Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set Announced For September

By Ishaan . May 23, 2012 . 8:32am

This September, Capcom will release a Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set, which collects the latest games in the series, playable on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, along with other collectible items that will be part of the set.


As far as games are concerned, the Collector’s Set will include: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (with all costume DLC) and Street Fighter X Tekken (with all character Swap costume DLC).


A two-disc Blu-Ray set that will be included in the Collector’s Set will contain a documentary that discusses the influence of Street Fighter on the fan community—and vice-versa—over the years, and will also include the Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV anime movies as well as the Street Fighter animated series and Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.


Also part of the Collector’s Set will be a light-up Ryu statue, 8” tall in the middle of a Shoryuken pose. Accompanying this will be a life-size replica of the belt Ryu wears. (Yes, you can wear it if you’d like)


Finally, rounding out the Collector’s Set are a 64-page hardcover artbook containing art submissions from fans and an 11-disc soundtrack, containing Street Fighter music spanning the last 25 years, in addition to remixes and fan-submitted music inspired by the games.


The Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set will be released on September 18th, 2012 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America. It will cost $150. Each set comes with an individual number and certificate of authenticity.

  • Shadowman


  • Why not add SF1 to the games? Or are they that ashamed of it?

    • malek86

      There are very few home versions of SF1… mostly on obscure consoles (like Turbo CD) or part of games compilations.

      They seem to be only using immediately available games here. SF4AE and SFxT are sold in retail for the respective consoles, while SF2 HD and SF3 Alpha are available on PSN/XBLA. I guess they don’t wanna go the trouble of porting anything, although it probably wouldn’t take too much work.

      • cj_iwakura

        Uh, pretty sure SFAlpha isn’t on PSN yet… though god I wish it was.

        • malek86

          Uh, sorry, I meant SF3 Online Edition. That’s the one mentioned in the article.

          Anyway, the point is that Capcom doesn’t appear to be doing any coding work for this release. All included games are already available on both PS3 and 360.

        • SpecDotSign

          I think Alpha 1-3 is on PSN. The PSOne versions anyway.

          • cj_iwakura

            The things I would do for SF Alpha online. 

  • Guest


  • cj_iwakura

    That’s actually an incredibly good deal, all told.

    •  But it’s coming out before the Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters are scheduled for release, so perhaps not.

    • malek86

      Yeah, even if it’s too much money for me, I gotta admit the value is actually not bad for what you’re getting.

      But for now, I guess that Anniversary Collection I got years ago on Xbox is enough for me.

  • Jake Deerberg


    Oh wait… it’s too close to Borderlands 2… crap.

  • omeganeko

    150 dollars wow. Ryu statue looks more like a victory pose then a shoryuken. It’s like his saying “YES i now have money for the bus”

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


    •  Had to laugh.  I might consider getting this if I happen to get $150 for some reason.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Dont they mean it more like Street Fighter 25th Street Fighter II game ?

    Joking aside, the Set looks quite neat.

  • Christian J. Prokop

    whether I get it or not, the problem is there’s not enough hours in a day

    • Guest

      Well you could always get it for me…

      • Christian J. Prokop

        If I did that, i’d deliver the game via cannon fire.

  • SirRichard

    All of that for $150 is surprisingly good value, actually, and that’s a pretty swanky box, I must say.

    It’s definitely a great way to celebrate an anniversary, something that other long-running devs could learn from.

  • MrJechgo

    “Street Fighter X Tekken (with all character Swap costume DLC)”

    What ?!? how about adding the 14 DLC characters as well ?!?

    Seriously, what a joke…

    • Zonic505

      According to the Capcom Unity blog, it has the characters as well as the costumes. So pretty much all the DLC (though not sure on the gems & colors).

      • Guest

        Makes sense since the release date is around the same time the DLC will be available as well as the Vita version.

    • If what the Capcom Unity blog said is true, then it’s a good buy for me. The only game I have in that collection is SSF II HD.

      Although I could do without the figurine and the belt. I don’t like Ryu….maybe I can sell it.

  • Truner Razer

    And they just couldn’t include the first Street Fighter, huh?
    Sure it was bad, but still…

  • Brandonmkii

    Pretty good deal. Probably going to get this.

  • Muggshotter

    All THAT? For $150?!

    … Oh god. That sounds too good to be true, someone dive kick me in the head please.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Wow this deal is honestly not bad..shocking.

  • This is a really good deal, but I’m not getting it.  SxT has no replay value for me and I don’t care for SFIV.  I just wish it came with more game titles like the alpha series and other street fighter titles.  I’m sure all of them can fit on one disc.  But like I said, all in all it’s a great deal.

  • Daniel T

    Stay tuned for the Mega Man 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set, which will be an empty box with an apology letter

    • Anime10121

       Sad but true.

      Probably just the 2 anniversary collections in a box, and maybe the Zero collection too. Its sad that the series hasnt seen a real fully fledged home console game since X-8 almost 8 years ago (not counting 9 and 10 because while fun weren’t “new” games as much as they were throwbacks, hence limiting you to abilities in MM2 and 3).

      • Solomon_Kano

        Not really getting your logic on how them being throwbacks disqualifies them from being “new” games. I’d argue that them being digital only in a time where that’s only picking up on consoles meant something, but them being old school? Nah.

        • Anime10121

           I mean new in the sense that it adds something to the franchise instead of stripping almost every advancement the series has seen in favor of mechanics from the first two games (which while tight just felt like Megaman 2 with different stages).  Every other game moved the story forward, gave new gameplay mechanics, and new characters to the series while 9 and 10 did nothing for the series but provide (while awesome) Megaman 2 and Megaman 3 with different stages and bosses.

          Oh and let me say I LOVED 9 but 10 while good felt unnecessary to me.  I mean if they wanted to continue with a nostalgic trip they could have at the least did a new SNES styled Megaman.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Fair enough. I didn’t bother with either, so I can’t say anything as to how they played, but that just sounded odd. Personally, I felt that if they were to do an SNES-style Mega Man it should’ve been the next X game. Lord knows I’d be all over an SNES-style X9.

  • Gerald Williams

    Why does capcom always use ryu, hes so bland, ken is MUCH more badass ugh

    • Solomon_Kano

      Because he’s the face of the series. Simple.

      • But I thought this was the 25th anniversary of Ken Fighter.

    • Guest

      Because Ryu is said to be based on Yoshiji Soeno, a student of Mas Oyama, founder of Japanese Kyokushinkai Karate, while Ken is most likely based on U.S. point karate champion Joe Lewis.

  • Anime10121

    I dont see a point in Collector’s sets like these that give you games
    that most fans have already played (I wouldnt want a Megaman set either
    that just packages in games that most fans already had).  The figure’s
    nice I guess, but not a big fan of toys/figurines.

    The only thing that’s worth it in the box (at least to me) would be the
    11 disc OST (SF has had some awesome music barring the SF IV games) and
    the relatively small artbook (I mean 64 pages, most Limited Editions
    carry artbooks with hundreds of pages for only $20 more than the
    standard edition cost).

  • Quinton Cunningham

    I’m a sucker for OSTs and physical merch in general. May get this. That figure is especially sweet.

  • dahuuuundge

    No point getting it. I got SF4, SSF4, Third Strike already.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh… you know, seeing as I don’t own SF3 online, SF2 HD online, I only have SF4 original AND I don’t own SFXT… this just might be a very worthwhile investment. I mean hell- they even throw in a BELT! How awesome is that?

    That is, of course, provided they will release this in Europe. Europe release too, pretty please Capcom?

  • Cool deal, I already got most of that already though. So….

  • cjeromek

    Do both versions come with blu-ray discs because if so I won’t be getting this set. I still haven’t upgraded yet and I’m not about to just for Capcom’s $150 set…

  • nyobzoo

    that’s sounds good, maybe I’ll just trade in my SSFIV and SFxT game and reserve this

  • Setsuna ♥

    Sorry Capcom, ever since SFxT you are NOT getting my money :x

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’ll be getting this. I own none of the games in here and it comes with an 11-disc soundtrack of SF tunes from over the years? Yeaaa, I’m all over this.

    I guess the statue, artbook, and belt are nice too…

  • Wait for the catch…
    The next announcement will be: “some of the materials we put on the anniversary disc will be available on a later date via DLC. So you don’t have to purchase another set until the 30th anniversary. Because that’s how we have plan it. Reference:

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    I hope there’s a some other way to get the Juri movie with an English dub. I watched it on Youtube, but I don’t think her Japanese voice is anywhere close to her English voice.

  • Aoshi00

    Tempting, very cool box and belt, but I have most of the games though.. I really want the Street Fighter II Animated Movie on blu-ray,  still have the DVD and it’s about time for a blu-ray remaster.. still the best SFII anime w/ even better animation than today.. and I love Shinohara Ryouko’s theme song..

  • KOTheWorld

    Who wasn’t surprised that they would pull off this stunt?

  • dey iz greedier den da Dark Eldar……’ dey is zoddin’ greedy! an’ crazy.

  • Pipiskin99

    that awkward moment when you have all these separately :(

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