Soul Sacrifice Trailer Gives A Glimpse Of The Grotesque Excalibur Spell

By Ishaan . May 10, 2012 . 1:39am

Sony have released the first trailer for multiplayer PlayStation Vita title, Soul Sacrifice, although it doesn’t feature any in-game footage. The game was detailed in an event held in Tokyo today, with Keiji Inafune showing it off. Take a look at the trailer below:



You can catch up with our coverage of Soul Sacrifice using the game’s tag. Sony plan to release the game in Japan sometime this winter.

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  • Paradox me

    Yeah, well.. I didn’t wanna sleep anyway.

    Looks cool though.

    • Masengan

      Feels like I’ve read this on Ko…

      Other than that, I guess if you sacrifice too much you end up dying… Hm I wonder if you will actually die in the game itself.

  • GreekGod88

    day 1 
    yes im a sick person

  • SirRichard

    You know, after Splatterhouse, House of the Dead: Overkill and a few sequences in Dead Space 2, I had thought videogames weren’t able to disturb me with gore any more.
    Then I saw this trailer. And I gotta say, if they don’t even hint at it coming over during E3, I’m going to put my head through a wall.

    •  Glad I’m not the only one who had those games going through their head after seeing this trailer xD.

  •  I wish this gets presented at E3. Some developers might be in awe. (Visceral Games, NetherRealm Studios, maybe FromSoftware).

  • Resident Evil style grotesque ness, forget Demon/Dark souls, this is a Resident Evil action rpg.

  • Go2hell66

    Lol is this really that gorey, pretty sure i’ve seen worse

  • The_Real_Oyashiro
  • Barrit

    This game makes me think of a bloodier, more polished Lord of Arcana. I had a lot of fun with that game on ad-hoc party.

  • JazzWithAttitude

    Looks very bizarre,but look cool at the same time

    Japaneses do this a lot xD

  • kool_cid414

    If he is some kind of wizard why doesn’t he just use unlimited blade works?

  • Ronald Bixler

    Hey, his sword has a mouth. He must be one of the God Eaters.

  • Darkrise

    Looks interesting so far, was expecting more blood actually. 

  • boundries_san

    Time to sacrifice ehh?? Hmm what can i sacrifice here to get this game? My hand? Stomach, Liver? Heart? …….. My Chin-chin???

    • Solomon_Kano

      At this rate you won’t turn into a monster… you’ll turn into Michael.

      • boundries_san

        …. hmm time to change into no boundries Stevens here.

  • ………dat woz metal

    Humie Translation: That was metal

  • Now I’m intrigued

  • Don’t watch this when you are under the weather.

  • Hmm…Might have to seriously consider getting a Vita, this game looks insane.

  • Göran Isacson

    Hold up now, “multiplayer title”? There’s no way to play this alone? I sure hope that’s just one mode, not the only mode. I’d love to plow through this gory mess, but I’m not keen on multi-player only titles.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That was just the way the article was worded. At present, we have no indication one way or the other on that front.

      Given that online is still under consideration and ah-hoc is the only option at present, I can’t imagine that our globally-minded Mr. Inafune would shoot himself in the foot by making the game multiplayer only.

  • Kitestwinblades

    That’s a pretty wicked logo 

    Actually how can he do anything at all?

    • Göran Isacson

       I’m going to go with the age-old excuse of “It’s magic, we don’t have to explain it”. One COULD wing it as “the effects of the sacrifice doesn’t immediately take effect”, like when he pulls out Excalibur he puts a magical timer on his inner organs/spine, and when the time runs out… so does his body.

      Either that, or they didn’t think that far and just went “SPINAL CORD SWOOOOOORRRDDD!”

  • Guest

    Thousands of people: Holy crap! *Shivers* o.o
    Inafune Keiji: ಠ‿ಠ

    This freaked the crap out of me, but one of the only games to do so. I haven’t felt like this since 2006! Applause to Inafune Keiji (and the others who helped make this game) for doing so! Perhaps this year will be the start of horror games going back towards it’s horror roots by scaring the crap out of people and helping them receive various amounts of sleeping difficulty, because that’s what a horror game is suppose to do! X3

    •  Well, horror games coming back to their roots, minus Resident Evil 6. Again.

  • Solomon_Kano

    That was disgusting. And AWESOME. Definitely can’t wait to see more of this game in the future. With Inafune’s interest in the global market, I’d say E3 is a guaranteed spot for our next sighting of Soul Sacrifice.

  • mumakurau

    That attack was way overpowered. Only a spineless wimp would use it.

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