The Little Battlers: Explosive Boost Trailer Is Bursting With Footage

By Ishaan . May 2, 2012 . 9:45am

Level 5 have released a new trailer for The Little Battlers: Explosive Boost, an enhanced port of last year’s updated PSP game for the Nintendo 3DS. While Explosive Boost isn’t an entirely new game, it has been further updated with the most recent mechs from The Little Battlers W anime series and new features. It has both 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 multiplayer battles:



The Little Battlers: Explosive Boost will be released on July 5th for 4,400 yen, a little less than the average 3DS game.

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  • usagi_san

    I’m going to have to check out the anime for this to get myself even more pumped for this, with no Medabots beyond the horizon, I hope for a localization of this title.

    Considering the Silinconera readers speak with such fondness about this series, I’m definitely in for a treat.

    • Didn’t Metabots ended some years ago, unless they started a new series on it that I’m unaware of.

      • usagi_san

        Nah, it did finish. I just remember seeing a Medabot game for the DS hoping for a localisation, but nothing materialised from it. 

        •  These are all the Medabots games:

          Medarot 1 Kabuto/Kuwagata – 1997, Game Boy
          Medarot 1 Parts Collection – 1998, Game Boy
          Medarot 1 Parts Collection 2 – 1998, Game Boy
          Medarot Perfect Edition Kabuto/Kuwagata – 1999, Wonderswan
          Medarot 2 Kabuto/Kuwagata – 1999, Game Boy/GBC
          Medarot 2 Parts Collection – 1999, Game Boy/GBC
          Medarot R – 1999, Playstation
          Medarot R Parts Collection – 2000, Playstation
          Medarot 3 Kabuto/Kuwagata – 2000, Game Boy Color
          Medarot 3 Parts Collection – 2000, Game Boy Color
          Medarot Cardrobottle – 2000, Game Boy/GBC
          Medarot 4 Kabuto/Kuwagata – 2001, Game Boy Color
          Medarot 5 Kabuto/Kuwagata – 2001, Game Boy Color
          Medarot Navi Kabuto/Kuwagata – 2001, Game Boy Advance
          Medarot G Kabuto/Kuwagata – 2002, Game Boy Advance
          Medabots AX Kabuto/Kuwagata – 2002, Game Boy Advance
          Medarot 2 Core Kabuto/Kuwagata (Medabots) – 2003, Game Boy Advance
          Medarot Brave (Medabots Infinity) – 2003, Nintendo Gamecube
          Shingata Medarot Kabuto/Kuwagata – 2004, Game Boy Advance
          Medarot DS Kabuto/Kuwagata – 2010, Nintendo DS

          From that list a whopping 3 games have been localized.

          • usagi_san

            Really? That’s a lot, but a real shame that most didn’t make it here and worry that the 3DS one, you mentioned above, won’t be coming to the west. 

          • Indeed, though I haven’t really played any of the Medabot games, Medabot was a really interesting series to me as I watched the anime.

            By the way your name, usagi_san, whenever I see it I can’t help have Reisen from Touhou and Sailor Moon pop into my mind every time I see your name.

          • I only remember seeing the GBA ones! Sheesh that’s a lot of Medabot games!

      •  Medabots is based on a series of RPGs that started in 1997 on Gameboy. The anime started in 1999. The last Medabots game was released in 2010, called Medabots DS in Japan. A Medabots for 3DS is currently in development.

  • IshimaruKaito

    hmmm…….how do i feel about this??

  • neetyneety

    Argh, I’m a sucker for these Custom Robo Arena/Medabots-like games. If this comes to NA, definitely be picking it up.

    • A fellow Custom Robo player! Man I love Custom Robo! Just the other day I was playing my old Gamecube game, Custom Robo, but sadly I lost all my memory card with everything unlocked so I had to start from scratch again.

      I manage to get all of the parts once more and beat the game! One thing I loved about the Custom Robo games, along with the customizing robos and fighting, was the dialogue. It had some of the most humorous things to say and awesome story as well as the multiple attempts at the fourth-wall breaking. I love how the random NPCs comment that they look all the same but have different personality and mention that NPCs need respect as well.

      Loved it!

      Man… that was an awesome game! I still think it’s one of the better looking games for the Gamecube, even more so than some Wii, PS2, and PS3 games.

      We need another game like that!

  • shinobi_onizuka

    I wonder if this will have online play if it does then it seems perfect!! I REALLY hope this gets localized :3

  • Code

    I’ve been enjoying Boost o3o~ Although the combat is a little unwieldy at times, the game as a whole is just really well sharp and enjoyable, it really is a crime it hasn’t been localized. Although I get why it was never localized o~o; but hopefully the next two games will change that o3o~ 

  • Why do we still call it “The Little Battlers”? Sure, “Cardboard Box Wars” isn’t any better, but we all know we’re never getting it – the games OR the anime.

    •  The game’s trademark is “The Little Battlers eXperience” in the west. And what if I told you we’re going to be getting both the games and the anime? ;)

  • With Level 5 having a US office. I hope that we get a Little Battlers game someday.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Bring Metabots opps I mean Gotcha Force here! No thats not right I meant to say Custom Robo >_<. *puts on glasses* oh!!! its The Little Battlers

  • Can’t this come out to the US already? My god it looks great and I would love to have another robo-customizing game again just like my Custom Robo games!

    Sheesh I want to make a Dual-Sword wielding Robo right now! Curse you region-lock 3DS! I know there’s a PSP version and it’s region-free, but this is the UPDATED version of the updated PSP version.

    Why get the least updated version when you can get the newer updated version?

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Heck we don’t even get Digimon games here anymore :/ I would buy this as soon as I seen it in stores but I guess they think it wont sell in the states 

      • Well, I’m hoping that Digimon World Re:Digitize gets localized even if it’s on the PSP. It’s a throwback to the original DW game, so I can see the game doing well in the US for its fans IF it’s advertised well.

        But it’s possible they’ll localized this game in the US and Europe! I mean they’re starting to license the anime first to gauge the popularity and I for one would love to see to help support this series and have the game come out to the US!

        Or I have to buy a Japanese 3DS and import the game.

        • ShawnOtakuSomething

          lets just hope both do!

    •  Soon. ;)

  • Y’know what I really want?

    A Dark Cloud game for the 3DS. You could keep the randomly generated dungeons, and have friends join in to explore them, kind of like the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

    Level 5 still has the charm that I love, and it would be nice to get this game too

    • Oh, how I LOVE Dark Cloud 1 and 2! I miss some of the events in 1, but 2 had really great stuff as well!

      We need a port version of both of them!

    •  Sony owns the Dark Cloud I.P. which should tell you the likelihood of it appearing on 3DS is the same likelihood of PSP selling a million units tomorrow morning.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Aaaaaaand now I want a US release even more.

    Come on, it’s just too perfect! The toys are coming, the anime’s coming, it’s on the booming 3DS. Namco, Level 5 International, ANYBODY, DOOOOOO IIIIIIIITTTTTT!!!

  • eliel

    this game keeps lookin better still w8in for this to come to the US

  • Haohmaru HL

    looks like a great substitute for a dead custom robo series

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