Final Fantasy XIV Version 2.0 Will Have A Free Post-Launch Trial Says Producer

By Ishaan . November 11, 2011 . 12:01pm

Starting with version 2.0, Final Fantasy XIV will be undergoing a drastic overhaul, with several aspects of the game and even its visual style seeing revisions between August and September 2012. Then, in October, the game will undergo a full reboot.


Fans and subscribers naturally have a lot questions regarding this reboot, and director-cum-producer, Naoki Yoshida, addressed several of them in a recent Q&A session. You can read the full Q&A summary at this link, but we’ve picked some of the more interesting questions (and answers) out below:


Q: It seems like with FFXIV 2.0, you will be changing the game engine and changing other core aspects of the game. But will movements and such be as laggy as the current client? Will we need to upgrade our PCs?


A: Currently, the game can only display 40 characters on-screen no matter what kind of PC you have. However, with an MMO engine, people expect this to be dependent on hardware—a high spec PC should be able to display a large number of characters. That’s why we’re changing the graphics engine.


So come 2.0, people with the recommended PC setup will be able to display far more characters without any performance penalty. Conversely, you’ll be able to reduce the number of characters displayed, so even players with lower spec PCs can play. It’ll be possible to adjust these setting on the fly.


You’ll be able to optimize the settings for your PC with the flip of a switch. This way people with low spec PCs will be able to play, while those with high spec PCs will be able to enjoy the full richness of the FFXIV world. And neither will experience any lag.


Q: Are there plans to make a free trial version available at the time of the 2.0 launch?

A: I think it will be a bit too early to release a free trial version at the same time 2.0 launches. Having said that, there are plans for it post-launch. Countermeasures are being planned at an early stage to avoid the manipulation of the economy by RMT.


Q: How much character data will be transferred over to Version 2.0? For example, quest and company history, achievements, etc. Also, will my character data still be preserved even if I haven’t been paying subscription?


A: For character data, basically everything: levels, EXP, gil, achievements, quests, and history will be transferred, so don’t worry.


However, I’d like to warn you about two things. In the case of quests, those you’ve just received or completed will be carried over properly. But for the steps in-between, there is a chance that progress will be lost.


The other thing I’d like to mention is the inventory. Inventory space was expanded in 1.19. However, in 2.0 we will be introducing the mannequin system where players can store their equipment, so we are thinking about reverting to the 100-slot inventory in the future. We won’t be deleting the items—they’ll instead be stored with NPCs, and players will have to retrieve them once Version 2.0 arrives. We’ll announce details as they’re ironed out, so please don’t worry.


With regards to the subscription fee, if you bought the game in the past and played at some point, we feel it is our responsibility to preserve your character data, regardless of whether you’re paying a subscription. So please rest assured, it’ll still be there in 2.0.


Q: Beginning with housing, exactly what kind of “live” content will there be besides battles?


A: First, focusing on housing, we’re thinking not only about the interior, but also the garden and exterior and also the appearance of the building. From 2.0, you’ll be able to form free companies and decorate your home with crests, install new roofs, renovate of your building, put up a fence, and place objects in your garden. One idea was growing Gysahl greens in the garden. Additionally you could build a stable and raise chocobos. We’re planning various ways to expand your home.


It’s not like battle classes won’t have anything to do. For example, if you defeat an extremely strong monster and get a drop, you can give it to a crafter, who can then make for you a trophy that can be used as a home decoration. It’s in these ways that we are formulating the “live” feel with housing. We will be updating these things a lot once 2.0 comes out, so I hope all you crafters and gatherers out there look forward to it.


You can find a link to Yoshida’s complete Q&A session above, or click here to access it.

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