Rune Factory 4’s Hammer Weapon Packs Quite A Punch

By Ishaan . June 1, 2012 . 10:00am

You can recruit two other NPCs to form a three-man party in Rune Factory 4, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to take them into battle. In a new clip of the game that Marvelous AQL released today, Lest decides to take two of his friends fishing:



Marvelous also released a short clip of combat with the Hammer weapon. As you’d expect of a hammer, this looks like it’s capable of dealing quite the heavy blow:

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  • Its hammer time! xD

    The new interactions with NPCs in party is awesome; I wonder how many new actions we can interact with on different characters when we’re not battling alongside them.

  • puchinri

    I’m really loving these new aspects to the game. I’m looking forward to hanging out with and battling alongside the NPCs~.

  • Suicunesol

    This looks a lot better in motion. :o

    I wonder what it looks like in 3D…

  • Jonathan Keycross

    Note for next RF:
    Characters will bring their own fishing rods instead of making me feel guilty and be the only one who enjoys the sport…

    It´s already decided, I´ll put the money in a letter and send it to my future self to buy this game.

  • Peace Legacy

    RF, short sword is effin’ overpowered
    RF2, short sword is still overpowered despite the rebalancing
    RF3, short sword is still overpowered despite the re-rebalancing and the introduction of new weapon
    Yeah, guess I will have to rely on SW again in RF4

  • Take two of his friends fishing? I guess by that you meant taking two of them to awkwardly stare at the mc while he fishes… 

  • haqua

    His “friends” are actually his wife and daughter…
    I guess Famitsu’s site never bothered to show the children? Well, they were in the scans.

    No matter what the hammer does, it’ll always be my least favorite weapon. Although, some of them do have some pretty cool designs,s o I collect them anyway!

  • Binku Muja

    Isn’t the kid his daughter? Also, why aren’t the other two fishing? The kid I can understand, she’d probably take somebodies eye out (with the protag’s luck it’d be him) but it just seems so awkward to take two people to a dungeon-just to watch you fish and not join in. Couldn’t help noticing the round of applause when he caught the fish…kind of awkward if you ask me.

    I didn’t like the Hammer’s before, and I still don’t like them.My usual weapon of choice was the longsword, mainly because I liked the reach and power behind it-plus it’s good for crowd control if you get boxed in. But during RF3 I came across the twinblade weapon Leek and tried it out while wearing the wooly costume, I haven’t touched a longsword since. Needless to say I will be keeping a lookout for ’em for the female protag. Why yes, I did make another Hatsune Miku referance. Is that a problem?

    I’d like to see how things develop if I go all out twinblade. Never did it before, but I’ll be doing it in RF4. Should be interesting. But I may just default back to longsword if things don’t work according to plan. Can’t wait for this game. Dylas! My heart! You may take it! ♡~щ(*´▽`*)m

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