Natsume Teasing A Celebration For A Series They Publish [Update]

By Ishaan . May 27, 2012 . 6:00pm

Natsume, who publish the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games—among other titles—in North America, are teasing an announcement over Twitter. They’ve provided five hints as to what it is so far. Take a look at them below:


A weekend treat for you guys: We’re gonna sneak out an announcement next week, and YOU, our loyal followers, are all going to get it early!


Hint #1: The announcement contains a "celebration"


Hint #2: The announcement will relate to a series…


Hint #3: The announcement will relate to a series…in which there are at least 3 previous entries…


Hint #4: The announcement will relate to a series…in which there are at least 3 previous entries…that Natsume published in North America


Hint #5: C____m_______ __ K___


Hint #6: C_s__m_z____n i_ Ki__


A celebration? Hmm… Harvest Moon’s 15th anniversary is coming up. That doesn’t necessarily mean this will be a Harvest Moon-related announcement, but that’s one of the many guesses that fans have made in reply to Natsume’s Twitter teases.


Update: Hint #6 added! “Customization is King”?

  • SirRichard

    Can’t really think of any major Natsume series besides Harvest Moon, honestly. Would be a bit underwhelming if that’s what they’re teasing, but the fifth hint doesn’t seem to line up with it.

    • It could be a subtitle. Rune Factory 4: “Something” to King? Just a wild guess on my part, since you do live the life of royalty in RF4.

      Rune Factory also fits the “At least three entries” hint. There are three mainline RF games so far. If you include the spin-offs, there are five. But there are “at least three” counting only the main ones.

      • MonsieurEek

        “Commoner to King” looks like it fits. I hope it’s actually with regard to Legend of the River King, though. Though it almost certainly isn’t!

        • That does fit! And… I thought of Legend of the River King, too, which is why I included it in the tags, but I can’t imagine they would make a big deal out of that…

          update: Whoops. LunarKnite’s right. “Commoner” looks like it fits, but if you space out the underscores, it doesn’t.

        • Nanashi Kinohara

           hero/ine from RF 4 also Prince/ss related, but… anything are fine as long as along that line ^^

        • LunarKnite

          Looks like it could fit, but if you space out the underscores, the first word is 13 letters long, including the C and m, with the m being the 6th letter in the world. Here’s some words that could fit those specifications, not sure how well they fit with “to King” though.


  • Rune Factory 4 would be fantastic.  Number 3 was my favorite in the series so far and the series works really well as a portable game.

  • Muffum


    Well, Land of Origin might be nice, too, but Rune Factory seems more likely to me, given the fifth hint. Therefore:


  • canarinta

    Calling it, Rune Factory 4. You’re a king and you customize the town.

    • It could very well be Harvest Moon, too, since that has a load of character and ranch customization options. 

      • boundries_san

        U forget about Medabots and River King Ishaan.T_T

        • So did the developers. :P

          • No, Rocket Company has been hiring employees to work on Medabots 3D on 3DS for months now. The game will be made.

          • Oh, I meant in the sense that there’s been absolutely no word of Medabots anything for the last several months.

          • boundries_san

            Damn Natsume.T_T

  • Screw these pansy predictable guesses like Harvest Moon, and Rune Factory. Go obscure, go MEDABOTS! This year is the franchise’s 15th Anniversary, Natsume published 3 games in North America, and CUSTOMIZATION IS KING! Never let your shonen heart be wilted, let it burn brighter than the sun! You gotta believe!

    It’s probably another Harvest Moon :(

    • riceisnice

       I wouldn’t mind a revival of the Medabots franchise.

    • Arrei

      Hints sound much too weird for Harvest Moon, though. Particularly the “at least 3 entries”.

      Not to mention it wouldn’t be much of a surprise given that there’s a Harvest Moon highly likely to be in the works right now.

    • Code

      Oh my god >A3<;;

      • boundries_san

        Day one from me too here.^^ More Medabots is always a good thing here.
        Even the customization is King really fit this.^^

    • Medabots 3D is in development for 3DS. Rocket Company’s (the studio behind the franchise) owner, Imagineer wants to expand internationally, and had sold off their first 3DS game – Runabout 3D to a North American publisher before it was even released in Japan. I want to believe, Metabee will return!

    • Anesia Hunter

       it’s true that this year is it’s 15th anniversary, but i’ll be very sad if it is medabots, even more so, because harvest moon the tale of two towns for the 3ds is super glitchy and i want a harvest moon game that’s specifically for the 3ds.

      • Harvest Moon: Land of Beginning is almost assuredly coming over. Even though in my heart I know this announcement will be Harvest Moon, I don’t see how hoping it could be a Medabots title is wrong. Unlike Harvest Moon, we aren’t showered with games. Unlike Harvest Moon we don’t even get to complain about glitches because we don’t even get an opportunity to play the games in a language we understand. There’s over 20 different Medabots games in Japan, and only 3 of them were ever released in English – two of them being awful spinoffs. It would be the equivalent of getting Harvest Moon: Tales of the Two Towns, Puzzle De Harvest Moon, and the Wiiware Harvest Moon game with absolutely nothing else. It deserves a second chance.

    • boundries_san

      Medabots will come back!!!!

  • Customization is King?


    • MrRobbyM

      I hope so. I never heard of River King until you mentioned it now. A quick Google search led e to a localized PS2 game and now I hope it’s a new River King game ^_^

    • I really miss River King. ;__; It was the perfect combination.

    • boundries_san

      Ohh please make that happen lol. I really want a new River King here lol.^^

      Imagine them using 3DS and adding more equipment there.

  • bryan bowersock

    Medabots, Lufia, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, River King all have had 3 games in the us. 
    my money is on RF4 or HM The land of Origin. 

    I swear to god if they troll us with a power ranger game (they have 3 of them so it applies)

    • boundries_san

      If the power ranger is as good as the Genesis arcade beat em’up style, I will said that is blessing rather than troll here.

  • JMaster3000

    Please HM for Vita >.<

  • Chim_era

    Probably Land of Origin but that’s for the 3DS right?
    Ugh my days of importing HM games is over. There’s always a 6 months gap between teh US and EU releases. :(

  • Anesia Hunter

     Most likely it’s the land of origin, since rune factory 4 isn’t out in japan yet and land of origin is. If it is rune factory 4 i’m gonna be so excited. ^.^ i’ll be even more excited if it’s both. *_*

  • Zeidge


    Its definitely worth celebrating over isn’t it?!!


    • boundries_san


      Why don’t u guys shine anymore.T_T

  • Heidenroslein

    Hint # 3 is really making me think it’s Rune Factory 4

    But then Hint # 6 is making me think it’s HM: Land of Origin….


    It would make sense they would localize HM: Land of Origin first, since it’s already out in Japan and Rune Factory 4 isn’t even released yet…

  • haqua

    I’m not sure if it’s Land of Origin, actually. Hint 3/4 kind of throws me off, even though there /are/ a LOT more than 3 HM games. There’s just something about it… But, I don’t think it’s really RF4, either! There’s not too much customization in the game, so… 

    Then there’s River King and Medabots.  For it to be either of those, the games would have to be announced in Japan already. So, it’s not those…

    I guess I’ll just have to lean toward HM, even if Hint 3/4 throw me off!

    • Except a new Medabots title for 3DS was announced in 2010, and has been in development since then.

  • I think a new clue was added on twitter, Hint #7: The series discussed in the announcement DOES NOT begin with the letter “L”

  • Muffum

    New hint: 

    “Hint #7: The series discussed in the announcement DOES NOT begin with the letter “L””

    So it’s not Lufia, and I’m not sure if this disqualifies (Legend of the) River King.

    EDIT: Oh, beaten to it by a minute or so. Eh.

  • Hint #8: The series discussed in the announcement DOES NOT begin with the letter “M”

    RIP Medabots :( Congrats Harvest Moon fans on your 9001th iteration.

    • Anesia Hunter

       just try waiting for it to come out in japan first or get close to the time of it about to come out to see if natsume will localize your medabots game.

      • Fun fact: No Medabots game has ever been localized if a localization was not announced before release in Japan.

        Fun fact: I own a North American Nintendo 3DS, thanks to region locks I can’t even import Medarot 3D like I did DS.

        • Anesia Hunter

           *gives Jonathan a cookie* sorry, jonathan. D:

  • Anesia Hunter

    New Hint: Hint #8: The series discussed in the announcement DOES NOT begin with the letter “M” <– Sounds like medabots is out then.

  • Anesia Hunter

    New Hint: Hint #9: These clues are not “Fish”y. Sorry! <– huh…? oh no…

  • puchinri

    I’m just going to wait as patiently as possible and hope that it’s something I can get excited over. ouo

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