Wario Up To His Old Tricks Again In Wario Land 3

By Ishaan . April 26, 2012 . 11:32pm

Wario Land 3 will be joining the first two Wario Land games on the Nintendo eShop in Japan very soon—the game is scheduled for release on May 2nd for 600 yen. Like Wario Land II, this is a Game Boy Color title.


Wario Land 3 introduces a day-and-night system, and certain stages change by opening new paths or replacing certain enemies depending on whether you enter them during the day or night.

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  • Julien_N

    Wario Land 3 is in my opinion the best portable Wario Land. It is a mix between platforming and light-exploration. Wario is invincible here but it allows you to experiment with the various abilities granted by the ennemy attacks (being on fire, jumping like a spring, rolling in a ball of snow, etc.) to reach some places or overcome obstacles. The few bosses will require you not to get hit or you you’ll get knocked off its area, so don’t worry about that. Morever, there are 4 treasures by level and plenty of them modifiy the level layouts of other stages or grant you new abilities Metroid-style, giving you incentives to explore previously-visited levels to gain access to new locations and find new treasures. And if you don’t feel like wandering on your own to discover the new areas, the game tells you where to go in order to advance the “main plot-road”. All of the treasures are not required to reach the final boss (There are even some whole levels than can be skipped) but there is a bonus mode unlocked if you do collect’em all.

    Really, it is addictive, well-crafted, and funny at the same time. I have 6€ left in my account so I might get tempted to buy it if it cost that much here. (I didn’t own the GBC cart’ on which I mostly played it, it was a cousin’s.)

    • Code

      I was always more of a fan of Wario Land 2 myself; but I have to admit the puzzles in Wario Land 3 were legitimately challenging. it’s a smart person’s platformer, and to this day I feel still one of Nintendo’s more challenging games o3o;

      • Julien_N

        Indeed, due to the invincibility, the puzzles elements really stand out, and you have to mix smart-thinking and good reflexes to pull off the tricks that will solve the puzzles you face. Bosses themselves are puzzles in a way.
        Wario Land 2 is great as well, but I didn’t like the linearity of the game, especially because I have played WL3 before WL2.

  • LunarKnite

    I just want them to come over to the States. I’ve held off on playing my Wario Land 4 because I’m expecting the first three.

    • Just play it. It and Wario 1 are the good ones, and the order you play them really doesn’t matter

      • LunarKnite

        Hah. I would, but I’m a person who likes playing series starting with the first and going from there.

  • Best platformer ever made right here. Makes it even sadder that my SP died, so I can’t play the original cart. I was planning on getting a 3DS soon anyways!

  • Ah men this brings back so much memories from my GB color days.

  • Guest
  • And the reason this isn’t on the US eshop? Urgh. >_<

    •  Eh, the US e-shop will get a boost of merchandise after the massive “Nintendo Network” update.

  • Jirin

    I love the idea of controlling the bad guy but I wish somebody would take it a step further and let you control a dragon whose goal is to eat the princess.

    You’d have all kinds of dragon-related attack mechanics that platformers haven’t really explored much, plus all the enemies would be exaggerated parodies of hero types.

  • Ni_Go_Zero_Ichi

    I really liked Wario Land 4 back in the day. I’ve heard 2 and/or 3 were better – I’ll have to check them out when they come over here.

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