Skullgirls Drop Kicks To PCs Next Sometime This Year

By Ishaan . May 2, 2012 . 11:15am

Following its recent Xbox Live and PlayStation Network release, Skullgirls is headed to the PC. The PC version of the game include upcoming updates to the game, such as in-game movelists, additional tutorials, and retuned single player AI.


These, along with other updates such as enhanced leaderboards, in-game name display for online matches, and additional multi-player regions, will be added free of cost to both the PC and console versions of the game.


The PC version of Skullgirls will be released for download through GameFly, GamersGate, GameStop PC Downloads, Origin, and Steam. A release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the game is coming to PC sometime this year.

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  • lol retuned Single player AI?

    Naaah, they should leave it alone. Ms. Fortune tearing you up after a single dropped combo creates some interesting stories and memories.

    • Oh maybe a difficulty setting attuned to the AI’s behavior? Like keep the original AI for higher difficulty or have an option for original AI difficulty for players who like the challenge? 

    • Yeah! The AI seems to be quite capable of pulling off infinites on me when I get sloppy.

    • Yeah! The AI seems to be quite capable of pulling off infinites on me when I get sloppy.

      • Code

        If it’s a true infinity you should be able to just burst it. Fortune does get away with nasty mix-up’s though which can definitely feel like infinities o3o; I find if your aggressive the AI folds incredible fast even on the highest difficulty, AI doesn’t have good sense for blocking high low mix-up’s. 

        • TrevHead

          HK & Sweeps FTW

          • Code

            Yeah Fortune’s 2HK is glorious >w<~

        • Yep! That’s exactly what it is though, actual infinities that I have to burst out of. xD

    • Asura

       They will probably make Sleepwalk and Easy more easy… and Hard and Insane EVEN HARDER! AHAHAHA!

  • Code

    Really loving Skullgirls a lot >Aw<

  • This makes it sound like those who bought the PS360 version bought the beta.

    Well uh…thanks beta testers?

    • Sounds like you didn’t read the whole article.

      • I said ‘sounds’ not ‘how it actually reads’.  The tone of the article makes it seem like the release was nothing but a beta test, which is actually true on the list of things that the PC version gets when it releases with and consequently the PS360 version as well.  That said, the release should’ve been held back until everything was working.

        We don’t need another Capcom x INFINITY DLCS THAT WILL COST THE FULL PRICE OF THE GAME fighters, that’s all I’m saying. It isn’t yet but we better not start the habits.

        • The most logical conclusion is that since the PC version is coming out at a later date, it will have all the inclusions the console version might get up to the release. Not “hurr durr beta test”. Notice how it says “included updates”.

          Nowhere in the article does it imply that.

          • That’s fine.

            I’ll give the product some time to get the bugs and updates worked out before I buy it, thanks.

          • TrevHead

            The game for the most part is fine

          • Asura

             Why? The price isn’t going to change. The reason it was released now is due to Reverge being a small company with a small crew with little money. And the game is amazing now. I mean… if you’re one of those people who plays a game for a week and never touches it again, waiting makes sense. That’s the only time it does though.

        • Code

          Game works fine, minus a few online jitters the first few days. Generally what it’s referring to is the first big patch that is on it’s way, is going to basically be what the PC version is released at. Generally good/fast support for patches and bugs, and they wanna keep improving the game through additional free patches. But even then considering the game is only $14.99 it’s a little heavy handed to swing at it like it’s Capcom.

    • thaKingRocka

      You’re welcome.

    • TrevHead

      As funny as it sounds, testing and patching is a good thing in any competative game and unlike a normal game the game isnt “broken” at launch.  Its nigh on impossible for indie devs to get everything right at release, they’ld go bust well before the game was “perfect”

      Look at Tribes Acsend on PC that game has only just came out of its beta stage but it was great fun to play. In the past your traditional real coin op arcade version (from SNK, Capcom and CAVE) are iterated and patched before they ever got ported to home consoles, its this process that makes them so good that ppl can play them for years

      Im sure no oldschool arcade player thought of themselves as “beta testers”  but that what they were

  • Zonic505

    Glad to hear they’re adding an in-game move list. That was one of the things that I found rather weird that they left out & was gonna wait until they added it in (that, & a sale) before getting this.

    • Herok

       That’s the same reason I didn’t buy this yet.

      • XiaomuArisu

         So you didnt buyed this great game because it didnt have a in-game movelist?Remember the old street fighter games?Without movelist,before you could check them on the web,you know the old times.I still remember how happy I was when I found out how to make a shoryuken.I downloaded the movelist from the skullgirls website and put it in my ps3 picturefolder,so I can look at it if I forget how a move works.Try the demo the moves are simple a example would be quartercircleforward punch=move,quartercircleforward punch punch=super move.
        BTW Horay for great free patches.Hope the old pal Tv fix is there too.

        • Herok

           When I played old street fighter I was content button mashing, since I was a young child, and I have tried the demo, and it felt a bit slow for my tastes ( I used to play alot of blazblue) but I will take the time to learn it when I don’t have to jump through hoops to learn all the moves since I like going into pratice mode and just trying to string together moves off a list, but you have conviced me to try the demo again and see if I like more this time.

          • XiaomuArisu

             Well I like BB and SG so if my Insane logic makes sense you will like this gameXD
            BTW I hope it doesnt sounded like I was insulting you,just wanted to explain that a missing in-game movelist wasnt a reason to not play fighting games in the past.

          • Herok

             Its fine, I tried it again and don’t like either of the demo characters style’s I will probably just wait for it be on sale before I take the plunge.

          • AceWildCard

             Blazblue and skull girls~<3

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I got it, but wish I had waited until after it was patched. I find myself just spamming the same move over and over again with a few characters because it’s the only one that I remember off the top of my head.

        • Asura

           Then remember more. They are all either a QCF, QCB, or shoryuken. Cere has a 360 super. It’s VERY limited in what you have to remember. It should be harder for you to memorize what each individual punch and kick does.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Won’t have to remember once they patch the movelist in. As soon as they do that, I’ll be playing it again and start recommending the game to other people. Until then, it’s just gonna sit on my HDD. 

  • Wish they made the last boss a little less annoying and more interesting.  Other than that, awesome game.

  • So… when are we getting the movelist added in?
    I already bought the game a few days ago and it would be nice to have it!

    Though this is looking really good at the moment! ^_^

    • Locklear93

       If you want the movelists, you can download them for either platform’s default control scheme, or arcade style controls from their website.  I really don’t know why they didn’t put them in-game. >_<

      • I have to go to there website to download the movelist? Not from my console to download them?

        • Yep. There isn’t a better way right now, but apparently they intend to fix that in the future.

        • Code

          From what I heard, time was getting tight and they had to pool pretty much all resources to making sure engine/online play was going to be ready. Which is why move lists will be coming with the first patch now that they’ve finally released and are having some return. My recommendation even over the official movelist files is: 
 a little more detailed, and it has additional information. 

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        They said they’re supposed to patch them in. I’m not printing out a movelist when I should just be able to pause the game. I played the game. Liked it, but until they update it, I won’t be visiting it again.

        • TrevHead

          Is a movelist really that important?

          I hated the fact it didnt have a movelist at first but they arnt that hard to learn considering they’re just std street fighter dragon punch, fireball, charge and 360. If you know Ryu you can play as Filia as she has the same moveset, just remember Supers need 2 punch or kick buttons, throws LP & LK

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            For some characters, it is. Filia isn’t a hard character to learn. Neither is Peacock. But what about, say, Ms. Fortune, where once she has her head off, her moveset changes? Or Painwheel, who has a bunch of air only moves? 

            The fact is a movelist is pretty much a standard feature in a fighting game these days and I’m glad they are patching it in. I am surprised, though, by how far people will go to try to defend a developer they like, even when that developer did something that if another developer did, they’d consider it completely unacceptable. That, TrevHead, was not aimed at you, but more at people like Asura.

        • Asura

          99% if the inputs are QCF, QCB, or shoryuken! How stupid are people these days that they can’t figure them out on their own?

  • CirnoLakes

    I didn’t buy the game yet and I was hoping(without much actual hope, just a pipe dream) that it would come to the PC. At this rate, long after the 16-Bit ended, the PC may finally actually become a haven for fighting games. I’m going to save my money, and buy this game when it comes to Steam immediately.

    I can’t wait to main Peacock.

  • AzureNova

    The AI in SkullGirls is Godly and I love the challenge! =^_^=

  • Not much of a fighter fan meself, some o’ da boyz like dem. Might get a copy for da boyz ta enjoy, it’z good ta support cool new IPz.

  • Faindaa

    I was waiting for this…. finally… :D

  • More colour pallettes~! I hope. Double gets a couple of one toned ones, with a couple others that make her look like a crazy clown. I would like one that is nun-coloured, please. :3

  • gah I need a physical copy of this!! If I were to get a digital copy of this, what would you guys recommend?

  • Yeah, I’m down. Steam release, ahoy!

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    I’m surprised there’s no mention of the crossplatform play between PC and the PS3 versions.

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