This Is Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown On The Xbox 360 And PS3

By Ishaan . May 17, 2012 . 4:01pm

Yesterday, Sega announced a date for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 port of the game’s updated arcade release. Now, you can catch a glimpse of the XBLA and PSN game in a new trailer below:



Final Showdown will cost $15 in North America (more price details here). Sega also plan to release DLC items that you can use to customize all 19 fighters in the game. The update itself adds features like two new characters, and eight-player Online Room Match Mode, and the ability to record and upload matches.


Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown will be released on June 5th for PlayStation Network and June 6th for Xbox Live Arcade.

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  • they should put ryu hayabusa or kasumi from dead or alive in this since they have the karate guy in doa5

    • Guest

       This is an arcade port not a new game

  • takopako

    the only thing that makes me consider this is the customiztion… @[email protected]

  • Shadowman

    Day one buy. I don’t know if I want lolipop chainsaw now maybe later.

  • Day one. I hope a bigger and more passionate VF community arises from this release.

  • Kris

    I’ve got Devil May Cry 3 in HD.
    Soon I’ll have Virtua Fighter 5: FS with online play.

    New games don’t even have to come out anymore, I’ll just play these two forever.

  • Sakurazaki

    So is this $15 for an actual game or is it DLC like for SSFIV:2012?

    • Guest

       Its an arcade port for $15. full online game with tutorial

      You pay extra for clothes and decorative items (if you want to)

  • KingGunblader

    Ah so stoked for this! I have such fond memories of VF4:EVO.

    It really saddens me where we live in a world in which no one except hardcore fighters will play this $15 gem, yet Capcom can somehow justify rereleasing its fighters 6 times at full price. :/

    And even when they’re NOT full-priced, they’re still more than fifteen bucks!

    • boundries_san

      Well not anyone had the time to slowly learn all the technique in VF series as ther will be no more “lucky input” in the game. Only precise input and timing will help u master this game.^^

  • Definitely broke a controller playing VF4.  Great game, honestly, but too much to learn for me.

    • boundries_san

      Which is why this is only for hardcore fighting game lover.^^ Well hope that u will try this game, and who knows we will be able to fight each other online.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Haven’t played VF in over 15 years XD  Since I was so little and new to video games, my brother help me clear arcade mode with the old drunk guy and Pai lol  
    This is gonna be a blast. Cant wait to see how much its changed X3

  • boundries_san

    June 6th!!! The day where the ultimate fighting game experience is going to come.
    *Circle my calender*^^

  • Setsu Oh

    it s cute that they want in NOW.
    soon capcom will have released so many different versions of darkstalkers and svt that vf6 will arrive in the indifference of everyone.

    i think i saw around thirty items per optional attire. i hope it will be true for every  char. i would hate to have to buy items for X char who has only two pants available while akira has thity two.

    that and no under title will make me forget that that game  was out WITH THE PS3, ok? i don’t care which version it is, vf5 was playing to my right when i was playing boring resistance on ps3s release day!
    the game will be ten in four years. they could have at least ad a story to go with. barbones fighting games are boring.

  • Jahmere Durham

    Ive been playing nothing but virtua Fighter 5 online for almost 2 weeks now. Cant wait for this game

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