Next Tales Of Artwork Almost Has A Final Fantasy Feel To It [Update: Teaser Video]

By Spencer . May 21, 2012 . 1:59am


Famitsu shared concept art for the Next Tales of project, which will be unveiled on June 2nd during the Tales Festival. Series producer Hideo Baba said the upcoming Tales game is a mothership title and will have a more modern style.


He wasn’t kidding. The Next Tales of title has giant cities and futuristic trains. The visual design almost feels like Final Fantasy or Lost Odyssey instead of a traditional anime inspired Tales game. Baba says the Next Tales of game will still play like other games in the series.


"Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of a girl," Baba says is a key phrase for the game’s story and gameplay systems.


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  • RedShadoww

    I really REALLY can’t wait to see gameplay. I love exploring these types of settings. 

  • Paradox me

    It’s nice to see them trying something different. Hopefully this art direction holds up in-game and manages to stand out from the Tales crowd, preferably with a more mature vibe.

    •  Isn’t that what people said about Xilia?

      • Paradox me

        I wouldn’t know, I’ve never followed Xillia too closely.

        However, they tried something different with Graces f’s combat and we ended up with the Tales series’ best combat system (IMO).

        I also felt like Vesperia was a step in the right direction in terms of creating a slightly more mature Tales. I’d like to see more of that.

  • I like that they’re trying different settings and styles. I hope they don’t want to be more Final Fantasy  o__O

    • They’d have to make the TB-LMBS (Turn-based Linear Motion Battle System) in order to become more Final Fantasy.

  • icecoffemix


    From top image to bottom each remind me of Galbadia Garden, the train they used to get around the continent and Esthar.

  • LustEnvy

    I agree with Paradox me, if the art style looks just a smidge more realistic and mature, this could be the Tales that would FULLY rival Final Fantasy and bring in new fans. I love Tales like everyone else, but the very anime-esque art does put off a lot of people, and can detract from the mature themes in the Tales games.

    The typical Tales art style just doesn’t fit with all this artwork. Not at ALL. So I hope they do change up somewhat.

    The art style doesn’t need to copy Final Fantasy, but it should be closer to it than ever before. Haters gonna hate, but Final Fantasy character design tends to be top notch, and lends itself well to a Tales game.

    • Please don’t let them ruin Tales like Square ruined FF. The anime style is what makes Tales Tales, trying to appeal more to the west is what ruined FF in the first place and I don’t want one of my favourite series ruined in the same way :|

      If they can pull off a modern setting with proper anime style characters though then fine, I’m happy to see a more Elempios sort of style to the game, makes a nice change.

      • LustEnvy

        How is making it more ‘realistic’ making it appeal to the west? Final Fantasy has had more realism than Tales since FFVIII. Final Fantasy is VERY Japanese. Doesn’t need to be cutesy, anime style to be Japanese.

        There’s no way this art style will mesh well with the typical Tales character designs. Not AT ALL. They’ll have to mature the design a bit. Taller, more proportionate characters. Tales characters have always had a bit too big a head for their frame.

        Something more akin to the Appleseed art style would work.

        • brian yep

          I think they’re claiming that FF is japanese, but just has a lot of global appeal compared to Tales.
          Tales has little appeal outside of japan because it has a unique design compared to stuff designed for a worldwide audience, especially with a game like FF13 lacking any significant amount of substance.

      • Paradox me

        If we’re talking about art directions, Final Fantasy hasn’t been Westernized in the least. In fact, the series hardly has anything whatsoever in common with Western gamers’ interests this generation.

        Hell, that it was too Japanese (i.e. too “anime-y”, too much melodrama, nonsensical clothing designs, pretty boy characters, etc.) was one of the biggest complaints leveled against Final Fantasy XIII by mainstream Western gamers.

        They looked to FPS like Call of Duty for inspiration in creating a more dynamic combat, but that’s hardly “appealing to the West” (something they were already doing quite successfully, I might add) and combat was the least of Final Fantasy XIII’s worries.

        Final Fantasy XIII was a so-so game for many reasons, but there’s no evidence to show that Westernizing is one of them. It’s actually kind of a silly thing to say considering Final Fantasy today is significantly more “Japanese” than ever before.

        Also (and I’m beating a dead horse here), the mediocrity of Final Fantasy XIII does not a ruined series make.

      • SirRichard

        “trying to appeal more to the west is what ruined FF in the first place”

        The West is not some omnipresent mind-controlling boogeyman that destroys series. It’s not. Every time you people say this I honestly have to wonder if you follow the FF series at all. Final Fantasy was making itself more realistic since FFVII with absolutely no Western influence (this was before Japanese RPGs exploded, remember), and even then it’s always been distinctly Japanese.

        FFXIII was very futuristic and sci-fi in design because most of the design thought process behind that game was “How do we ape FFVII?”. The West did nothing, the designers and developers even explicitly said they did not consider Western audiences and opinions when creating XIII.

        Every time a designer talks of making change to a JRPG series, one of you has to scream “THE WEST IS COMING” at the top of your lungs, it’s incredible.

    • “this could be the Tales that would FULLY rival Final Fantasy and bring in new fans.”
      Without proper marketing, it won’t do much except gaining some new fans…

      “but the very anime-esque art does put
      off a lot of people, and can detract from the mature themes in the Tales
      “The typical Tales art style just doesn’t fit with all this artwork. Not at ALL.”
      “The art style doesn’t need to copy Final Fantasy, but it should be closer to it than ever before.”
      So to summarize all these, “Tales shouldn’t be Tales if you want to attract a lot of people”… Otherwise I don’t get what you’re trying to say here..

      • LustEnvy

        Wow, it seems Tales to you guys = big googly eyes and overall cutesy characters. Yeah, that would fit this new world. REALLY.

        I wasn’t aware that one particular art style MADE a series what it is.

        Star Ocean
        Breath of Fire

        …among the many, many series that have have various art styles would like to have a word with you.

        Tales isn’t defined by it’s cutesy art style. The stories, battle system, skits, and certain traits that make Tales…TALES is what makes the series what it is.  There is nothing wrong with changing art direction to FIT the theme of the game. This game is OBVIOUSLY going to be a lot more mature than prior Tales games. The world is also darker, and distinctive. Putting characters that look like Reid, Stahn, Asbel, etc, would look incredibly out of place.

        • Are you a fan enough dude to be making these accusations?

          • LustEnvy

             Fan enough that I wouldn’t immediately doom the series if they changed the art style. Are you fan enough? Or are you one of those that bitches about every little change, and would rather everything be exactly the same?

          •  I’m fan enough to not be a dick towards other fans.

          • LustEnvy

            Hahaha, being a dick? Because I’m defending the notion of change, while ‘other’ fans as you put it, are bitching about how Tales is ruined because it doesn’t look like typical anime Tales?

            It’s not me being a dick, it’s me being  a bit more open minded than you so-called ‘fans’.

          •  See, right there, you’re being a dick again.  Stop it, the rest of us have feelings too!

          • LustEnvy

            Now you’re sounding like you can’t take any opinion that doesn’t mirror your own. Relax, it’s the internet, grow a pair. Differing opinions on the subject is all it is. I’m not attacking you.

          • “Wow, it seems Tales to you guys = big googly eyes and overall cutesy characters. Yeah, that would fit this new world. REALLY.”

            This line has “dick towards other fans” all over it…

          • LustEnvy

            It’s called exaggeration + sarcasm, heard of it? If that makes me a dick, then I guess I am. Oh well, moving on.

            Now we’re way off topic. =/

          • I’m not seeing the word “sarcasm” in there…

          • LustEnvy

             “Yeah, that would fit this new world. REALLY.”


          • SirRichard

            “I’m not seeing the word “sarcasm” in there…”

            Try looking beside the plus sign.

            So what if s/he’s being a dick towards other fans (they’re not, incidentally)? LustEnvy’s been right this entire chain, and hasn’t even been particularly dickish in anything they’ve said. 

            Except this is the Tales fanbase, so I guess daring to suggest that change can be good is being a dick?

          • Even if LustEnvy is right, comments have to be respectful and not hurt anyone in the process regardless that it feels right to insult an opposing fan.. I don’t want to see this community fall apart… So does Ishaan too…

            Edit: At least I don’t go commenting on people who suggest change can be good that they’re dicks…

          • SirRichard

            No-one here has said anything particularly abrasive (besides me, I guess), no-one here is swearing at one another or personally attacking anyone (besides you, I guess, “dick towards other fans” indeed), there hasn’t been any sort of aggravated attacks on others for their opinions. This is the flamewar equivalent of throwing unlit matches at each other, something like this wouldn’t tear apart any community.

            There’s “Everyone should respect each other” and then there’s forming a hugbox echochamber where everyone is covered in bubble wrap and never has anything interesting to say ever. People should be allowed to dispute things as long as it doesn’t get out of hand, and believe you me this is nowhere near that point. 

            If you’ve been hurt by anything said in this comment chain, the problem lies with you (not referring to you directly, Raiu, just in general) being incredibly thin-skinned.

          • Luna Kazemaru
          • Farid Belkacemi

             Awesome gif ! :D

        • “I wasn’t aware that one particular art style MADE a series what it is. ”
          Depends… If it’s going into the opposite direction, that is a different story however…

          To me, Tales has that simplistic fantasy feel to it not because it’s cute(I don’t find that cute at all..)… Remember when Tales of Xillia’s dark-looking scans were released??? Compare that to the actual in-game…

          Tales was never “realistic” to begin with… Artstyle wise… Plus I don’t think blurring
          the distinction between FF and Tales is a good idea(AKA. Another Final
          Fantasy look-alike)… Adding characters into it is the hard part, are we gonna get serious skits from now on???

          • LustEnvy

            The game hasn’t come out yet, let alone character design. I’ll wait and see, before dismissing it as an FF-rip off or what have you. All I know is that to me, personally, not even Xillia’s artwork would fit the world they have shown us so far. Time will tell.

  • maxchain

    Yes, but will it have a ten-year development cycle?

    • Paradox me

      Ten year localization.

      •  Make it twenty and you’ve got a deal!

  • The dome and sandy city look like modern versions of those locations from Tales of Abyss. 


    Looks interesting.. can’t wait for more news~~.

  • LustEnvy

    Hell, if S-E made a game that played like Tales, but looked like Final Fantasy, I’d be all over it. Well, there’s Star Ocean which is indeed awesome, but I mean more Final Fantasy-esque. There’s Versus XIII, but that’s more Kingdom Hearts than Tales…and that game is NEVER coming out.

  • i fink i saw some o’ da mekboyz mouth waterin’!

    Humie Translator robot:……..not sure what that meant, i think it had to do with the ‘Mek Boyz’, the ork tech specialists………if you can call them that, getting excited.

  •  Hoping this is as close to final fantasy as it gets. Still interested in seeing much more of this game.

  • They did say in the interview that Tales will not be going “realism”… If they do, I’ll be seeing another FF tragedy…

    Edit: People must be assuring the graphics but what I really meant is how FF gone downhill…

    • LustEnvy

      They don’t need to be ‘realistic’ in the sense that FF looks like. They can pull off anime style, but in a more realistic way… as I mentioned before, Appleseed style is an example.

      • *Looks at picture*

        Yeah… Good luck trying to make the game and the world map look like that with a not-so-very-big budget… If you think they are going to ask for more money from Namco, I see no chance of that happening…

        • LustEnvy

          Sigh, it doesn’t have to be exactly like Appleseed, just more like it. Not so cookie cutter anime style like Tales is. There are plenty of games without a huge budget that have considerably more detail in their character designs than Tales. If it’s one thing that should be said, it’s that Tales designs don’t have a lot in the way of detail.

          Also, going by the level of detail in the art design shown, it sure as hell looks like they have a larger budget than you seem to think they have.

    • Stranger On The Road

       to be honest, when Baba was answering the question about “realism” graphics, I thought he meant “Skyrim” style realism and not high-def Cel-shading graphics.

      in my opinion, the mistake with FF XIII is with the game itself, and not with the graphics.

      • Did he ever mention “Skyrim realism” and “not high-def Cel-shading graphics”??

        Regarding to FFXIII’s mistake, it’s your opinion so I don’t want to drag the conversion on with mine…

  • Spot ON!!! I was right!!! These art are good wallpaper materials…….

    */me go DL picture*

    They r soo small……. AHEM I still refuse to destroy such a beautiful world for a girl.

    • jonoepic69

      i chose the girl depending on the story

    • From the last screen shot though, it looks like there’s a lot of wasteland though. :X Are you sure you don’t want to blow that up?

      • Unless the world is populated by @$$holes, NO.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    Yes, please.

  • Tales isn’t Tales anymore :(

    • icecoffemix

      You honestly can say that from just 3 pieces of concept art? Really?

      • SirRichard

        You’re talking to Tales fans, mate, it’s to be expected.

        • icecoffemix

          Duly noted.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Are you honestly asking him? Lol maybe You should ask what happen in the neptunia threads before this before you ask him that.

        • icecoffemix

          Eh it was obviously a rhetoric question, subsequently I’m not going to bother with checking his history or such.

      • Lol, not from 3 pieces of concept art… I already had the same opinion with Tales of Xillia (and even more, looking at these pics…), the style is very far from the other, older Tales games, like Graces, Abyss, Symphonia, which I loved, but I just can’t like the way the art is going…

    • jonoepic69

      i agree with ice coffin man. im a lil concerned too but its still hideo baba and i got faith in his story creation im sure its still tales

  • Really?  I don’t get “Final Fantasy” from this at all.

    • jonoepic69

      i can see what there saying but im leanin g towards ur sid eon it. there only saying that because of ff 13s futrue look . its i dunno. i think this tales will be fine as long as it has a legit over world again . i hope it does

      •  I want that too… Graces f was alright with the way it handled the overworld, but I was hoping acquiring the shuttle would have let you fly around the world like the Albiore did in Abyss.

  • jonoepic69

    im not gonna say much of anything till the games comes out. excepte i hope it has a legit over world then ill be pleased and im sure its still gonna have anime style graphics just more high def. and as long as the characters have good personal . im all for it. sure it an extream turn for a tales game but. i think it will be good i meaqn all the other ones were and its still the same man hideo him self so im convinced as of now. but who knows

  • its more combination of Tales + God Eater feeling not…some Final Fantasy feeling

  • Umar Kiiroi Senkō

    actually getting a deus ex vibe

    • badmoogle


      • Umar Kiiroi Senkō

        ye a somewhat less grim feel, thats what i felt looking at the first screen.

  • I agree about most of the above but cutesy art style? I mean anime yes, but if I want anything cutesy, I would go for Neptunia, Atelier-Something, Disgaea or any other otaku-baits. For me Tales always had that simplistic anime style that I like while Final Fantasy had that beautiful and detailed everything, like every girl and boy have to be beautiful, I mean XIII Versus practically throw at us 4 pretty boys. If anything I would like Tales to still be Tales… with bigger budget, knowing Namco it mights not happen soon.
    PS. This was meant to be a reply for LustEnvy, I wonder why it ended up here.

    • LustEnvy

      Probably too many replies in that post.

      I’m personally hoping for something halfway between Tales and FF. Still anime-esque, but not as obviously so as Tales has been. Maybe a mix of Appleseed meets Ergo Proxy meets Ghost in the Shell: SAC/2nd GiG in art style, with some humor thrown in. Doesn’t need to be 100% serious all the time. Tales definitely needs some humor for it to be Tales.

      • Ryan Baer

        The problem is that all of those art styles you say aren’t popular in Japan anymore… like the recent Appleseed flopped big time since its time has passed. Moe is what dominates now, so to be successful among the anime crowd, you need to go that route.

      • SH3

        I hope you are talking about the Appleseed manga, because the CG movies were kinda fugly.

        • LustEnvy

          Opinion. I think they character designs were great, though I agree, Appleseed’s time passed long ago. Still, they were great movies. Ah well.

  • SirRichard

    The very top image is giving me FFXII vibes, it looks like one of the aerodomes, and  the second looks almost like an FMV still from the PS1 games, except done up better, obviously.

    It’s only about four pieces of work, but the world at least looks pretty promising. 

  • ..sorry to interrupt the flame war below but…it’s concept art guys…not in screen shots. 

    • neocatzon

      Doesn’t matter, my eyes love them. They must pay the artist well.

  • 肉@バカ夜空

    I hope the story for this Tales game ‘gets mature’ for a bit, along with the change in setting.

  • badmoogle

    Concept art looks very good…lets see how this goes.

  • I love modern setting in rpg XD

  • ~ハセヲさん~

    While not giving up the traditional anime style, Xillia already had a more realistic visual design than other Tales games. I think they’ll continue on that way with this game, as well. I couldn’t ask for anything better, personally. I really like what I see and I can’t wait to know more about this.

  • i like the art work. i am really interested with the phrase “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of a girl” kinda excited for this game.. (i do hope it is available for vita)

    • XiaomuArisu

       Destroy for a girl?
      Depends…if she is hot?XD
      But seriously what could be the reason is she cursed?A demon?what a mystery…

      • boundries_san

        Lol this is becoming Pandora tower again lol.

  • yeah, I’m old school. . . this art doesn’t look very Final Fantasy to me lol

    maybe it’s just how I think Final Fantasy should look, but this still looks like a Tales game to me, which is perfectly fine.

  • usagi_san

    I’m looking forward to getting Graces f. If I really enjoy it, then, Xillia will be my next destination. 

    The artwork looks cool; June 2nd can’t come soon enough. The second image reminds me of Luca in FFX, the train reminds me of XIII. 

    • LustEnvy

      Graces F starts off quite slow witha bit too much backtracking, but once you get into the meat of the game…it’s fantastic.

      And man.. DAT BATTLE SYSTEM. I wouldn’t be mad if they used that same battle system with slight changes for every Tales game. Seriously, the best battle system in an RPG, IMHO.

      • Ravage27

        Couldn’t agree more. At the very least, Graces’ CC system should completely replace the role of TP in future Tales game.

        • Xillia has AC, which is even better then CC, the battle is smooth and awesome, if you like Graces, Xillia is must have, at least battle system wise…

    • kool_cid414

       I plan to do the same although  has there been news of an English xillia yet?

      • keithmaxx

        Nope, and I don’t expect there to be any soon, seeing as there’s still Graces f.

        Also, from a thematical standpoint I think this new Tales title would be of great interest to the West (setting-wise, at least for now) that it just might earn that localization support.

        Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed because an NA version will still be WAYS off in the future.

        • thebanditking

          Anyone know how Graces f is doing sales wise? That will be a big factor in if Xillia gets a shot.

      • usagi_san

        I haven’t heard of anything concerning an English Xillia release. 

    • MrRobbyM

      What @LustEnvy:disqus said. Even later in the game has a bit of backtracking. It’s also very apparent that it’s a Wii port. A lot of moments where you say to yourself “They really couldn’t bother to animate that? Meh.”. The battle system really is the saving grace of the game though. It’s definitely the best thing to happen to the Tales series in a while.

      Protip: Adult-arc Hubert will seem unlikeable for a while but he tones down the snootiness later on until it just becomes charming.

      • usagi_san

        @LustEnvy:disqus I’ve tried out the Japanese demo but with my lack of Japanese, felt a bit hard to understand what was ask for me. The battle system does look interesting and can’t wait to get it in August – in English – to fully appreciate the battle system. 

        MrRobbyM. Duly noted.

  • An FF7 moment for Tales?

    • LustEnvy

      I thought Tales of the Abyss was like the Tales equivalent of FFVII, at least in theme, not execution.

      • jonoepic69

        in no way shape or porm if tales of the abyss have an ff 7 theme

        • LustEnvy

           The world, the ‘lifestream’… I dunno, I saw some similarities. Not plot or characters, but the world really reminded me of FFVII’s world.

  • Chiupon

    Wow, that’s pretty good artwork.
    I hope they don’t ruin the games potential with a cheesy plotline.
    “Would you destroy the world for a girl?” is making it sound mighty generic and terrible.

    • LustEnvy

      Though I feel Tales is a cliched JRPG series in general (not that I mind), I agree with you. I want this one to be something new, never seen in a Tales game. All the Tales games I have played have felt very similar in overall structure of the worlds, plot, and characters.

      • Chiupon

        I’m really tired of “GATHER THE ELEMENTS TO SAVE THE WORLD” or something like that— The concept they threw out could be for a number of situations in the game, but I hope it’s not the main situation — the fact that I can think about and possibly write 10+ scenarios all using this that sound overly familiar  is BAD— if it’s just a plot for one character, that’s fine, but keep it out of the main plotline; they’re going to kill themselves quick. Even Japan is starting to get tired of “boy hero ___ with moe girl.” That’s kind of why all the deconstruction anime have been popular. The main character can’t even be a legitimate antagonist because he’s acting out of sympathy. It’d be a breath of fresh air if the girl died or something with zero chances of coming back like, a few decent hours into the game which then sparks the main character’s decision to “LOL END DA WORLD” but I can’t even see other characters joining the party without being walking trope characterizations. Like a mad scientist or something who’s just around for ~research~.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Saw this over the weekend. Can’t really say much that hasn’t been said already – It just looks amazing. Hopefully this translation from the concept art to in-game graphics can hold up. If it does, this could be (sorry to use this word) extremely epic.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Those first batch of comments….lol. Anyway the art looks pretty good A tales game straying away from the ‘anime’ look never thought I see that happen it may even do the game some good.

    • It’s still pretty anime style, just futuristic, which I approve. I think Baba even said he doesn’t want to change the anime feel of the Tales series.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        I’m just waiting for the characters before I really do say anything on this matter tho if they can hold up well to the shots up here it will be really cool.

  • boundries_san

    And here i am waiting for Tales fans to keep fighting each other again lol.
    Can’t everyone just get along here???

    Anyway the art  looks cool here lol. The first pic give me some FF12 feeling while the second and the fourth give me a bit of Ar Tonelico feeling here lol.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       >tales fans
      >Getting along
      Good luck with that.

      • boundries_san

        I know lol. It is just….. can’t i even hope here T_T?

        • Luna Kazemaru

          There is no hope…Only darkness.

          I love how threads about tales get so many comments and its normally just fighting….:/

          • boundries_san

            T_T ohh Tales fans. How notorious u guys are.T_T

          • Farid Belkacemi

            There’s always light/hope, even in the darkness… You need to play Kingdom Hearts dude lol

  • I’ve been waiting to see Tales take on this kind of style. 

    Pretty excited now. :D

  • Göran Isacson

    An unusual departure from the usual vibrant color-scheme I’m used to in Tales of-games, but that need not be a bad thing. The lowest screen-shot for instance looks freaking gorgeous, in a desolate kinda way.

    • raitouniverse

      Considering how well it did for the Final Fantasy series, it might just be a bad thing. All I see is a bunch of brown and gray and feel like throwing up. Thankfully it’s just concept art, so I could end up being very wrong.

      • Göran Isacson

        Brown and grey is not a bad thing in my book- as long as it’s accompanied by gorgeously designed vistas. I’m a big fan of studying desert cities and wastelands though, so that may just be me. Have to admit though, I don’t really get where you’re coming from with the “Final Fantasy” comment.  Final Fantasy 6, which is FULL of industrial steam, dirt and grime is a marvelous game. Final Fantasy 7 does look like a whole bunch of pixelated legos, but the cyberpunk atmosphere of Midgar is yet to be beat. If anything, Final Fantasy 13 SUFFERED because it was a technicolor nightmare where colors clashed without the slightest hint of restraint or thought.

        Granted, Final Fantasy 9 was very colorful and pretty and that game I adore… but yeah, overall I’d say it served the franchise very well.

        • raitouniverse

          I kinda just meant the 3D final fantasies. They’re a pain to look at tbh (well the gray/brown parts of them at least). Of course, that’s just my bias against industrial/steampunk settings. I think it happened after I finished Resonance of Fate, my gray tolerance meter has collapsed within itself due to over-saturation

  • Looks really good. Hopefully NB will have something more to show at the Tales Festival in June :) I hope they keep the traditional Anime like characters and humour that makes the series so unique. It also seems they’re aiming for a Seinen audience, which is also rather nice, I appreciate that.

  • Crowlevel8

    The games art direction is without a doubt awesome, but i can’t stop but feel like they should have made a new IP out of this rather then just calling it another Tales of game. I guess marketing it as a new Tales of game is more profitable. 

    Don’t get me wrong I’m very excited for this game and can’t wait for it to be released. :D 

  • RaikageV

    Imho in such a time it would be strange to fight humans with a sword (it would be cool though (and yea, I know there are plenty of such games)). In some Tales games there were characters that used guns and I’m sure, it will also be the case in this game.

  • riceisnice

    “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of a girl” Hasn’t that been done before? I wouldn’t mind if it was a female protagonist saving her love for a change.

    • boundries_san

      Umm i thought FF 6 already had a female MC who saves the world here?

      • komiko12

        I was hoping for a game where they should only save themselves.

        • Darkrise

          There’s Nier. The entire thing was only about saving his daughter and killing whoever he has to kill to do it. No matter the cost or the fact that the enemies might be innocent. 

      • puchinri

        And we definitely need way more female MCs that save the world. x’D

        If we’re batting one to – . . .too many as it is, then the odds can definitely use some evening. Especially if this is going to be “what would you do for this girllll~?”

    • Yes! That’s actually the first thing I saw/read that bothered me, more than the concept art. (Which I’m okay with.)

    • puchinri

      I really, really was hoping that was the case myself.

  • MrRobbyM

    The earlier comments. I can’t even.

    Uh, yeah. Cool concept art, yo. But I’m going to lay down. Just skimming through that gave me a headache.

  • Here’s to hoping the protag isn’t a sword weilder nor a brawler.

    • boundries_san

      I am hoping that the MC is some kind of mage here lol.

      • Darkrise

        Or a cold-hearted assassin. Who chances upon a girl whom he can’t help but feel attracted to, to the point where he would do anything for her as she becomes the sun in his life. Which might explain the whole “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of a girl,” phrase.

        • boundries_san

          ……. I think i know that one story too here lol. Requiem of Phantom, Drei path lol. even Einz path is like that.^^

          ….. Thinking further,…. FE 7 Jaffar and Nino?,…….Darker Than Black…. Hiei?

      • But then the Protag would be made of paper. He’d get destroyed before the world did.

    • neocatzon

      I want a gunner, they have quite a bit but never as protag. 

  • Shadowman

    That look awesome this game might be for the PS3.

  • Neko Kawaii

    I hope there is at least 1 green grassy flowerish place…just 1…I don’t like sand areas :l. I just imagine its all hot and dry and blah. The green areas look refreshing and relaxing…Although the sand area in Journey was ok.

    • Setsu Oh

       really? one midgard isn’t enough??? :d:d::d

    • puchinri

      Yeahhh. I kind of like them, but they can get obnoxious.

      More devs should make deserts like the one in Opoona. A quirky color and a somewhat quirky (lol, and classy) place.

  • Setsu Oh

    mothership*? so it will be like ff7and 13?and 10? with many other titles? from the same world? …..ii just hope the main chars are interesting.
    i would like vesperia to be a mothership title…

    • Tales of Vesperia is ALREADY a mothership title. It refers to the core or primary Tales games. Other mothership titles include Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, Destiny 2, Symphonia, Rebirth, Legendia, Tales of the Abyss, Innocence, Graces and Xillia.

      All the other titles, like Symphonia 2, Narakiri Dungeon and Radiant Mythology are escort titles. 

      • Setsu Oh

         so THAT what mullyship means!
        mumship =canon
        aaaaaaaaah people….

    • MrRobbyM

      Vesperia is a mothership title, yo.

  • hunterrnl

    I loved Xillia :D

    I dont mind if they will do the same or something different. Hopefully this game even better. I dont mind its a Tales game and JRPG i am always happy  , lets wait and see :D ( please not on a console i dont own )

    -> Cliche
    Does it matter if something is cliche ? 90 % of the games are cliche. Yet games are fun , thats why we play games to have fun.

    360/PS3 gen -> the whiner Generation

    • Luna Kazemaru

       “360/PS3 gen -> the whiner Generation”
      Yes because that comment was called for…

      • Revorse

        It probably wasn’t. But there’s a little bit of truth behind it.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Whining no…Legit Complaints about how some devs have been doing things of late yes.

          • SirRichard

            The whining bit is sort of justified, though, the most topical example being the fact that the nickname “Scamco” exists. There’s been a lot of legitimate complaints, very true, but this gen’s whiners have been more vocal than previous ones.

          • MrRobbyM

            I blame gamefaqs and Microsoft. But mostly gamefaqs.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             Granted I will say that it is more vocal but can’t really say the whole gen has been whining it comes with the fact that there are more and more people coming into gaming next gen will most likely be alot larger with the fact PC gaming is on the rise.

          • malek86

            @MrRobbyM:disqus I blame… I’m not sure. I’d like to blame shooters, but that doesn’t make sense, because FPS players probably wouldn’t care about Tales or Namco. So I’ll just blame mankind, like I usually do.

          • MrRobbyM

            @malek86:disqus @ValkyriaXEdge:disqus Mankind it is. Mankind has always been the reason, it’s just we’re seeing more of it now with video games becoming more mainstream than ever.

          • hunterrnl

            I know the difference between whiner and complain ofcourse XD

            I am also not happy with some decision they make. But hy we have too deal with it. Dont forget every person has a different view on things and that makes it even harder :) You can complain about it and someone else like it :P

          • jonoepic69

            amen dude. shes one person in my view who shouldint touch that game sheknow snothing lol

          • Luna Kazemaru

             @facebook-100002595922411:disqus I see your grammar is still bad…lol I think I know what I’m talking about and I can touch what ever game I please. I really am shocked people can take you seriously with that bad grammar and your baseless comment’s of saying people lack common sense,are dumb or don’t know anything…really.

          • puchinri

            Sadly, I think there’s a lot of both going on. And it’s sad that the former happens at all. 

      • hunterrnl

        Aah sorry it wasn’t for you :( Sorry !

    • boundries_san

      I think if u write there. Tales hating generation is better lol.^^

    • LustEnvy

      You have an Edge avatar. Anything you say is now legit.

  • KyoyaHibari

    Those settings look breathtaking, I look forward to seeing more.

  • AzureNova

    Oh, now this looks and sounds interesting.

    “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of a girl,”

    Well, it depends on the girl and the situation lol. I won’t just blindly say yes without knowing all the details YET, but most of the time the answer is yes lol =P

    I can’t wait to hear and see more of this new Tales project. Keep it up Baba!

  • KuroiKen

    Looking at the picture I feel I’ll see the same BIG DIFFERENT COLORED MAGICAL CIRCLES, like in f***ing Vesperia and Xillia.
    Don’t want that, anything but that, Namco, please, don’t make such crap…
    Not like I’m epileptic or anything, but those MAGIC CIRCLES were probably the worst thing in Vesperia and Xillia, besides many other crappy things they’ve made in those.

    • Raharu95

      Err… Every tales game has had a magical circle, specially whenever soneone uses magic. They are just different in every interactiob. In tsles of destiny, it was more of a magic aura. Or are you talking about something else?

      • KuroiKen

        I meant the particular way they made it in Xillia and Vesperia. OF course no can do without magical circles at all.
        They made it in such way that they look pretty…stupid? And also, every attack they are used in is SLOW AS HELL, which made me seriously pissed off.

    • raymk

      What tales games doesn’t have that?  It may look a little different but all the 3D games have it including graces.

      • KuroiKen

        I meant the particular way they made it in Xillia and Vesperia. OF course no can do without magical circles at all. The worst thing, they never even changed the colors, everytime it was 4 circles, and every time they’re colored the same way. Both Vesperia and Xillia. Crap work of the team who made them.

        Besides, those in Graces or other games weren’t made the same way, and looked tremendously better, and were used better as well.

  • Looking pretty amazing. Cantbwait to import.

  • Ryan Baer

    I’m not big on those new concept artworks. One of the best parts of the Tales series is how its really colorful and full of fantasy stuff… and now it seems like its just doing that dark steampunk stuff I don’t like. Meh, not like we’ll get it since by the time they’d consider localizing it the PS3 would be dead over here anyway.

    • MrRobbyM

      I agree with you to an extent. I feel that if everything is the same tone, nothing will stick out and be memorable. Like Deus Ex: HR for example. The entire game was gold plated making everything feel too samey. The game itself  is distinctive but not many environments felt unique. So I am just *slightly* worried about the fate of this Tales game but we’re judging from concept art which isn’t fair. Not to say I don’t like the concept art, I love it. Let’s just see how things progress.

      • Ryan Baer

        I’m just hoping that these are only concepts from one of the cities in the game, and not like what the entire thing will be about. I’d be fine if theres one city with a Steampunk theme if the rest of the world is still unique and covers different themes.

        • MrRobbyM

          Probably. If you look at the last pic, you can see that everything besides maybe the dome is all apart of one city. I’m sure there will be varying themes and color schemes for different cities. A little less colorful than Graces is probably something to expect.

    • jonoepic69

      yea i agree with u man. not a fan of the steam punk theme either although graces big winter town had that music and feel. but they tried that theme with breath of fire five and well look where that got crapcom no where.

  • When I first saw the pic before I clicked the link, the FF7 intro theme started going thru my head :

  • takopako

    this is gonna be so awesome… >..< i know the characters will be sexy.

  • Kai2591

    I wouldn’t. That would be irresponsible and a huge betrayal to all living things in that world.

  • s07195

    Quite a different environment for a Tales game, so I guess we’ll have to see where it goes from here.

  • CirnoLakes

    I’m sorry but… I’m not all that fond of that look… not for Tales.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Oh no its doomed 

  • Darkrise

    Here’s a commercial:

    That art style is really beautiful! But here’s to hoping that it’ll still have that vibrant color and feel to the environment in the actual game.

    • puchinri

      Maybe it’ll be like FF13, where part of the world is pretty and stuff (and very desaturated – in atmosphere or just that way), but the rest is less advanced/developed and brighter in colors and/or tone.

      But indeed, I hope there’s the usual vibrant color and feel as well~.

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    I bet you it’s gonna be called Tales of Unitia…

    Whoever played Xillia should know what I’m talkin’ about.

  • Spider-Man

    I’m interested! Hope it’s on a console/handheld that I own…

    • MrRobbyM

      I hope you have a PS3 then.

      • Spider-Man

        I do! Feelsgoodman.

      • thebanditking

         Is this confirmed as another PS3 exclusive or are you guessing?

        • MrRobbyM

          Guessing of course. But, I mean, what other console would they release it for? 360? HAHA. Wii? Probably not. PC? …. Vita? Maybe. But it would eventually end up on the PS3. 3DS? I’m not even going to comment on that one.

          • bamco ports every tales game eventually and 50% of the time the port is better than the original. its inevitable that this title will get ported the only question is when as not all tales games get ports as soon as they are released.

          • MrRobbyM

            What do you think Xillia will be ported to? My only guess would be the Vita but that’d be a step backwards in some aspects.

  • imaguni

    Well, um, that’s an ‘eye-catching’ headline.

  • Yamaneko22

     I don’t see what people have against it… Looks cool imo

  • LustEnvy

    Tales of Neptunia. There, I just blew ALL YOUR minds.

    • boundries_san

      Thats sounds really cool in all different way lol.^^

  • It’s funny, I think I’m starting to recognize “Tales-ean” architecture. The whole dome shape with arches thing? I swear, I’ve seen that before. It’s like Tales of the Abyss and Xillia bred houses or something.

    Anyway, I’m not worried about the direction Tales is going at all. I trust Hideo. Tales isn’t going to stop being a colourful JRPG. I’m looking forward to the modern stuff. We had airships and high-tech facilities in the previous games anyway.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      It is easy to forget all of the PS1 era Tales games (Destiny, Eternia, true Destiny2) had locations and parts with dark, gritty, modern browns. Every one of those also at some point switched tone to a serious vein. Sci-fi too.

      Your sweeping arches and flying columns certainly are still there. Even if Tales does get a more mature episode, I doubt the world will end because of it.

      • Exkaiser

        Even Phantasia had a brief sci-fi section.

  • Farid Belkacemi

    I love what I’m seeing right now, and the first artwork reminds me of FF XII :)

  • E15

    Concept art, beautiful.
    There is one thing that ive always wanted in a Tales game, and thats the option to have a second player moveable on the screen during field, dungeons, towns and not just in battle.
    I just feel like it’d be more enjoyable for the people playing co-op that way. Maybe even base some puzzles around team work or something. Just throwing that idea out there.

    • vrakanox

       This would be an excellent addition. I always play Tales of co-op.

    • MrRobbyM

      That would be fun but I’d imagine they’d had to change the the way you explore quite a bit so 2 players on the screen would feel more natural. So, I think it’d be hard to do and make it work well, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

      • E15

        I dont think its likely either. My hope is since co-op has been an option in Tales games for a while now why not take another step further and have a buddy interact with the world along side you and not just in battles.
        Maybe one day..
        Till then, I cant wait for the reveal in June.

  • KingGunblader

    Loving this art! I can’t wait to see this game. I hope the new design carries over to the characters too.

  • Setsuna ♥

    I hope Tales don’t go the direction FF did by making the environment and game look polished and jaw dropping only to disappoint in story and gameplay. I have faith in Tales though … 

    • raymk

      Tales dissapoints with the story a good number of times.  The stories are never tales strong points either.

      • Well, from the get go the focus of the Tales series wasn’t much the overall the story as it was the characters’ interactions with it and with one another.

      • Ladius

        I disagree, Tales games are really varied in terms of narrative quality.

        Eternia and Symphonia really don’t have much to do with Rebirth, Legendia’s second half or Abyss, and Graces and Vesperia have yet other kinds of atmosphere. All of them are shounen (which could be said of 99% of jrpgs out there), but the quality of their setting, dialogues, plots and character interactions are often strikingly different.

        That said, character interactions in Tales games have been one of the strongest features of this series since the middle of the last generation thanks to the growing emphasis on skits and optional eventsquests, and there are few series out there with such an emphasis on daily, minute interactions between party member.

  • raymk

    Looks nice but I just want to see the characters already.  The characters will still continue to always be my first love. 

  • It’s nice to see a change of pace, since all the Tales games have looked the same since one. Just hope they don’t try to steal Final Fantasy in terms of well…everything.

  • thebanditking

    I like to new art design, also keep in mind everyone its just concept/promo art. This does remind me of Final Fantasy 7 and 8 which is a good thing. imo Tales will always be Tales so while I think these images give you the impression its going to be a huge change my best is it will be much closer to what we are all use to then this suggests.

  • Brandon001

    wait wait wait wait wait

    this better keep the anime style to it, bc this article kinda implies its not

    anyone else notice how Eternia and Rebirth weren’t included in that slide of the series through the years?

    • MrRobbyM

      To think, even for a second, that Tales games will NOT have an anime-inspired characters is blasphemy. Come on, do you even need to say that?

    • Klaus00

      they only showed the first tales game on ? motherboard console ToP(NES) ToD(PSX) ToS(NGC) ToTA(PS2) ToV(X360) ToG(Wii) ToX(ps3)

      • puchinri

        I was wondering why so many were excluded. And I guess that makes sense to go home console, but still, why leave out the portables?

        Interesting pattern though. However, I can’t see their logic in this unless they’re going with Wii U or there’s something else relevant to there.

        • the handheld titles are mostly ports or escorts due to them not selling as well as console mothership titles normally. they did just release toi for the vita though and abyss on the 3ds was released just last summer

          • puchinri

            Yeah, I was thinking it was curious to leave out Innocence and Hearts.

      • RaikageV

        If we leave Vesperia (an X360 game) out, we get a pattern:
        ToP(NES) Nintendo
        ToD(PSX) Sony
        ToS(NGC) Nintendo
        ToTA(PS2) Sony
        ToG(Wii) Nintendo
        ToX(PS3) Sony

        I’d be happy if this (the next) Tales game would be a WiiU game (which would obviously get a PS4 remake).

        • RedShadoww

          In a recent interview the creator of the Tales series said that they’re focusing on current hardware now instead of newer hardware. I’m guessing (and also hoping) it’ll be on the PS3 since that’s the console where they’re making the most money from (Xillia beat their sales record).

    • Characters will (sadly) retain the anime look. My eyes are sharp but my tongue is sharper.

    • Ladius

      Don’t worry, Baba has said countless times that the series will retain its aesthetic, having a more modernsteampunk setting doesn’t have anything to do with westernizing character design.

  • usagi_san

    Being called dumb or not a real fan is really uncalled for since raymk was just stating their opinion. Only Azure mentioned FF and none in particular for you to be ‘attacking’ raymk with. 

  • SirRichard

    “all the tales have extreamly good story’s . and there more creative. lets face it the first five ff were based around crystals were the tales games were based around different plots every time.”

    Tales of Symphonia 2 and Tales of Eternia are vigorously belly-dancing for your attention.

    And that’s hardly a fair comparison, is it? FFs I-III were on the NES, focusing on story there was pretty hard to do, and FFII didn’t have crystals as part of its plot at all. And simply saying “they were based around crystals” ignores a lot of FFIV and FFV’s plots. Tales’ plots are hardly more creative when most of them are simply “save the world with this ancient technology/magic” or “an ancient evil arises, stop it”, what makes those interesting are the characters and their interactions in those stories.

    Fair enough if you prefer Tales, but you’re really overselling the series and comparing them to the early FFs is hardly fair.

  • puchinri

    I think raymk has a relevant point. For the most part, neither FF or Tales has story for a strong point. Usually, they at least have characters handled well (for the most part). But, I do think FF tends to handle some of their characters more freely a bit better than Tales (they don’t fall into as many trope traps, and when they do, they actually manage to avert some).

    Also, what the plot is based on is not as important as how the plot plays out. ToD is based on talking swords (so to speak), which sounds ridiculous, but the storylines and plot played out well. Majora’s Mask is about Link finding his fairy friend. Look how developed that is with all storylines and plot incldued.

    I think they each have their creative strong points, overall and in regard to story, storylines and character, but there’s no denying that both could improve a lot on that forte. (I like that FF gets more daring than Tales usually does though.)

  • I hope the party doesn’t have an annoying kid in a pirate hat or something like that. Please let the cast be in their early-20’s-onwards. We need more mature cool characters and not those effeminate teen boys. More characters like Auron, Balthier and Sazh and less of ones like Tidus, Vaan and Hope.

    • epy

      I agree but I thought Tidus was alright =(.

    • Historiata

      As a Tales fan, I’m -very- disappointed in this statement. Characters young and old have always had intermingled in the Tales of universe. -And what’s with just listing FF characters for a Tales of game?

      • Young characters are usually annoying most of the time in JRPGs. I guess I should’ve named some other cool characters in RPGs like Mitsuru or Akihiko from Persona 3 or characters like Garrus or Grunt from Mass Effect.

        • Dokurochan

          You’re kind of contradicting yourself when you list Mitsuru and Akihiko ’cause last time I checked they were still in high school.

          • MrRobbyM

            Very mature for their age though.

  • Historiata

    The desert in the last screen and the modernization are going to play a major role plot-wise a la Radiant Historia. Calling it like, right now, haha ha.

    But seriously. Looks interesting! The expansive city and presence of the theater give it a more real feeling than expected of FF games. I wonder how well they’ll pull off giving it that Tales flavor we all love?

  • Xapth

    While it’s not Versus XIII-style modern,
    I really like the way things look from the concept art.

    And honestly, I’m not sure how I’d feel about a Tales of party driving around in a modern car on the streets… it’d be funny to see…

    I’m just hoping that when these giant cities are more explorable than some of the larger cities in past Tales of games. For example, Zaphias and Baticul looked HUGE but I didn’t feel like there was much room for exploration considering their sizes.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    black guy better be a MC…

  • yup and knowing my gut feeling this is another PS3 Exclusive. 

    • ZEROthefirst

      Look at the 360’s “outstanding” sales in Japan and you’ll see why it might be a PS3 exclusive.

    • mikedo2007

      ZEROthefirst is correct, 360 may not be suitable for this RPG, they tried this for Vesperia and it ended up on the PS3.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    Tales of Versus XIII

    U mad Square-Enix?

    I like the setting, but I was never able to grasp the charm of deserts in videogames. So I hope the city in the pictures is only one of many and that there are other landscapes to look at.

    11 days left

  • Learii

    this should called Tales of Fantasy lol

  • Astrid Huang

    I’m excited. I’d actually prefer a more fantasy world like the previous Tales, with beautiful artsy skies like in Xillia, but to see a different movement to modern like this is very interesting. I’m eager to see how this will turn out. This will either be extremely successful or a complete mistake.

    I’m just hoping that I’d still see those Tales colors. The Tales feel should still be there. If it’s gone, then this will be a huge failure, turning Tales into a totally different game. Well I know it won’t look too realistic like FF, so I think it’s fine. I’m guessing the graphics and environtments will look slightly more mature than Xillia. But where’s the greens and trees and waters when I need them?

    I wonder how the main characters would look like.. A Tales version of Balthier would fit I think. But not as the main protagonist. I’d like the main protagonist to be more original.

    • A Tales version of Balthier, huh? So like a waaay more swag Yuri.

      I like how you think.

  • Visa Vang

    “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the sake of a girl?”
    It’s one of those awesome Japanese lines that only super-fantasy RPGs will use. That one line alone makes me want to buy it now like the Ar Tonelico series. For example, one of Ar Tonelico’s sub-titles: The Girl Who Continues to Sing at the End of the World and it sounds even more awesome in Japanese: Sekai no Owari de Utai Tsudzukeru Shōjo.

  • Ladius

    Those artworks are great, and people should avoid thinking Tales will undergo some drastic change when the series always had technological advancedsteampunk andor sci-fi elements, from Phantasia (that game’s Midgard cannon predates FF7) to Graces F, as everyone who played it will already know.

    Innocence had a steampunkmodern First WW-like setting, too (even if some soldiers’ uniforms had a nineteenth century feel), and two of its characters used firearms as weapons.

    Of course this new mothership entry could bring those elements to a new level, but there’s really no reason to panic.

    • JazzyMan123

      An off-topic question here…how about getting an avatar Ladius? :)

  • This artwork is really amazing. I cannot wait to see what the game itself will look like in action. Hopefully it will still retain the classic Tales feel while adding to the series repertoire of environments. 

  • mikedo2007

    So the next Tales will be like FF7, right??  Anyway, that looks interesting.

  • JazzyMan123

    Hmmm, interesting….think it’ll be on the PS3?

    • malek86

      It will almost surely be on PS3. If anything, the question is whether it will also be on some other console (Vita/360/WiiU would be possible candidates).

      • JazzyMan123

        Vesperia and Graces were both multi-platform weren’t they?

        • MrRobbyM

          Not at first, no. But they both ended up on PS3, being the better versions. If it’s announced for a different console, rest assured it’ll eventually make it’s way to the PS3 or on the unlikely chance it’ll be on a handheld, the Vita.

          • JazzyMan123

            So means this time it *might* be on the PS3 and Vita? If so, then awesome! Tales on the Go!

            Heh, I admit I’m kinda late on this whole Tales stuff, but better late than never right? Gonna get my copy of Graces f soon. :)

          • MrRobbyM

            One or the other is more likely.

  • so the characters are going to look like final fantasy characters?

  • next Tales is Tales of Xillia 2!

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