Learn The Ropes Of Akai Katana With Rising Star’s Tutorial Series

By Ishaan . May 19, 2012 . 3:00pm

Rising Star Games released Cave’s Akai Katana in North America this past week. Since then, they’ve been running a series of training videos to acquaint players with hitboxes, attack and defense, how to maximize your score, do more damage to enemies, and tactics for collecting steel and gold. You can watch the first two videos in the tutorial series below, and more on Rising Star’s YouTube page:


Part 1: Powering up the Fighter



Part 2: Powering the Phantom (Defense Mode)


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  • Saw this game in gamestop yesterday, wasn’t sure what it was.

  • Godmars

    Really missing why a side scrolling shooter needs so many tutorial videos. 

    • Code

      Cave mechanics; unless you play a lot of Cave’s shmups, usually it helps to read up or see them explained like this. Since with all Cave’s shmup’s it’s not always apparent from the go just how you score, or the benefits of alternate attack modes.

      When I turned it on this morning, I discovered it plays through the tutorials on the title screen; and it was pretty helpful actually in helping clarify how to build up Katanas faster in Slash mode, I literally doubled my best score in the first run after watching it o3o;

      • It also helps to check the leaderboard and watch other players’ videos too!

        • Code

          Definitely >w<; I learned the importance of watching replays with Raiden Fighters Aces, it was definitely a large part of how I achieved the scores I did in it owo; 

      • Godmars

         Meh. In the olde days were thrown in like a Spartan threw his child to a pack of wolves. No hand holding.

        • Code

          mhm but that is your choice, and they are giving players a choice, which is good for helping broad the appeal of a very narrow/niche genre owo;

          I always enjoy playing a flat run to see what I can learn before I look up the mechanics myself. But I can’t deny it’s very helpful to have the tutorials (and full color booklet >w<~). That being said Cave's always struggled with helping new players o3o;

          • Godmars

             What is this “choice” of which you speak? You either dropped a quarter in the machine, or you didn’t. The more quarters you put in more than often the better you got. Again, no hand holding.

            Also wasn’t the only thing you did was thread needles.  

          • Code

            Sadly I never grew up with arcades in my area o3o; I see what your referring to now. Could at least watch attraction mode before dropping a quarter I suppose o3o~

  • revenent hell

    Befor I knew what type of game it was I wanted it based off of the charecter artwork….and then I read about it and became uninterested,I dont get much enjoyment out of shoot em ups so this game lost my interest quickly.
    But I will say I like alot of aspects of the game and if I liked this genre id definantly buy it.

    • Pope The Rev XXVIII

       Real men play shmups

      • revenent hell

        Spare me. I find the gameplay boring after a few minuts so I gave up on playing them…… though this did remind me when I was little I played a sega atari? game where you played as a lill triangular ship and had to shoot down  spikey orange things and whatnot in space and go threw “pipes” that took you to different levels….hmmmm Starships sounds like the game but it dosent look visually the same and I swear it began with an R… Robo something?…It used to glitch and I would think I was taken to a special “ABC” world because all you would see where  letters….My first video game now I miss it 

  • Code

    Absolutely loving Akai Katana so far, potentially my favorite Cave shmup, it reminds me a ton of Progear actually >w<; I highly, highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in trying it, or has even the slightest interest in shmups. It's absolutely superb~

  • doubletaco

    I’ve got mixed feelings about Akai Katana. While it is no doubt one of Cave’s most gorgeous shmups, I actually had to go onto system11 to find out just how the game’s core systems worked. Normally I only have to do that for scoring tips, not to know exactly what the hell is going on.

    We’ll see if I end up liking it more, but as I play I find myself wanting to pop in DDP Resurrection instead.

    • Code

      I had to look up for both actually. I felt like the benefits of different modes in Ressurection weren’t quiet as clear as they were in Dai-ou-Jou, and had to look up if I was playing it right x3x; But in general after looking up Akai Katana’s mechanics, I really been enjoying it, definitely one of my top three Cave games owo;

      • doubletaco

         I think it’s the conflicting objectives that I’ve got a problem with.

        On the one hand you have your ship which (obviously) must dodge bullets, while you also have your option which you need to throw into bullets to charge energy. Keeping track of two objects doing essentially the opposite thing in a bullet hell game is a bit much for me.

        I don’t regret my purchase though — I am all for seeing more Cave games either region-free or given proper overseas releases, and Rising Star has done a bang-up job on the ones they’ve released so far.

        • Code

          Yeah definitely. I find usually the Energy orbs charge up fairly fast without purposely running them over bullets, but I definitely know what you mean, it sometimes makes you play less then safe to speed up charging them >3<;

          I find myself enjoying Slash mode more myself, but the game really does make you keep track of a lot, for both modes, especially if you wanna score. Still I think with a little more practice/time the mechanics will be fairly natural and a person won't have to attribute as much thought to manipulating the option owo;

  • TrevHead

    I’ld say it really pays to watch the ingame tutorial rather than just playing the game willy nilly and expecting to pick it up as you play.

    That said once you get it (which doesnt need that much effort tbh) its very intuative to play both for survival and for score. Dodonpachi chaining it is not

  • boundries_san

    Akai Katana= Good game is good game lol.

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