Marvel Heroes MMO Looks An Awful Lot Like Diablo

By Ishaan . May 22, 2012 . 1:22pm

Today, Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment showed off the first in-game trailer for Marvel Heroes, an upcoming free-to-play MMO set in the Marvel Comics universe, along with new details of the game. Take a look at the short trailer below:



Did the trailer remind you of Diablo? That’s because Gazillion Entertainment’s president is David Brevik, who was co-founder of Blizzard North, the original Diablo and Diablo II developer, before they parted ways with the rest of Blizzard. “Marvel Heroes represents the combination of Marvel IP with all of the knowledge and experience I gained creating Diablo,” Brevik says about the game.


Marvel Heroes will include familiar locales from the various Marvel comics, including Hell’s Kitchen (Daredevil), the Savage Land (X-Men) and Mutant Town. In the Marvel universe’s version of Midtown Manhattan and locales like the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, you’ll be able to meet other players, select missions, buy items from identifiable Marvel characters and so on.


Players will be able to customize their Marvel heroes by finding costumes from each character’s storied history, and by assigning different powers to them. As far as characters go, you’ll be able to recruit a bunch of Marvel’s identifiable characters, going from popular ones like the Avengers to more obscure ones like Squirrel Girl and Ka-Zar.

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  • Shadowman

    Yeah it almost does. Looks alright but hey I like both DC and Marvel comic so it doesn’t matter to me.

  • Would’ve liked it if it were more like DC universe where you can make your own hero and run around the worlds and stuff.

    • Too bad the writer and the other staff openly stated that they hate the concept of User-made “Generic” Characters.

  • MrRobbyM

    >Resemble a popular game
    >Swap a few things
    >Maximum profit

  • Guest

    Looks like Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I dont really like that camera angle

  • We already have Diablo 3, Path of Exile, and Torchlight 2.
    Don’t think we need another Diablo.

    • Locklear93

       And Grim Dawn, eventually. <_<

      • Tom_Phoenix

        And Heroes of Ruin.

        • Guest

           And Dungeon Seige III and  Record of Lodoss War for Dreamcast!

          • Ran1976

             I still have Lodoss War

  • Godmars

    think you mean a revamped Marvel Alliance game.

    Which was likely based on the first Diablo, so nevermind.   

  • Frankie”Two Times”

    Would have been nice to get another X-men Legends.


  • Neat.

  • Don’t forget, the villains, and eventually the support cast, are/will also be playable! I’ll finally main J. Jonah Jameson and Kiden Nixon!

    • Göran Isacson

       J. Jonah should so be a support-type character who can run around and annoy the enemies into making mistakes with TONS OF ANGRY RANTS… but how is Kiden Nixon? Afraid I’ve never heard of her before.

      • Kiden Nixon is a character that debuted in NYX, a mini-series storyline that also gave X-23 her Comic Book debut! Kiden has the power to stop time, or rather, to put space in stasis, or whatever the technobabble is her description for her powers. It can be said that she’s a mutant.

        Whenever her powers are active, all space is stopped, not even the laws of physics and gravity are in effect. She can live young forever in her own passage of time, until she deactivates her powers, where she can resume from where she left off. Her powers are also deadly. If she so ever pokes the arm of a person while in stasis, upon putting time in motion, that person’s arm gets dislocated in an instant. Now, try doing that to the Hulk, or to Wolverine’s Adamantium frame. In a second storyline, her life is endangered as she gets pursuit by some type of organization.

        I just love Kiden and her friends. Why Marvel stopped serializing her comics is a mystery, but she still appears in some other storylines, just not as the protagonist. 

        • Göran Isacson

           Ooh, sounds interesting. Quick google-searching seems to turn up that Joe Quesada was often late with scripts and apparently he had so much work that he couldn’t continue the story, but it really does sound like an intriguing concept.

          Though on the other hand, past M-Day titles with mutants must probably adhere to some of Marvels other X-Men books, what with how rare mutants are these days.

  • Chris Lane

    So its looking like a Marvel Ultimate Alliance MMO? I’m cool with that.

  • Wasn’t there supposed to have been a marvel MMO a few years ago. I seem to recall a teaser but nothing came of it. Irrespective of that it might be novel to see an mmo dungeon crawler to a diablo-high standard.

    • Chad Ammidown

       It became Champions Online when Marvel backed out.

  • Visa Vang

    Looks boring.

    • Well, It’s fortunate that we PLAY games rather than just look at them.

  • Heh, now I wonder if we can all attend Northstar’s wedding in time…

  • cjeromek

    That didn’t sound like Josh Keaton as Spider-Man…I really wish Marvel would see him as the definitive Spidey voice. No offense to Drake Bell his voice gets on my nerves sometimes. The only characters they actually have definitive actors for are Wolverine and Hulk.

    Anyway, casting issues aside, this looks like a fun brawler same as SHSO which I had fun with. But seeing as this takes place in 616 Marvel Universe and you’ll be able to unlock all the characters eventually without spending a dime, I think is the game that I’ll be spending more time with.

    • Just wish that Civil War is only an Optional PvP mode. Same with Secret Invasion and other similar World Events.

  • Crevox

    Looks like xmen legends. That was a fun game.

  • zferolie

    to more obscure ones like Squirrel Girl and Ka-Zar.

     Squirrel Girl

    *throws wallet at the screen*

    • Squirrel Girl is NOT obscure! She is the Multiverse’s Strongest Babysitter!

  • I kinda wanted more of a DCUO type game. But this IS the first trailer, and I haven’t tried it yet, so there’s hope.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Looks cool, but no user-created characters? That’s a little lame.

    I got DCUO when it became Free-to-Play, though I want to change my character’s personality from comical to something not goofy… I wanted a loner-type personality, but with a light-hearted side to him.

    Oh well, I got to play DCUO for my original Hero (VirusChris) and Villain (Shalor) characters.

  • Reno Evangelista

    Does this prove that Diablo III is an MMO?

  • Oh God Oh God Oh God. Ironman. This is win.

  • ewwww


    coolz phoenix and storm please

  • I find it very odd that if you take the title “Diablo” and the title “Marvel Heroes” then mix ALL of the letters around, take some letters away and add some other letters that you get the word “BORING”. Coincidence?

  • dcuo pvp is so lag’e it bad and dcuo not that big as ff14 so ya im looking to play ff14 on ps3 more 

  • Diablo3 look out of dat to me 

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