Christie And Bayman Sign Up For Dead or Alive 5, Watch The First Footage

By Ishaan . April 26, 2012 . 9:00am

Tecmo Koei have revealed two more characters for Dead or Alive 5—Christie and Bayman—giving a look at both fighters via a new trailer today.  Take a look at the footage below, which also shows off more environmental hazards that can turn the tide of a fight:



The stage you see being played on is called Hot Zone. Timing your strikes with missiles from helicopters can be used by players to launch Power Blows. Additionally, crashed helicopters become “danger zones” that can also be used to gain the advantage.

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  • malek86

    Bayman seems younger now, almost in his early twenties. And looks a whole lot like Chris. Maybe a bit too much.

    Christie doesn’t look that different, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t have a bra under the jumpsuit before.

    • “Christie doesn’t look that different, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t have a bra under the jumpsuit before.”

      They said that this game was going to be less fanservice, and more slugfest.

    •  Well, his costume is definitely similar to Chris’, but it you look his close up at 0:58, his face doesn’t look nothing like him.

      And he doesn’t look that young to me. He looks in his early 30s. Which is funny since that’s precisely his age.

      And yeah. Christie definitely didn’t have a bra before, although they kept that huge cleaveage. Oh, well, I guess they are taking baby steps in the fan service thing.

      • Suicunesol

        Or maybe her cleavage is just part of Christie’s character, so they kept it. ~_~

  • Christopher Cates

    Man I have such a bad feeling about this game now.

    • FB

      I know that feel.

  • Yay christie! My Main has returned, and still showing of some of her assets, though it’s not nearly as awesome has her, biker jacket only outfit.

  • VenerableSage

    Bayman just isn’t the same without the beret. :(

    • Ty Arnold

      DOA games always have a crapton of costumes, there’ll probably be one where he has it.

  • I’ve never played DoA seriously so I don’ t know anybody’s real play stye but Christie looks freakin awesome. Can anybody give me a run down of what she’s like?

    Dat ass too.

    • andref

       Well this might not be totally accurate but if I would describe her attacks she attacks like a snake with quick attacks that may not do as much damage as other fighters with each hit in previous titles but I felt she was a good combo character due to her high speed

      • Welp. Looks like I found a main before the game even releases. I always gravitate towards characters like that. Only exception I think was Chipp in Guilty Gear.

        •  If you want something a little more accurate, Christie is a “preassure” character.

          Meaning that her individual blows are kinda weak, but she makes up for it with long and lightning fast combos. These kind of characters are meant to be played taking the initiative and don’t letting the rival to react.

          The downside is that you can easily get carried away and if you are not careful, your rival can counter your moves with devastating effects.

          • Thanks. I figured she’d be something like that after the first description. I am now a little more excited towards DoA5.

        • andref

           I thought chipp was fun to play as since most of his attacks fit my playstyle a little bit and hearing him say “find me” was always amusing

  • Closet_Ninja

    When the video started i thought MGS4, lol. but cool glad to see more character/ gameplay. however i kinda thought Christie and Bayman’s “power hit” weren’t as powerful looking compared to Ryu or Ayanes.

    •  Yeah, I think Old Snake will fit well with that level.

    • andref

       I don’t think anything is wrong with their power hits IMO since they are assassins unlike the super ninjas who have to be admit in most DOA cut scenes were pretty flashy. I just think the “power hits” shown for christy and Bayman are suitable to their respective jobs

  • Dantis

    It’s jarring to see all the women looking more realistic. I mean, they all have supermodel-level faces, but they look miles better than they used to.

    Also, Bayman is totally Chris Redfield in that video.

    •  Yup, I’m not the only one. Somehow I can see Maximilien’s Wesker mistaking Bayman for Chris already.

  • Give me Eliot, then we’ll talk.

    • raymk

      We know Eilot is in the game so I doubt we’ll be talking long at all.

  • Miguel Kong

    Is it just me or is Christie not as slender or tall?

  • Syltique

    I’ll be honest guys, I love Dead or Alive.  I love Ninja Gaiden unlike any other action series out there.  But Ninja Gaiden 3 shook me to my core.  I’ve had the game since release and still haven’t beaten it because I was so upset with the quality of the game.

    I want DoA5 to be great, and I’m loving Soul Calibur V right now.  These are my two core fighting game series.  But Team Ninja couldn’t have botched NG3 any worse.  I hope they take the criticism to heart and win back my respect with DoA5 and … hopefully NG4.

    DoA5 looks great so far.

    • Christopher Cates

      My thoughts exactly.

  • MrKappa

    I still can’t tell how this is turning out and I didn’t even play the demo because I wasn’t buying NG3(LOL) but I hope this ends up better than DoA4.
    All I’m asking is they make the game respectable and not a huge guessing game that will be laughed at as a fighter.

    • FB

      What fighting games aren’t laughed at? Where are you coming from with that statement?

  • Christopher Cates

    Team Ninja seems like they have misplaced all their efforts.

    I mean this whole “more mature” thing is a load of crap as I’ve said before.  So they lowered their busts but they still have the same outfits?  What the junk?  How is that more mature?

    So Christie is more reserved because she is exposing her bra instead of cleavage?

    In the end it is still a fighting game made by a bunch of dudes who don’t understand the concept of maturity.

    What I mean by all this is that they are changing things they think need to be changed, but then it doesn’t really change anything, only makes it worse. If that makes any sense.

    • raymk

      Naw I don’t get what you mean at all. They never said that there wouldn’t be any fan-service in the game and they never said more mature as in for older gamers.  They christie also doesn’t even have the same outfit on either.

    • hakumen001

       So you think ALL women who show cleavage are immature based on YOUR standards and morals? I think it’s you who needs to grow up. Women wear far more revealing outfits everyday, so having women show only that much skin and you call someone immature, shows you immaturity. Not only that, but sex sells IF they went pure fan service. They arent. You seem to know nothing about selling a game, a product or what audience this targets. Japanese in general are far more sexual than where ever you come from. So is the rest of the world, but their are prunes in the US in some places… They have sexual school days where HS girl ride out boys while going across the fields, sex based festivals where girls ride on 10+ foot penis out in the open and no one judges anyone. It’s normal and kids are part of these festivals as young as toddlers. They are the opposite of immature. You’re too immature to understand the world doesn’t revolve around your conceited version of maturity and morals. Grow up and stop being judgmental.

    • FB

      DOA3 had the best outfits from the entire series. It was nice to see a few of those costumes come back for DOAD.

  • I’m liking how the game is shaping up. After playing Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS to death, I am ready for a DoA title. As long as Tecmo Koei games can stay true to the previous DoA games in terms of gameplay I will be happy.

  • Nitraion

    *ehem*Remind me on earlier stage of mgs4….

    • MrRobbyM

      Agreed. I immediately thought of MGS4.

  • Guest

    Put Hotsuma and Ryo Hazuki in the game

    • doubleO7

      Heck yes, since they’re working wit SEGA for the VF characters they should totally put Ryo in this, or at the very least make his outfit an alternate costume for Akira.

  • Blesmi

    You know something always bothered me about Christie’s face in the old games, even though she was my main. But this? This is perfect.

    • See I like the way she use to look. This trying to make them look like real people don’t work for me. I want my Japanese games to look like anime characters.

      • midgard229

        these dont look like anime characters to you? lol if this is real then something is wrong.

        i love the new art style, perfect blend of anime and realism. The graphics look like their CGI/Ending Counter Parts. Actually I think ayane and bayman look better than their CGI counter parts, Christie even….and kasumi….and damn it, all of them

  • Well Christie is gonna be my main since I know how to use her on DoA: Dimensions.

    • venomryu

      did you know that her power strike look a lot like shin move from fist of the north star  

      • Well to be honest with you dude I haven’t even notice. I guess shine fighting style is viper strikes.

        • venomryu

          shin use nanto 
          Koshū Ken i fighting style that destroys the body with acupressure blows one of his moves is like what Christie did look it up fist of the north star shin gameplay

  • Juuu

    The redesign has treated Christie VERY well, imo. Her face sort of had this cherub-like quality that wasn’t right for her character, perhaps a bit too “cute”? But now she looks tough, refined, and mysterious. Also nice to see she won’t have to worry about “falling out of her costume” this time, ahaha. I’m looking forwards to seeing more new stages/danger zones too!

    • Anime10121

      Yeah, so far she’s the only redesigned female character that “fits” with the new art style IMO. The male characters seem to benefit a lot more from the new art style

      • Sakurazaki

        I tend to think that Hayate got hit hard, lol.

        Personally don’t like his face very much…

        • Anime10121

          Understandable while I wont necessarily say that he looks a whole lot better or worse for that matter, I think he just looks a lot older. 

          • raymk

            Naw Kasumi and ayane fits with the new style a-lot as well.  Hitomi and Hayate are for some odd reason the only ones that don’t and the only ones people seem to complain about.

          • Anime10121

            I dont like the new Kasumi or Ayane (and havent since they introduced the change in NGSigma2).  Hitomi is by FAR the worst hit of the girls though, looks like she’s been slapped *no* BEAT by an ugly stick.

          • raymk

            Well we’ll just have to agree to disagree on the female ninja faces.  They both look good to me.


    I never played or owned any of the Dead or Alive games.
    Dead or Alive 5 looks great. Can anyone recommend a character in this game that
    I should start out with, females or males, whichever.

    • The game isn’t that difficult to get into. I suggest using Christie or Eliot first. I personally think Eliot but a lot would argue Christie. They are very easy to use. Also try Kokoro and Kasumi. They are the ones I think. DO NOT use the wrestlers. They have more depth to them.

      I love DOA because its such smooth controls, fast paced and easy to pick up and play. Thats why its my favourite fighter.


        Thank you.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    It gets better and better. Well, I’m sure that gameplay will be ton of fun, I just hope that various game modes are present to expend that fun. 

  • This is interesting. Somehow the ones of DOA stumbled into an FPS game and just went on with their usual business.

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    The graphics look sooo amazing and i thought final fantasy 13’s graphics were good cant wait to play it on my big screen tv!

  • Zero Shift

    Didn’t notice the stage, all I was seeing was Christie :P

  • Göran Isacson

    Have to admit that Bayman’s appearance threw me for a loop- I’m just not used to see him sans beret, and that scar seems to be new as well… can’t say I see much new in Christies design, though.

  • thebanditking

    Looks good well Christie and the stage does anyway. I’m not sure how I feel about Bayman, he looks a little generic to me, he really could use some of his trademark colors and beret.

  • Dead or Alive: Modern Fighting
    Dead or Alive: Black Ops
    Dead or Alive: World at War

    Just gonna get those out of my system now. Anyway, it does look good but I wonder if it will be that much better than 4. I hope so.

  • XypherCode

    Awesome :D

  • ZBaksh386

    u thiought the redesign of bayman went to far but christie’s look was ok.

    • FB

      she looks pretty alright except for the fact shes wearing underwear over her pants.

      • ZBaksh386

        its the new style.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    haha her boobies got dirty 

  • hakumen001

    1 Bayman needs his hat
    2 He needs his muscles back. He looks stupid without them.
    3 The breast physics seem off…

    The levels are amazingly done well, but the decisions they’re making is starting to make me have doubts about their thinking process… That better be an alternate costume, because bayman = his hat and muscles. TN crumbs…. do NOT FAIL US.

    • raymk

      When has team ninja not had alternate costumes though.  And how is the boob physics anymore off than they have ever been…sounds like nitpicking to me though I do agree with the muscles even though they did look plastic.

  • Asura


  • protofox

     the graphics are nice, the more realistic look is grand as well. but then the original creator leaves and bam.. Ninja Gaiden 3 is completely watered down. not that i doubt team ninja. but for the very 1st time that they dont have their original man that made their games successful from the ground up, the quality and effort of the gaiden series suddently dropped. alot. hopefully they dont make a 2nd mistake with this doa5. cause if they do fail ..they need to make amens with Tomonobu Itagaki and get him back.

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