Resident Evil 6 Expected To Sell 7 Million, DmC Devil May Cry 2 Million

By Ishaan . May 10, 2012 . 11:11pm

Capcom have released sales forecasts for their flagship titles to be released throughout the next year. The star of the year is, unsurprisingly, Resident Evil 6, which Capcom hope to sell a whopping 7 million copies of by the end of the current fiscal year in North America, Japan and Europe.


For reference, Resident Evil 5 has sold 5.8 million copies so far, worldwide. It should also be noted that the 7 million forecast does not include the PC version of Resident Evil 6. While a PC version of the game has been announced, Capcom have not finalized a release date for it yet.


Capcom also have major hopes for DmC Devil May Cry, which they hope to sell 2 million copies of, worldwide, by the end of the current fiscal year. The game, which is being developed in collaboration with Ninja Theory, will be released sometime in 2012.


While we’re on the subject of Devil May Cry, let’s take a look at how past games in the series have sold to date.


[2001] Devil May Cry (PS2) – 2.1 million

[2003] Devil May Cry 2 (PS2) – 1.7 million

[2005] Devil May Cry 3 (PS2) – 1.3 million

[2008] Devil May Cry 4 (PS3/360) – 2.6 million


Finally, Dragon’s Dogma is expected to sell 1.5 million copies in North America, Japan and Europe by the end of the fiscal year, while Lost Planet 3 is expected to sell 1.4 million copies. It should be noted that Lost Planet 3 will only be released in early 2013. Capcom’s fiscal year will end on March 31st, 2013.

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  • Muffum

    Personal opinions on the game aside, I feel that Capcom’s expectations for DmC are rather high, considering the split fan reaction over the previews. They must be hoping to draw in a lot of new fans, considering how many people I’ve seen denouncing the game. Or maybe they’re just not paying attention to fan reaction; who knows.

    • Or perhaps they feel that people will react more positively once they’ve seen more of the game. It’s still too early to judge when they’ve barely shown anything of it, in my opinion.

      • Muffum

        Well, that early judge might have been enough for some people. I’m not speaking for myself here, but I’ve seen a large amount of people who have denounced DmC for its new protagonist or generally for not being exactly like the previous games.

        Whether the game itself is good or not, that won’t stop the most diehard fans from not going near the game.

        • Yeah, but I think we’ve seen plenty of evidence that these die-hard fans don’t really matter in the long course of things. They’re just an extremely loud minority.

          • Muffum

            I think my being skeptical is just a combination of that fact, and that only 2 of the 4 DMC games have broken 2 mill. So long as the gameplay’s up to snuff with previous installments, and the story doesn’t suck, I suppose it’s possible. I’m just of the opinion that it’s not the most likely option.

    • Closet_Ninja

       well look what “fan reaction” did to ninja gaiden 3. capcom should worry

      • Alternatively, look at how “fan reaction” did nothing to Operation Raccoon City.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          There was never really a negative fan reaction to Operation Raccoon City, except among a very, very small number of fans who have been upset since RE4, which is generally considered the best of the series by most people. The general consensus on the game was optimistic and it was definitely appealing to a larger demographic who didn’t normally buy the RE games. The negative talk was in word of mouth from people who already bought it. But it’s too late once they’ve bought it.

          DmC, on the other hand, has had negative press from the very first trailer and it has not died down since. There are more positives than there used to be with the more recent trailers, but that’s not saying much, considering previously the only positive comments were from people trying to spite the fanbase. 

          I think 500k, as I said above, would be a more realistic number for Capcom to aim for. If they can’t sell a million of UMVC3, they are certainly not going to sell a million of this, nevermind 2 million. 

          • konsama

            Well for me the highest point for RE were the Outbreak series, they packed all the awesome survival horror playstyle in real time, few ammo, meds, weapons and you had to take care of your team, way better than a forgetful TPS with a RE mod.
            My family has been RE fans since the very first one, my father actually introduced me to it, and while everyone has his favorite game, we all concur in that RCO is just bad, it just missed the point of the series, it wasn’t even an action horror game, it was a third person shooter with resemblances of RE, the Umbrella lab doesn’t even look near close to the one in RE2/Outbreak, not to mention zombies and stuff just fall to second plane, while you just keep fighting lame military guys. Even HUNK’s appearance, who is one of my favorite characters didn’t make it any better.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            But you still bought it, right? That’s what I’m saying. Your negative opinion comes from having played it already. 

          • konsama

            No i didn’t buy it, i would in hell buy something like that, i just rented it.

          • “DmC, on the other hand, has had negative press from the very first trailer and it has not died down since.”

            There’s an important distinction to be made here. DmC has had positive press. The press like it. They’ve played the game. It’s the fans on message boards that are throwing a fit. As time goes on, those people’s voices will get drowned out more and more, or perhaps they’ll come to terms with it as they get to try it, too.

            Look at how everyone complains about Capcom ruining Resident Evil, but the series’ sales actually increase with every single game. 

      • raymk

        Fan reaction did nothing to NG3 the game just isn’t all that popular.  Also you missed the game you should have compared it to which was ORC the bad RE game that still can sell 2million.  It already sold 1.7 million without japan sells even with bad word of mouth. 

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          I have to disagree with you on that. If you look at the combined sales of Ninja Gaiden 2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, 3 should have cleared a million, easily. And fan reaction was fairly positive at first, getting more and more negative as more info on the game came out until, finally, no one cared when it did. Sales probably would have been even lower if not for the DOA demos included in it. 

          And as I said below, fan reaction was NOT negative for Operation Raccoon City until the game was already out. The only people saying anything bad about it were the small minority of people who think RE should go back to tank controls and ink ribbon saves.

  • Peace Legacy

    2 millions copy for this DMC?
    It is gonna be ‘StreetFighter X Tekken’ all over again

  • Go2hell66

    7million copies haaha these guys are dreaming

  • ResidentMetroid

    I hope RE6 gets on the Wii U as well, as for DmC I think the game looks pretty good. I’ve played DMC 1 & 3 and the only thing I didn’t like about the games was the camera, so hopefully it’s improved in the new one. 

  • CirnoLakes

    Now I feel sorry for you Capcom. The past few years of mistakes weren’t a fluke, they’re come down with some kind of mind altering disease.

    I’m sorry, Capcom, I didn’t know you were feeling so bad.;_; Please get help soon.

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    capcom cross your fingers GTA V dont come out the same month RE6, but well in the long run it migth accoplish its goal.

    on the other hand its sad how the best DMC had the lowest sales.

    • icecoffemix

      DMC2 probably dealt a huge amount of irreversible damage to the franchise.

  • Even in aiming for a worldwide release status, it’s highly unlikely that RE6 will reach 7 million unless you go porting into another platform like what RE4 did….

  • Umar Kiiroi Senkō

    its possible for resident evil 6 we all know how powerful the name alone is *cough* operation raccoon city *cough*. as for for DmC …. time will tell, i predict dragons dogma is gonna be a major hit more than capcom anticipates ONLY if it is more polished by the time it comes out

  • Wen Pin Chua

     I feel that 7 million is a realistic target. Think about it. It encompasses a couple of years. Add on the fact that Resident Evil is quite popular. I’d say it’s achievable. As for DmC, Capcom is setting a modest target because it knows that there are people out there who were pissed off with the change in character’s physical features

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      It’s more than just the physical features that piss people off. That was just the first thing of a very long list of things Ninja Theory have done wrong.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    They honestly expect DmC to outsell DMC3? I think if it reaches 500k, Capcom should be think of it as a rousing success, considering the fan backlash to it. It’s not Operation Raccoon City, where the negative word of mouth came out after the game came out. This has been mostly negative from the very start. 

    RE6, on the other hand…7 million is a lot. I can see its lifetime sales getting that high, but in the first year? Most likely not.

    • raymk

      Yeah I can’t see the first year not with COD on that same time slot. I still think they will see 7 million somehow as they made a believer out of me with that crap ORC.

    • malek86

      “It’s not Operation Raccoon City, where the negative word of mouth came out after the game came out.”

      Wasn’t there a lot of backlash for ORC even before the game came out? Stuff like “RE shouldn’t be a first person shooter”, or something like that.

      Mind, these are the same people who thought RE5 sucked because it was too actiony, and then it ended up selling almost 6 million copies. So yeah. Let’s just say RE fanboys probably don’t make as much of a difference as they believe.

      As for DmC, I think it could hit a million copies. You are being far too reliant on internet backlash for your projections, and we know how that usually turns out (look at Kinect Star Wars outselling almost everything last month). 2 millions does sound unlikely though, the market doesn’t really gobble up that kind of games.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Sadly, I expected Star Wars Kinect to sell pretty well. I know people who count The Force Unleashed 2 among their favorite games.

        • malek86

          You know, those same people could like DmC too.

          Anyway, I severely doubt Capcom really hopes to target the series’ existing fans with this game, considering the backlash, but it’s not like there aren’t other people around. Again, 2 millions seems unreasonable to me too… but 500k, across two platforms, in three territories, in around seven months (assuming the game gets released around September)? That sounds too low. Not even Enslaved sold that little. And at least this has a famous name and Capcom has showed they can advertise their games a little better than Namco and Sony. I’m thinking more around one million.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Thankfully, I don’t know a single person who has anything positive to say about it, even the ones who have bad taste in games. They’re either, “Devil May Cry always sucked and it’ll still suck if they change the character” or “Why have they turned Dante emo?” I will be really very, very surprised if it sells more than 500k, even if my personal hope would be only about 10% of that.

    • Anime10121

      DMC 3 sold the least amount of copies in the series (although I have NO idea why considering its the best) so with DmC selling on both the 360 and PS3 I have no doubts that it will sadly get  more sales than DMC3.

  • Marvin Gutt

    Hello Everyone.
    Well I’m a huge fan of Resident Evil series and also a RE collector, I have double in each one them means that one to play and one stays sealed. In my opinion I believe Capcom original RE series are the best horror games I’d ever play with the best stories and graphic behind them beating out all those wannabes like left 4 dead, dead island, dead space. Well Resident Evil is very unique game and it will always be no matter who like it or don’t like it, so hopefully RE6 sell more than Capcom’s expectation 7 million copies.

  • I doubt they can reach 7 million but it will still sell alot. They’re probably aiming for that number to make for the loss from SxT perhaps :p but hey ORC sold well even though it was a horribad game

  • Anime10121

    While RE is a popular series (although I dont see why anymore the way 5 played),  I really dont see 7 mil happening. 6 mil is believable, but I can see the same thing happening here that happened to FFXIII and its sequel. The fans unsatisfaction with 5 carrying over into 6 regardless of whether its a better game or not, and thus hindering sales of the newer game. The gameplay must be a complete overhaul and evolution for it to reach that high (considering the RE stories have lately been crap).

    DMC I think it might reach the mark but I’m still kinda waiting to get a demo before I say anything about that, as Ninja Theory’s track-record when it comes to gameplay hasnt exactly been the best (Enslaved had tech issues which were more than likely UE induced and gameplay was lackluster) and Heavenly sword’s gameplay was EXTREMELY unfulfilling to me, especially with no jump button in the game and its slow action.

    Dragons Dogma while I didnt like the demo, I think Capcom severely underestimated its sales, its been extremely well received in the west and consistently ranks in the top two every week in Famitsu’s most anticipated titles.

    Lost Planet 3? They’re actually making a third game?  Have nothing to say on the clone of Megaman Legends (I mean its gameplay [especially the first one] is almost 100% copy of Megaman Legends gameplay) with an extremely boring story.  Still angry that series can see a trilogy completed but Legends cant.

    • raymk

      Well lets be honest ML3 wouldn’t see half of LP numbers although fans claim to buy megaman they don’t sell all that well as in very big numbers. 

      • Anime10121

        There is no way to actually know that for sure, considering Megaman hasn’t actually seen a console release since 2004 (with Megaman X8) and that was a completely different type of game.  Many say that Legends gameplay was ahead of its time, especially considering some of the “innovations” LoZ OoT made, Legends already had them for its gameplay a year before.  Games sell a lot more now than they did back then, and while I dont think Legends 3 would pull in more than half a million, on 3DS it wouldnt have had too, I’m sure that it would have made enough to make back its initial investment (and be a good well measure to fans of its longest current “running” series).

        • raymk

          True there is no way but given that 3ds games are hard to sell sometimes I wonder what they would have expected for it being this is capcom here.  Phoenix wright games don’t really sell either so I couldn’t really blame them for us not getting that game.

  • umm. . . I’m sure DmC will sell around that amount by the end of it’s life

  • SirRichard

    Capcom have oddly realistic and unrealistic expectations for their games, don’t they? Like, Dragon’s Dogma and Lost Planet 3 hitting one and a half million is reasonable, and it’s good to see they’ve realised that there’s no way DmC is pulling 5 million copies, but then they turn around and expect 7 million copies of Resident Evil 6?

    5 was pretty damn popular and it didn’t reach past 6 million, why are they expecting a jump now? It’s not a gradual thing either, they want 7 million in this fiscal year as they’re going up against Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. What gives, Capcom?

    • raymk

      I don’t know what they are thinking and although 5 didn’t get six mill it got very close to it not being far off at all.  RE is a bigger brand than AC and Call of duty didn’t really stop many games from selling last year.  They should be able to take 7 million for RE6 its to hype right now and I know a lot of COD fanboys that are waiting to get their nasty little hands on RE6.  I doubt LP3 will hit that target although I wish that DD will get there.

    • malek86

      Well, on one hand, there are many more 360/PS3 owners than the time when RE5 got released. Also, the series seems to be getting even more actiony, so that will probably sit well with the mainstream audience. Also I imagine they’ll hype the game like heck, and that’s not a hard thing to do with a brand like  Resident Evil.

      If they play their cards well, I think they might just make it. Won’t be easy, but they do have a chance. The biggest problem could be the release date, but perhaps it won’t be as important. Many games manage to all sell well during November.

    • I think all of the estimates are realistic, RE5 pulled nearly 6 million copies -without- the pc version sales; all versions of RE4 together have actually sold 5.7million copies to date without counting the xbla/psn/pc release.

      So 7 mil might seem bold, but it’s definitely within reach of the game’s scope, I expect the marketing for it to be much bigger than what dragon’s dogma has been enjoying.

      Speaking of dragon’s dogma, that game speaks to an entirely different demographic of players; this is very smart cause all those potential “new” players/consumers will have access to the RE6 demo ;].
      Capcom did a similar thing with RECVX and the included DMC demo, which then went on to sell 2.1 million copies..

      So yeah I believe all estimates are realistic.

      Don’t forget the Wii-U is going to be out before their fiscal year ends, so that’s another system RE6 is most definitely going to be on ;]

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        And even if there is a Wii-U version, which there is no guarantee of, although it certainly is possible, why would anyone who already owns a PS3 or 360 wait for that version, since I doubt it will be out before October, when RE6 releases?

        • They won’t obviously, the point is RE4 sold as much as it did cause it’s on every possible system; the people who are going to buy RE6 on the Wii-U are the people without a ps3 or 360, I don’t think we need a reminder of how poorly 360’s sell in japan right?

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Anyone who wants to play this in Japan already has a PS3. So, we’re right back to where we started from. Who is going to buy this on the Wii U?

            And you’re also forgetting how many years it took RE4 to come to all those systems and that it made the majority of its sales on the Gamecube and PS2 versions, the original two versions.

          • It’s a severe overstatement to say that everyone who wants to play this already has a ps3, or 360 for that matter.
            Even if it’s only 200k extra sales, those still count; as an example, a friend of mine has nothing but a PC and Wii.

            And actually no, RE4 sold far better on the Wii than it did on the GC ;] (1.9 vs 1.6mil).

            And if we do a simple comparison, RE4 sold about ~500k in it’s first month, and while I don’t know the exact number I’m pretty sure RE5 topped 1million in it’s first 4 weeks.

            The RE franchise has been growing in popularity ever since RE4 and it’s rise doesn’t seem to have peeked yet, so seeing how RE4 managed to sell over 7 million across all (6) platforms and RE5 ‘only’ 5.8million across 2 platforms, I’m fairly confident RE6 can manage to sell 7 million, especially how they are using Dragon’s Dogma to draw in new players.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            What delusional fantasy world do you live in that you think Capcom are using Dragon’s Dogma to draw new players to Resident Evil? It’s the EXACT OPPOSITE. Capcom are using the RE6 demo to get players to buy a new franchise. It’s a very old strategy. Konami did it with Zone of the Enders, when they packed the MGS2 demo with it. That game wouldn’t have sold 1/4th the sales it did if it didn’t have that demo. It’s the exact same deal for Dragon’s Dogma.

            As for RE4, you seem to have conveniently left out the PS2 part of the equation…

            And finally, back to you living in a delusional fantasy world…it is NOT a severe overstatement to say that everyone who wants a particular game would own one of the systems it’s been announced for, rather than hypothetically hoping it comes out for a system it hasn’t been. Your friend with the PC might just get lucky and get a PC version. In fact, I’d say that’s pretty likely. A Wii-U version is possible, but I think Capcom are going to do the sensible thing first and wait to see how other ports like Arkham City and Ninja Gaiden 3 do first.

          • I seem to have offended you somehow?
            I didn’t “leave out” the ps2 out of the ‘equation’ lol, I commented that the Wii version sold more than the GC version, in reply to you saying:
            “ made the -majority- of its sales on the Gamecube and PS2 versions”.
            The Wii version also sold more units faster than the ps2 version, and is actually also still selling ;].

            And yes ofcourse the demo is also used for drawing in RE fans, but you yourself can’t be so…’delusional’ to believe that the estimated sales of 1.5m for DD is just going to be RE6 players right?
            The game is clearly targeting a different demographic of players, in japan it’s the monster hunter/dark souls crowd and in the west it’s everyone who liked killing dragons in skyrim, to bluntly generalise a bit.

            It’s all those ‘new’ players, who will get acquanted with RE6, and it’s all of them who will become potential buyers; even if DD sells only 1million (which it obviously won’t), and even if of those 1 million 700k were RE fans, then it still leaves that 300k that have just become potential buyers, who will in turn also do their share of word of mouth advertising ;].

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            What I find delusional is the thought that 300k people have never played a Resident Evil before and are going to suddenly be converted because they played the demo with Dragon’s Dogma. I know people who are Skyrim players who love the Resident Evil series. I also know those who hate it. The ones who hate it have no plans to even download the demo if they do get Dragon’s Dogma (which most of them actually have never heard of until I brought it up to them, so that’s one problem Capcom might have). The ones who like both aren’t going to be converted.

            Dragon’s Dogma will have VERY VERY VERY little, if any, effect on Resident Evil 6’s sales. 300k? No way. 3k? Maybe. I’m actually a little hesitant to say Dragon’s Dogma will even sell 1.5 million. If it does, I’d say 65% of those sales are going to be because of the RE6 demo. 

          • You find it delusional that of the 5million+ skyrim players, the 6 million monster hunter players and the 1+ million dark souls players, there could be ~300k people that will be…’converted’.. yet never played a RE title beyond RE3?
            After -sampling- said game even?
            That’s not even -3- percent of all players they are targeting, and even if you’d be very generous with overlap and such, it still wouldn’t even be anywhere near 10 percent.

            Oh and ofcourse that’s not even accounting for all the players who will just get the game because of the ads or in-store recommendations (people buy games for other people you know).

            But I guess if you truly believe it to be impossible for 300k people out of a targeted group of ~12 million to be swayed by the RE6 demo into purchasing the full game, then there is nothing left to say.

  • Nitraion

    Well i can’t predict sales anymore after RE:ORC… :

    • Domii

      Yeah those sales came out of left field lol

  • d19xx

    Well I guess Capcom is expecting some added sales from female gamers since Leon is in the game. Roid-up-boulder-punching Chris can’t do that alone….

    • konsama

      Who knows, in this game there could be a bigger boulder, maybe the three main characters will need to join forces to hit it. That would be a real boss up to RE name, Wesker pfft.

  • 7 millions or not. 1 copy guaranteed from me.

    • Same here, so Capcom’s already got two sales at the very least!

  • only will get dmc .. RE-6 i will wait for the “gold edition”

  • konsama

    Well I’m very hyped for RE6, i loved the game system of RE5 even though i completely hated how the messed the storyline. Also considering they got more material to gather story from the spin offs and movies this game could actually give redemption to the series, with awesome gameplay and good story.

    Ah and for f*** sake, please don’t put another Metal Slug stage, i hated RE4 once you get to the Island and RE5 on the labs, i still LOL hard whenever i see one of those stupid fat gatling zombies. And hopefully you do a better job at using foreign languages, chinese in this case unlike you did on RE4/5, it may be fun at start but later on gets really annoying. :/

    Still rooting for the game,  already pre-ordered it, oh and DmC to hell.

    *Goes back to play Mercenaries*

  • TheDarkEmpress

    >DmC, 2 million
    >2 million


    •  Its sad because I still think to this day DMC 1 still hasn’t sold 2 million copies. Or they just broke 2 million recently.

      • brian yep

        Ahem, this article mentioned it sold a little over 2 million.
        I’d be interested in numbers for that HD collection.

  • boundries_san

    7 mil is kinda large hurdle here for Capcom. But as long as the game is good who are to complain??^^

    While my main interest is for Dragon Dogma here. Capcom as long as u released us the complete game here for DD, I ensure u, i am one of the buyers there.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    RE6 has been shaping up to be good but 7mil i don’t know. As for DmC….we all know how I feel about that game.

  • Luna Kazemaru
  • h4mx0r

    The best DMC sold the least!? Whaaaa

    • Yesfir

       Yep! Seems like your favorite Devil May Cry sold the least.

    • Souji Tendou

      Understandable actually, fans were dissappointed by a rubbish that is called DMC2, that’s why DMC3 sold lower.


    This isn’t a Final Fantasy game, fans ain’t putting up with your bs crapcom.

    • MrRobbyM

      I like how you imply FF fans WILL put up with SE’s bs…

      …because it’s true.

    • raymk

      This is a pretty fail post people didn’t buy XIII-2 either.  Besides your already off the mark cause RE ORC already sold well so apparently fans are still putting up with them when it comes to none fighters. 

  • Guest

    I actually think that they can reach that goal of selling 7 million copies of RE6, but I do not know about DmC selling 2 million due to the given responses and criticism it keeps having. I don’t love or hate Capcom, but I still wish them luck on reaching their goals. :)

    • Roubjon

      Something to keep in mind is that the criticism DMC is receiving is mainly in the vocal minority.  The die hard fans of the originals have the most problems with it and understandably so.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      Often the vocal minority is not indicative of the true reach of a series. 2 million seems rather easy to reach especially since its also not a sequel and can appeal to everyone really.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    But you’re not a fan, anyway. You pirate games so you don’t count.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Well, let’s hope that you’re extremely wrong, because, I for one, don’t want to see the game industry destroyed the way the music and book industry has been. I see book stores closing left and right. I’m glad to see that’s the future people like you want for the game industry.

  • Guest

    “The more I think about it, Capcom is just trolling.”

    You know, this is the third time you said that you might pirate their games and you say Capcom’s trolling? My usual look of disapproval:

  • You are insane, what do you even mean with “today’s technology”? I really hope you don’t think there is a presstomakegame button that these studios are using; games are still as hard to make now as they were 10 years ago, just because the tools got better doesn’t mean consumer demand hasn’t gone up.

    These dev teams are working their asses off and spending millions so people won’t yell “waaah shitty gfx/dumb controls/stupid whatever” and you have the audacity to say their work isn’t -worth- 60 whatever currency?

    Think of it this way, ~10 or so bucks are going to the console manufacturer, another small margin goes to the retailer, substract taxes and the publisher only gets about half of what you buy it in stores, and you really want them to make even less money?


  • DCBlackbird

    DMC will easily sell this much i mean honestly how many haters are gonna buy it just to find out why they hate it, answer all of them

    • Domii

      That’s what I’m saying. People will buy it based on the buzz that it has gotten.

      • DCBlackbird

        Though im not so sure of resident evil six seems like a stretch

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Capcom will be lucky to sell 200k…how much did operation raccoon city sell, quite sure more than 200k.

  • Givemeblood…Nyaa

    Just gtfo

    There’s lot of better sites for people like you -_-

  • ivanchu77

    I know resident evil is popular, but 7 millions? way too much, I don´t think is going to sell that much

    About DmC… everyone in the Internet hates this game to death and wants it to burn, so i´m not sure is going to reach 2 millions

    • badmoogle

      “About DmC… everyone in the Internet hates this game to death and wants
      it to burn, so i´m not sure is going to reach 2 millions”

      Well same thing happened with RE:ORC but did you saw how much it sold?2 million copies.

      Put a Resident Evil,Final Fantasy or Devil may Cry title in a game’s cover and the game will immediately sell at least one million copies regardless of quality.

      • Anime10121

        The only sad thing is that RE:ORC will probably sell more than FFXIII-2 did and there is NO way that should have happened based on the qualities of the games themselves.  I know people held back on purchasing FFXIII-2 on the account of it not being VS.XIII, but its ridiculous that ORC can reach its sales total so fast.

        • Domii

          Neither game deserved high sales to be honest.

  • icecoffemix

    Ladies and gentlemen, gamer’s entitlement at its finest.

  • LustEnvy

    Capcom is dreaming all sorts of big for those games. 7 million? This isn’t CoD. As far as DmC goes, I REALLY hope it does well, but I just don’t see them getting near 2 million, as their biggest audience is really hating on the game.

    I myself will buy it IF it reviews well based on it’s own merits. If I read a review that bitches about it not being original Dante, I’ll dismiss anything else the reviewer says. Complaining about the new dante got old in a hurry. The game is looking damn good, with the exception of the framerate which will always bother me, but I can get over it.

    Good luck Capcom, I’m pulling for you, as you need a big win.

    One thing I will say, is that now that original Dante has had more exposure in MvC3… it would probably now bring in more sales for DmC games. Too late…unless they decide on aother DMC with the old Dante.

    •  Thank you for contributing a decent argument/statement in this thread without just making a single sentence complaining how much you dislike one of the two games mentioned or the company in question ^^V .

      • LustEnvy

         I personally don’t see a reason to hate on games that aren’t even out yet. redeisgns or whatnot, if someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to play it. It’s that simple.

        I’m a huge DmC fan, and I even liked even DmC2 which got a lot of hate. So it’s in the best interest of DmC fans to hope this does well, because if it bombs, it may further dishearten Capcom from bringing out more action titles.

        Capcom isn’t stupid in the sense that they KNOW people are iffy about the new Dante. I could see them bringing back old Dante IF this does well. And who knows, this Dante may surprise us by bveing pretty awesome himself. I will wait and see.

        As for Resident Evil, never been a fan (mostly due to not feeling the gameplay), but I see the charm.

        • i know right? maybe, they could make a devil may cry 5, but my friend said they wouldn’t make two dmc games with the same name. i can tell if DMC gives to 2 million, i bet you people will be asking for more and maybe a DLc costume of the orginal dante. who knows, we will just have to wait until july or august. 

  • badmoogle

    I hope Dragon’s Dogma does better than that,the game so far looks like it’s definitely worth it.

    • MrRobbyM

      I believe they could reach the numbers if they market it well enough. It’s tough for a new IP out there nowadays.

  • Souji Tendou

    You can bet your *** even if DmC sold 2 mill. copies I’m not one of the people who bought it. I will surely be amazed if it’ll even break that numbers. Well, good luck Crapcom.

    • Domii

      Why the hate for DmC?

      • Locklear93

        Check back through a bunch of early DmC threads.  I can’t assume that Souji’s reasons are the same, but there was a LOT of initial backlash on the redesign of Dante and other things. 

        I’m personally not interested myself.  If something is going to change major aspects of a character, I’d rather they start an entirely new franchise.  I rejected the last Castlevania (Lords of Shadow, I think?) for similar reasons.  If they’d not called it Castlevania, and had it be something new instead of just messing with an existing franchise, I might’ve bought it; it seemed to play decently.

        • Domii

          I had a feeling why he didn’t like it, I was just trying to be funny lol.

          I still think that dismissing this game before it comes out just because of Dante’s new look is childish. I’m a huge fan of the series, and I have no prob with this game as long as it turns out good.

          • Souji Tendou

            My reason isn’t merely about his looks. If I have to tell all my reasons, this post will be an essay, and I’m too darn lazy to type ’em.

            I’ll just say one of the main (and the most important) reason of why I hate the game is the combat. Well… they’re using Unreal Engine, which can only reaches 30 FPS max on PS3/X360. Them saying it’ll play as fast as DMC3/DMC4 is a flat out lie.

          • Locklear93

            I don’t think childish is quite appropriate.  From what I’ve seen children seem to be more welcoming of change for its own sake than adults.  In my case, I’m simply the sort of person for whom the integrity of a universe is absolutely critical, even in games where plot is largely an afterthought.  If something is changed without respect to the universe as already established, that’s going to rub me the wrong way.  I’m quite prepared to dismiss games before they come out if they rub me the wrong way.

            Look at it this way:  I play at least two dozen new games every year.  ANYTHING I play is competing with a lot of other titles.  If an upcoming game doesn’t excite me, but instead puts me out, why would I still give it a chance?  There are plenty of other things waiting to take its place in my roster.

        • AFatHouseCat

          So, if Lord of Shadows had not had the Castlevania title applied to it, it would have been an okay game? The name actually changes the quality of the gameplay? :/

          • Locklear93

            I tried the demo, and enjoyed the gameplay as far as that went.  If it got crappy later, well, as I said, I didn’t buy it, so I wouldn’t know.  If it’s bad, then of course issues of the title don’t matter.

      • Why the love for DmC?

        • Domii

          Because it looks awesome duh.

          • Through whose insane eyes?

          • Domii

            If you think people are insane for liking this, wait till this game drops 2milllion plus copies when it comes out. Then you really gonna go insane by calling so many people insane. You insane lunatic!

  • I can buy the sales expectations Resident Evil 6, but DmC? Haha, no way. And Devil May Cry 3 sold the least? What nonsense is this?

    • If you remember it came out at the same time as God of War, which sold a lot more than it did. It’s a real shame being the best out of the bunch.

    • MrRobbyM

      What Roberto said. Keep in mind not every sale is going to be a sale by a fan. A lot of them are just casual, pick up whatever looks good gamers.

  • Well, all I have to say is that Capcom better expect to be disappointed in RE6 because that’s some nutty numbers there.

    • MrRobbyM

      7 million is a bit much but I wouldn’t say it’s too far off. RE6 is already shaping up to be better than RE5 which was, imo, pretty good despite a few yet major flaws. I expect it to do a bit better than RE5 but definitely not 7 million.

      I don’t know about DmC though. If it actually turns out to be a good game then it might sell that well. We’ll see I guess.

      • I absolutely hated 5. I thought it was an outdated, unrealistic, westernized piece of garbage. 6 only seems to reinforce that. I’m sorry, but unless they return to being survival horror again. I could care less. Every trailer looks like some Michael Bay nonsense and they’ve already gone on record saying they want the Call of Duty crowd to be their main audience.

        So yeah, count me out on that one. 

        • MrRobbyM

          We all know Japan will eat RE6 up. *looks at ORC’s sales* RE5 wasn’t my favorite either but it was fun anyways.

        • raymk

          For the record what games do you play. The way you talk its like we can just count you out of gaming.

        • brian yep

          “I could care less”
          This statement confuses me.
          People use that and “I couldn’t care less” interchangeably.

  • You’re just trying to justify your reason to pirate. Really I’m not going to bother to explain why things get cheaper throughout the time of release. It’s not worth my time or effort.

  • epy

    In a world where something like ORC sold 2 million copies, yeah sure, go ahead. It might even go for 10 million or something like that. Meanwhile, the average quality JRPG is lucky to break 300k and has so much more content than a 2 hour single player campaign  and a broken multiplayer (in ORC’s case anyways). This is why I don’t get my new Breath of Fire, Wild Arms, Suikoden, or in other genres, my Megaman X9, or new Metroidvania. Meanwhile the big JRPGs we might get are most likely to follow the FFXIII-2 model. Geez… mini rant over.

    Anyways, 7 mil? Sure, why not?

    • Luna Kazemaru

       lol you sound upset xD

      • epy

        A little bit, yeah. =/

        • eilegz

           salty, im still waiting for a goty version of FF XIII-2 so much DLC… the game itself looks so incomplete, and asura wrath too

          Even japan its imitating western crappy trends, DLC suppose to be an addition for a “COMPLETE” game

          • Anime10121

            But it’s not incomplete, doing evertything in the game takes at least about 30-50 hrs.  Even the main story takes about 25-30 hrs (not skipping cut scenes).

            And all of the dlc released so far has been completely optional and irrelevant to the main story of the game.  I mean the optional bosses are just that optional and they really serve no purpose other than self acknowledgement that you beat em, because by the time you can beat them and recruit them, you are so overpowered that you no longer need them.

            And the episodes so far have been irrelevant to the actual plot of the game and is the utter definition of “side content” meaning that they are only there for people who want to learn more about the characters.

            Edit Since I cant reply directly to Jim Bob: There is no background information in the DLC at all. Dont know where you got that misinformation from. The Sazh DLC, the only episodic DLC so far, is very much side content, and doesn’t explain anything that the main game itself doesnt tell you. The game itself tells you about a gambler who went through Serendepity, the DLC just expands (a little) upon it and I dont see the Lightning or Snow DLC doing anything more than that either.

            People are just dogging Square because they’ve never done DLC before so anything extra that they make for DLC is criticized. Extra Costumes? Square games have NEVER had them yet people complain they should have been included. People (not you specifically) just like to jump on the hate train because its a fun train to ride.

          • Last time I checked, background information on characters in a rpg is supposed to be part of a complete game, not sold as dlc.

    • badmoogle

      Unfortunately the home console versions of games like Breath of Fire,Wild Arms,Suikoden,Drakengard,Dark cloud 3,Valkyrie Profile,Grandia and so many other great JRPGs of the last gen,have all died long ago in the altar of the almighty shooter and dudebro multiplayer.:/

      Personally with all these trends currently infesting the market,i’m seriously debating whether i’ll want to buy a next gen console or not.

      • Anime10121

         And whats really sad is, that the sales of these series (at least most of the time) havent even actually decreased, its just that other genre’s sell more with less effort.  Most JRPG’s sell as much now as they did years ago, its just many companies can make more profit by creating shorter shooters, with “dudebro multiplayer”.

        Sadly its a part of making the industry bigger, to forget fans of smaller selling titles in favor of bigger releases that make MUCH more profit.:(

    • I feel you bro.

  • Domii

    Those are some Pretty sweet numbers, but I disagree with the DmC forecast. I believe that if the game is excellent, it can sell much more than 2mil. I know it sounds crazy, but I can’t think of any other game in Capcom’s history that has gotten so much attention(good or bad) from gamers/press.

    Regarding DMC3 sales, I remember like it was yesterday how Capcom completely slacked off in marketing it. I remember seeing no tv ads for DMC3, but when it came to DMC2 I couldn’t flip a channel without seeing a commercial for it. Luckily for capcom that their marketing has been top notch in recent years.

  • Been thinking the same thing and not just recently.
    EDIT: This was supposed to a a reply to badmoogle’s post, somehow ended up here.

  •  Capcom really needs to quit being so high and mighty. Its not bad to have expectations but, and I hate to say it, you aren’t making Call of Duty or Halo you wont sell that much at least not that fast, maybe after a couple of years.

  • eilegz

    if DmC can sell 500k that would be surprising…. because of the crappy game that we are getting, i expect them to sell less.

    About RE6, without online passes, day 1 dlc, locked content on disc, better gameplay that we got on RE5 then it might have a chance…

    But capcom expectations are so high i doubt they make it….

    • Domii

      Omg i didn’t know DmC came out already and you played it?

      Seriously wait till it comes out before judging it.

      • yeah bro, tell him. you my friend deserve an air high five!

  • You are seriously a piece of work aren’t you? Next you’ll be saying it’s ok to rob a gas station if you don’t have any money.

    • LawrenceKK

      Piracy isn’t stealing.  Stealing would be breaking into my neighbors house and taking away their money and television.  That is not only stealing but also destroying property.  Robbing a gas station is also stealing.  But if I make a copy of RE6 (or any other video game) on my own personal computer, that is not stealing because I am not violating anyones property.  The data is still there uploaded on the internet.   You have to look at IP as supply and demand.  The more there is, and the more easier it is to produce things, the chepaer it is.  The easier it is to produce automobiles, automobiles will drop down in price.  It’s the same thing with software.  I can burn hundreds of any type of software with the click of a mouse, because it’s that easy to produce it.  I can care less if Capcom is financially hurt, if they are charging $80 for their software I will not buy it.  As proven in the music and movie industry, the best way to fight piracy is for businesses to LOWER THEIR PRICE.

      • aoihana

        You have some of the most skewed logic I’ve seen.

        Piracy isn’t stealing.  Stealing would be breaking into my neighbors house and taking away their money and television.

        Something doesn’t need to be tangible to be stolen, so your argument is completely invalid. When you pirate, you steal a product, because developers aren’t making a single cent from their work, despite the fact that you’re using their product.

        You can argue that it isn’t stealing if you weren’t planning to buy it, but the thing is, if piracy weren’t so rampant, you’d have no other choice but to support developers. 

        It’s the same thing with software.  I can burn hundreds of any type of software with the click of a mouse, because it’s that easy to produce it. 

        Price is not determined in physical production alone, but the development and man power that went into creating a product. When you click your mouse, you’re aren’t producing it, you’re illegally re-producing it.

        There’s a huge difference, between putting in hundreds of hours of work into developing, testing, and debugging a product, than a pirate clicking on burn.

        Please don’t spew out your ignorance, trying to justify piracy, because like you, I don’t buy it.

        • His argument is certainly ‘valid,’ whether it’s sound is another matter, and one which you attempted to address. If the premise, his definition of stealing, is true then his conclusion “piracy isn’t stealing” would also be true, thus a valid argument. 

          I understand you probably meant valid in a more colloquial sense, but when you start talking about logical arguments, it’s best to adhere to the meanings of these words in their logical context.

          Moving forward, the definition of theft is one that is particularly broad. For instance, a particularly relevant instance of theft is that of plagiarism. Plagiarism, which (I hope) we know is the unattributed use of writing by another author and trying to pass it off as one’s own is a sort of theft, just as breaking into a house and stealing a TV would be theft.

          While both things are ‘theft,’ deciding that they both fit under that broad label doesn’t really tell us anything. Clearly, despite both being ‘theft,’ the two situations are very disparate and certainly not moral equivalents. Depending on the moral framework you adhere to, different instances of plagiarism and of physical theft could also have varying moral weights.

          So the real question is not “is piracy theft?” because whether it is or isn’t, we haven’t really gotten anywhere. It’s semantical. To assert that piracy is a theft that is morally equivalent to physical theft, however, is not sound.

          The real question is “can piracy be moral?” and the degree of morality depends on a variety of factors, but the question is far more debatable than the morality of physical theft.

          What makes physical theft distinct from piracy is the fact that, clearly, the morally relevant individual has been transgressed against. Individual A owns a particular object that we’ll assumed they obtained through legitimate means and Individual B uses illegitimate means to not only come into ownership of that product, but he also divests Individual A of that ownership. Individual A, the morally relevant party, no longer has access to an object which he should reasonably have access to. From a utilitarian perspective one might suggest that vandalism (which would destroy the object in question) and physical theft are morally equivalent because in both cases Individual A no longer has access to an object he should have access to. 

          We don’t have such a clear cut case when examining the majority of piracy.

          As the individual before me stated, a distinction must be drawn because a physical theft divorces an individual from the use of a particular object. Piracy does not do that. Piracy also does not impair a publisher or developer (depending on who is morally relevant in the situation) from making a sale. Even an individual who pirates a product is a potential sale if they have sufficient incentive to buy the product legitimately.

          Those distinctions give a lot of leeway to the morality of instances of piracy. An argument could also be made that it is publishers, not developers, that allege they are hurt by piracy – and why that is important is that publishers are not morally relevant in instances of piracy. The group entitled to benefit from, thus morally relevant to, the sale of a game (the data rather than the physical product) are the developers. However, most agreements developers make with publishers already compensate the developers for their time and effort in the creation of a game.

          The publisher’s role is that of a producer and distributer of the physical game itself. They are morally entitled to receive compensation for the service they provide, and piracy in no way infringes upon that. The intellectual theft from a developer (who has already been compensated for their product) is not morally relevant to publishers who lash out against pirates who are really just individuals not taking them up on the service they provide, which is the production and distribution of a physical version of the game. From that perspective, there’s a large degree of moral acceptability to piracy because the people who assert they are being wronged, publishers, are not morally relevant.

          The situation I articulated above is not entirely accurate in terms of the real arrangement between publishers and developers in most cases, and is merely posited as a thought exercise to explain away a degree of inaccuracy when it comes to ‘calculating’ the degree to which piracy is immoral. Obviously, developers who are clearly morally relevant are sometimes unable to acquire royalties and future funding for games based on poor sales. Piracy and poor sales certainly don’t have a 1:1 correlative relationship, but it’s a factor to consider, and the degree to which the relationship can be proven to be correlative would be a large factor in determining the degree of immorality of a particular instance of piracy.

          I KNOW I HAVE WRITEN AN ABUNDANTLY LONG ESSAY HERE, I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. If you take anything away from what I’ve written at all, my desire is merely to show that piracy’s morality is a complex subject which isn’t done justice by its unilateral supporters or detractors. Each instance of piracy is unique and its moral value is determined by a number of factors which are different in every case. There are some instances of piracy which could be considered morally acceptable and some that are morally reprehensible. But never is it uniformly one or the other.

          MAJOR EDIT: I also wanted to clarify and say that I am not advocating piracy, nor do I pirate games myself. However, what I think is more morally objectionable than piracy is an exploitative industry that exploits both consumers and content producers. However, as the old saying goes, two wrongs certainly don’t make a right. And the immorality of piracy, generally, varies only by degree.

      • I fully understand the point of your post and, like many other people, appreciate the need for games to not be as expensive as they are. The sooner you can stop using piracy to justify your point, the sooner we can stop banning you.

      • Okay, let’s ignore the definition of theft for a moment, because that tends to be where the piracy argument hits a peak.

        I think this video explains pretty well both sides of the argument. Think of buying a game as voting for more games like this to be produced. If it’s not worth buying, why play it through piracy?

  •   You just sound really idiotic and self-serving,and people like you severely disgust me. I busted ass just getting some of the older games I wanted, and much of them were used. Greedy as some companies are, pirating everything is doing anyone any favors, and cretins like you just make matters worse.

    Besides, I like actually being able to hold a piece of medium I purchase instead of it being a piece of data, it’s like getting a piece of history. Trying seeing it that way if you can get past the rose-colored lenses you have on.

    • LawrenceKK

      ” Greedy as some companies are”.

      That comment right here proves you have no idea what you are talking about. All companies are greedy they want to maximize their profits, even if that means to nickle and dime the consumers. Piracy has reached an all time low this generation, so why hasn’t video games dropped in price? Because there is no market forces or mechanism (piracy) to force companies to drop their price. “Oh but piraters are the scum of the earth” even though they forced the music and movie industry to lower their prices for their products. Sony and MS knows consumers will have a difficlt time pirating their games because of new technology. Judging by your comment you are willing to pay $100 for a video game because you are that much a sucker. As for getting a piece of “history”, lol you are such a tool.

      • Your ignorance and self-servitude severely precedes you to the point of insanity. Also all that nonsense you just spewed is in no way reflective of what I was saying, so I advise you to tread off my sensibilities with your lopsided ideology, you sniveling fool.So let me start this off by saying this, don’t twist my words and take them out of context, that statement was made because of there are “some” companies they care nothing about anything but profit, that one word was in way reflective of saying all companies are greedy. Also your stupidity is the excuse many of those greedy companies use to push such anti-piracy measures across the world.

        “Piracy has reached an all time low this generation, so why hasn’t video
        games dropped in price? Because there is no market forces or mechanism
        (piracy) to force companies to drop their price.”Oh but piraters are the scum of the earth” even though they forced the
        music and movie industry to lower their prices for their products.”

        The videogame industry is still in it’s infancy, it took decades for music and films to drop in price not because of or solely upon piracy but because the hardware being made to use them was more expensive than they should have been, and this is on top of the fact that more creativity among producers of the content began to rise and become more varied, and that has been taken into account each time new hardware has come out which also reflects onto the software. Also videogames are an interactive medium giving you control over the content interactivity wise as oppose to films, music, or books, which but one of the reasons why games are not as cheap as they should be.

        “Sony and MS knows consumers will have a difficlt time pirating their games because of new technology.”

        And the consumers, or at lease the ones who aren’t dense like you,also know if they are limited over the control they have over content that they purchase which is initial theirs once they get their hands on it, they aren’t going to want to purchase it. The creative property belongs to the producer, but the initial product once released to public is theirs, and I’m referring to it being sold or given to for free, not stolen or pirated.

        ” Judging by your comment you are willing to pay $100 for a video game
        because you are that much a sucker.”

        Actually no, because if you’ve been stalking me as I’m sure you have, I do not care to purchase a game as soon as it comes out unless it is something I’m  really looking forward, and even then tend to wait until it drops on price because I have other things take higher importance over purchasing a videogame. Also games are cheaper than they have been in the past even with production costs still being high in some cases, though the $60 isn’t doing anyone any favors when there isn’t enough content to increase and balance out replay value, and I’m sure you have read the dozens of articles that have come out about this along with used games.

        “As for getting a piece of
        “history”, lol you are such a tool.”

        The only fool I see is you for mocking it.That history is something I or anyone else can actually hold physically as a opposed to a strip of data uploaded or pirated onto an electrical component, and that is something you cannot steadily reproduce. The want of people wanting everything digitized has it’s pros and cons, but there are still going to be many folks who want a physical copy of a medium.

        I advise you to seek help and stop breeding stupidity, not everyone of your ilk sees the world as you do, and you’re not helping matters by being anti-establishment.

  • MangaTherapy

    RE6 will only sell 7 million if their multiplayer options totally triumph their single-player campaign, though I’m wondering how much Japan will appreciate any CoD-inspired elements in RE6.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      ‘CoD-inspired elements’ please explain this to me and do not give me that oh Chris is doing that military crap ok because there are a number of other games that deal with military set pieces. I also find it amazing that people still think the Japanese don’t play CoD or Battlefield at all.

      • MangaTherapy

        I know that Japanese people do indeed play first-person-shooters, but I don’t know how large that number is compared to America and Europe. 

        I mean, RE is still a Japanese franchise at heart. That’s why I worry about Japanese reception. 

        Of course, in the end, if everything goes well in North America and Europe, then I guess Capcom will be pleased.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Its not High numbers like in the west but there are a number of them that do play them all a few of the people on my friends list play it. I don’t really think there is much to worry about in terms of reception.

          • MangaTherapy

            I agree. If the gameplay is accessible, challenging, and rewarding, then things work out in the end. 

          • Luna Kazemaru

             I’m hoping for something like RE5’s online modes maybe a revamped system or something.

      • Do I really have to explain this??? Oh well…

        1) Capcom is hoping to turn RE into the next COD… I can’t remember but there is an old article saying they wish it would reach COD’s sales figures…
        2) Adding the “Many people ain’t interested in survival horror games anymore” reasoning…
        3) RE6 is becoming more action-oriented and hopefully attract the COD players…

        • Luna Kazemaru

          That article was about RE:ORC which in a way it failed to do so it more or less attracted a few gears of war players. Most people already knew that RE wasn’t going to meet that goal. How the story for RE was unfolding after RE5 and in degeneration(Leon’s movie) did you really expect RE not to become more action-oriented? They are trying to attract the CoD players so what. I play CoD but I wouldn’t say its the best game ever let alone buy a new one right off the bat every year its a game that’s easy to pick up and enjoy with a few friends when you don’t want a really serious game to play but w/e #firstworldproblems

          • No, they meant that in the case of 6, not ORC. If not their expectations would’ve been bigger for ORC instead of 6. They want to make CoD numbers for the series now by overproducing the hell out of this one.

  • Christopher Nunes

    One of the golden rules is “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

    I really don’t get some users sometimes on this site, but I digress. I’ve never really played any of the RE games, as I was a kid and those games creepy me out when my cousins played them and I gave it a shoot with his save file on RE2 but I was at the Licker part of the game where he was with a wounded Leon so I couldn’t get past it and the thing scared me by the way it looked and the instant kill it did. I didn’t save the file but I stopped since there’s why he saved last.

    That’s the last know time I’ve played a RE game years back, not counting Outbreak for the PS2 and most recently RE:R for the 3DS. I’ll say after playing the 3DS I’ve gain a bit of an interest in the series, but I’m not exactly a BIG fan of it. I also tried out RE4 and 5 before for a bit by renting them or trying out a friend’s copy. I didn’t like there wasn’t a sprint option at the time, except RE5.

    Seeing RE6’s trailer and Capcom’s expectations for the game to sell 7mil, I don’t see any problem with it. Heck, just from the trailer itself and what I’ve heard about I expect it to reach that high and I hope it does well. It looks good and they seem to improve over RE5’s flaws I heard which is a nice touch and you got many of the noticeable characters as part of the main character roster which is another great selling point for fans for the series.

    Now for the DmC game… not going to sound mean but I doubt it will reach 2mil as Capcom expected. It’s not because it’s not going to be a great game, but because they’re using an already existing series and changing it around greatly which isn’t a bad idea mind you but the execution might be.

    I never played the original DMC series, but recently I just got the Devil May Cry HD collection for the PS3 and I look forward to playing (I bet most of you are wondering, well why the heck haven’t you started playing it yet?! Get a move on!) and seeing the difference more between this game and DmC. Truth be told I now it’s going to sell well because the gameplay looks nice and fun, despite the lower framerate and slower gameplay from the original, and casuals well like to try it out once. However the fans of the series might not think otherwise, but they should at least try out a demo or rent the game out before passing full judgement on the game.

    The game is going to sell, no question about it, but 2mil is a little too high for Capcom to expect. I’m thinking AT LEAST 1mil will be sold worldwide, at best 1.5mil. It’s based off a well-known series the fans love, but changes a lot of it that made the DMC it is today, plus the exposure of Dante from (U)MvC3 does help with chances of increases sells though casuals will be a little baffled upon seeing this new Dante instead of the old one but it’s not going to stop them from buying it but fans who loved the original might say otherwise which is way I expect lower numbers for it to sell.

    The only other reason it might sell that high is that Capcom advertises the game worldwide, because I never knew about the DMC series until it hit the helves and even then I never picked them out as I wasn’t exposed to the series at that time until a few years back.

    Well I hope Capcom sells the game well, but also consider and take feedback from their consumers to get a better idea what sells and what doesn’t and know what to improve on for better consume satisfactions AND develop a better video game. It never hurts to increase the development time (I’m getting tired of rush incomplete games, and having to pay DLC to fix those up (certain games, Asura’s Wrath and FF13-2 I don’t mind and works well for those)) to iron out the bugs and fine tune the gameplay.

    I’m still iffy about the whole Mega Man Legends 3 deal, but I won’t let that hold me back from buying other Capcom games, but I am worry since the Rockman Online game in Korean might actually be canned due to development hell (and please note that Capcom has NOTHING to do with Rockman Online) but it might get transferred to another company to work on it which highly unlikely but I remain hopeful.

    I’m sorry for the long banter, but I hope I got my point across.

    • I’m sorry, but, “if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all.” doesn’t apply here. That’s for treating others with respect. This is criticism and Capcom out of any deserve it more than any. I do admit some are a bit out of hand, but nevertheless, it is what it is.

      • Christopher Nunes

        The “if you got nothing nice to say” bit was referring to the fact some people had just bash and don’t give constructive criticism and come off immature and I’ve noticed Ishaan banning people because of that.

        That’s what I meant when I said that, not only to treat others with respect but to have respect to the company you’ve criticizing with reasons why this wouldn’t work and to state them in a mature manner.

    • ZBaksh386

      i think you made your point quite well.

      i feel DmC might be an uphill battle since capcom’s decisions and poor pr have lost  a lot of fans of the old series so even getting 1 million might be a bit much.

  • Does DMC3 sales include the DMC3:SE sales?

    • ZEROthefirst

      If I recall correctly it does not.

  • As long as Capcom doesn’t screw up with having locked-DLC on the disc, I’m sure DmC will sell just fine.

  • FlameEmperor

    Lol 2mil DmC copies to be sold is just wishful thinking at this point.

  • Spider-Man

    I hope these expectations bite Capcom in the ass. I’m sure they’ll blame fans if they don’t get the sales they want. Whatever though. Looking forward to Media Crates and all them other goodies.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      childish comment much you would think after someone else for flagged for comments like this people would stop lol.

      • EmperorChroniclesKaiser

        So hes not allowed to share his opinion on the matter? Stop being such a cap-cop

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Don’t give me that opinion bull crap why don’t you look a few comments down and see what comments like that get you.

  • Scorpion Deathlock

    Good luck.

  • Scorpion Deathlock

    DMC looks more interesting than it did the first time they announced it. At this point, I’d like to give it a chance. Can’t wait for RE6.

  • XiaomuArisu

    dmc2 sold better then dmc3?!?What the…
    RE6 hope its good the chris game look like panic levels(ITS BEHIND YOU!)
    Asking myself how the jack levels play,hitting monsters wesker style?
    Last but not least DmC.Its getting better,was afraid the new dante would be to serious and for lack of a better word emo.Maybe they should show us a real gameplay video not just little parts to show us that DmC can be fun like dmc.

  • darkfox1

    A lot of companies are expecting quite large numbers for their games this year hmm..  

  •  How do some of you expect there to be any feedback on a game once consumers get ahold of it? That’ like saying  reaction to a new hamburger coming out is going to be horrible until you actually try it and then pass along word of mouth for hype. This is generally how reviews and opinions work, and granted you can’t always go based upon trailers and screenshots until there is a demo or beta in place. People were fanboying over trailers for Ninja Gaiden 3 until it actually came out and reviews started to surface, then some folks jumped right on bored with it being horrible without playing it first, and the same is getting applied to DmC and has been since word surfaced about it back in 2010. Granted it is a heck of a lot more difficult to gauge if a game is going to be good or bad compared to a film or a tv (and in honesty you can actually tell a film is going to good or bad a lot easier than a tv show).I’ve been looking forward to the game since it first got announced, even if it’s not up to par with the other DMC games I will probably end up getting it because I like the series. Same goes with RE6, but that has been getting more action orientated anyway and the storyline convoluted , and if anyone remembers Devil May Cry was original suppose to be a sequel to Resident Evil 2.

  • good luck to DMC, i’m giving it a super chance for Nt’s hardwork. as for resident evil 6, i know i’m gettting that!!! :D 

  • I’m happy that Siliconera is expanding.  I really am, I love this site!

    But. . . expansion seems to come with a heavy a price ;~;

    • aoihana

      What do you mean?

      • More arguments. Some less civil or less reasonable than others. :<

  • Göran Isacson

    I too am doubtful that they’ll hit that high numbers. Resident Evil 5 felt, to me, like the kind of game that makes people a bit ‘meh’ towards the franchise. It was decent, but hardly as exciting as four. The demo I played of ORC was REALLY bad and boring, so I imagine that the people who bought that on name-recognition alone will be soured on the franchise-name.

    I guess that what I’m saying is that I think fans and newcomers alike will be kind of hesitant to dive headfirst into a new Resident Evil game, and will hold off purchases until they’ve seen reviews. I just don’t foresee the kind of massive frenzied desire that sends Call of Duty and Elder Scrolls and other humongous name franchises through the sales roof all the time.

    As for DmC, I just want to weep a little at how unloved DMC3 was, even if I can understand the lack of love what with customer trepidation after 2, and having to compete with a new game (God of War) who probably attracted a much bigger dude-bro audience than Devil May Cry despite Kratos showing more skin than Dante. As for sales projections… no idea. Think the westernization might help it sell more, sad as that is to admit, but 2 million? That feels like a tall order.

  • DmC two millions?


    With so many haters for Dante’s looks? I actually think the game is quite interesting, but I’m sure 2 million people are not interested enough to buy it on first hand, really. And the great DMC 3 only sold 1.3 million? WHAT?!

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