Some Of The New Additions To Project Zero 2: Wii Edition

By Ishaan . May 7, 2012 . 11:15pm

Project Zero 2: Wii Edition, a new Wii version of Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, features a number of changes to the original game. Thus, Tecmo Koei describe it as a remake rather than an enhanced port, since it features a new camera angle, changes to the game’s map, new art work, additional endings, and even a new mode. First up is the new camera angle, which is now third-person, as opposed to the fixed view of the original:



Changes have also been made to Mio and Mayu, the game’s twin protagonists. Both Mio and Mayu have been made to look older than they were in the original game, and everything from their facial structure to their clothes has been redesigned in order to make them more visually appealing, but lose the “cute” look of the original (which you can see in the image below).


A talk between Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, and Project Zero 2’s producer and director also showed off a bit more in-game footage. Take a look at the brief clips below, demonstrating some of the new interaction features:




Project Zero 2: Wii Edition will be released on June 29th in Europe.


Food for thought:

Shibata: Kikuchi gave a lot of detailed instructions about their faces in particular.

Kikuchi: Yes, that’s right. I was especially concerned with getting their lips right.


Shibata: Yes, he really was! For a decade now, Kikuchi has been very particular about the shape of the heroine’s lips. It got to the point where the team would say, “Not the lips again!” (laughs)

Iwata: (laughs)


Kikuchi: Well, I think that while the eyes obviously play a major role in feminine beauty, the mouth is also extremely important.

Iwata: Um, I’m not sure if we’re still discussing the game here… (laughs)

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  • KuroiKen

    Well, making them look older is a low blow. I could understand change of the canon ending(if they did, but they won’t, probably), or anything else, but changing the characters look is kinda…disturbing.

  • boundries_san

    Um, I’m not sure if we’re still discussing the game here… (laughs)

    ……. To Mr Iwata, i understand ur feeling lol.

  • Go2hell66

     just bought ju-on yesterday, hopefully i can get some good scares out of that one, might grab this as well

  • This actually sounds quite similar to the Xbox version that was released.

    • Dantis

       The Xbox one only added a new ending and upped the textures.

      • malek86

        And added DD5.1 (kind of a big deal with this sort of game).

        I wish I would be more excited about this game… but there’s something putting me off. Maybe it’s the shoulder camera, which was kinda annoying in PZ4. Maybe it’s just that I didn’t like the Wiimote controls in PZ4 (and neither the Interact mode). Maybe the fact that the new endings will only be cosmetic anyway, since the canon ending has to be the original one which ties into PZ3. Or maybe simply that I would have rather had a remake of PZ1, which is way too ancient for today’s standards, as opposed to PZ2 which is still great to play even now.

        Oh well. I’ll get it when it comes out anyway.

  • Why the hell is Europe the only one getting this in the west from what I’ve heard?

    • NoA iz droppin’ da ball lately………dey might wanna pick up da slack if deyz want ta get back some o’ dere American demographic.

      which iz where me an’ da boyz iz.

    • Let’s hold complaints till E3

  • riceisnice

    They look the same to me.

  • l777l

    Hopefully it’s possible to turn off the button prompts. The waggling Wii-mote does ruin some of the mood.

  • First game since Pokemon Heart Gold that I’ll pre-order

  • They…. they look the same to me….

    • icedearthaholic

      Must be your eyes buddy, it looks so much better on the Wii.

  • For anyone wants a comparison, thanks to this person who made it..
    Note: The upper image is the PS2 version while the lower image is the original Wii version

    Neither my eyes are having problems or the previous ones are better looking than this remake…

    • icedearthaholic

      Your eyes must be having serious problems, the Wii version looks far and away much better.

  • badmoogle

    I refuse to get hyped for this game until someone confirms that it’ll include the JP VA.

    •  go be a pathetic japanese va elitist.

  • lookin good….but damn 360 or ps3 should be getting these games like last gen an how it was originally.

    why does nintendo want the fatal frame series ?  

    not to mention ff 4 and this would have looked even better.


    i will say i am disgusted with NoA an them not bothering to localize any of these last few great wii games until NoE does it.

    really can’t stand hearing some brit or whatnot accents in these games cuz of NoA blatent laziness.

    • People complain that Nintendo needs to diversify outside of the friendly games they’re known for, so Nintendo is doing just that with a series that wouldn’t be family appropriate, unlike quite of few of their IPs.  Is there something wrong with that?

    • Meep Meep

      Yay racism.

    • icedearthaholic

      While I can understand where you’re coming from in terms of NoA being stupid, the accents are okay with me. At this point, I’d take the game however way I can get it.

  • vrakanox

    Can’t wait for this!

  • Kevin Salguero

    How I imagine the interview went:
    Kikuchi:”The Lips, OH YES, The Lips…mmm tasty”
    Iwata :”hmm are we still talking about the game here?”( •_•)

  • Visa Vang

     The lips are everything!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even though I have all of them, I’m gonna get this remake too!! DIE HARD FAN GIRL SCREAMS!!!!

  • icedearthaholic

    Hopefully this game comes to North America, NoA would be damn fools not to bring this.

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