Nineteen Days Until Namco Bandai Reveals The Next Tales Of Game

By Spencer . May 14, 2012 . 2:03am


As reported earlier, Namco Bandai will announce a brand new Tales of title during the Tales of Festival 2012. No details about the game other than it’s going to be a mainline title like Tales of Xillia and Tales of Graces.


Before the game’s premiere, Namco Bandai will promote the next Tales of game with commercials in Fuji TV show Hey! Hey! Hey! on May 21 and May 28. Hideo Baba said he is interested in working with current hardware instead of the new consoles so that rules out a Wii U game. Anyone want to take a stab at the system?

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  • artemisthemp

    Hope it will be a Tales game for PS Vita.

    • James Beatty

      I’m thinking 3DS is much more likely. It would make more business sense to release it on the platform that is selling the best currently. 

      • jonoepic69

        dude no way for the 3ds. people r dumb its ps3 or vita preferably ps3

        • I hope is for the PS3 or Vita. The Xbox or 3DS is a mistake for this series.

  • Can’t wait for comments from True Fans of this game.

    • Nitraion

      NOoooo why you want that ==”
      i prefer “normal fans”

    • Julien_N

      Yeah, me too~
      Hum, on a side note, I still have Abyss 3DS to finish, it is really great and the battle system is so fun! =D

      • jonoepic69

        to be honest i thought the ps2 version was better the only difference is quick loading times for the 3ds but the graphics on the ps2 version was much better

        • Julien_N

          I can’t compare the two versions by myself as the PS2 port was not released here in Europe (And I don’t even have a PS2 to begin with), but I am not bothered by the graphics of the 3DS port.
          Plus, I saw a comparison video and I don’t think I would have stood those horrendous loading times for the 70 hours of my current Abyss 3DS playthrough. ‘^_^

    • jonoepic69

      yea tell me about it so many overly fanboys/girls its a disgrace to true fans. and im banking this is gonna be for ps3. i makes senses i dunno why the go to the vita when they already have innocence let alone  im pretty sure there gonna either remake hearts temptest or destiny 2 and rebirth for it so yea im banking on a ps3

      • CirnoLakes

         If y’all are using “true fan” or “fanboy/girl” as a derogatory towards the entitled folks out there, I’m not sure I agree with that. Fanboys and fangirls are the loyal folks, I think that terms like true fan aren’t great to use ironically, either, because it takes away from the dedicated and loyal fans who are worthy of that title unironically.

        The people who are demanding and entitled aren’t fanboys or fangirls and they’re not trying to act like “true fans” either. They’re a symptom of the gaming industry and media today. A lot of jRPG fans themselves have internalized media pressure today that has asserted that jRPGs are inferior. Therefor fans of all the games have come with high expectations and criticisms because they really want the genre to make a comeback and hold faith that it can, and that the slump the industry is asserting that jRPGs are in, can be fixed with enough tender loving attention to the games, and isn’t related to some ridiculous prejudice against androgyny and anime in Western gamers.

        If anything, Tales fans are far more accepting of mistakes and drawbacks than many other fandoms, in my experience.

        • “If anything, Tales fans are far more accepting of mistakes and drawbacks than many other fandoms, in my experience.”

          Not from ours… And we’ve had a lot of examples in many prior Tales threads. (What I’m gonna talk about here concerns the Western fans mainly; I assume Japanese fans don’t have to deal with localization issues, but best not quote me on that.) Many of them pan Innocence despite the fact that it was a generally functional game. Why? Mainly on the grounds that it wasn’t a Tales Studio creation; some also like to add that it “didn’t feel like a Tales title“. Even after the announcement that it’s to get a completely overhauled remake by the very studio they were demanding in the first place, they still had to make up trash talk like “The graphics look worse than Abyss 3DS” or something – true story, seen with my own eyes – even though the latter is only a PS2 port with little graphical updates, if at all. Tolerance? Doesn’t look like it. Some also scrutinize Legendia on similar reasons. These aren’t even mistakes! And I doubt many of them were thinking about whether good and convenient design elements are brought over when they complain. How about those complaints about how the story and/or characters are clichés, even though it should be expected by now if they’re such big fans?

          But that’s not all; there’s also the localization topic! There is always – always – those arguments that must have been done ad nauseum by now, but still return regularly: Sub VS Dub, Dual- VS Single-dub, and I’ve even seen a few… “special” people demand that the games be released with Japanese and English audio and text. (Nevermind that they could have just imported the original in that case.) Talks from people who didn’t buy the games because they “didn’t feel like Namco did it right” because there’s no Japanese dub isn’t an uncommon sight either.

          And then, there’s the desperate behavior they often have: Like the recent one with Graces f, “Buy this release in droves so that we get the next one too!”. I don’t want to curb their enthusiasm; they have their favorites, as I have mine. But at some point, they really just should calm down, take a deep breath, and think “Tales games are not a vital element, and I probably shouldn’t be getting so worked up.” They’re really nice games, no doubt. But they’re in a paradox when it comes to Western fans in the sense that they complain so much, which makes Namco even more hesitant to release the games (which are very Japan-oriented to begin with) overseas, and the cycle continues. And it has become a bit sad and unsightly… I mean, we are talking about a series whose owners has repeatedly expressed in the past that English releases are really low on their priorities. There are other JRPGs to be seeked out, you know; some of them really need more love.

          I have nothing in particular to say about each individual fan, but as a community, they seem incapable of coming to a unified agreement to what they want. Hell, if it’s about fandom union and tolerance, I can quite easily point to the Musou/Warriors community in comparison: Aside from occasional (and not unexpected) complaints, they’re quite unified in what they want – which, I assume, is why the games haven’t changed much at the core through the years.

          But, in the end, titles like “true fan” or “fanboy/fangirl” are just generalized labels; mere semantics. From what I see, it’s as simple as “A lot of Tales fans complain about a lot of different things.” and “There are a lot of complainers.”.

    • Nitraion

      Your wish come true now they have appeared…. just read the comment above….

  • I vote for PS3 now that I’ve seen the scan…

    Now I’m waiting for people to come in here and give out comments like “Not kiddy-looking Tales game??”, “Why is it not for the WiiU??’ and all other BS excuses…

    • “What, not Xillia DC? Come on fix thegame, its not complete.”
      “Better not suck like Xillia” “Lol, Tidalwave, lol”

      After the game came out

      “The game is too rushed” “Not enough costume DLC” “Gameplay is too easy”
      “Give me Director’s Cut version”

      • jonoepic69

        mehh i though it was complete . also i dont see the big deal with xillia. i played it and it lasted 50 plus hours. see the problem with jrpgs is when they import them they seem to rush through them and of course skip dialog cause they cant understand japanese so of course its gonna be considerably shorter when people dont complete everything. they took out hot spring even big deal lol . i though the storys were good i mean fans complain and moan they want a tales game well im takin what i get because its rare for us to get many tales games anymore. and tbh it is mostly the fans faults we get them and then they complain ohh the story is childish ohh the whole friend ship theme is lame. its like wow?? u guys bitch and moan  to want them and when u get them there problems. most tales fans want perfection. n its not gonna happen all game shave there werid things about them. so i say xillia is great and we should complain

      • boundries_san

        ……*facepalm* Umm have u played the game urself??? Or u just follow what the other fans does?

        Is what i will complain againts those Tales elitist lol.

      • So true. Fans are hard to please. But maybe they’re just a vocal minority, and the rest silently send fan mail to the creators with love. :D

        Eh? Eh? No?

      • CirnoLakes

         I think where the idea that the games are rushed is coming from, is that the stories don’t feel as complete as Tales of Symphonia. I hate to jump on a bandwagon, but what many people felt Tales was good at after playing that game, was multiple plot twists.

        I like new Tales of games, but I have to admit, I found their plot a bit underwhelming in comparison to previous titles. It was incredibly fresh when games like Symphonia and even the Abyss came out. It’s like they would take all these RPG and fantasy cliches, and turn them on their heads. And when they did it would be massive and plot twist. And when you started up a new Tales game, it would leave you excited and anticipating when everything would become deeper and more epic and when that plot twist would hit. It was also known for having drama that made you think. Like how Chrono Trigger had one of the deepest and most intelligent takes on time travel in a video game, Symphonia had one of the deepest takes on fantasy racism in a game. And Tales of the Abyss has likely made me cry more bitter tears than any other game. And every time you thought you were approaching the end of the game, there would be more.

        One thing that jRPGs should never do, is work up to one cliche final boss and that’s it. And that’s exactly what games like Symphonia and Abyss did in spades. With multiple epic moments and cooldown periods. Tales of Vesperia wasn’t bad, but it seemed somewhat underwhelming in comparison, especially considering how undeveloped the antagonists were in comparison to previous titles. Fans who have played Symphonia are aware that they can do amazing things, and would like to see them do it. They don’t have to, but it would sure be great. Personally, I would really like to see them try to outdo Symphonia. I would wait ten years if they could do that.

        • “Symphonia had one of the deepest takes on fantasy racism in a game.”

          It consists of over 90~95% (if not 100%) of elves and humans being hostile towards each other without any thought or reason, usually barring those in the player’s party. That’s really superficial, one-dimensional and stereotyped, as far as racism is concerned. Then again, NPCs in Phantasia-Symphonia universe were made pretty brainless and bigoted in the first place, so the writers were obviously forced-creating conflict to squeeze drama out of.

    • jonoepic69

      i never though they were kiddish also i dont agree that its gonna be ps3 n i hope so caus eim not a fan of the wii/u . also hideo baba did say he wants to do them on current gens . ps3 is the best answer for a new tales if its vita i guess its ok but mehh not impressed with the vita atm

  • Nitraion

    I wanna comment umm
    the color of font is like star ocean 4

    • C.C.

      Haha that’s what I was thinking

    • LustEnvy

       My body is ready. I loved SO4.

  • solbalmung

    Anyone Noticed the X in the “next” is almost the same as the one used in Xillia? Also the pinkish color remind me of Xillia too. Maybe the new game is a Xillia Sequel?
    Why not, as ToD got a sequel as did ToS.

    I bet its gonna be on PS3 too, with the huge success tha Xillila mustered on the PS3, it’s really stupid (I mean no offence to Xbox 360 fans) if they’re gonna switch to 360 (and the Wii is out of the question I think…).
    Can’t wait for the announcement 8]

    • brian yep

      And that “F…” is glowing.
      Tales of Xillia F?

      • jonoepic69


        • brian yep

          I know it was confirmed that it was going to be in a modern setting, but we didn’t know that as of this article and it’d technically be a mainline game and it would (should) make people stop complaining about it feeling incomplete.

    • Julien_N

      Off-topic, but I like your avatar.
      Baroque is really great! An amazing Console roguelike with an ominous atmosphere (complemented by great music), a unique real-time system (unique for roguelike standards), twisted ennemies, clever storytelling methods and some enjoyable difficulty.

      • malek86

        I have a Baroque avatar too, except it’s not nearly as easy to make out ><

        • Julien_N

          You’re right. I didn’t notice yours represented Eliza. I think the monochrome aspect of the avatar is the reason why it is more difficult to notice. The purple clothes combined with the long blonde hair should make her more easily recognizable.

          Still, props to you for having a Baroque avatar as well! %D

          • malek86

            It’s not easy to find good colored art of the original game. Most art comes from the remake, and I don’t like the characters redesign.

            Oh well, here’s to a good May 14th. *ching*

          • Julien_N

            There is still the official artwork from the original Saturn/PS1 release, available on HG101. ^^

            Yeah, that’s a good May 14th indeed. ^^

      • solbalmung

        Thanks, when I first played Baroque I was kinda prepared to some weird, bizarre game but not to that extent lol. Thrust into a Dystopian world populated with warped characters and your first task is to kill god (ironically asked by an angel). I was like WTH!
        A very memorable experience indeed =)

        • Julien_N

          What I liked about the story is that it was non-intrusive (instead of shoving hour-long cutscenes down your throat), it makes you actively think and search clues in order to understand it and it justifies the roguelike mechanics such as the perma-death or the randomization of the floors.
          The religious overtones were very welcome as well. I am not a believer at all but I liked the relation between the Order of Malkuth and the Absolute God, it is an interesting one. The other characters are very twisted and that’s what’s great about them. My favorite is the goddamn Coffin Man. XD

          Baroque is a great experience and I’m annoyed that the mainstream “reviewers” totally missed the point and bashed it as they do with any niche game anyway…but, hey, that does not restrain myself from enjoying it! I still have plenty of bonus dungeons to conquer and an inventory to complete (I think this one is extremely long to do, however)

  • i also Vote for Xillia 2
    the ending was a real cliffhanger imo

    • jonoepic69

      mehh we dont need another xillia  n its not . its a brand new mother ship title i dotn consider sequals mother ship titles

  • RmanX1000

    Dont care. Just dont do what was done with Vesperia.

    • jonoepic69

      honestly i though vesperia was one of the worse tales ever i liked it but least fav ending and plot could of been better. but over all was decent n glad we at least got it

      • Anime10121

         The plot wasn’t that great, but the characters (oh the characters) were the BEST full cast I’ve seen in the series.  And it helped that it was extremely nice to look at.  I went through the whole game not paying much attention to the plot, but putting more focus on its awesome characters and how they evolved.

      • CirnoLakes

         I know people are going to blame me of being too entitled and harsh. And I own a limited edition copy of the game, a normal edition of the game, and a Japanese copy of the game. And own them happy and proudly, and that English limited edition is worth $200 or more.

        But I’m going to have to repeat that harsh “rushed” criticism. The ending of Vesperia felt rushed. It felt more like a random boss rush than something that was heavily and well foreshadowed. In Final Fantasy IX Necron isn’t near as bad as this, because Necron is actually pretty cool and symbolic. And serves as mostly a bonus. And Kuja is well developed for a long time. And the Entelexeia angle was one of the weaker Tales plots I’ve seen. Estelle reminds me of a weaker version of Colette, and the blastia seems like a weaker and less intriguing plot motivation than the exspheres.

        I think that, at the very least, Vesperia had the potential to be a great deal more. Please don’t think I’m being one of those “bad fans” I keep hearing about here at Siliconera. I just want to see Tales be the best it can be.

  • Prinnydoom

    Ps3 exclusive do it, do it now >___< 

    • jonoepic69

      agreed my friend i hope so

  • malek86

    Most definitely PS3, although something tells me they might go multiplatform from the start, like so many other developers this gen (and many other games from Namco itself). It would depend on whether they intend to localize it or not, I guess. Considering the low numbers the series pulls outside Japan, it might be a way to expand their audience.

    On the plus side, if they do make it multiplatform, it would be a 99% confirmation that it will be localized.

    • jonoepic69

      i think itz ps3 its gotta be

    • Not that I have anything against you but if they were to go multiplatform then they would have done so in the first place starting with Vesperia… Tales series is not really a big budgeted household name and I doubt Namco would want to risk doing it on a non-PS3 platform just like what Vesperia did to the Tales studio… Considering low numbers the series has pulled outside of Japan, Namco wants to play safe(Like most companies would do this gen)….

      99% confirmation?? With Tales series, they’re not….

      • malek86

        Companies have noticed, though, that multiplatform is the best way to go in the west. Even Atlus did, which is why they made Catherine on 360 too, despite it obviously going to get bad sales in Japan. And that certainly wasn’t a particularly big budget game.

        Which is why I said it would depend on their plans. With what happened to Abyss and Graces F being released in a similar timeframe, it does look like Namco is currently giving Tales another chance at localization. I’m not sure if they are doing so just to appease the fans, or if they actually have plans for the series’ future here… if it’s the latter, it’s possible they might start doing multiplatform games. If not, they’ll stick to the PS3, since that’s where the series sells best in Japan. I would hope they actually have plans though, because otherwise, we’ll always be stuck in the current situation where we don’t know if each game is gonna be localized or not.

        • Catherine is aiming for the adult audience unlike Tales aiming for teens which most of people from the west dislike…

          If it does sell well outside of Japan, they’re maybe thinking of multiplatform but for now Namco rather looks at other profitable IPs like Naruto, Dragonball and such.. They probably want to play it safe with Tales and see how it goes first before attempting to do anything else..

          Plus I don’t recall the Tales series has gotten any multiplatform titles other than ports or enhancements…

  • Xillia 2 or not, at least we know it’s a mothership title..
    Loved Xillia, would also love it if it’s really Xillia 2.. But an entirely new title would be very much welcomed too!
    I just hope it’ll be exclusively for PS3.. And the most important thing is, Namdai please localize!

    Note: A true Tales fan should only give positive and constructive criticism if they feel the game is lacking something. If someone can only complains about this and that without even seeing the good sides of the game and doesn’t even care about anything else, they can never be considered as a true Tales fan.
    We should be grateful that Tales of series are still alive up and running until now.

  • Go2hell66

    Tales of Xillia 2

  • C.C.

    As long as it’s PS3 exclusive. :D

    • Microsoft paid a ton of money to grab exclusive rights to stir up xbox sales in japan lol

    • boundries_san

      …… This again?

    • CirnoLakes

      I don’t like it when any game is exclusive to one system. It makes games less approachable, and forced people to buy certain systems.

      Although I can see why many people have clamored for this sort of thing during this generation. Non-jRPG fans don’t realize it, because we’ve come from a very different discipline and jRPGs have almost always been platform exclusives. I don’t think our discipline of the SNES and PlayStation days holds onto anything anymore, it doesn’t have any kind of esteem, and people today would look at you funny if you said you prefer to system exclusives, because non-exclusives don’t look as interesting to you. I definitely know why we’ve gotten used to this mentality, though, as the jRPG fanbase grew up with important games like Mario and Sonic and Zelda being system exclusives, and most jRPGs being system exclusives to the SNES during its generation, and most jRPGs being exclusives to the PlayStation during its generation, and the mass exodus from Nintendo to Sony.

      I can see how it has also helped to survive during this generation, when people are worried about games that would never get a PC release, like a jRPG, be on the best hardware possible and not have limitations. And how multiplatform has actually messed things up and made things more exclusive, like with the Tales of Vesperia fiasco, Westerners missing out on the vastly superior PlayStation 3 version, and thus, an entire party member.

      I’m torn here, I think that games being exclusive to one system is going to start to become a thing of the past more than ever. But I kind of want it to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive kind of, myself. I want them, at least, to release one solid version of the game, and not be tempted to make several lesser versions, until they release the ultimate, final version of the game. Also, if they wanted to add any DLC to the game, the PlayStation Network is a lot more friendly than XBLA and does not require a paid subscription.

      • malek86

        Just one correction: you don’t need to pay the XBL subscription to buy DLC or Arcade games. If MS did that, they would be shooting themselves in the foot.

        The Vesperia and Graces fiascos wouldn’t have happened if Namco had made them multiplatform from the start. So yeah, I would blame exclusives here, not multiplatform games. Multiplatform games are good because you can play them with any console, while exclusive games are bad because they force you to buy all consoles to play them. Only tecnophiles who want to see the best possible graphics have a reason to prefer exclusives… but I doubt a series like Tales is trying to push any console to the max, so the argument doesn’t even hold here.

        Overall, like you said, people want exclusives simply because they are used to the idea of japanese games being mostly platform-exclusive in the past (and maybe fanboys too, but I’ll leave them out of this argument). Someone will say that exclusive games are good for increasing competition, but that’s a weak excuse. As a matter of fact, multiplatform games increase the competition between developers.

  • KotaroInugami

    Non PS3 system followed by PS3 remake with added content… Sounds about right.

  • I’m dying of curiosity already ;_; Can’t wait! 19 days is a long time ahah!

  • Just wanted to posted this for anyone thinking it’s a sequel:

    Clearly doesn’t look like it, if it’s a mainline/mothership title it should be completely new :)

    Also, it’s been a good while since both Graces and Vesperia and Xillia was developed by parts of both team destiny and symphonia with the others likely working on teh sekret projekts so it’s possible it could be by either team and is likely PS3 (I’m certainly hoping so!).

  • jazzlover511

    vita? I hope so

  • I suppose it’s possible but with scenery like that I really hope not. 

  • AokiShizuku

    As long as the game isn’t rushed and doesn’t feel like a bare-bones game I’m happy for them to take as long as they need to finish the game.

    Also, please…no more DLC costumes. For the love of god!

    •  to tell you the truth dlc outfits for rpgs when the game already come with a couple is that really too bad? you know how many rpg where i wished i could change their looks? Asbel been looking like kyle since the get go lol

    • Givemeblood…Nyaa

      And why not ?

      It help them making more money to make more Tales in the future and it’s not like the dlc costumes are gamebreaking, don’t buy them if you don’t want them.

      Also you always have a few costumes already included in each Tales

    • boundries_san

      No more costume DLC? It is still better than we need to buy scenario DLC here.

      At least costume is not needed for living.

    • I don’t mind DLC costumes, but if they take out staples that usually come with the game and make us pay for them…. eeeehhh… I can’t help but feel ripped off.

      I mean, c’mon. I’ve had a maid in my party in almost every recent Tales game for free. :< Don't do this to meeeeee…

    • RedShadoww

      I don’t mind dlc costumes as long as the game is packed with them. I mean they had 30+ with vesperia and abyss but then the number went down by half with graces and then almost completely gone in Xillia with only 4. I honestly won’t be surprised if this new Tales of game has none.

  • DLC costumes are nice under one condition: They don’t strip them from the game almost entirely (I’m looking at you Xillia) and make most of them DLC. 15th Anniversary Title and it had 4 costumes, wtf Namco. Compare with Vesperia which had half a dozen for EACH character at least and a bunch of DLC ones too.

    One thing I’m really hoping is that they use UFO Table for animation again, Production IG has been going steadily downhill for years and it shows in how superior Xillia’s animation was (though admittedly they likely had a bigger budget too due to the anniversary). Not holding out much hope though, they’ve used IG for years and aren’t really likely to change I guess.

  • keithmaxx

    Having played through Xillia, I am NOT for having a sequel… though the ending was a cliffy I feel like it might turn out something like Ratatosk… and we know how THAT went.

    Anyway, going by the screenshots of environment/scenery in the new mothership title, I’m betting it’d have a considerably contrasting setting. Though Tales being what it is, it will of course inevitably involve magics and fantasy worlds.

    • Anime10121

       But Ratatosk wasn’t a mothership title (Developed by main members of the Tales of team), this game has been confirmed to be one.

  • KuroiKen

    Really hope this game will be developed by the same people who made Tales of Graces, meaning – Team Destiny.
    If not – ditching the series until their next game. Well, I have many games to play, and to come, and all are in japanese. Also would be great if it’s multi-platform, like Wii U/PS3 or X360/PS3, or even 360/PS3/WiiU.

    • C.C.

      PS3 only is fine. :P

  • riceisnice

    Tales of the iPhone.

  • boundries_san

    Well any new Tales is always better for me and for those who hated them, pliz just go away. Game is meant to be fun here not to create some problem between each gamer.

  • Hopefully PS3. No region locked syztems please!

  • I dont wanna buy a japnese 3DS. Freaking Nintendo with their region locking. Either PS3 or Vita. Xbox no thanks due to lack of importin.

  • Yo I want another 2D Tales game.  Is that too much to ask?

    • zaedaus

      when there are many complaints about graces inferior graphic… i can’t imagine how the whiners gonna react if they get a localized 2d tales game on ps3

      • One needs only look at Rayman Origins or BlazBlue to know that ‘2D’ does not mean inferior, not by a long shot.

        • zaedaus

          Completely agree with you, it’s just some people can’t share the same thought as us

          • It’s sad, really.  Rayman Origins may very well be the most creative, fleshed out and beautiful 2D sidescroller ever made (at the very least, of this generation), and a lot of people I talked to said ‘man it was overpriced they should have been on PSN for 10 dollars’, with their only argument being that it was a 2D game.

          • Anime10121

             Yep I can agree when you say that Rayman is the most beautiful looking 2-D platformer ever and that the art alone was worth the full price of admission, however I never liked Rayman’s gameplay and that’s the reason I never bought it.

    • Anime10121

       Yep cuz, it’ll just get dogged the same way Legendia did when it came out after the “3D Revolution” of the series.  I liked the 2D battle systems too (I also love the 3D ones), but sadly we wont see them again.

      • Seriously.  Narikiri Dungeon X/Destiny DC and Rebirth have much more interesting combat than any of the 3D games.  I’d love them to build upon that; Graces was a big step in the right direction for interesting 3D Tales combat but I still prefer what those other games did.

    • MrRobbyM

      Yes. If it was 2D, it would definitely not get localized. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see one too, but it’s just not going to happen. At least not for home consoles.

  • Lenne

    Can’t wait… i love Tales or any other Jrpg for that matter xD

  • Don’t care as long as it’s localized. It’s time for America to get some Tales games again. Graces was a nice step in the right direction, but we need more dammit!

  • CANT WAIT !! every tales announcement makes my heart thump !!
    and reaaallly hoping for it to get localized

    • MrRobbyM

      I approve of your avatar. Yuri is awesome :)

    • Good luck playing the game first my friend, you’re awesome not like those people lol.
      Still waiting for Xillia localization and I’m not ashamed for begging the game and I hope this one will to, wait doesn’t matter as long as it happens.

  • Darkrise

    I hope it won’t be a vita or 3DS title… But judging from the screen shots, it’s most likely a ps3 title.

  • Shadowman

    Hopefully it’s one for the 3DS. 

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’m starting to think Namco has a fetish for countdown sites…

  • MrRobbyM

    As if I wasn’t hyped enough, they had to have a countdown to drive me insane. Thanks Bamco ;/

  • So long as they take their time with this one, isn’t beta or lots of scrapped ideas from rushing, and the localize it, I’ll be happy.

  • Namco trained me not to get excited when they pull inconsistent localizations and enhanced port shenanigans. >_<

    That said I'll be too busy catching up with Graces whenever anyways.

  • The graphics  say PS3 so lets go with that

  • Well, it seems there’s a possibility it could indeed be related to Xillia:

    Them be Elempios runes. (Just been pointed to it by a friend, I take no credit for finding them)

    edit: have to say after talking to above mentioned friend I’m quite liking the idea of a game set in Elempios. We hardly saw any of the place after all and after the events of Xillia it’d be nice to see how things are going in say a few years’ time (or maybe even longer).

  • imma take a stab and said PS3 or PSV

  • Nitraion

    Giving suggestion game will be ps3 or psv
    how about PS3 crossplay PSV that will be great lol

  • 3DS. No such thing as too many system sellers!

    • CirnoLakes

      I love Nintendo. Don’t let my words in the “open thread” fool you. In terms of software, they have Zelda and Mario and Pokemon and their characters and franchises are a comfort zone to me. There’s hardly anything in terms of mainstream gaming that feels friendlier to me than seeing Link or Pikachu or something. I love Nintendo.

      On the other hand, the 3DS is a terrible decision on their part. Not necessarily the 3D, they had to do something, anything to update the DS and they went for more than just hardware improvements(their only alternative really was to abandon the “DS” title for the next project).

      But in general, the 3DS isn’t all that solid of a system. At the very least, because of the fact it’s one of the only region locked handhelds ever. And considering what Tales is, that’s going to force a lot of people to IMPORT a Japanese 3DS. Do we really want to force more people into buying a region locked system?

      I do actually own a 3DS because I can never go without the kind of exclusives it comes with. Same with any system, I own pretty much every system that exists. But thus far, I ONLY own the Japanese version of the 3DS. Because not only can I not much afford to buy two of them when I have so many other expenses, I don’t like sending the message that region locking is okay and that I’ll buy a copy of a system that only supports playing games from my country. Surely someone out there keeps up with how many times things are imported. And I want to show how much importing interest this system has generated.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    TALES OF 19 DAY!? EXCELL…wait just a second…¬¬

    Oh well, any new Tales of is good news for me…
    18 days until name announcement.

  • MrRobbyM
  • E15

    Hmm, I just had a ’24 countdown’ moment.

    Pretty much guaranteed to be on a Sony system. Now I’ll bet its the PS3.

  • eilegz

    now if they release the game in america….

  • Rollersnake

    Geez, they just keep churning them out, don’t they?

    That’s not a statement on the quality of the games—I’m just amazed at how large this series has grown in relatively little time.  This is going to be #14 in the main series, and that’s not even getting into all the spinoffs like Tales of the World and what not.  It’s as big as Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy had an EIGHT YEAR head start.

  • Klaus00

    10 bucks on the Main Character being a shota

    • RedShadoww

      *crossing fingers for someone like Yuri or Leon*

    • takopako

      i want a female protagonist. or a sexy man who is old enough to grow facial hair. lol. 

      • MrRobbyM

        Or they can just use Yuri again.

        Fine with me.

  • still waiting on xillia localization… ;w;

  • Draparde

    Can’t wait to see what it’s all about! it’s probably going to be for the ps3. 

  • epy

    While I would really prefer it to be PS3 exclusive, as long as its not 3DS or 360 exclusive I’m fine. Region lock really kill those platforms for me.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Oh cool! It’s going to be on my birthday with the commercial! Happy birthday to me! ^_^

    Anyway I think it’s going to be on the PS3, it’s a mothership title right? I can’t wait to see it.

  • Is it weird that when I saw “interested in working with current hardware” I immediately thought Gamecube/PS2? XD That’d be interesting to see.

  • RedShadoww

    I really don’t want a Xillia 2…Hoping it’s a new game.

    • look at what happened with Tales of Destiny 2, it was a huge success. Don’t shoot it down yet

  • LustEnvy

    Tales of Steampunkonia. LETS DO DIS

  • 19 days?!  That’s like, 456 hours!!! *prances in place*

    I suspect it will be the PS3.  The art looks lovely.  Can’t wait!

  • YamiWhoo

    Something about the scans remind me of FFIX, for some reason…

    That being said, can’t wait <3<3<3 I shall be sitting here on my computer…waiting~

  • Tales of (Starts with an F)

  • shirayuki75

    My body is ready.

  • CirnoLakes

    I want it. I need it.

    Oh Tales take me now.

  • SupaPhly


  • SupaPhly

     Exclusive to apple pippin 2

  • Neko Kawaii

    I’m happy another game is coming but sad knowing it wont come in english ;-;

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