The Legend of Dragoon And Max Payne Swoop Down To PlayStation Network

By Ishaan . April 30, 2012 . 8:30am


This week’s PlayStation Network downloads consists of a bunch of well-known games. On the PSOne Classics front is The Legend of Dragoon, a PlayStation RPG which Sony revealed was on its way a few weeks ago.


Meanwhile, PlayStation 2 Classics comprise of Max Payne, the very first game in the series, and Rayman 2: Revolution, an enhanced PlayStation 2-exclusive version of Rayman 2.

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  • Zertan

    I remember the Frame rate for Max Payne was pretty bad on the PS2 compare to everywhere else.

    Did the PS3 fixed that issue?  I doubt it.

  • LustEnvy

    It’s about FUGGING TIME. Legend of Dragoon is just one of those games that should’ve been on PSN during it’s infancy.

    I didn’t even care for the game… but I know a million people do.

    Now how about Suikoden II…

    • raymk

      We ain’t getting Suikoden 2 just because we all want it to be there.

  • Day one for The Legend of Dragoon ! Also, where’s the VITA sequel ? :p

  • Nitraion

    ah Legend of dragoon…
    and I am always failed to make perfect combo of spear guy… XD

    • raymk

      Yeah his crap was dumb but I got it down eventually. 

  • badmoogle

    Hey Sony,please bring LOD ro EU PSN too!

    •  Pretty sure they will. I asked ’em for the game before on the PSN EU blog, and they said the game would eventually make their way (id est, it was being discussed and I believe it actually got approved, not sure on this), and this was like a year ago? So it will probably come ;)

  • MrRobbyM

    This is great news for those who have never played, lost their copy or have more money than they know what to do with!

    I’m happy with my nearly mint condition copy though >:)
    (nag nag greatist hits version blah blah blah)

    • Nyandroid

      Mine is also a greatest hit. But Oh well. XD

      • Ronald Bixler

        Legend of the Dragoon, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, Brave Fencer Musashi, etc. all the original black label versions on my end. Helps when you don’t have much of a social life. HA, HA, HA… Depression…

        • Nyandroid

          Mine are ALL greatest hits. I guess I just came to it late. XD

  • Nyandroid

    Legend of Dragoon! I am so happy for one of my favorite games! <3
    It is too bad I still have the PS1 copy XD
    But I'm glad to see more and more good games come to PSN

  • Göran Isacson

    Cool beans, LoD being available to people in the US. Just hope it comes out to EU soon so I can retrieve my copy from my pal so he can just buy it there…

    … Also, this may just be me letting my hopes run away with me, but GOSH do I ever hope this is a push for spreading awareness of the franchise, which is in TURN part of their attempts to create hype for Sony All-Stars which will feature Dart or any of the other Dragoons.

    Yeah, I know, there’s like a 0.01 percent chance of that happening. But I can dream, my good fellows. I can at least dream…

  • Guest

    Finally an enhanced PS2 classics game! Here’s hoping more developers catch on and do the same thing instead of just uploading the normal game I already played last gen

  • leadintea

    Cool! I just finished replaying LoD several months ago and the game was still a treat to play.

  • The Legend of Dragoon was a great and under-appreciated Playstation game. I had alot of fun playing this game. I’m glad to see the game is finally hitting PSN. To this day I would never understand why Sony went against giving the game a sequel. It’s easily one of the most wanted sequels from the Playstation (besides FF VII).


    • MADNESS. HERO!!!

      • Mister_Nep


  • Revorse

    Who determines what gets on PS2 classics? Sony or the publisher/developer themselves? I would love to see R.A.D. and Persona 4. Max Payne is cool I used to watch my step dad play that game. But now I hate him and that game.. lol life.

    •  Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s mainly up to the publishers who decide whether they want to have their games on the store or not. Sony can approach them and ask them if they’d like to put their games there, but I believe the final decision is always from the game’s publisher.

  • Mister_Nep

    What’d they do for the PS2 version of Rayman 2? What exactly got enhanced from the N64 and PS1 version?

    • malek86

      Better graphics, they added some minigames, a sort of overworld for accessing the levels, and stuff.

      Also the PS1 version had a few levels cut out or downsized, presumably for memory issues. Any other version of the game has all the levels.

      So I guess you don’t really need to buy this game unless you’ve only played the cut PS1 version.

      • Mister_Nep

         Thank ya kindly for the info! Definitely helps to know this.

    • “What exactly got enhanced from the N64, Ps1 and Dreamcast Version?”Fixed ;D

  • Ravage27

    LoD is so bought the moment it appears on the Store

  • fayt255

    It’s about time we get Legend of Dragoon!

  • Solomon_Kano

    Guess I need to get LoD and Max Payne next time I go fishing for a game on PSN.

  • Itz about time! Me and da Boyz haz been waiting for Da Legend of Dragoon to get on da Playstation Networkz!

  • I wanted  MP2 or LoD but I decided to get  awesomenauts so I could help them out the developers with their debt problems.

  • LOD representative in PAS: BR, anyone?

  • Zero Shift

    Sony, if you read this message, let it be known that the day you update the Vita to be able to play PS1 games, I WILL spend about $100 on PSN to buy all those PS1 RPGs. So hurry your lazy butts up and implement the feature already!

    • PoweredByHentai
      • Zero Shift

         I know it’s possible and somewhat been done, but I obviously meant a fully functional feature.

        • PoweredByHentai

          Well, that’s the thing.  They’re adding it to the Vita right now.

          • Zero Shift

            Which is why I said when they implement it, I didn’t say they haven’t, I just said when they do, and when it fully functions lol.

            It will be fun playing all those RPGs on the go on my Vita.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Yeah, I’d love to play Threads of Fate on my Vita.

  • Looking for LOD on PSN already, has anybody found it yet?

  • thebanditking

    Legend of Dragoon is an amazing game can’t wait to add this to my PSOne collection to take with me on the go, now about that Vita PSOne support Sony….

  • Wen Pin Chua

    This is going downhill. First HD remakes and now mere ports of PS2 games? I’m sure they can do better than this

  • will be a release of the legend of dragoon to european psn???????????…………..hope it will..hope so…………..:) :) :)

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