Tales of Xillia 2 Headed To PlayStation 3 This Winter

By Ishaan . June 2, 2012 . 3:48am

Namco Bandai have announced Tales of Xillia 2, in development for the PlayStation 3 and scheduled for release this winter. Xillia 2 will take place one year after the events of the original Tales of Xillia, and stars Ludgar as its protagonist, along with his cat, Lulu.


The animation for Tales of Xillia 2 will once again be provided by anime studio, Ufotable. Ayumi Hamasaki will be providing the game’s theme song. The game will use a “Cross Double-Raid Linear Motion Battle System”.


While Namco are only saying “Winter 2012” for now, a more specific release date for Tales of Xillia 2 will be announced later this month on June 27th.

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  • KotaroInugami

    So as this the one the site had the count down for?

    • Yep, this is what the tease was for.

    • Ladius

      Yeah, but that doesn’t rule out further Tales announcements for other platforms :)

      • Yamaneko22

        What other platforms? ToV, ToGf and ToX sales on PS3 proved that Japan wants Tales only on PS3.

        • Farid Belkacemi

          You forgot the 3DS ;)

          And probably the Wii U. You never know with Namco Bandai :p

          • Yamaneko22

             I was talking about the Mothership Tales on stationary consoles. Also, I doubt Namdai will want to experiment again, after finally finding a console where their games have the largest fanbase…

          • Farid Belkacemi

            The largest fanbase doesn’t mean ALL the fanbase is on PS3… Tales of the Abyss did pretty well on 3DS if I remember correctly, and it was a remake. You never know…

          • Yamaneko22

            @Farid Belkacemi
            True, with Namdai one can never be sure;) But still, Graces WII and Vesperia xbox sales show that fanbase outside of PS3 is pretty marginal in Japan… Agree about pretty nice sales of Abyss on 3DS but it was a remake of older game on handheld console only…

  • XypherCode

    Max hype! :D

  • Alex

     at least we dont have to ask this one for a localization since if we dont get xillia we’ll neverr get this one.
    So  bring us Xillia

  • epy

    Already said this on the Open Thread, but while it looks awesome there’s a couple of things that bug me. This probably means no Tales of Xillia Director’s Cut which I don’t mind per se, its just that Xillia was reported to be somewhat “incomplete”. Guess I can go ahead and import it now. Another thing that bugs me is that since it is a direct sequel, the development time would be very short which may resort in Xillia 2 also being rushed. Also, the main heroine is 8 years old… what?

    A couple of other things feel kinda off but I’ll wait until I see more pics or videos. I kinda think I feel disappointed but I’m not sure…

    • Ladius

      Main heroine doesn’t mean love interest, that was just what some people assumed.

      Also, the “Xillia rushed” front has always founded its claims on rather subjective arguments, like having no beach event, less costumes (not a nice thing, but not a game breaking issue, especially since there are still costumes and the dlc trend was here since ToV PS3) and no cameo battles, which are all absolutely minor things compared to the global Tales experience, especially considering Xillia added many features previously never seen in the series, like the dual scenario system, live chat, open fields and link artes.

      The notorious Baba interview has also been used in the most negative ways, almost as if cutting something from the original concept wasn’t a common issue in every single game out there (with the difference that some developers simply won’t comment on those topics). The fact that there isn’t a Xillia DC shows that Baba’s commentary on Xillia having some cuts wasn’t meant to tease an updated revision, at least for now.

      Regarding Xillia 2, I think it’s important to notice that, unlike Tales of Symphonia DotNW, this is a mothership entry in the series, not an escort one. We can assume this to be a full-fledged game with a complete cast, not a two-character with monsterscameos spin off, and the changes concerning the battle system and the progression of the plot (depending on the real importance of the live choices) could really set it apart from previous Tales games, and from Xillia itself.

      • Yeah those things were definitely not a big deal. Costumes and beach event, really I think they just wanted to see panties and bikini and … to them.

      • Yeah, I think people focused too much on the level of content and missed the technical plus points the game had. Xillia‘s interfaces and systems are the most convenient in the series yet, as far as my experience goes: Being able to review any Long Chat anytime; getting World Map “teleport” early and cutting down unwanted backtracking; keeping track of Quest status in a log; showing clearly which NPCs you can talk to, have talked to, and can get Quests from, and so on. Not to mention not having to mind the Grades anymore just so that you don’t get penalized for “not playing well”!

        If this game will carry over what was done right with Xillia, I’m sold. Although not before observing some post-release reactions and price cuts, I suppose.

      • epy

        I was not assuming she was a love interest, its just that she being the main heroine and the premise being something about willing to destroy the world for one girl most likely makes her the focus of the plot and well, I find lolis annoying. But we will see.

        About Xillia being rushed well, there’s the initial impressions, then Vesperia and Graces getting complete versions later (I know they were in other systems first but still…) and then the whole Baba interview thing, I dunno, it FELT like a DC was coming. I would actually be glad if there was no DC for Xillia coming, then I can go get it soon.

        I was really excited about the whole deal so maybe I was expecting too much but so far the announcement feels a little underwhelming to me. Hopefully once more media is out I can change this.

      • Speedo Redempteur

        i don’t belong to the “Xillia rushed” group but i expected  to see more of “it” in act 4 and it was pretty straight forward “City -> field -> dongeon -> field ->dongeon ” (+ optionnal dongeon )… for an entire world that’s not much ..
        i wish i could explore it .. i wish i could see more spirits!!! in a game where spirits are a key plot, we only had , maxwell, efreet, undine, slyph, gnome, celsius , volt… many were missing …

        The fact that every port in every city look the same didn’t help ..

        Xillia 1 is fun as hell and is a very good game (i platiniumed this game )
        XIllia is just too much fun i can’t wait for xillia 2 …yes even with all the complains , the game is easily in my top 5 of best Tales of games

        • Given what the people of Elempios were doing (obviously can’t say more due to spoils) I’m not really surprised we saw little of them there and there wasn’t much need to see them on Lize Maxia beyond the Four Great Spirits.

          • Speedo Redempteur

            SPOILER For the XILLIA 1 Ending

            I repeat spoilers !!!!!!!

            Now i would agree but i don’t think elympios changed So much in 1,2 years even with a new direction for the spirits in the spirit world and commercials exchanges between the 2 worlds

            That would probably means that there would have been things to show.
             When you take care of Volt , gaius has conveniently “taken care of the rest” so you can just go to the final dongeon ..

            i dunno , give me more places like the tatar cave ( nice dongeon BTW ) to get things like more artes , more airfried backstory , more link artes , more fell beasts !! or special items ..if they wanted they had a barren world  full of goodies that the elympios people can’t use/inspect by themselves ..

            Just like that rowen substory in act 4 ..plenty of things happenned even if it wasn’t common knowledge ..between the two worlds and again we barely saw all of it …

            Now the good thing is that we’ll get to see more of those loose ends  in xillia 2 ..

          • SPOILERS FOR XILLIA 1!

            Yeah, I agree things probably won’t have changed that much in a year but there’s plenty that can go wrong in that space of time too, especially given that the Elempians were essentially right on the brink of ruination.

            There are plenty of ways the story could possibly go, can’t wait :D

    • keithmaxx

      As a side note, it was mentioned in Abyssal Chronicles (a rather informative Tales fansite, IMO) that the girl doesn’t appear to be a heroine at all. If anything, Baba’s usage of the teaser word “girl” came off to many like me in the romantic sense… and I guess that’s part of what is disappointing many.

      I also get the feeling that Xillia 2 is being rushed, but with so many resources from 1 being reused (engine, theme etc.) I think that only made the development time that much shorter this time around. Still, I don’t want them cutting corners for a self-designated mothership title.

    • boundries_san

      Lol it is never incomplete.^^ It is just that the game is released a bit faster than what they thought and there are some thing that Baba thought he can still improve.

      The one who complains that they are incomplete mostly just join the Xilia hate bandwagon.

  • Ladius

    The costumes are miles above what I expected, the alternate weapon system is what I wanted to see in the series since the announcement of Graces’ style shift, the choices are a nice touch (it will probably have multiple endings, considering they are apparently going to impact the plot) and the trailer looked absolutely awesome.

    The only bad thing here is that Namco isn’t gonna localize this if Xillia 1 isn’t translated, and they still have to announce that one : I hope E3 can bring us some good news.

  • Haha this is awesome.

    I know a lot of people that dislike Xillia for whatever reason, I haven’t played the game myself but if it comes in English language. I know I will enjoy it and played it for straight 10 hours like I did with Graces F if it ever get localized

    And I bet they will also give a lot of whining in this game.
    “Ayumi Hamasaki again??”
    “Not Xillia again, give us something new”
    “Better not rush it”
    “More costume from anime because I can eyeg*sm watching them”

    Ludgar seems to be more mature character and he looks hot, he’s not genki or bishie character, he looks more serious. And he wield dual weapon, that’s awesome. I always love sword and dual weapon like Riou’s Tonfa and Lazlo’s Dual sword. I fell in love with him already.

    I hope they will localize Xillia 1 which if that ever happen I know I will be very happy.

    Oh and I’ll destroy the world for the cat Lulu not the loli.

    • Ladius

      As sad as it is, on a certain major board the whining started minutes after the official reveal.

      Some fans apparently thought this game would be a Tales rendition of FF8 and went mad with grief when they were proven wrong. Also, lots of pointless hate for the main character and uber-negative remarks on characters and plot points no one knows nothing about, just as usual : At this point I should know how part of this fanbase acts, but every time it’s a surprise (and a bad one, sadly).

      • Is that, by any chance, 2chan???

        • boundries_san

          I will make a bet……. Gamefaqs.^^

          • Speedo Redempteur

            neogaf probably..
            Yep ..complaining about character design ( because this isn’t what they wanted )
            Complaining about the heroine ( even when Elise was similar in Xillia and was fine in the end )

            I have seen the posts complaining about the logo because it’s pink like FF13-2
            And the rest too ..

            It annoy me because they complain about reused assets ..when the game takes places in a setting we barely explored …
            You spent Max 3 hours in Elympios during the main quest and you barely see anything revelant except “Volt” , and they complain about reused assets when we have seen none so far .

          • boundries_san

            (because this isn’t what they wanted )
            I am also sure that this also going to happen for Gamefaqs thread which is famous with their *U are not allowed to love game that i hate* Philosophy lol.^^

            And about the reused asset, i really think that most that said those is the people that haven’t even played the japanese version of Xilia lol.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            You take gamefaqs  seriously….oh my..

          • boundries_san

            Haha.^^ i grow up from there lol.^^

            My first internet gaming websites is from there which is why i know all the problem there however it is just now they are slowly but surely growing into a much worse dirrection lol.^^

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Congratz you have level’d up.

      • Yes I’ve seen a lot of complains already in my forum.
        “Bad graphic”
        “This game will be rushed and incomplete like Xillia and the logo looks like FFXIII-2”
        “Really Namco, it’s just one year since Xillia”
        “I’m dissapointed”
        “LOL Xillia LOL”

        I’ve come to a point where I see those people as zombie or invisible. I just want to play the game in English and “In your face” them :(

      • Luna Kazemaru

        are you surprised by this?

    • boundries_san

      I thought having Ayumi Hamasaki is a great thing here? And i thought, Xilia “rushed” argument has been used till the dead even  if there are no solid prove that the game is cut.

      • It’s a good thing for me because I like Ayumi, BoA and other. My favorite opening is Yume de Aru Youni though. But even if it comes with only instrumental I won’t even complain as long as it has English text. I just want to play the game and understand it, that’s all.

        • boundries_san

          Yeah.^^ I just don’t understand the sudden J-pop hate lol. And when Kingdom Hearts uses Utada everyone praises her like crazy.(Well long time ago but.T_T)

  • This is the first “Tales of” game that make me have second thoughts… Not sure if want….

    • boundries_san

      Ehhh??? Why? It looks interesting too me here lol.^^ And the battle system looks not bad too.^^

      • I hope no one will flame me just because of my opinion but here I go anyway…

        1) The male lead is somewhat a generic, perfect and cool-looking dude which ladies(and some guys) would fall for him easily and I expect no character development for him other than anything to do with the loli….
        2) I know I shouldn’t judge without seeing all the details but it looks like it will be “1 vs enemies” battles… Something the Tales series never done before as they have party members to interact with and have skits….
        3) The direct sequel business is scaring me… Like what happened with TOS: Dawn of the World…

        • boundries_san

          Lol NP. Opinion from each person is surely different, so u should not be afraid to show them as long as u had good reason.^^ Hmm here is my counter argument.

          1. The Male lead is much bettter if u ask me here.^^ Considering most of Tales Male lead is also kinda generic.^^ And this one it seems he is not as naive as the other MC so i thought it is better.^^
          2. I believe that the battle system will not be 1vs enemies as Tales always allows us to battle with friends here.^^(Be patient for the more gameplay screen.^^)
          3. This one i kinda agree but well if the game is good, why does that matter?^^

          • Thanks… Personally I never took a liking for the male lead probably the word “mature” never suits me and it’s hard to relate anyone like that… Unless he’s Yuri from TOV, then that’s a different story…. I heard that if you’re serious and mature all the time, you gonna get old pretty fast…

            It this gets localized, I’m happy for you… I’m dropping this from my import list unless there’s anything else appealing to me…

          • boundries_san

            Well it is okay lol.^^ Who knows when more infos comes out, the game will be able to attract ur attention again.^^

    • puchinri

      Yeah, same. Aside from how over the top dramatic and melodramatic it looks (I think the music wasn’t helping), I’m not excited by what we see of the characters so far. Or the world. . .

      I was also a bit worried about the battle system too, but if I remember right, ToG (no f) had scans of Asbel only in battle at first, right? My memory might be hazy and I’m just forgetting someone.

  • neocatzon

    so.. those artworks are for xillia 2? No prob, now bring Xillia overseas.

  • TheBlackKnight3

    This is not good…. we haven’t even gotten the first one yet.

    • What do you mean? If Namco has intentions to bring this one over, they’d have to bring over the first one first.

      • brian yep

        Ummm, he was probably (almost definitely) thinking that us having nothing on Xillia 1 yet is a bad sign, and this’d would be an extra game we’d miss out on.
        And this is that game with a futuristic setting?
        But they’re set only year apart.
        Or maybe this is someplace entirely, or they made a ridiculous amount of technological advancements and stuff.
        I was really hoping for a main main game opposed to a direct sequel.

        • Well, we all had our expectations. I was ready to welcome it whether new or not. Since it’s on a console I have access to, all the better.

        • keithmaxx

           Yeah I was hoping that, too. But if you think about it Elenpios fits the description perfectly, which was such the bummer for me.

          Then again on the business side of things, reusing assets from Xillia makes perfect sense in delivering a “new setting”. I wonder how being “prepared to sacrifice the world for the sake of a girl” could be a fresh take on the Xillia setting given that players and fans already know a lot of the background behind that world.

          • You barely see anything at all of Elempios though so there aren’t really that many assets to reuse beyond the main city, and honestly I wanted to know more about the place so this pleases me greatly.

  • pothier.adrien

    Wow, this is an awesome surprise !

  • Paradox me

    Please, just finish Versus Xillia before you…

    Oops, wrong game.

    Seems interesting though. Not quite what I had in mind when looking at the concept art, but I’ll take Xillia and this if they decide to localize them.

    • ShinGundam

      Yeah, I don’t think i am excited to destroy that world for a Loli. But it still looks good.

  • zaedaus

    wohooo not your typical shounen protagonist 

  • Someone should have posted a battle system video:

  • keithmaxx

    I hope I won’t get banned just for saying this, but while a PS3 version is a given, I also hope they try bringing this to the Wii U too, even sometime next year. I’m a bit skeptical about that myself as to how they might take advantage of the tablet controller, but hey I’m hoping they could establish an interesting mechanic out of it more than they did for Tales games on the DS.

    • Why would you think you would get banned?

  • kazehiro_himura
  • Holy awesomeness!!!!! I hope the old cast returns as well, together with a fully new cast this could be the biggest playable cast in a Tales game, I’d approve!

  • Tyler Sedrick

     I’m sure that the first Tales of Xillia will becoming to the states.

  • AoiKaze

    So this is the new Tales game that Namco Bandai has been teasing? Thought it would be an entirely different universe since the teaser mentioned it to be a new “Mothership” title. Nevertheless, awesome news!

    …Now if only a localized version of the original would be announced so I can be more stoked for its sequel. =

    • boundries_san

      E3 is near my friend.^^ Thats all our bet,^^

  • frokenok3

    Ludgar gives me Yuri vibes. xD + cat main character? = 10 copies. Seriously though this looks amazing and all but i wish they’d give a hint or something to the first Xillia coming to the west so we can have an actual chance to beg for the 2nd xD

    • keithmaxx

       Maybe it’s the cat that helps the little girl fight. Now where have I… oh yeah, that’d be like Elise from Xillia 1. *worried*

  • Ok. I guess that’s kinda neat but what about the original coming to American soil?

  • kazehiro_himura
    • I don’t know why but I almost lost it when he started shooting that deer in the face

      Also Sakuraba pls go

  • enorka miho

    No worries guys… I am sure TOX will be coming.. So relax… Or else, start bugging Namco from now on.. No point whining here..

    Anyway, I always like bad a** protagonist like Yuri… They are in my opinion, more human-like.. I am glad they give me a character like this again.. The soundtrack is awesome as well, hope they will use it in the game itself..

    As for the 8 years old girl.. Well, I am not particularly worried.. She looks fine and their relationship looks like brother and sister to me.. Also I am sure there will be more characters in the team, as usual in Tales game.. But I think the choice option is really a good thing..I am excited to know what those L1 or R1 decision could impact my outcome.. Can’t wait for more info.. Its been quite some time since a game can excite me this much.. Lol.. Too bad FF versus can’t make it this year.. Oooopss! Haha.. XD

    • boundries_san

      Well i don’t really understand here lol. Why does people always complain about like *It is a very young girl again.*

      Sometimes those young girl is not even young lol.(Illya from fate series is even older than Shiro Emiya or there are some vampires or something.)

      Even if the girl is still very young,…….. does romance cares for age???

      • enorka miho

        haha… true that.. but, in the real world, it might not be that appropriate.. And thats what many are worried about.. Lol..

        • boundries_san

          Lol…… and killing people is allowed in game.*facepalm*

          This world is really strange lol. Well i will still enjoy these game to the fullest again.^^ Like how i enjoy Tales series.^^

          • enorka miho

            Indeed.. This is a funny world… :D

            Yeap.. Tales games is always one of the best!

      • It’s fiction… Anyone can create a character and just slap in whatever age he/she wants… Who can stop them from slapping a 12 year old character description to an old lady with wrinkles???

        • boundries_san

          But the problem is people still complain.T_T

          Even in Meruru we have Rorona loli version and people complain saying that it is lolicon to play the game.

          • Darkrise

            It’s simply human nature to subject anything even if they don’t really know the truth.

  • boundries_san

    Ohh man.^^ This is probably one of the best news today.^^ Now we only need to wait for Xilia to come here.^^

    ( I really hoped that the selfbattle between Tales will end.T_T But with this release, i believe Tales fans who hated the Xilia series will come and complain again.T_T)

    • enorka miho

      Haters gona hate… Let them be my friend for we shall unite against them and show Namco that Tales game is best of the best and we still Love them!! 

      • boundries_san

        Tx.T_T To think there are still good tales fans like u.^^

        Hope that these one will also be hell of fun to play.^^

        • enorka miho

          I am sure it will be fun.. As usual.. :D

    • They always complain no matter what.

      • boundries_san

        T_T No Love???

  • Stranger On The Road

    damn it, I’m still waiting for the EU release of the first game

    Namco, learn how to release games in different regions at the same time or in a short period of each other

    P.S. with that out of the way…. the package of the EU release is good :-)

  • AokiShizuku

    ”Are you prepared to destroy the world for a girl?”

    Now that I’ve found out it’s a loli, hell no.

    • boundries_san

      *My responce*

      HELL YEAH^^

    • fateoffate

       She’s 8 years old. Maybe she’s the main character’s daughter.

    • Setsuna ♥

      I’m the complete opposite, it actually has a better effect on me cause its a loli. I cant say no to that face ;-;

  • 肉@バカ夜空

    US Xillia, please.

  • Hating Ass Nigga

    Looks good,I see abit of DMC or Ninja Gaiden in the main character.

  • lyrris

    I always had trouble memorizing and adapting to skillsets of multiple character when playing a Tales game. Now i am a even scared to imagine if all characters have multiple skill sets… still worth a try though

    • Try this: Test out a move first and see which direction it heads, and set it to appropriate directions. For example, Kōgahazan is mainly an upward lift, so I set it to Up; Shunjinken is a lunge, so I set it to Left/Right; Majinken is usually a starting move, so it goes to Neutral.

      That’s the mnemonics system I use for Tales combat, for the very least. Of course, I don’t strictly adhere to it all the time, but it does always make battles more convenient for me.

      • Speedo Redempteur

        Exaclty the system i use ..
        Pick a fast and easy to use neutral artes for neutral , and i put the skills in the direction the make my character act..Finally USe your shortcuts for BIG artes that you want to abuse outside normal play …

      • lyrris

        oh, what i mean is the switching and adapting to the play style of other party members. From what i have seen in the trailer, the main character has around 3 styles to switch around, so i was just imagining like if there is 6 party members then there would be around 18 sets of styles to mess around…

        • If each weapon/style has a different set of skills, a logical design choice would be to just have a separate set of mapping slots for each weapon/style on each character. If that would be the case, I don’t think there’s much to worry, but I wouldn’t know either, so let’s just wait and see how Namco tackles this. If they paid attention to good design in Xillia, I don’t suppose they’ll skip out on that in this game either.

  • https://twitter.com/TalesofU/status/208894137372647424

    I hope this mean Xillia 1 localization. Even if it’s Europe only it doesn’t matter to me as long as its English.

    • keithmaxx

       It being on the PS3 I guess as long as it’s localized for an English-speaking market it would suffice… Then again, this isn’t Nintendo. Maybe an Operation is in order?

    • ForeverFidelis

      I dont think it would matter to anyone since the PS3 is region free so getting a  EU version would basically be the same as getting an NA version

      Well besides shipping costs and all that funk

  • Ah, so I’ve been proved right :D My prediction back when the first images were revealed was spot on. Since the Elempios runes on the first images were actually removed pretty quickly I suspect they were actually a mistake and they wanted to try and divert attention from the possibility of it being an Xillia sequel.

    And oh god yes, not only my beloved Ayu doing the op again (Progress is still in my top 5 songs of hers) but UFOTable awesomeness for the animation too. I loved Xillia to bits, cannot WAIT for this one :D

    Though the whole Ludgar and his cat part does worry me I must admit… but as long as they don’t do a Ratatosk and add monster allies or anything else silly I’ll be a very happy bunny.

    edit: Ok, so after watching the trailer fully my worries have been rather lessened, looks utterly awesome, combat is still as fast and fluid as the original but with added awesome thanks to the weapon switching. Still worried about other party members for now but hopefully they’ll steer clear of monster allies this time.

  • Chiupon

    I can’t tell if this looks terrible or not.

    The Ludgar guy is kind of cute and doesn’t seem to behave like the typical generic “I AM A NORMAL BOY BLAHBLAHBLAH” thing, which is refreshing

    but that loli is obviously a tsundere and i can’t imagine i’d want to destroy the world for her.
    Maybe the cat.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Why do I have the feeling that people will end up complaining about this entry for no reason like they did with Symphonia 2?

    To me though, this sounds incredibly cool! I saw the trailer, and I’m absolutely loving that the main character is able to use a variety of completely different weapons. It reminds me quite a bit of Klonoa Heroes: Legend of the Star Medal, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was inspiration for this considering the Tales designers have tossed the character a ton of cameos.

    • revenent hell

      because not everyone loves the same games you do?
      people have nerve to have opinions hu? Not likeing a game you think is perfectly fine who knew such people existed in this world?

      People would not complain if they didnt find flaws in the game but hey thats diversity for you.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Wow, way to go with putting that many words in my mouth. I haven’t seen flaming of this calibur in quite a while. Seriously, well done.

        I never said that people had no right to their opinions, especially as my above statement was an opinion in itself. I didn’t think I’d have to elaborate on that fact, but I suppose that’s what I get for assuming people could figure that out on their own.

        • revenent hell

          I wasnt attempting to flame you. People ignorantly think a game is flawless without fail because they think it is beyond reproach and heaven forbid someone think a game has a single flaw to it because the person just wants to complain for complaints sake. You did state “Why do I have the feeling that people will end up complaining about this entry for no reason like they did with Symphonia 2?” That implies peoples complaints where just there for lack of anything better to do with their time.
          While I could care less about this particular franchise its becomeing annoying to me how everytime a person dislikes a particular game another person will write it off as if its not valid simply because they themselves think the game is glorious. People all dont have the same opinion and I think ist highly unfair to say they are complaining without reason….
          I dislike many a game because of my reasons weather the art be bad,stupid story or lack of an interesting battleplay…..Its more or less saying my reasons for disliking something are unimportant,and though they may be of no consiquence to you they are important to me since im spending 60$+ on a game I think my conserns should be voiced or at the very least say what I was unhapppy about in regards to a game…Paying for it gives me that privalege even if I dont buy the game I dont see whats so bad about stating my opinion on why I wont.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Well then, I shall grant you that point. What I should have said is that the vast majority of complaints I’ve seen that have been leveled against the story specifically don’t hold merit under observation.

            If you don’t like the monster raising or how the returning characters are level-locked, that’s understandable. Not everyone has the same tastes in gameplay. Even if you don’t like the story as a whole, since that comes down to taste as well.

            But frankly, the biggest complaint I’ve seen about the game is: “It was an unnecessary sequel,” which is funny to me, seeing as the original Symphonia itself was an unnecessary prequel to Phantasia. In fact, Symphonia’s existence raised some big questions when it comes to continuity. Such as: If the world tree was reborn, then why is it dead at the beginning of Phantasia when it’s supposed to be immortal? Symphonia 2 answers that: The tree’s spirit sacrificed its power. So in essence, it’s more important to the overarching story than the original Symphonia was.

            But hey, if you don’t like it then you don’t like it. I’ve just personally grown sick of people acting like it’s the worst thing that ever happened to the series. At worst it’s simply subpar.

          • revenent hell

            Thats kind of my point..In YOUR view it dosent hold true but in anothers it does. Just because you cant find validation with a flaw because you dont see it dosent mean its not there for someone else to see. A reason to dislike something realy dosent need validation from another anyways it just is.
            Theres always hardcore people for this side or that and even if I love a game I do try not to be to biasses about it and try to see why a person would dislike it even if I dont get their reasoning.
            I also have played games where someone was hellbent it was bad(hence why ive ceased waching xplay they are extremely biassed against RPG’s/SRPG’s in my opinion and while a game may not be great it dosent deserve a two star rating because someone would rather play musical chairs or CoD)It can be quite irksome to constantly see the bashing of a game,or genre, one likes but I kind of just boil it down to if a person dosent like it theres nothing I can do to change that view and I ignore it or put out why I did like it. Since I know when I find fault with a game my view isnt changed untill a worse one comes along and it makes me rethink my position on why I thought it was bad.
            Personally any game in a series is by some means a prequal/sequal in my mind and no matter weather it was needed or wanted it was what was given,sometimes unneccissarily and greatly unwanted by some, I think its just something a person has to get over, play it or not,kinda like the KH games either play the sidegames or dont but they are the games you got and its not going to bring the next “main” game any quicker regardless. But that dosent mean a person wont bemoan the fact and they are entitled to do so,so I just give my reasons for like/dislike and call it a day.

      • honestly i think u both need to stop acting like children this is also one reason why alot of these games dont get localized and yes they do check theses pages and see pointless whining exspecaily about a game that was out long ago. opinions are like assholes everyone’s got one

        • revenent hell

          Ive had no comment on the game one way or the other. My reply’s where in regard to the dissmissive remarks in regard of others opinions,so I doubt highly anything ive said could impact the game since ive made no remarks about it and every comment I made was in regards to the mention of people having no valid complaints and how easily their views where dismissed.
          I havent even played any tale games so I would be hard put to make remarks about them anyways.
          Im fairly certain ive made mention of this in my other comments here they probably werent read fully if at all.

    • wait, people didn’t like ToSDotNW for no reason? I remember not liking it for having fan-fiction style story-telling, unimpressive combat, with AI that was somehow worse than a GameCube game, having the main cast act more like parodies of themselves and serve really no purpose out of having them either exist, or give the game some kind of ridiculous out-of-character plot twists. . . oh, and the fact that the main character was a gary stew didn’t really help either

      but yeah, no reasons there at all.

      • Christopher Nunes

        I happen to like ToS: DotNW… the only beef I had with it with the original ToS cast being locked with their levels, I wish they could’ve leveled like normal at the very end.

        Combat was great, enemy AI might not be the greatest but it was fun nonetheless, the story was good (more of a romance story, but it serves to bridge what becomes of the world in Tales of Phantasia) not as amazing as the first but it stands on its own.

        I’ve beaten that game 3 or 4 times already? I only beaten ToS once or twice.
        And original DotNW WAS classified as a sequel and a Mothership title until people started to complain and Namco switched it to a Spin-Off and Escort Title instead.

      • Spirit Macardi

        While whether or not a story is good is a matter of opinion, how was the AI bad? I never had to tweak it at all, and yet the monster companions always performed extremely well. Even pulling me out of tight spots a number of times. Maybe your copy had a defect or some scratches on the disc, but if that’s what it was like for you then I’ll grant you that.

        And yes, some characters acted differently, but that was part of the point since they were adapting to the changing nature of the newly-combined world. Especially with Lloyd, who had clearly become very world-weary. However, when were they outright out-of-character? Again using Lloyd as an example, it seems at first that he is, but it’s revealed that it was an imposter.

        Oh, and since when is a weak main character who’s constantly picked on and has low self-esteem, but slowly outgrows it due to a character arc that needs to span the whole plot a Gary-Stu? Hell, the first time you control him he moves slowly and swings his sword like a wuss. When he started acting awesome for the first time it wasn’t even really him, it was Ratatosk.

        But yeah, there’s a lot to hate. Like the all-star voice cast including the likes of Johnny Yong Bosch, Tara Strong, and Kyle Hebert. Or how it ties up the loose plot strings that connect Symphonia to Phantasia. And let’s not forget the atrocity of being the first game in the series to have the skits voiced in English. Yup, just so much there to loathe :B

      • revenent hell

        Ive had alot of people tell me my reasons for disliking a game where stupid or unvalidated by the other person and I just think its in bad taste to tell people because they dont enjoy wasting hard earned money on something they dont enjoy they have no reason not to because their opinions are more or less redundant and the game is great no matter whats said like no one has a differing viewpoint…
        Uhm no my money is important to me and when I feel ive wasted it because I dont like a game generally loved by others I state my dislike of it and I dont think that should be lumped as “without reason” just because someone else dosent find my reason good enough to dislike a game….
        I detest FFXIII and only slightly like XIII-2 a bit more and while I understand why people do like the games I think its only fair to state my opinions on why I dont even if that reason isnt “good enough” to someone else.
        Untill others pay for my games for me I think im entittled to dislike them as I see fit even if someone else did pay for them its not a guarantee I have to adore it because it was free to me.
        I just took offence to the “complain without reason” thing generally people dont complain if there isnt a reason behind it even if a person themselves think the reason is stupid im 100% posative that the person with a complaint dosent find their reason worthless.

  • Nitraion

    Anyway maybe Hideo Baba want to redeem what fans rage over Tales of Xillia 1(though i don’t see what’s wrong with it)
    I say it’s good…:)

  • doubletaco

    Tales of Washed Out Brown And Grey.

    Tales studio jumping onto the next-gen lack of color a bit late.

  • oh that is interesting. i cant wait to see

  • Learii

    ps3 right?

    •  nope, colecovision

      • WHAT?? I thought they were hinting it up to VirtualBoy! They even said “3D graphics”!

  • Brandon001

    whelp, this means yet another tales we arent getting

    lets try vack in 191820 years and the US might get another tales

    ****ing Namco

    • We got Graces, why are you whining like this?  In fact, we’ve gotten MOST major releases, sans the handhelds, and the weird misfit of the bunch, Rebirth.

      • puchinri

        Wait, who is we? Because the US didn’t get Rebirth. ono
        (Do you mean Legendia, maybe?)

        So far, we have only missed out on four mothership titles. But we’ve also mixxed out on some of the cool ports.
        (ToD, ToV, all the PSP ones.)

        I feel like at least EU or NA will see future releases though~. I’m not too worried.

  • SirRichard

    “Cross Double-Raid Linear Motion Battle System”

    What does that even mean

    Here’s hoping it’s not another Symphonia 2, though I can’t see it being anywhere near as bad as that.

    •  it’s like blast processing, or ATB. . . it just sound ridiculously awesome

  • Kai2591

    “What do Tales fans want?”

    – Philosoraptor

    • ShinGundam


    •  Tales of Graces f localization!

    • takopako

      Xillia Localisation!!! And also multiplatform! :C

  • takopako

    i am hoping it wont be like symphonia 2…that was just horrible…lol.

    • Hines Green III

      UGH THAT GAME IS NOT SYMPHONIA 2. IT’S A SPIN OFF NOT A DIRECT SEQUAL.  So theres still chance for a REAL Symphonia 2 later.

      • takopako

        it was advertised as a sequel, though it is more appropriate to call it a spin off.  either way, i felt horribly cheating for being excited for it and purchasing it day one.lol.

        • Darkrise

           But it wasn’t even made by the same team of the first Symphonia so the “awfulness” can be explained by that.

      • Symphonia already has a sequel. It’s called Tales of Phantasia ;)

  • Kitestwinblades

    I cant explain why but this reminds me of FFXIII-2.
    The pink logo- 2nd in the same entry and all xD

    I’m ready to play this already but I’m not sure if I should import it or not. I had the same problem with Vesperia but in the end I did it anyway. Found it much easier to translate and play than I thought. The problem is Namco localized Grace F so I can actually see Xilla 1 coming eventually(I hope XD) and naturally this if its a success.
    1 good confirmation is all I need x3

  • solbalmung

    I don’t know why but the announcement of ToX2 kinda flagged the localization of ToX in the West.
    Hope my hunch spot on….

  • Lmao! I guess this game is the FFXIII-2 of the Tales series. I think I even saw a cinematic action during that gameplay trailer. I guess that also explains why the first Xillia seemed kinda unfinished. However, a tales protagonist that uses multiple weapons? Yes please.

    • No, it is choices given to you, you have to choose one before the time ends, the choices will effect how the game ends, and knowing Namco, it is just going to be this ending or other one.

  • Haven’t played the First one yet, but was it that good for it got a 2nd one? From what i been hearing Graces F was better than Xillia o.o

  • ForeverFidelis


    I’ve always considered Tales games to just..not get direct sequels..

    I understood TOS2 because like FFX, TOS is the game that got many people into the series and it is fondly remembered while being held in a very high regard.

    FF13 was heavily advertised and despite all the complaining about the game playing  itself (Which I still believe to this day is the most retarded complaint I have ever heard since auto mode is OPTIONAL) it was a good success.

    Tales of Xillia wasn’t even localized…

    Maybe I should stop thinking about “Final Fantasy” and “Tales of” as fraternal twins..

    • Tales of Destiny had a direct sequel too, and that was one of the earlier games in the series

      • ForeverFidelis

        Ah, yeah. I forgot about that.
        Speaking of sequels, whatever happened to that rumored Vesperia one?
        Did they just dip on that idea?
        I would’ve like that.

        • I think they just ran out of ideas. Althouygh i don’t know how a SPOILERS world under the supposed good rule of Gaius and the spirit world with Milla can work out a sequel. SPOILERS

          Besides, am i the opnly one that is scared that maybe that cat is an indication of monster in the party as well?

  • Hines Green III

    I’m still pissed people call Dawn of the New World Symphonia 2. If it was, they would have named it that.  It’s a Escort Title people, meaning it’s not important to the universe of Tales.

    Meanwhile, yeah……Bring back Graces battle system please for this Xillia 2 thing.

    •  we don’t talk about DotNW in this household

    • For one, I don’t think they’re going to change the battle system at this point. For another, in the promo battle footage, I noticed that enemies can be knocked into the air, meaning there’s going to be aerial attacks, so the 2 axes you can control with the analog stick is already occupied. Since Graces f’s combat used both axes for free movement in the field, it had to eschew jumping (and subsequently, aerial attacks), so it doesn’t match the footage. Still, who knows what kind of changes they’ll bring.

  • Setsuna ♥

    Best news to wake up to ~

  • ZEROthefirst

    I had a thought that Xillia 2 would be the next game. This is great news no matter how you look at it.

  • Raharu95

    …. No comment

  • considering this is a sequel to a good game, and not a bad one, like FFXIII, I can only hope they do the sequel right (please no more “gems” like Dawn of the New World).

    Oh, and I would like to believe this means they may bother with bringing Xillia over here lol

    as for the choices thing, is Ludger (for some reason this name sound like it would belong to a fat guy. . .) the main character? or is it going to have Xillia’s “choose your hero” kind of story?

    • keithmaxx

      Details are scarce at this point, but because Baba was teasing when asked about whether the girl is a playable character (as I would suppose yes), then it is possible. If she were, being grouped together with the cat in the character introduction tells me that she’s going to be like Elise, fighting with a familiar.

      Can Talez fanz haz cheezburger nao?

  • Zonic505

    Now I really hope they get around to localizing Xillia. Also, “Cross Double-Raid Linear Motion Battle System” sounds so hilariously complex.

    • keithmaxx

      You should’ve heard the way Baba-san tried to say the whole phrase in a single breath… and the terminology isn’t even Japanese! (not that it makes sense to us in English, either)

  • scratchbach

    Well, uh, hooray for Tales, but this probably has no chance of being localized unless Xillia is localized as well. And I have no clue what’s happening with Xillia. Sadly.


  • Yamaneko22

    So those “FF style artworks” were from ToX2 or another completely new Tales of game? I’m confused a bit…

  • Inbe4 haters come in…. Or has it?

    I can haz Translated Xillia 1 plz?

  • Deep Eyes

    Well, if I can’t even play the first ToX so why I could care if they release the second one? Bring ToX to America so we can talk!

  • KyoyaHibari

    What…it’s FFXIII all over again…hell, even the title is pink like XIII-2. -.-

    • eilegz

       well FF XIII its still the best japanese rpg :D

      tales need to play catchup just look the graphics still look like previous generation game.

      I was hoping that this “new, modern, dark and serious” setting will change that i guess it didnt happen

      • Solomon_Kano

        “well FF XIII its still the best japanese rpg”

        “tales need to play catchup just look the graphics still look like previous generation game.”

        Graphics aren’t everything. What’s more important is that Namco keeps evolving the gameplay. Not really seeing the last gen look though. If anything, Tales’ cartoony style makes it hard to tell what gen the games came from. Not necessarily a bad thing.

      • KyoyaHibari

        “Well FF XIII its still the best Japanese RPG” please tell me you’re being sarcastic… *is btw

      • Natat

        FF XIII best JRPG eh? Tell me, how does it feel to have played games since this generation only?

      • no ff 13 was the gayest jrpg period there screwed up final fantasy ever since 10 came out. and if you think thats the best jrpg u havent played many cause u cant compare anime shelled graphics to realistic cgi graphics for 1. to there making ff games way to political and to real now. witch is a huge turn of not to mention the sequal was a piece of crap ending ohh wait no ending. point being the tales games graphics are awesome and differ from FF games and they have way better plots and character personal. the last to ff games they even made that could even come close to tales games are ff  9 and ff 8. 7 was pretty much the story on hiltler. u need to do some brushing up on what graphics and good storys are more in depth not everything has to look moderen or dark to be good ur to caught up with westernized looking games there either to morderen or way to mid evil with shitty storys. point is u need to broaden ur jrpg collection and intellect

  • LustEnvy

    Not sure how I feel about this. I know the game still has time to be polished, but the battle animations look stiff as all hell, the characters lack quite a bit of detail (borderline last gen graphics character-wise), though I do like that it looks a bit more mature in art style.

    Though I’m not 100% thrilled, I’d still buy it. It’s Tales. Aesthetic issues aside, I’m sure the game will be great overall, so I can’t wait. Though… uhh, first Xillia please!

  • Mago Iichi

    I can’t help but feel that this will be just as bad as Tales of Symphonia 2, the game that helped give Scamco the idea that NA Nintendo Fans don’t want Tales games on Nintendo Systems.

  • Nosajk

    Well i saw the trailer and i love the look

  • Darkrise

    Wow, I was actually kidding when I said Xillia 2 but I guess this is the new FFXIII-2. I really hope this game would be an actual improvement, a proper sequel unlike Symphonia 2 and that we’ll get the first Xillia. Though I’ll probably import because I’m just too tempted when it’s Miyuki Sawashiro voicing a badass character.

  • Nathan_GreeneIV

    Oh….Thats it??? Not complaining because i wanna play Xillia, in fact all the tales game in general. You know what screw it FIRE TRUCKING YEAH IM EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!! 

  • jeremy_germ

    Destroy the world for the sake of a Loli girl? HELL YES.

  • Honestly I’m a little disappointed that it’s not an entirely new Tales of game but this is still pretty cool.

  •  http://andriasang.com/con1ac/tales_of_xillia_2/23zxr.jpg

    Well it depends on wether they thouht this thrugh or not. Considering Namco Bandai always did good work with previous titles and the Team did not change… it could go well.
    The battlesystem looks extremely nice and satisfying while the character remains interesting. Ludgar also looks a bit like Alvin, which is in my oppinion a good thing since he was pretty cool.

    Namco Bandai already said that there were many things they could not (do to release window issuses) put itno the game. Looks like ToX2 will make up for that.

    But first I want ToX here, then X2 if the occasion arises .. I’ll definitely play both titles.

    Thank you for the news and the trailer that kazehiro_himura posted we’ll eagerly await further information. :3

  • Farid Belkacemi

    Ok fine, now I’ll forget everything I know about ToX 2. Tales of Xillia localization, just DO it Namco Bandai ! We’re waiting :)

  • Christopher Nunes

    They couldn’t have posted the trailer as well? I was a little lost when the people here mentioned the animation.

    Honestly I was hoping for a “new” Mothership Tales Of game, not a direct sequel to Xillia though hopeful it will tie up those loose ends the original game left unanswered.

    Anyway the concept is interesting and the little girl is cute, got to be around 10 years old right? I mean would you REALLY kill this little girl? Risk destroying the world to save a little girl is an interesting way to go… and it seems she has a strange power that causes death around her, I think from the trailer. Makes me wonder if she was experiment on and if there’s a way to reverse it, though I’m not sure about the death thing… 

    Truth be told I was imagine a very beautiful young lady (around 17 years old) that seems to be cursed between of her clan’s job to deal with a Demon King of sorts and failed to permanently stop it and caused a lot of damage to the world, where the world blamed her and think as long as she exist the world will continue to stagnate where the Protagonist steps in and saying that wrong. The Protagonist being a fun-loving adventurous guy who can be quite blunt to get his point across and to get a reaction from people just for the fun of it, a very prankster kind of kid (19 years old, but looks younger like 16), and the Heroine being somewhat a meek but determine character who wants to correct her mistake and fix the world but she could be gullible at times and easily conned as well as she’s a sweet and caring individual who will not abandon anyone in trouble.

    I picture the Protagonist being a Dual-Wielder like Lloyd and Spada, but holds his swords backwards, who can switch between swords and guns and the Heroine is a Magic Archer with powerful healing, support, and attack power. Kinda like Ludgar here with his weapon shifting abilities, which I’m glad in. I kinda like that ability. However instead of a Staff I was thinking of a Naginata or a Lance.

    Don’t know if anyone would agree with me on this, but something I imagined that next Tales Of game would have at least. Character personality-wise.

    I wonder if we’ll see the Xillia Heroes in this sequel?


    • enorka miho

      sorry to intrude.. but she is only 8…

      • Darkrise

         Technicality for the win.

      • jeremy_germ

         8 is purrfect.

      • Christopher Nunes

        Wasn’t sure… thanks for clearing that up!

        • enorka miho

          ur welcome.. 

    • “I wonder if we’ll see the Xillia Heroes in this sequel?”

      It’s only a year later so it’s possible… but on the other hand is the warp even active still? Obviously can’t say more without spoiling but anyone who’s played will get what I mean. There are of course other ways of travelling between them but they involve rather more effort and a certain amount of goodwill.

      Mira though? Almost certainly imo, she isn’t bound by the same rules as everyone else, after all.

      • Christopher Nunes

        Hmm… well I haven’t seen a lot of game outside of combat. Still waiting to see if there’s going to be a localized… which seems likely, at least for Europe.

        Is it Mira or Millia? I forgot, I know they changed her name at least.

        I wonder if the idea I had for a Tales was a bad one? ^^
        No one seems to comment on it, but it’s alright… might use it for my own game project.

        • Technically the ‘official’ romanisation is Milla. I don’t like that though and it’s ミラ (Mira) in-game obviously due to how Japanese works. I just prefer the way Mira looks :) 

          • Christopher Nunes

            Ah yes, the R and L are the same in the Japanese language so it’s either way but yeah… I see her name as Mira as ミ = Mi and ラ = Ra, I’m studying Japanese a bit a know a good deal of Katakana.

            Still no one comment on my thoughts of what I original thought the game would be like with my Tales (or Game) idea. Oh well.

  • DUDE stop comparing this to TOS2 alredy! Tales of Destiny 2 came WAY before it and ,in comparison to the ps1 Destiny and not the remake, its pretty damm good, it has a better villain, an expanded story and pretty good characters. I only hope this game gets better use of the other part of XIllia where you could only visit ONE town, and no monster in party.

  • Darkrise

    Alright people, check this trailer out:


    I’m actually hyped now.

  • davidvinc

    As long as you don’t have monsters as party members, I’m all for this.

    • LustEnvy

       Dear god, this. I’m fed up with the Pokemon route rpgs seems to be taking. To me, it’s borderline lazy. Using existing monsters as party members, instead of ORIGINAL party specific characters.

      • Neko Kawaii

        Original party members are DLC now

        • LustEnvy

           What a sad state gaming is in, when we have to pay extra for legitimate characters.

      • revenent hell

        Game developers saw a trend an ran with it…..
        Now a days it takes to much effort for someone to think up an interesting charecter…Give em a monter and people will be happy for less work to “us”…
        I actually liked the idea of monsters as party members back in the day when it was rare to see in games outside of “pokemon” type games but it seems currently to just be a replacment for orriginality. I mean its to the point id rather play the monsters rather than the emotionless charecters actually given…..

    • Jonathan Keycross

      Well they could add monsters, like one pet monster aside from the main party, and not focus the gameplay in breeding them. It could be like the capsule monsters in Lufia II (snes), where it was just another mechanic and not the focus of the overall gameplay and plot.

  • darkfox1

    The characters in this one looks really normal. Not hating or anything but just really different for a Tales game. Same for the first Xillia Rowen looked really normal too kinda cool. The new main char looks like he’s wearing like a work uniform or something lol.

  • a sequel already!?!?
    and Tales of Xillia haven’t reached the west yet… or will it still reach the NA/EU gamers? :(

  • neetloaf

    There are many things I would destroy for the sake of that loli, the world is just one of those things.  щ(゚Д゚щ)

  • enorka miho

    What is wrong guys?? This is tales game! Have a little faith.. And people learn from mistakes! Do not whine to the point where Namco looses faith in the fandom.. There are many of us out there who needs Tales game to be localised!! Even though they only bring in mothership tittles here to the west.. Its good enough! So seriously, stop b*tching.. And yes, pardon my language… We are in desperate time here! 

    Lastly, this guy, Ludgar, looks cool though his costume might said otherwise…

    • Maumac77

      I could care less about the guns and hammer……but his dual swords are a cross-breed of Emil and lloyd which I LOVE

  • I for one am really glad we got this one. Usually we don’t get the sequels. And I mean come on, this looks pretty awesome.

  • Cool, cool. Now localize some of the titles you haven’t yet. Such as Xilla 1 and Innocence R. I would be very happy.

  • Wonder how connected is it to the previous game.
    Didn’t play Tales of Xillia (my latest was Abyss) but the modern setting feels different from the trailer of Xillia.

    Liese Maxia and Elenpios.
    Is Elenpios part of Liese Maxia?
    Was Elenpios visited in the first game?

    Why wasn’t the pictures a giveaway answer if the place was in the first game?
    Ok, perhaps one year makes a big difference and advancement in Elenpios.

    • You’re into MASSIVE spoiler territory there unfortunately, can’t say anything without literally spoiling the entire plot for anyone who hasn’t played.

      Suffice to say it’s very much going to be heavily connected to the first game due to events that happen in that of a pretty serious world changing nature.

  • the 2 reminds me of luigi’s mansion 2 typeface

    • Well the 2 at least. For me anyways. The rest of it not so much.

  • AoNoise

    *Has a Dawn of the New World flashback**shivers*

    Please, God, let me be wrong.

    •  You forget that wasn’t made by a main Tales team and they have done this before (Tales of Destiny 2) which was good…so nothin really to worry about

      • Arrei

        Here’s hoping, yeah?

        I do so want this to be an actually GOOD sequel.

    • LynxAmali

      That was what I jumped to when I saw 2 in the title.

      Hopefully, it is good.

  • Uwa, wait wait, I haven’t even played the first Xillia!!


    Importing Day one~~ <3

  • AzureNova

    Holy crap this is awesome news!

  • Elemiel

    Let’s start talking Namco! Perhaps you can start working on Xillia’s localization for 2013! *winkwinknudgenudge*

  • Jonathan Keycross

    From what I saw…I fear this Tales will be focused in making long combos with only one character in battle. Perhaps a secondary character will help with support and healing, but that´s all.

    I did like the decision making sequences, but it seems that this game won´t involve party-based battles. I mean, the MC alone fills the roles of different “classes”.

    I hope I´m wrong, specially since it´s still in development.

    •  I was actually wishing for a character that switches to a different weapon mid-combat, like some some long-range dual gunner that switches to shotgun or something. I wasn’t expecting a character to take up 3 classes (filling the spaces for 3 characters).

      Chances are NB will use only 4 playable characters for something like this, that is, if we even get more characters at all.

      • Jonathan Keycross

        Graces did something like that with some characters (Hubert and Pascal I think)

        I wouldn´t mind if the game only has 4 playable characters, but they must be played as genuine party members and not like “guest” characters.
        Heh, I wouldn´t have a problem if they reduce the number of characters in-battle in order to save resources and correctly implement the system while not losing the party-based battles. (3 characters in-battle plus 1 in reserve for switching).

        •  Yeah, I remember Hubert and Pascal, but I meant weapon switching in the most literal sense, like Vaan and how he plays in Dissidia Duodecim (and even the ToX2 MC here).

          Guest characters. Did we even have those (not playable characters who leave the party for some reason) in Tales? It would be fun if, for once, we fight alongside NPC’s whom we can’t control in battles. Those are what “guest characters” should be. I’ve played a few games that did this (like Cloud’s flashback in Nibelheim, fighting alongside Sephiroth).

          • Jonathan Keycross

            In the tales series the only examples I can remember for the moment are the prequel´s cast in Symphonia 2 and I think Flynn in the Xbox version of Vesperia. Also in Symphonia 1 if you follow a certain playthrough Kratos is turned into a guest character and doesn´t return to the “main party” for the rest of the game.
            Of course I´m just using a personal definition of Guest Character. If it´s about being able or not to control certain characters in battle, then I can´t think of an example in the Tales of series.

        • raymk

          Why would you want them to take steps back?  Only 4 playable characters in battle and only 3 can participate in battle at one time…..I don’t think many people would like that and I sure wouldn’t buy it if they went back like that.

          • Jonathan Keycross

            “…in order to save resources and correctly implement the system while not losing the party-based battles.”

            If that isn´t needed and NB can integrate the system while not losing quality and cuantity, then forget what I said.

  • Xapth

    This is awesome, now all we need is the first Xillia localized for fans overseas.

    AND, Namco Bandai UK has been more or less teasing “something” in relation to the Xillia 2 annoucement, acknowledging fans excitement over it and telling them to “stay tuned”.

    I’m thinking, incoming Xillia localization announcement?

    • Ultimaniacx4

       Let’s just hope the Japanese language tracks stay intact…

  • Estellise

    Well now we NEED Tales of Xillia to be localized! I already really wanted to play Xillia; since there’s a Xillia 2 now I MUST PLAY IT.

    But overall this is really awesome! :D

  • Yay for Ayumi Hamasaki for contributing new theme song

    Progress was amazing i can’t wait to her the new song
    And the game of course XD

  • RaikageV


  • Andrew Austin

    So I guess Xillia Director’s Cut is now out of the question…

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    NAMCO!!! *shakes fist at sky*

  • SoulEmbrace2010


    • Will Dearborn

      why….it sucked…just ask anyone who played it…
      X is no destiny…and from the look so far, X2 won’t even be as good as D2…(which is what they’re trying to aim for here)

      • Solomon_Kano

        Why? Because people want every new Tales localized perhaps? Your personal opinion of it doesn’t change whether or not someone else wants it.

      • Speedo Redempteur

        Xillia didn’t suck ..what nonsense are you spouting ?
        Thisis a game that changed a lot of common things within the tales games and everything wasn’t perfect but the game was very good .

        You’d thinkk the best selling game is “recent history” in japon doesn’t need a sequel ? How wrong you are

      • boundries_san

        Ask anyone who played it…. have u played the game here???

  • Hopefully with this announced and E3 right-around the corner, maybe just maybe Tales of Xillia US and EU versions…? I’m praying to God!

  • eilegz

    so much for the “serious” and “dark” tone… the graphics looks dated, but still want to play this hope they bring a BUNDLE here in america… kinda like white knight chronicles 2

    • Solomon_Kano

      That would require that the first one be localized, and Namco damn sure won’t do them both at the same time. It’s still in question if we’re seeing Xillia, so I can’t even imagine them giving us both of them at the same time. Even a year later sounds too soon for them.

  • This is great news and all, and I have high hopes, but can we have the first one localised for a start?

  • Alexandre Poulin

    Pokemon generation 5 again?

  • Solomon_Kano

    Now this is certainly interesting. I thought “Xillia” when the X filled up on the teaser site, but a sequel never crossed my mind.


    “Ayumi Hamasaki will be providing the game’s theme song.” Ayu FTW can’t wait to hear the new song!

    Now Namco Bandai please provide us with the English version of the first game, we will be forever grateful. I think we fans here bought enough copies of Graces f so you can make us all happy too and release Xillia in US/Canada.

  • Go2hell66

    sigh… it’s pretty hard to get excited for the sequel of a game i haven’t even
    played yet,

  • noctis_nox

    I just hope all Japanese games has a default english subtitles. 
    Is that hard to ask for??

    • yes it is cause people shouldint be whining about that when were lucky we even get theses games in the first place be thankful

  • darkfox1

    Gotta love articles like these brings out the community :D

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