Loop Through The Opening Movie Of 5pb’s Dunamis15

By Ishaan . August 17, 2011 . 10:57pm

Today, 5pb released the opening movie for Dunamis15, their upcoming Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 time loop visual novel. As previously reported, Ichikawa Kazuhiro, producer of Ever17, is working on the game.



A limited edition version of Dunamis15 will ship in Japan with a pair of blinged out headphones. The game is slated for release on September 15th.

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  • M’iau M’iaut

    Ok Aksys or XSeed – make this happen. Don’t much care who gets the license, just get it!

    • mikanko

      At least it’s on PS3.  I’ve heard 360 has a policy now(for the US at least) where games have to have 50k copies printed. I think that would make it a lot harder to bring something like this over. 

      I don’t know what Sony’s policies would be here, but I imagine they wouldn’t be a walk in the park either.  At least there’s a slim chance something like this could get a digital release if nothing else.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I’d think 999 results would certainly help. And you wouldn’t be seeing an interest in bringing VNs and VN type games over if there wasn’t some thought the market had matured somewhat. 

        It is the newest title of a series showing some stateside interest. If any of them come, it’s either this or Ever17 — and this is multiplat.

        • mikanko

          Yeah, VNs are definitely getting more recognition, but this would kinda be the first non-portable title to make the trek.

          Looking at a game like Arcana Heart 3 Aksys didn’t think they’d be able to ship 50k units which is why it was never brought over for the 360 in the US.  It’s probably why they’ve dropped relations with Cave as well.  A game like this probably has its best shot at digital release on PS3. The 360 has still yet to have a games on demand game that wasn’t disc released first.

          That’s not even considering Europe, which with certain trends might have a much better shot at getting a console VN before the US.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I really think the US market is ready for another try. Sakura Wars 5 was just too late to the PS2 game. You kind of got to go back to Thousand Arms before  that. Here you got a premier VN writer and a premier non ero VN series. If someone tries Dunamis and it fails it can’t be said lack of quality was the issue.

          • mikanko

            Sakura Taisen 5 is also kinda the black sheep of the series.  Maybe I should’ve bought it to show my support, but I really didn’t want to play it a 2nd time. <_<;

            But yeah, I would love to see them try and release it here in any form.  I have nothing against digital releases the way some people seem to, so I guess I'm not too terribly put off by the idea.  If that's what logistics dictate it could sell like the first Agarest on PS3 and open the way for future titles to see physical releases.  Baby steps and all that.

          • dusk

            I like the way you two think. But here’s a few points that I wanted to contribute to your discussion. Please don’t tl;dr! I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and writing these! (;_’) I would be very happy if you guys will read through this, even if it’s over a couple of days.

            1) Sony’s policy is that visual novels are not games, and that’s why they won’t allow any VN digital releases. Source is from an article about Sakura Wars at Siliconera, but I think I might have remember the context wrongly. Also, Xbox 360 allows tons of visual novels as digital releases, as long as they are within a certain amount of disc space (5-6gigs). Not sure about any other policy.

            2) 999 was for a portable, where visual novels game are not uncommon. As a comparison, how many PS3 visual novels are there in Japan? If nobody regards the PS3 as a visual novel console, then a multi-platform game can only sell badly on the ps3 irregardless of content. If we were talking about the Xbox 360 version, then it would be more probable, cause you already have VN fans there (I know that English players some times buy Japanese VNs, even if they can’t read Japanese… for the achievements, unfortunately). Even better, try the psp. There are tons of VNs there, Otome or Bishoujou. I’ve played a lot of them in recent years till the point where it’s now my go-to for VNs (used to be pc, but a portable has it’s benefits).

            3) Also, 999 featured no voices and was a pretty short game. It also featured puzzles. This is all the difference between 999 and Ever 17. A game with voices means the publisher has to pay extra for license (see Koihime Musou and Kara no Shoujo from MangaGamers). A long game means more time and money to translate (see Asky blog for more info). A classic VN means the game won’t appeal to non-VN fans. Your Thousand Arms and Sakura Wars examples are contradictory to the argument. They are good games, but people didn’t like them purely for the story.

            4) Instead of trying with Dunamis15 (a yet unreleased game that boast a good staff) or the newly updated Ever 17 (a yet unreleased game that has new CG character model + a new route/side story that might not connect with existing fans, i.e. me), wouldn’t it be better to test the western water with a recent game that has already proven its worth? Steins;Gate is on the Xbox 360 (where VN fans lurk), and it has a story that’s gained praises from numerous fans, not just of the VN game group, but of the anime fan group as well.

            Anyway, I don’t think it’s a good idea to use Dunamis15 as a guinea pig. In fact, I think a psp VN game would be a far better choice. Not much risk there, and lots of gains compared to a console VN game, where the risk is great. You guys might not know this, but Memories Off 7 on the Xbox 360 was translated and released in Chinese last year. It’s not uncommon for psp or ds games, but the is the first time I’ve seen any official release/non-fansub for a console, which I managed to grab before it sold out. I would love to play Dunamis15 in English on my console too, but I’m not sure this is wise at this point in time. After all, I’ve waited so many years just for a small company like MangaGamer to come along and start targeting VN players (success is debatable). How many copies would a console VN publisher make? Too few and you will sell out quickly, while too many and you will lose money. There’s no available statistic data for the console market, hence nobody dare to risk it. I share your sentiments but now that we’ve got the PC VN fans buying the games, shouldn’t the next baby step be DS or PSP fans?

  • Zero_Destiny

    Aaaannndddd I really want those headphones. XD Too bad i won’t be able to buy them. Oh well. Looks really cool. Love the song.

  • Having played Cross Channel [and disliking it], I didn’t really have any hopes for this. Doesn’t help I don’t really like the character designs, but the CGs in the video did make things a bit more interesting… it’s nice to try something like mystery, albeit I always feel stupid when the answers are revealed and left wondering if I could have figured it out by the information that they gave… even now I wonder.

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