Suda And The Juliets Greet Lollipop Chainsaw Fans At Akiba Event

By Ishaan . May 25, 2012 . 3:01pm

Remember the Lollipop Chainsaw fan event that Kadokawa arranged to take place in Akihabara on May 19th? Today, they’ve uploaded a video overview of the events that day, including another look at both Juliets greeting fans, along with Grasshopper Manufacture’s Suda 51:


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  • Herok ♞

    why is there a black haired Juliet?

    • Barrylocke89

      She’s essentially Jessica’s Japanese counterpart, using her cute/hotness to inspire potential customers into slaying zombies with her.

      • Herok ♞

         I don’t mind but it is really strange to see a blond black haired.

        • Barrit

           It’s probably for the best, instead of her wearing some cheesy blonde wig.

      • Gentlemagnate

        Good idea for a potential sequel =P

  • 0_0 there both freaking hot!

  • CrimsonalCore

    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, that’s one hot woman. X3

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    The moral of this story: If you really know how to cosplay your characters right (and are also smokin’ hot), maybe you too can become an official international booth babe!

    • Apparently she speaks japanese as well. And that alone is quite remarkable I say.

    • Aoshi00

      Mayu seems to be a karate expert too, and I bet Jessica works out a lot, really amazing bods and abs, not in a dirty kinda way, but so sculpted and beautiful.. 

      Really like the promo they’re doing for this game, pre-ordered the Jpn 360 Premium Edition for the 2 Jpn Juliet voices & DLC costumes :)

      • z_merquise

        Both the publishers Kadokawa and Warner Bros. did a great effort in promoting the game. Unlike Shadows of the Damned.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Jessica is so delicious. 

  • Darkrise

    Looks like fun.

  • KotaroInugami

    ….This video shouldn’t be my reason for buying the game… but it just might be…

  • rebecasunao

    Reading the comments of this thread makes me kinda sick.

    • LustEnvy

       Maybe when women stop advertising themselves for money, then it can stop. But, that would never happen, so it’s in our rights as men to collectively appreciate well sculpted women, as they obviously want us to do so.

    • z_merquise

      Uh-oh. Get ready to get “Flagged”. Just kidding.

      I really don’t think it’s offending. Or maybe I’m saying this because I’m a guy (with a gal as an avatar). But I think they are just simply attracted with 2 attractive women. It’s natural.

      Not unless they said really something sick like “haw haw they so hawt imma ganna defile dem” but it wasn’t.

      Man, I’m not good at this but I hope you get what I mean.

      • M’iau M’iaut

         “haw haw they so hawt imma ganna defile dem”
             Shame on you merquise, what happened did u die and get reincarnated as that warchief aohd dude?

        • z_merquise

          Man, I didn’t meant to be mean to anyone here. I just gave an over-exaggerated example, that’s all.

          And if ever I reincarnated, being an Orc is not one of my choice.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            But orc likes elf, the other white meat.

          •  We Greenskinz like meat in general, one o’ da big bosses, Grumlok, made an’ entire otha Greeakins tribe inta rations for his Waaagh. In Fact, Me an’ da Boyz iz one o’ da only Greenskin tribes dat ain’t cannibalz.

        •  Oi, iz great bein’ an ork!

      • rebecasunao

        I think they could tone down what they say. Not sure about what other girls, but it does offend me. What’s the problem of saying they’re pretty or beautiful instead of “delicious” and “hot”? We’re commenting in a website about games, not in one dedicated to men.

        Well the real problem is that kind of advertisement and that kind of female character (Juliet).

        • z_merquise

          I see. Well it’s like what I said to you before in the Open Thread. You can see things like this anywhere not just in games but even in other forms like comics, etc. We really cannot avoid it. Some would like it and/or find it acceptable, others won’t. 

          And for people who liked it, I’m sure they’re aware of how it was presented. Heck, I even remember that you somewhat like Mai Shiranui even on how the way she acted and looked because you still find her charming.

          But in the end, video games is just another form of entertainment for people. And like comics, it had different varieties. We’re not forced to like everything we see. You can always find something that is meant for you and there would be also something that would be meant for other kind of audience.

          • rebecasunao

            Yeah I know I can find that everywhere (
   ). I wish that wasn’t true though >_>

            My opinion about Lollipop Chainsaw (based on what I’ve seem until now) is pretty much this: 
            Sucker Punch was meant to be a parody too.

            I can’t trust people are aware of how harmful depictions of women as sexy objects is. I can trust that most boys just see them as hot chicks they like looking at. Not saying all boys here are like that though!
            And this isn’t about taste for me… since it involves bad depictions of women and everything else you’ve seem me talking about before. It isn’t something I can just simply ignore.

            Oh, and about Mai… While I like her, I would rather not have a character like her in any game at all.

        • Suicunesol

          Blatantly offensive games attract blatantly offensive comments. The game is making no secret of its stereotyping of cheerleaders.

          • rebecasunao

            It claims to be a parody of Hollywood movies… Not just another game with sexualized/steretypical women.
            I can’t buy that though

          • countupyoursins

            I agree with you that the game seems to be using it’s female aspects more to directly lore, rather than parody, but I also agree with Suicunesol that you have to keep in mind who this game is catering to.

          • Suicunesol

            Parody of Hollywood movies? I haven’t played the game, and maybe there are some comical Hollywood-nods, but there is no way the game wasn’t developed with conscious capitalization of the short-skirted, sexy cheerleader stereotype that everyone knows so well. So, yes. I can’t buy it either. You’d have to be in denial to say that you buy it.

            Another note is that Lollipop Chainsaw differs a bit from Sucker Punch in that it doesn’t really beat around the bush. Sucker Punch emphasizes sexy girls and guns/bullets under the guise of a female empowerment theme, directed at a female audience (with some men mixed in, right?). But Lollipop Chainsaw goes right out and says it: “Juliet is sexy, and we want everyone to know that she is. Go ahead and indulge in her sexiness while she bathes in blood and gore.” It’s pretty obvious that the game is intended for males who like blondes in pink skirts. The audience makes all the difference.

            For this reason, perhaps it’s not appropriate to cover this kind of male-oriented game on Siliconera where there are plenty of female visitors. Then again, Siliconera staffers make it a point to cover all sorts of games so that all sorts of people will eventually get a slice of cake they enjoy.

          • rebecasunao

            @Suicunesol:disqus I completely agree with you… Yeah Lollipop Chainsaw is exactly that. I wish people would ask themselves: “Do we need yet ANOTHER game like that?”. Is it that to hard to see how women are constantly objectified in media and how harmful it is?
            It’s sad that people think Feminism is only about equal political rights. You can’t solve most of the differences between men and women only through law…
            Anyway, thank you for your comment. I shall stop bringing up that subject while commenting on Siliconera… At least until I know how to handle such offensive replies and how to defend Feminism correctly.

        • Herok ♞

          To be completely fair you know women do this to bishes in the open thread on a daily basis as opposed to when a article about it pops up?

    • Evan Groman

      Okay, come on, these two girls deserve the exact amount of respect they’re selling themselves for, which turns out to be no more than this.

      People are treating them the way they set out to be treated. I’m more disgusted by the video than people’s reactions to it, but just whatever, that video will get the responses you’d expect, just like any other video.

      Also, the thread (and this video) is really not about video games, it’s clearly about those two girls. So really, it’s no surprise.

      also, edit to respond to the rest of your messages:
      It IS a parody of Hollywood movies, that’s WHY the women are so deeply sexualized. If you don’t want them to be, don’t play it. There’s plenty of games where women aren’t sexualized.
      Also, I wouldn’t go so quickly as to say these are “women being sexualized.” These are PEOPLE being sexualized. Sure, they happen to be women, but this game isn’t like the epitome of sexism. They have things like Twilight that are basically the exact same thing with the genders reversed, this is not some weird statement about how women are oppressed, it’s just a video game that attempts to appeal to our reproductive needs. (And for some of us, apparently it does.)

      • rebecasunao

        Those girls are a product of our society. Women suffer a lot of pressure to be pretty and have a perfect body because that way they’ll get attention and will be successful. I’m pretty sure those girls can relate to that (not saying they’re completely victims though)

        And I don’t think that just because they’re exposing their body other people have the right to treat them the way they want because they should expected that kind of thing when they have a job like that. It’s just like looking at a soldier that died at war and say “Who cares, it’s his job to die. Why should I care, he shouldn’t of been a solider if he didn’t want to die”. There’s a lot of circumstances involved, much more than just one person’s decision (  ).

        It’s highly problematic when a game has that kind of advertisement – especially when it claims to be a parody. Really? It’s just doing the same BS Hollywood movies do with their female characters…

        I think this video pretty much has everything you should hate about Twilight:
        I know it’s not just women who suffer from sexualization, but we live in a society run by men – so sexualized women (and lack of meaningful portrayals: ) are a much bigger issue. Men have problematic portrayals too of course, but they’re different (non-sexual most of the time) and don’t happen as often.

        A huge amount of games have elements which “appeal to reprodutive needs”. It’s not like the game (or ANY) industry lacks games (or anything else) that have sexy women to please men.
        Anyway, thanks for being respectful while stating your opinions. I respect them wholeheartedly.

        • Evan Groman

          You represented your view in a respectful way, too, and I’ll try to
          represent my (overly long) response in a respectful way again. Though it does sound annoyed and I do swear a few times, but no harm is intended.

          It’s their job to cause guys to oogle over them and make these comments. This is what they’re going for. If the guys didn’t comment like this, that would mean they screwed something up in their job and aren’t doing it right.

          You can claim that they’re a product of this society, but so are you, and so is everyone else. They’re enjoying what they’re doing, there’s no reason to think of it as inherently bad.

          I believe that men have problematic portrayals just as much if not more frequently than women.
          It all depends on what you define as problematic, and it seems like I’m more objective about what’s “right” in society than you are. (That’s not to say my view is better, but your view is instantly assuming that women acting a certain way = a society we need to improve, and I don’t think that’s the case at all. In fact, gender roles are pretty friggin efficient.)

          I’m also not a believer in the theory that we live in this secret patriarchy where women suffer (I should emphasize that I am not a believer in this AT ALL.)

          I’ll say a bit about Twilight that sort of touches on why most modern feminism is bullsh*t, and then a bit more after:
          It’s more than being creepy/overprotective/stalkerish/whatever, which we shouldn’t focus on by your own standards. These are all traits that focus on why he’s a negative being FOR GIRLS within the concept of RELATIONSHIPS, which is a deeply sexist thing to focus on as opposed to his values as a human being independent of Bella. Granted, he has no values or even an existence independent of Bella, because he’s her toy. BUT! the point remains that if we were focusing on why Bella sucks and only said “she didn’t make enough sandwiches” or “she did not provide him with enough fellatio” or any other description that makes her an inadequate dating partner, sexism would instantly be called. Why not the other way around?

          Anyway, the reason Edward Cullen is a pile of sh*t because he’s a sex toy created by a sexually frustrated woman for (younger) sexually frustrated women, and he does not represent or even resemble a real human being in any way shape or form. That’s why he comes off as manipulative and controlling and all that, because his entire existence is this weird extension of Stephenie Meyer’s i-want-to-be-dominated-by-men sexual fantasy. Which would be fine, but Twilight presents itself to gullible young teenagers as a romance story instead of admitting it’s a wholly unrealistic erotic fantasy, and this just contributes to a bunch of destructive lies about sexuality the kids are already hearing all the time anyway.


          but back to the actual girls:

          This isn’t going to be fun to hear, but please try to think about it objectively.
          I have only ever heard one type of people tell girls they can’t do something because they’re girls. I’ve only heard one SPECIFIC group of people tell girls that society is going to stop them because they’re girls. I’ve only heard this same one group of people tell girls that they’re not equal to men in today’s society. Do you know who those people are? Feminists.
          Feminists are literally the only people that ever focus on women’s inferiority. No one gives a f*ck anymore. The only people still saying anything about gender equality are feminists, because everyone else already knows we live in an equal society. Not because everyone has the EXACT same rights and exact same social expectations, but the social expectations and rights of both sexes are equally sh*t. Everyone wins some and loses some. Guys in the USA are legally forced to go to war if the country wishes. Imagine that. It’s killing an innocent man just on the basis of him being born a man. They can basically force an 18-year-old boy to die in a battlefield for his rights. You get your rights for free. And I’m not going to get into all the men issues because you did say you accept that they exist, BUT there’s DEFINITELY issues on both sides, and therefore there’s no use saying that one is oppressed and one isn’t. Humans are oppressed because society is oppressive, it has nothing to do with women or men, it’s just people.

          But anyway, the point I distracted myself from making is that no one thinks these women are a “product” of a “patriarchy” aside from feminists. Everyone else thinks these are two potentially intelligent girls that chose to embrace their sexuality and pursue a certain field.
          Feminists don’t agree with that. Feminists think women are stupid, and that they can’t think for themselves. Feminists think that society feeds these weak incapable girls with all this false information, and what can they do? They are just victims, they have no capable minds. They were brainwashed into thinking that they should be pretty and now they’re suffering because of it.

          Well, let me tell you something. These girls know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re doing it out of their own free will. They’re smart and capable, and they are not a product of a society anymore than you and me are. They just like different things. You like explaining to people that we live in a male-dominated world, and she likes showing off her tits.
          They’re both equal interests and neither of them is inherently better than the other, even though you clearly think one is superior and the other is somehow sexist.

          She KNOWS how men are reacting. She planned for it. Her job is to cause that reaction. If there’s anything in these comments she would be ashamed of, it would be that maybe she’s not doing her job right because there’s not enough people oogling over her. But luckily for her, oogling ensues and her mission was a success, there is nothing for her to be ashamed of. She should be proud of what these guys are saying, because it’s proof that she succeeded in her job.
          And that’s not bad and it’s not wrong and it’s not sexist, it’s just a different view from yours.

          So please, stop claiming that she’s an unintelligent victim that can’t think of herself when there’s no reason to believe that that’s the case.

          That’s it. Sorry for it being so long, this issue is just very frustrating to me.

    • SH3

      Reading your feminist propaganda in pretty much every Siliconera thread makes me kinda sick.

      • rebecasunao

        Too bad, because feminism is a very important movement that conquered a lot of important things for women and that just wants equality. If you don’t know anything about feminism you should go read about it.

        And wtf, I barely comment here.

        • SH3

          True feminism is about equal political rights regardless of gender and not about trying to brainwash society to follow your personal views on how people should live their lives.

          By linking to the sad joke that is feministfrequency you pretty much lost all your credibility.

          • cj_iwakura

            Just want to say that I enjoy ff’s videos. They often bring up some very good points about the media and such, agenda or not.

        • npcomplete

           Modern feminism is hardly about equal rights and almost all about wanting to coerce other people into doing and thinking in approved ways regarding women.

          You are just as free to create the equivalent, analogous video aimed at women sexualizing men with even less clothing. In fact, look at yaoicon for example. And guess what? I bet hardly any man would complain. Where are all the men complaining about women calling men “hot” or “delicious” instead of say, handsome? You do realize that you also already have an equal right to do so, do you?

        •  Oi, i iz a ork, dere are no genders fer greenskinz, but from wot i’ve seen from da femnist humies, it seems dat feminists dese days iz about woman claimin’ dey want equality, but den use the fact dey iz women to get away wit certain fings, such as domestic abuse in some casez or ignoring woman on man domestic abuse.

          Humie Translator Robot: that seemed like a rant on Feminists claiming they want equality, but in the end want special privileges. He then went on to describe a scenario involving domestic abuse with the woman beating the man, and no one batting a eye about it cause shes a woman. considering that Orks are asexual beings, this really angers and confuses him.

          • rebecasunao

            You can’t judge a whole movement based on some stupid women that aren’t seeking for true gender equality. If it wasn’t for Feminism I wouldn’t have the right to give my opinions to a male orc. And that would suck because I love orcs.

          •  Orks iz asexual, we iz space mushroomz, we reproduce through sporez.

  • boundries_san

    …..I envy Suda.T_T

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Way to much cosplay….What are they promoting the game or the girls…(odd coming from me I know right?) Inb4 live action movie?

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’m sure Tarantino already has the rights.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         I would not be surprised if this was true seeing as everything is being made into a movie now.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Well its more grindhouse parody, so of course it can be turned around and returned to sender.

    • Aoshi00

      If you could chk out this week’s Jpn Inside Xbox on your 360, they have a MS staff, a fan/writer, and a cute girl dressed up as a zombie demo’ing the game for several minutes, chopping up football player zombies and dashing thru school buses.. Jpn Inside xbox actually do a lot of interesting features and creator interviews on new releases, covering events and such.

      Actually I just re-watched it, Suda was w/ them commentating too, and the Lollipop Chainsaw demo was a 2-parter, showing Juliet killing basketball players and send their hands into the hoop to win the game w/in time limit. And now they’re demo’ing Dragon’s Dogma.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    The girls are really cute. The presentations are decent mind you, nothing vulgar. At least from what I can tell on this vid. ^^’

  • maxchain

    Suda and the Juliets should form a band.

  • badmoogle

    It’s amazing how a video can look so fake and “plastic”.I feel as if i just watched an advertisement for a cleaning product or something. -.-

    •  It’s Suda 51.  I think that was the point.

  • Spider-Man

    My man Suda. Amusing video.

    After reading a few comments, I thought this site was about discussing video game/industry. Not feminist propaganda. I thought off topic things like that would be left for the Open Thread. It’s such an eyesore to see.

  • isfuturebright

    Suda got lucky :P

  • Hoshi星

    So much promo for this game. If this game flops, I’ll be sad, mad and I’ll be raging >_<

  • CirnoLakes

    This is the first time I’ve seen gender discussions enter Lollipop Chainsaw topics. It’s been bizarre, I expected to see far more, and far earlier than this.

    Well, one thing is for sure.  There’s nothing forward about this at all. It is as much a fanservice game as anything. And if anything, the whole “but it’s so hip and a parody” thing makes it all the worse. And why do people think that humor automatically makes something not what it looks or sending the opposite message or whatever? People really misuse the concept of humor. A lot of times humor makes a point.

    And yeah, it can make the opposite point by parodying something. But do you really think this is any kind of critical satire about the fact that almost all female protagonists in video games are sexualized? Yeah, I really don’t think so.

    It is not above or beyond any other fanservice video games. It just looks ‘hip’ and ‘realistic’ to some people.

    • rebecasunao

      My thoughts exactly.

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