Medabots 7: Kabuto And Kuwagata Headed To 3DS In September [Update]

By Ishaan . May 29, 2012 . 5:48pm


Last year, a new Medabots game was announced for the Nintendo 3DS. This week, retail blog, Sinobi, has a release date for the two versions of the game from Famitsu magazine.


Medabots 7: Kabuto Ver. and Medabots 7: Kuwagata Ver. will be released on September 13th, 2012. We’ll have more information as it becomes available.


Pictured above: Medabots DS for the Nintendo DS.


Update: Medabots 7 will include different parts depending on which version you buy. The graphics have been enhanced, the game will support StreetPass, and has online enabled battles. Altogether, Medabots 7 will have 140 different Medabots.

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  • riceisnice

    Too bad the Medabots franchise is pretty dead in the West. Let’s hope for a revival!

  • Exkaiser

    Oh, good, a really real confirmation of it. With a release date! I’m glad Medarot DS was able to revive the series. Here’s hoping someone picks it up for localization.

  • SoulEmbrace2010

    Must have it in the West NAO!

  • shmuga9

    Liked the show and the GBA game. I HIGHLY doubt it’ll make it over here but I hope it does, and that it’s a great game. I’m surprised that it wasn’t made a LONG time ago for the DS when it was relevant. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers.

  • Shadowman

    Been a while since I heard Medabot. Then again I did played Medabot AX but it gonna be a good feel to play game from my childhood.

  • Hey Ishaan, not so forgotten now, huh? ;)

    • All right, I concede, hahaha. I was just thinking about how it was such a weird coincidence, too, that the announcement came two days after people asked about Medabots!

      • boundries_san

        Haha Ishaan is wrong this time.^^

  • MrKappa

    If we can’t get Danball then there is no way on Earth we are getting Medabots.

    • The difference is that Danball has never had a publisher in the U.S., while Medabots has been published by Natsume before.

    • If you don’t think we’re getting Danball, you’re silly. What with the anime getting dubbed for America, them working with Namco Bandai for merchandise…

      But I could still see this. Maybe from Xseed or, hell, maybe even Natsume.

    • Code

      Danball is tricky, after playing Burst I know exactly why that specific game probably won’t get localized (story related) opo;; But future games have potential. Medabots games have been localized before, and given the developer is Natsume, I wouldn’t count it out entirely.

      • MrKappa

        If it were not for the fact that the last Medabots game they localized was 9 years ago that might mean something to me. Heck, even still the DS versions never made it so I still have no expectations.

        • Code

          True, true, I guess it has been a bit longer then I remember~

  • MrRobbyM

    I haven’t seen Medabaots since the anime way back when. This news is pleasing. I hope it gets localized!

  • Revorse

    I just finished watching the series again. And then this pops up? Kinda cool. I wish Medabots could gain speed again.

    • OverlordZetta

      Again? The games have been a constant franchise since the original Pokemon games.

      We just never get them.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Wow, they still make these?

    I remember playing the GBA games… and losing horribly.
    Cheating AI.

  • Strain42

    Yay for Medabots! This is great news. I look forward to NEVER BEING ABLE TO PLAY IT!!! -runs off sobbing-

  • Code

    Hooray it was a new Medabots game >A<; Butt.. it's on the regional locked 3DS… T3T;; Also I'm hoping they go back to more traditional designs, wasn't keen on the aesthetic changes the series went through on the DS o~o;

    • usagi_san

      But this is what people are “crying” for Pokémon to do. Though I played an emulated version, I liked the Medabots’ pixel designs, but I’ll still take it as it is; I love Medabots. 

      • Code

        mhm the 2D was fine looking owo; But the 3D wasn’t particularly attractive, which is more what I’m talking about. Plus a lot of redesigned medabots just didn’t look as good to me o﹏o; This isn’t so much like Pokemon, where the game looks fine but people cry; Medabots on DS definitely didn’t look half as good as it should have.

        • usagi_san

          As @facebook-695555859:disqus said: They’re not redesigned, they’re newer models. A redesign would’ve be how Metabee changed from first series to the second one.  

          • Code

            Ahh okay that was never made particularly clear, from what I knew about the game. Although that said, from what I have seen; I still am not that keen on the aesthetics of the newer models compared to the looks from previous games. And the 3D models still could have been better on the DS considering. 

          • usagi_san

            I know what you mean. When I first heard about Medabots coming to the DS I was like “yeah” then I see actual images or gameplay vids I’m like “oh”. But that won’t put me off or cause any hesitation from picking up a localization (if confirmed).

          • Code

            @usagi_san:disqus Yeahh, don’t get me wrong if they got localized, I’d still grab it in a heart beat as long as it’s decent >w<; I just feel personally the DS game didn't exactly go in an appealing direction for me, it was good opportunity given the fertile the DS is for these kind of games. But either way really hoping the 3DS game helps the series gain some ground again owo;

  • CrimsonalCore

    I haven’t play Medabots since GBA… And it was looooooong. XD But I want my Medabots on 3DS as it may bring up my childhood~ Sadly I do have a feeling that this won’t get localizing, but I hope it will get localize. >:3

  • What the hell did they just do to Rokusho? :|

    • That is not Rokusho but another KWG type Medarot named Sanjuro. In Medarot DS Sanjuro is the latest of Rokusho’s type. You can play as the classic KWG Rokusho Medarot in the game.

  • neetyneety

    Haa, haa, haa…..

    ..oh, sorry. That was just me breathing heavily because of my excitement for this game. It’s Medabots! FREAKIN’ MEDABOTS! WHO THE HECK WOULDN’T BE EXCITED?!

  • Kitestwinblades

    I’m trying my hardest not to post that theme song right now XD
    But this GREAT news. I cant wait to see how much its changed.

  • SirRichard


    Oh dammit, now I need to go watch the series again. I would kill for this game, I really would.

  • usagi_san

    Medabots for the 3DS…. MEDABOTS for the 3DS… MEDABOTS FOR the 3DS… MEDABOTS FOR THE 3DS… *dies*

    I need this to be localized! Might not look like the models I grew up with, but a Medabots in the vain of the GBA Kabuto and Kuwagata ver. I’ll happy take!

    Who didn’t love Mr. Referee? 

    • boundries_san

      YES!!! Our wish come true!!!!^^

  • The original custom robot battling game before Danball Senki.
    (Perhaps theres some earlier ones in PS or Saturn that I’m not aware of :P)
    Never really played any Medarot games except a bit of Medarot NAVI but was following their manga in Comic BomBom in the past.

  • boundries_san

    To think that this really comes after we wish them to come here.^^ As i have said before. BELIEVE!!!!!!

  • Anesia Hunter

    the medabots fans are happy now, but i have a feeling they’re about to become very restless and aggressive on XSEED’s forums. /_

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    SMT IV made me think I’d want a 3DS. Now I know I NEED IT.

  • pls pls in europe for the shake of chuck norris 

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