Tecmo Koei Aims To Sell A Million Copies Of Dead Or Alive 5

By Spencer . May 10, 2012 . 10:37pm

imageAnd just to put that in perspective, Ninja Gaiden 3 shipped 630,000 units and Warriors Orochi 3 moved 480,000 units worldwide. Dead or Alive 5 will have a global release in September.


The game also features a crossover with Virtua Fighter and Tecmo Koei plans to expand their collaboration plans, which include games like One Piece: Pirate Warriors and Pokemon Conquest.


Dead or Alive 5 will have paid downloadable content. In fact, all of their core titles will according to Tecmo Koei’s latest financial report. All of those downloadable Dynasty Warriors 7 costumes brought in 250 million yen ($3.12 million) and Warriors Orochi 3 DLC racked up another 45 million yen ($560,000).


Gust, which is now a Tecmo Koei subsidiary, reported 1.25 billion yen ($15 million) in sales and 486 million yen ($6 million) in operating revenue. Tecmo Koei plans to expand Gust’s brands by developing social games and holding the first ever Gust fan event in July.

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  • MrKappa

    Of course NG3 only “shipped” 630,000 but I’m sure it didn’t even sell half of that shipment with how bad the game was received.

    But DoA5 selling 1 million? By when do they hope to accomplish this? I’m sure it will eventually but I would not count on it within a years time. Of course they already know this and plan to make it up with… DLC. No longer will we see characters with 4+ costumes, they will now have 2 and the rest will go for $1.99 or $2.99 and the sad thing is they will sell.

    Just look at the facts, 3 million off DLC alone? And in a game like DW7? Are you kidding me? I think I’m sick.

    • raymk

      They will get a million with DOA5 they should get this very easy. Its on 2 consoles unlike DOA4 and DOA4 itself sold a million on 360 alone.  DOA5 should take this easy and DOA actually gets commercials.  If were going by the demo characters have 6 costumes apiece.  Also what are you talking about DOA4 only had about 4 or 5 costumes without DLC and DOA3ds had up to 10 costumes apiece that were free.  Are you trolling I know you have the kappa face and name so you might be. 

      • Quite certain there’s a list or wikia you can pull to confirm that without implicating someone as a troll, which he isn’t.

        • raymk

          He may not be a troll but he’s most def not looking at things fairly here.  Everything has DLC and as long as DLC isn’t on disk or characters for a fighter it shouldn’t matter.  DLC is basically the same thing as holding off stuff for a game sequel.

  • WingsOfEternity

    With all that they have done with DoA, they’re pretty much better off making a eroge spinoff, maybe that will sell a million units

    • Givemeblood…Nyaa

      Lol impossible it’s almost a miracle when a visual novel sell more then 100K copies nodaway.

      Even at their prime really few visual sold more then 500K copies.

      And i mean visual novel not eroge for an eroge to reach one million even a miracle couldn’t do that

      • WingsOfEternity

        I’m trying to say they have a better chance of selling a million copies by making a hentai game rather than a fighting game.

  • Ladius

    I’m happy about DW7 and Warriors Orochi 3 doing well, after DW6’s flop Omega Force has shown they can still handle the Musou franchise efficiently (it’s really unfortunate we won’t get Samurai Warriors 3 Empires in English, though).
    Regarding WO3, the sales data are really encouraging: the Japanese LTD afaik is 380k, and that means another 100k were soldshipped (I imagine the latter, but who knows) in the US and Europe since then, even if the game was a PSN-only deal for PS3 American users.
    Their goal regarding DoA5 doesn’t look particularly realistic, though.

  • brian yep

    Gust developing social games?
    I’m beginning to think that Japanese studios are conspiring and going into casual/social games so we otaku will start branching out and have social lives.
    The humanity. ;-;

    • Ladius

      Gust is a really small developer, and it’s in Koei Tecmo’s best interest to keep them working on consolehandheld games like the Atelier and Surge Concerto games.

      Social spinoffs could very well be outsourced or developed by KT themselves with Gust’s supervisionart direction.

      I was really worried about Gust’s future when they were bought by KT, but after Atelier Ayesha and Ciel no Surge I think they’ve still got the same amount of creative freedom as before (CnS is probably the riskiest, most experimental game they’ve ever released, too, and yet it managed to outsell every past Gust handheld game).

      •  Keep in mind they’re currently being treated as a subsidiary, the parent companies normally let those continue with their business as long as they don’t start messing up too badly or continue to do so, and gives them more funding to do abit more. It’s for this reason why Disney has pretty much stay the heck out of Marvel’s way, and they have been going over like gang busters for awhile now.

  • Givemeblood…Nyaa

    In a few years we will start to hear developers complain about how social game don’t sell so well anymore.

    They will start to blame everything and everyone except that maybe it’s because they have released to many social games in small amount of time…

  • They would sale more copies of Dead or Alive 5 if they release the demo to everybody. And not just the people who wasted the money on Ninja Gaiden 3, which any gamer can and will beat in a day, two if they have a life. 

  • Dantis

    Considering how low NG3 sales are, I would say that they’re aiming way too high.

    • raymk

      No really DOA has always been a bigger seller than NG.  Besides that NG was crap and it got bad feedback from day 1, unlike DOA5 which has a very positive reception.  Of course there’s some people that aren’t happy about a few things but even DOA4 put up a million units this should be able to do that easy. 

      • Dantis

         I loved DOA4, but DOA:D was a letdown, NG3 was beyond a letdown, and DOA5 seems to be DOA4 with much nicer graphics and QTEs.

        • That’s funny, DOA:D actually got a pretty decent reception. Also everyone keeps complaining about Ninja Gaiden 3 sucking, but it’s mostly chalked up to them doing too much in package. A few changes would have been fine without alienating people, and yeh I plan on getting it once I get Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1,2, and that DS one.

          • Dantis

             It’s not that they did too much, it’s that they changed the direction. They tried way too hard to make it more cinematic, which ruined the combat, and they tried too hard to add a story, which was laughable.

            The problem with the campaign wasn’t that it was unpolished or short (Although it was a lot shorter than the previous two), it was that it was just bad.

        • raymk

          I don’t get why you people keep baseing DOA5 on NG3 when they are different games to form an opinion.  People don’t do this with other company games so why are you doing it with tecmo.  I knew NG3 was going to suck out of the gate after seeing the enemy gameplay, I bought it for the demo.

          • Dantis

             Because it’s by the same team. And people DO do this with other games. It’s mostly common sense.

          • raymk

            Except its not made by the same team its made by the same company.  Not even every call of duty is made by the same team.

  • Nitraion

    WHy DLC again…….. damn they gonna sell costume i’m gonna pay ==

  • Stranger On The Road

    perhaps a bundled Dead or Alive Extreme 3 or Dead or Alive Paradise 2 could help move few more copies of Dead or Alive 5 :-P

    a comment on, Ciel no Surge, the downside is, the game require an internet connection, you can’t start to play without an connect and it will check for the connection while you play… me hate that. With that being said, the bit I played of it only utilized the touchscreen of the PS Vita and didn’t require me to use any of the buttons. I wonder if Gust is going to release Ciel no Surge on the mobile phones as well!

  • As long as DOA5 doesn’t introduce cheap bosses (see DOA4), or a baffling choice in camera angles for a boss fight (see DOA3), I’ll be happy.

    And while I can see NG3 being a disappointment for certain fans, using it as a basis to blast another in-development game by team ninja (or Tecmo itself, for that matter) just goes against my principles. However, I will admit that I liked NG3.

    • boundries_san

      UUmm….. Cheap boss exist in almost of fighting game u know.^^
      KoF=Igniz and the others(Shiki)
      Tekken= Super crazy ogre bossSF= Seth full power mode
      Hokuto no Ken= Ken-OH(not Raoh)

      And i can said i really like them as it makes me feels that the games is not too easy to finish.

      • venomryu

        let me put skull girls on your list 

        •  Kudos points for naming Skullgirls :3 .

      • True, and I never liked cheap bosses in other fighting games simply because I don’t like cheap period.

  • just by virtue of dlc skimpy costumes and amazing breast physics and wet t-shirt effects guarantee a pre order from me

  • boundries_san

    Hmm 1 million worldwide eh?? It is not totally impossible. Koei will just need more effort on promoting the game here. The game already include Akira from Virtua Fighter series which for me already makes this game a Day one buy title.

    While for people who think that Gust doing a social game is a bad thing, remember they just release Ciel no Surge and planning to release the new Atelier title and not to mention with Koe helps, this time they are even able to had their own Gust big event.

    Be positive guys. Keep being negative is not going to makes things better here and who knows that we will find a new Atelier series for this new Gust event too?^^

    •  I’m not keen on social games because many of them are not that good and a lot of them require you to spend cash when they are suppose to be free. Even so, you do have the gems that are well done, and Insomniac Games is working on one themselves coming out later this year. As long as it is not a rushed piece of junk it should be fine.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    These companies need to stop doing this nonsense. Then they dont sell a million and they say nobody likes their games. Namco is doing it, wanting to sell 2million copies of Tekken Tag 2

    • raymk

      Why won’t namco sell 2 million of TTT2 when its popular worldwide.  Sometimes you have to sell that much to keep the company afloat.

  • ArcadiaSymphonia

    Well im buying sooo! Good luck though!

  • Light

    i’ve been a fan of DOA since 96!!!

  • DCBlackbird

    dead or alive hopes to sell 5 million please oh it says dead or alive 5 hopes to sell a million oh(feeling like an idiot)

  • Good luck with that. I doubt it unless it’s actually pretty good. Our standards have changed since ’06.

    • raymk

      I don’t think they have changed to much with people buying crap like ORC and other crap games.  So tell me what has changed since 06 other than games sell better than in 06 huh.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Crap to u but someone likes them crap games butt hurt much?

        • raymk

          Yes i’m butthurt, I bought the game and it wasn’t that good outside of online which I have to admit was pretty good.  Its bad for a RE game i’ll say that.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             Granted I give you that ORC did suck offline.

  • Maybe in an alternate universe where Dead Or Alive’s most defining trait is not the bloody jigggle physics. 

    • Sakurazaki

      That’s my universe, actually.

      I first plays DoA3 as a 9 year old in a Japanese department store. I didn’t understand sexual things. I played for fun, and it was.

      That interest still holds today. Your comment hurt. ;(

      • Well you played the best doa game, because 4 was a waste and doad was only a step back in te right direction. I doubt they will aim for the glory days with this.

      • XiaomuArisu

        Im not alone!
        I still play doa2 on my old ps2,not because of the boobies but because of the fast and fun yet simple gameplay.
        Some people forget that the fanservice is a bonus and the gameplay is important not the other way around.

  • Fire.fire.kun

    Not a fan of the new look of the characters, so you can count me out…

    • raymk

      You haven’t seen all of them yet and not buying the game cause the characters look different?  Can’t please any of you people can they. People won’t buy if they kept the plastic now a few minority won’t buy cause they made a change to the realistic look >_>.  This fanbase is horrible.

      • Fire.fire.kun

        I’m sorry. ><

        I may play it eventually, but not day 1… certainly not day 1…

        • raymk

          Not day 1 is fine no one has to buy games day 1, wasn’t trying to be mean either by the way cause after looking at my post it kinda comes off that way.

  • This will be the worst DOA game probably, the characters look ugly!!!
    This doesn’t even look like a real DOA game anymore… I’ve played the demo and it’s terrible, even DOA2 on Dreamcast is much better.

    • raymk

      Proves that you don’t have a clue what you are talking about.  The characters looking like this is the best thing to happen to the series.  What was so terrible about the demo that hasn’t been for past DOA demos and I could do with an answer that isn’t biased. 

    • Doctor Nebula

      I think that just may be your OP.

    • XiaomuArisu

      I know what you mean I miss the times where every doagirl had the same face and the fake plastic skin.I think doaParadise was the right direction just pure mindless digital boobs.
      I mean how dare they giving us characters with different faces,better skin and last but not least attractiv looking characters(yeah the guys count to)without ridicolous looking gigantic boobs…how….dare….hey wait a sec!

      • raymk

        Not to give away your post being sarcasm or anything but i’ve come to find out that the majority of people that wanted the same faces were never in it for the gamplay.  Its pointless to argue with them so I wouldn’t bother I’m not going to try anymore. 

    • Pope The Rev XXVIII

       You aren’t a true fan.

  • Setsuna ♥

    Maybe if they took the feedback from the fans who played the demos from the horrible NG3 preorder bonus then just maybe they can fix it in time. Otherwise they’ll only have there cover girl Kasumi advertising for them on the cover.

    • Sakurazaki

      I’m having trouble understanding what you are saying. What was wrong? Are we having less characters? I haven’t played the demo, so I dunno.

      • XiaomuArisu

        If the leaked list is true we will get more characters.2 more virtual fighters and 2 new doa fighters.
        If I understanded azure correct he(or she)means that team ninja should listen to the fans or the game will be bad if the demo is a indication of the complete game.
        BTW I havent played the demo,so I dont know if its bad.

  • GibbRS

    I for one welcome our new Tecmo/Koei/TeamNinja/Gust overlords.

    I’ve been a fan of DOA since the original (playing it in the arcade, and getting it on PS1 when it first launched), and I actually kind of like the new look of the characters.

    Regardless, I really hope Team Ninja doesn’t screw this game up.  I ran out and bought Ninja Gaiden 3 on release, and it ended up being one of the most disappointing games I’ve ever bought.  I even traded it in, and I almost never trade in games.

    From the videos I’ve seen, it looks like DOA5 is on track to be a pretty decent game, so I still have high hopes.

  • Alexander Marquis Starkey

    I’m calling it right now, Hyperdimension Neptune: Warriors of Gameindustri.

  • Göran Isacson

    So here’s what I’m wondering: how much have the Dead or Alive games sold so far?  What were the numbers on Dimension, or just DOA 4? I have no idea myself, but I haven’t seen that much that could draw in new blood except possibly the new art-style and… I dunno, the guest characters?

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