Lollipop Chainsaw Conceived From Blood And Rainbows Says Suda51

By Ishaan . May 6, 2012 . 4:30pm

Suda51 and director, James Gunn, are still busy promoting Lollipop Chainsaw. This week, Warner Bros. released a short developer video with the two creators talking about how Lollipop Chainsaw was conceived and how they both see the game, Juliet, and her relationship with her boyfriend-head, Nick:


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  • James Beatty

    I wonder why this game is getting a lot more attention than no more heroes. It looks more bland other than its sex appeal. I don’t know, maybe i’m missing something 

    • You’re not alone on that subject, honestly the only reason I feel this game is getting any of the attention it is, is because of it’s sex appeal, and it just looks… well stupid interesting imo.

      •  well we don’t know for sure.
        but yeah that’s a strong possibility.

        haven’t played the game myself.
        not that interested (but more on the lines of no money so I can’t just buy any game just to test it out haha)

        still.. I think if some people find this game enjoyable then just let it be.
        (example) I remember when “God hand” came out. and I loved that game. but a lot of my friends didn’t really like the game. I didn’t care. I liked the game and that was more enough reason to play it.

        though a good heated debate isn’t bad either. just gotta draw the line somewhere.
        but yeah this is just how I see it.

    •  Mainly has to do with something different.  Instead of being some big, macho, muscle bound brute, or some sly, smart mouthed fella, you are a cheerleader, with insane sisters, and you kill zombies with a chainsaw, lots of rainbows, foul mouthed rocker zombie bosses.  Its just unique, kind of how Army of Darkness works.  It isn’t unique in the general theme, but the presentation puts it over the top.  If you don’t know Army of Darkness I feel for you and recommend watching it.

      • James Beatty

        I don’t know, sexy barely clothed, busty women beat-em-ups aren’t very unique. I can think of a couple of games that do that. 

        • brian yep

          But with zombies?
          You could argue Onechanbara, but that was hack and slash.
          Zombies are probably doing it for a lot of people, plus this talent working on it.

        • puchinri

          Agreed. Outside of the sparkly factor, which isn’t all that great to me just because of how I would want it to be, it really isn’t too unique. And there are plenty of fanservicing ladies in games with zombies still.

      • Revorse

        But NMH was kinda different too. I mean a lazy foul mouthed 30 sum year old otaku killing people wasn’t exactly anything I had heard of.

    • Jacob Rodriguez

      Because it not on the Wii…

      • puchinri

        NMH also had ports, so that nulls some of that argument.

        • Jacob Rodriguez

          I’m not sure how one poorly made port nulls it from the stigma of being a game for the Wii. But what ever floats your boat

          • puchinri

            Well, the NMH ports didn’t suddenly get more attention just because they were on PS360, did they? That’s basically the point.

            Also didn’t know there was a stigma for being a Wii game?

    • Wasn’t NMH published by EA? Maybe Warner Bros. is just actually trying to market this game lol

      • puchinri

        No, it was published by MMV. But still definitely has more marketing than NMH I think.

    • GWTrinku

      It’s primarly because WB actually seems to be putting an effort in getting this game out there.

      Before, a Suda51 game would be sold solely by word of mouth between Suda51 fans. Everyone who bought the game would be people who were either already fans of his or heard of it FROM fans of his. The publishers never really went above and beyond to help the dude out. See: Killer7, NMH

      Then, Suda got picked up by a bigger named studio that WANTED to promote the game, but then they got a full look at Suda in Luchamaskand realized “Oh god, we don’t know what to do with this guy what the hell is this?” See: Shadows of the Damned

      WB, however.WB seems to actually like working with Suda to the point they called in James Gunn to help with the project, have been promoting it like crazy, and don’t care that Suda sometimes cracks dick jokes during meetings while wearing a replica of El Santo.

      tl;dr: WB is actually putting forth the effort to make the game more than a cult favorite.
      I just hope Killer is Dead is published by someone who’ll market it too.

  • This still looks to be awesome and fun. I don’t know why some people find it so hard to enjoy something or at least give it a chance. I certainly haven’t seen many games like this.

  • Strain42

    The more I see of this game, the more excited I am. I can’t wait to buy it in about a year when it’ll be 20 bucks at wal-mart.

    …yeah, I wait for price drops. I’m cheap. That’s not a crime :P

    In all seriousness, this is one of the only really big name titles I’m excited for this year.

  • Strain42

    The more I see of this game, the more excited I am. I can’t wait to buy it in about a year when it’ll be 20 bucks at wal-mart.

    …yeah, I wait for price drops. I’m cheap. That’s not a crime :P

    In all seriousness, this is one of the only really big name titles I’m excited for this year.

    • kazehiro_himura

      One year?

      Too much… wait 2 or 3 months after the release and this game probably will be in promotion at Play-Asia or at The Hut.. for 15 bucks or less.

      I’ve bought Yakuza Dead Souls two weeks ago for 18 bucks at Play-Asia and the game was released less than a month ago…

      • Strain42

         Good to know. I always just set myself up for the highest possibility. I’ve actually already found links online to get the game for 45 and it’s not even out yet.

        So yeah, I’m sure it’ll get down to 20 long before a year, so however little or long I have to wait, I’ll just go ahead and do that.

  • PK212

    Man, the OST sounds really good for this game. I can’t wait until it is released :D

  • Testsubject909

    Blood and Rainbows huh? I’d personally think of a more violent depiction of Katamari Damacy.

    • puchinri

      It would have to be very, very different for me to see it as Katamari Damacy. That game is more quirky, almost surreal, somewhat questionable and very. . . weird. Also borderline a parody of cutesy stuff.

      This is just sparkles, rainbows and gore. More like a satire of stereotypically girly stuff.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    A boyfriend-head makes for a perfect relationship. He can do what he has to do and she doesn’t need to worry about returning the favor. Healthy relationship at it’s finest, Nick will be around well after they started hitting her knees.

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