New Class of Heroes: Chrono Academy Trailer Abandons Dungeon Crawler Roots

By Ishaan . May 1, 2012 . 12:31pm

Acquire have put out the first trailer for New Class of Heroes: Chrono Academy. The multi-storyline game is more of a regular RPG, rather than the old dungeon crawler-style Class of Hero games, and has a brand new combat system. Take a look at the trailer below:



New Class of Heroes: Chrono Academy will be released on July 19th for PSP.

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  • hmm looks more interesting. I can get behind this.

  • icecoffemix

    While I approve of this move, what’s the point of having the IP title then? lol

    • Ryos

      Titles with name recognition fare generally better than unknown, untested titles.  CoH may not have made any waves here, but it did respectably well in Japan.

  • Didn’t a past screenshot show a relationship system?  Was that touched upon on there or wonder if it was dropped or wishful thinking on my part. T^T

    • IsaacGravity

      No, you’re correct. In some previous screenshots it did indeed showed a CoH3 & Final relationship style chart between 3 unknown characters and one of the three story characters (also revealing, like this trailer, that there will be four man teams).

      Just hasn’t been touched upon. I’m just hoping for the confirmation that we can truly make our own guys. I’m more and more interested either way.

  • Okuni-chan

    *watches trailer* Alright 
    Acquire you have my attention  (✿❛◡❛)ノ

    • Faindaa


  • Closet_Ninja

    the game trailer reminded me of “Tales Of” series don’t know why

  • pockystix

    Can we get a 3DS port

    I want some games on that thing lol

    • Hraesvelgr

      It has games… and more games on the way…

    • Banned. You guys know the rules–no complaining about what console a game is on.

      • Hey Ishaan, is there anyway I can speak with you in private?

        I mean, I kind of got banned here really quick, without even much of a notice outside of an e-mail that didn’t even have the edited 2nd part of your comment here. . .

        After the whole SE reveal game thing, I’ve seen a lot of on-edge banning here and there, but I didn’t realize a joke would be taken so seriously. . . I own a 3DS, and have actually stated I want this game, next time I think I’m going to have to literally say when I’m making a joke. . .

  • *Hey, that celestial girl is cute. I should talk to her*

    Me:”Hi there, what’s your name?”
    Girl: Roger

    Me: I think I should leave…

  • solbalmung

    This got a bit of a Mana Khemia vibe. Wich is rather welcome honestly =)

  • Oi, so are da characterz all pre-made, or can me an’ day boyz make our own characterz, wit propa orky namez?

    • icecoffemix

      Are you trying to be funny?

      •  wotz wit all dese humiez asking about da way i talk?

        i’m talkin’ like a propa ork!

        • XiaomuArisu

           The three main characters are pre-made.I think we can make our own characters but there is no confirmation yet.(Or if there was a confirmation I missed it.)

          • I would bet $5 that you get the opportunity to create your own character, the videos showed clips of your character moving around the world and he/she didn´t resemble the three protagonists at all.

            Now that could also mean that you can change the appearance of the three protagonists…so I could be losing 5$ right now…¬¬

          • naw, you haz it right, woz talkin’ bout da other party memberz.

  • Auragar

    I am interested in this game. I swear there will be a big hole in my wallet come the end of the year. It’ll help if I get the job I applied for. lol

    • goodluck !

      • Auragar

        Thanks. lol it’ll be my first job if I get it. I am a bit nervous.

        • started my first job in feb, scary as hell. but u know, somehow everything will always work out. hope u get it :)

          • Auragar

            Thanks again. lol :)

  • As normal RPG this game looks much better than dungeon crawler.
    Hope XSeed can pick this up.

  • s07195

    Me “Hey girl, what’s your name?”
    0_0 “You mean, Rosche, right?”
    “No, it’s Roger”
    …Ok. Time to go find a different heroine.

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