“Enders Project” Pictures From Konami’s Zone of the Enders Event

By Ishaan . May 26, 2012 . 12:00pm

Kojima Productions’ Zone of the Enders event in Japan this week showed off real life mech models that are being created for Enders Project, which is the name being used internally for the next Zone of the Enders title. The models are being sculpted with the purpose of later converting them into 3D digital models in Kojima Productions’ Fox Engine, which will potentially be used to develop this game.


It looks like both fans and development staff at the event had a gala time oogling at some of the models and artwork that were on display, and photographing them. Looking through the #endersproject hashtag on Twitter pointed us to a whole lot of these photographs from various people, and you can find some of them below:


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  • Godmars

    Really confused by the organic (re)design and the talk that its either going to take place in the same universe or in ancient times. 

    • lol.. like an ancient flying robot-like gods… lol

      • Mildra

        Personally, it looks like something straight outta Garo, though maybe that’s just the brush work talking to me.

        • Marco Tinè

          As far as I understand, those Orbital Frame’s design comes from a new branch in the ZoE universe, one that evolved differently from the hyper-technological one we have seen in the first two games, and maybe in a different time or space. Anyway, I think Shinkawa is taking the ancient civilizations mood of Anubis to extremes, and the skull could very well have more than an aestethic meaning. 

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      Agreed. Looks like some alien life-form took over that orbital frame and slowly made a transformation of it. I do wonder if it will be a direct sequel or some parallel universe, or, like you said, ancient times…

    • ShinGundam
      • Godmars

        Even considering those, that some kind of mutation occurred after naked Jehuty, its odd. Especially if you’re talking about the same universe and timeline. 

    • LynxAmali


       It actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Nohman, at the end of the Second Runner mentions “Metatron’s Will.” Given the fact that Jehuty and Anubis. hell, all Orbital Frames run off of Metatron, maybe the massive intake had some sort of unexpected mutation to the mechanical components.

      Something similar happens to Radium in Idolo. Metatron poisoning gradually throws off his sense of reality which ultimately concludes in him losing his mind. Instead of him piloting Idolo, Idolo is essentially controlling him.


      Calling it.
      Jehuty has gone sentient. ADA is still on board and has fused with the OF. They still require a Runner to utilize the full potential however.

      Or even maybe that this is concept material for a new enemy we’ll be fighting. Perhaps the basis for Anubis and Jehuty and the rest of the Orbital Frames?

      • Godmars

        Mutation still doesn’t explain organic features and characteristics. The energy blade becoming physical. 

  • Yesshua

    Well this is interesting!  When we first heard about this project it was from Kojima with his funny Z.O.E. 3.D.S., suggesting 3DS but not guaranteeing it because he might have just reversed the logo to have fun teasing his audience.  I would totally believe that Kojima was just jerking us around a little, he’s always had a sense of humor :)

    But where did this bit about the Fox engine being used come from?  The article only says potentially… what has been said about the engine?  And if it is Fox engine, that suggests that this actually isn’t a 3DS title doesn’t it?  Last I read Fox wasn’t being designed for handheld development, right?

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Kojima Productions never made any claims as to what platforms the engine can be used with. So, for all we know, it could be an extremely flexible engine (much like Capcom’s MT Framework, intended for both HD console and handheld development.

      Having said that, it’s just as likely that this is a completely seperate ZOE project for HD consoles. Afterall, this IS Hideo “movie director wannabe” Kojima we’re talking about.

      • Rohan Viajar

         movie director wannabe?
        that sounds like it has a negative connotation to it.

        • usagi_san
          • Rohan Viajar

            okay.. so he likes coming up with stories. and his childhood can be attributed to that.

            hey.. all I’m saying is that there is nothing wrong incorporating games with very detailed stories. (not sure how else to word it)

            adding the words wannabe.. I dunno it just sounds like downing him for that aspect/ quality.

          • usagi_san

            I see what you mean. My first thought would also be “… downing him for that aspect/quality.” It could also be taken to mean their aspiration. 

    • I’m fairly certain that the ZOE3D was a combination of them sort of considering it and having a little fun with their audience at the same time. If Enders Project really does end up being developed on Fox Engine, I think it’s very safe to assume that the game won’t be on 3DS in any shape or form. 

      Fox Engine only supports PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita as far as Kojima himself has announced so far. It will, presumably, support Wii U as well, but again, until that’s confirmed, we can’t say for sure.

      As for ZOE3D, that may or may not end up happening. They could probably put a 3DS game out there, just to keep the brand on people’s minds and maybe expose it to more players while they develop Enders Project.

  • jcrush7

    hope that statue comes with the collectors edition

  • Blackhowling

    Is that Jehuti or is that Anubis? Or maybe a new Orbital frame all together?

  • AzureNova

    YES, PS3! It says so at the bottom of the article for all the people who are still wondering. I mean, it IS the Fox Engine after all ^_^

    • Those platforms were only included because I tagged in the HD Collection, out of necessity. They aren’t indicative of which platforms this game is coming to. But yes, it is absolutely likely to be a game for HD systems. Just no confirmation so far of which ones.

      • AzureNova

        I took that into consideration as well, but decided to post anyway due to the Fox Engine being used lol

  • Oh my. Jehuty just turned into a necromorph orbital frame.

    Zone of the dead space enders!

  • Solomon_Kano

    This looks incredible.

    That skull has to be humongous though.

  • It’s Jehuty…FROM THE METAL AGE !!!

    *Speed Metal Headbangin*

    Looks freaking badass though. The Skull-collar is really not a necessity, but damn those horns and the rest !

  • Cephrien


  • Kevin Lor

    I like the design but I have to admit I dont like that skull at all

  • That design looks like trash, tbf

  • usagi_san

    With no prior exposure to the ZoE series, I think the design looks really cool; the skull seems to be out of place to me. 

    I agree with anyone saying it has an “organic” look to it.

    All in all, I can’t wait to see that first gameplay video using the Fox Engine.  

    •  Not sure about the skull myself either but otherwise it looks pretty cool. Also looks quite old as well. Perhaps it’s been buried or some such and ADA has been corrupted as a result? That’d be a pretty cool I reckon – Jehuty is a baddie. :)

      • Jehuty is baddie? I thought the kid in the first one was piloting Jehuty? Of course I wouldn’t know I only watched a couple minutes to make sure I would actually like this game/series.

  • Domii

    Jehuty looks a little different there. Wow I need to beat ZOE2 btw.

  • Zonic505

    Can we PLEASE get that figurine &/or picture of Jehuty included in some kind of Special Edition? I want those so bad.

  • boundries_san

    While Jehuty looks sooooo COOOOL!!!!

    I wonder if this design will fit too the new ZOE lol. As this one looks far more organic than the previous design here.

  • Mago Iichi

    Reimagining of Jehuty?

  • WyattEpp

    Brütal Jehuty. :D

  • Christopher Nunes

    Wow! It looks like Jehuty became a living Dragon or something now with the new design! This is a sequel, right? Kinda strange that Jehuty has this kind of look, unless time travel is involved or another planet with ancient civilization that Jehuty gets the design change or something from Earth is involved. 

    It’s going to be great when it comes out! I’m going to get the ZOE HD Collection and the next ZOE when it comes out. 

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Hope old characters make a return. ^^
    I wander if Leo settled in with Ada XD

  • idofgrahf

    so um, where is the cockpit? It use to be in the um, cock area….

  • Looks sick…Hopefully it’ll stay a Playstation Exclusive…it’s bad enough the M$ plebs got Lords of Shadow 

    • considering the hd collection is going to be available on both platforms your desire to alienate potential fans because of your specific console preference wont likely happen

    • Why does it matter if Microsoft Xbox 360 gets the game?

      • XiaomuArisu

         Maybe he is afraid that the ps3 version will be worse then the xbox verion like Bayonnetta.Even if that was a terrible mistake from sega.
        But as far as I know konami make the games good for all systems.

        • Why would one version be worse compared to another? O_o And I have not played Bayonnetta so I have no idea what is going on with that.

          • XiaomuArisu

             Well Bayonnetta was made by Platinum games but sega ported it to the ps3.
            Lets just say Sega Failed big time.But that was not planned.Normaly if there is 2 versions they almost identical,there exist little differences but I cant see them,even with comparsion pics.
            I just gave my therory why he wanted it to be Ps3 exclusiv.Of coure maybe he is just a hater and we all know…

          • Eh ok then. That makes sense to me. But yah I would assume nothing bad could come from having it on both he may indeed just be a hater.

    • Ha ha, this man. He made a funny.

    • LynxAmali

       Z.O.E is a niche series.

      Having it on more than one console would benefit more as it would get more exposure, thus possibly increasing profits, THUS giving us more Z.O.E stuff in the future.

      Like possibly full anime series like Dolores i, more OVAs like Idolo, new spin off titles like Fist of Mars/ 2173 Testament and main titles.

  • Barthomeloi

    Where’s Dingo :.

    Jehuty looks sick and tribal and it looks like there’s…some sort of other Orbital Frame. I don’t think it’s Anubis as Anubis had a halberd/spear. Some sort of Dragon. Maybe that woman is piloting it?

    …in some of the pictures, it looks like the Frames have hair. Has the Metatron been evolving…?

  • Göran Isacson

    Jehuty looks like it popped by Brutal Legend and decided to get some decorations. Don’t know if I like it yet since it seems a little out of place, but maybe the new game will have something in it that makes the sudden skull and bones motif more relevant.

  • DemonKingAsura

    This theme song from BlazBlue should be borrowed by Kojima:


  • Eugenio Gil de la Madrid

    It truly is a beautiful work of art! I can’t wait to learn more about this! Specially how could Jehuty end up like this?

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