• TheCynicalReaper

    “Payback’s a bitch”
    …Are you serious? It’s not Max Payne 5, people! It’s a Batman game!

    I miss Bruce Tim’s Batman, a Batman that adults and kids could get into. You know, long before Nolan “reinvented” him.
    Screw this. I’m going to go watch some Batman Beyond.

    …For those who don’t know, Batman Beyond is the series that first killed the Joker when a mentally and physically tortured child shot a metal spear through his chest and made him choke on in own blood.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Viet-Nguyen/100000070536507 Richard Viet Nguyen

      Melodrama aside, the games are pretty damn fun and probably one of the best superhero games. But sure whatever.

    • Zenkaider

      And the very same kid…now grown up though…might do the same but with Harley?Woooo….

      Generally Bruce Tim’s universe is missed…at least he returned for Green Lantern and several others.

      But,what I think the problem’s with the storyline of Arkham City is and by extend it’s expansions is,is that it draws not so much form Nolan’s Batman as much from Miller’s Dark Knight.The vibe AC had was that,even Bat was acting like that.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I get to play as Troy Baker? Hell yearhhh

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Viet-Nguyen/100000070536507 Richard Viet Nguyen


  • Nemesis_Dawn

    This sucks. I loved Arkham City and I would have loved to have continued the story, BUT I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY AS ROBIN! Robin is and always has been a lame character, no matter how much of a makeover you give him. Catwoman? Fine. I can deal with playing as Catwoman. Play as Robin, though…it ruins the game for me.

    When Robin showed up in Arkham City, it immediately took me out of the game and all I could think was, “They’re not going to force me to play as him now, are they?”

    • rebecasunao

      Robin can be a really good character if the writer does a good job, and that applies to almost any comic book character. And there isn’t only one Robin, there’re at least 5, and they are completely different from each other.

      I personally dislike the way Catwoman is written most of the time and in the game she’s highly sexual, which makes me uncomfortable. I’d rather play as Robin.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I liked the sexual nature of Catwoman, personally. When she’d kiss a guy in the middle of doing a move to him, I thought, “That’s great.” Had no problems with the portrayal of Catwoman, at all.
        Robin…whether it’s Tim Drake or Damien Wayne or Dick Grayson is still always a lame character. I’ve never liked a Robin. I stopped reading the comic when they let a Robin become Batman (and yes, I know he was also Nightwing after he was Robin, but still a lame character) after the “death” of Bruce Wayne.

        • rebecasunao

          Well… I really like Dick, he’s the best Robin in my opinion.

          I don’t like to see a woman behaving like Catwoman does… There’re many other ways to fight without being sexual. I don’t find that appealing at all… I prefer the way Batwoman fights much, much more.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Oh, I’ve been waiting for this. A bit sad that we won’t get to travel the city as Robin, but it’s cool. May 29th should be a fun day.

  • komiko12

    The sidekick of the hero with the sidekick of the villain ^^

  • Oni123

    i would buy the DLC for this if free roam was an option =/

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