just can’t wait to troll with her online!

          lol, sorry for offtopic fanboy glee. Different strokes for different folks. ~_~

          As for KoF, I’m still not confident the online won’t be awful simply because there’s really no track record to say otherwise.  I probably say this in every KoF topic here though, but I soooooooooooooooooooooo hope I’m wrong and there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Mister_Nep

    This’ll be the first King of Fighters I sit down, and seriously try to get good at. Looking forward to it.

    I just don’t know who to play as. For sure I’ll be picking King. Aside from that I have no clue. I’ll probably also pick Mai at first, and then switch her out when I find someone else I like.

    • Historiata

      Yuri and Kula are nice too (´∀` )

  • Souji Tendou

    It’s Movesets(?!?!) demo? I thought its something cool like Combo demo. Dissappointed.

  • Göran Isacson

    Aaah King, one of my first videogame crushes. Soon I shall enjoy you and your kicks again.

    Don’t look at me like that I was an unusual kid okay?

    Speaking of KOF though, am I the only one who misses Lin? He just disappeared after the NEST saga and I kinda found that a bit sad- I loved his design and his power.

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