Take A Look At The New Wii U GamePad Controller

By Ishaan . June 3, 2012 . 3:16pm

Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, debuted the final design for the Wii U GamePad this afternoon, via a Nintendo Direct presentation. Explaining the “Wii U GamePad” name, Iwata said that Nintendo looked to the NES controller’s name for inspiration and felt that the term “gamepad” suited the Wii U controller as well.

Since E3 2011, the Wii U GamePad has seen a few changes. Most prominently, it now features proper analog sticks that can “click” down:


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  • Looks more awesome and it has camera?? There’s some sort of skype type connecting and posting like twitter called Miiverse.

    But Wii U Pro Controller looks more hardcore!!!

  • malek86

    Judging from the screen size, unless they shrank down the screen, it looks like the controller actually got bigger.

    I’m still hoping the screen is capacitive, but after looking at the presentation and the guys using pens, I’m kinda not that hopeful anymore.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      It looks pretty huge, in white. And in the video kind of big in black, I can’t wait to try at a demo unit in retail to see if its really big.

    • Mago Iichi

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this.I thought my eyes were tricking me.

  • Thumbsticks that can be clicked, I guess Nintendô had some exchanges with various 3rd parties ^^

  • RmanX1000

    Not getting a WiiU til Smash Bros comes out on it. Its already been announced. So once that comes out, i get a WiiU… Unless i want something badly enough before 2015 :P

  • . . . I still like it

    only thing I hope is that they will have a cord to charge it via console, rather than wasting money on batteries or having to buy a charger.

    • puchinri

      That would be quite brilliant and convenient.

  • SirRichard

    The analogue sticks were basically my only problem with the Wii U’s controller, but it’s nice that there’s the choice between this and the Pro controller. 

    Also, I’m still cringing from that long video with the zombie game and that horrible nerd stereotype, and the name “Miiverse”. Eesh, Nintendo.

    • Yeah that’s the worse part of the video. I like the idea of Miiverse but asking for help fighting a boss? Really? I hope it won’t become some sort of gameplay you know like you have to ask your friend on the Mii to unlock something for you so you can move on but somehow I think they will make something like this.

      • that’s sounds stupid and i doubt they will

      • SirRichard

        The “always connected” thing is also kind of worrying, because if I’m playing alone it’s because I want to play alone. I’m hoping those pop-up messages can be turned off as an option, they look like they’d get annoying fast.

      • takopako

        i think the miiverse is a great idea. some people do that on the internet anyway, so why not ask people who are playing the same game and without having to go and get out another device like your cell phone or laptop.

  • I don’t mind the new sticks rather than pads but it works fine for me. I am super happy and cannot wait to own a Wii U. :P

  • eilegz

    sigh the position of the analog….

  • aoihana

    At first I thought that the controller would be a bit too big, honestly, and I guess I still have some doubt, but I think it’ll work out. I like the grips, because now way would I be able to play otherwise. It’d be too uncomfortable. 

    Though, I really appreciate the tablet aspect, because it’ll be really interesting to see how developers utilize it. Like, I see it could provide some really intuitiveness, like in Adventure games, you could solve puzzles on the screen, or you can pick a lock, or something! 

    It could really work well with FPS, like in Call of Duty, for example, it could be setup so that you can launch the perks on the bottom, or something truly great would be controlling the RC detonator down on the screen, little things like that would make it really great.The thing that concerns me, though, is the size, because it makes me wonder if such an awkward form factor would be ideal for prolonged periods of gaming, or competitive play.

    Though, again, I think the grips will really help, and perhaps supporting it on your lap would be good, too. I think there’s so much potential for the Wii U gamepad, really! (◕‿◕✿)

    • Christopher Nunes

      And let’s not forgot about Aliens: Colonial Marines using the controller as a Tracker for the Aliens! The possibilities are endless with this controller! Hopefully the controller and the console will have it’s full potential brought out, such a shame the Wii didn’t do until Skyward Sword at least… the Wii had a potential for its features.

      Also I’m hoping a comeback of the Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color and Graffiti Kingdom (aka Magic Pengel 2 in Japan) on the Wii U! The tablet controls would be PERFECT for a Magic Pengel game! I love Magic Pengel, where you draw your own characters any way you want! Graffiti Kingdom improved upon it and I’ve seen designs for many cool characters, and is the first official game to feature Reimu Hakurei (from the Touhou bullet hell games for the PC in Japan) as a cameo character in the form of a doodle.

      Here’s to a bright future for the Wii U!


  • Göran Isacson

    Still not entirely sold on the sticks being placed above the dpad and buttons, but I guess they’re the ones who have put all the money into ergonomic research and hey, sometimes you don’t really know what you want or need… so fingers crossed, I guess.

  • The GamePad and the Wii Pro… I just can’t seem to stop laughing… I love Nintendo. I hpoe they make a HD ver. of The Last Story, anyone getting it in the summer?

  • Farid Belkacemi

    The conference was really cool, can’t wait for “the regginator smashing everyone in L.A” episode on tuesday xD

    • boundries_san

      My body is ready???^^

  • Happy Gamer

    This is the dreamcast VMU on steroids. I hope this kind of gaming “gimmick” works well. and I am not saying gimmick in a bad way. The VMU was really neat and fun and I utilized it for wutever it could do. This is a full fledged screen on the controller. I hope games utilize this more than a second screen. Although playing anywhere you want around the house is a very cool concept for me believe it or not. I would play the crap outta games while in bed or taking a …..nvm lol

    I think this would work well in RPGs and other games with HUD that don’t require u to look at it all the time. switching tactics, spells, ammo guns full maps, etc. but even then they seem like novelty. I hope somebody will come up with something revolutionary.

    self idea: there is a pretty gimmicky idea i thought about. A game like trace memory for the DS. doest the tablet have a camera on it? you can utilize the tablet to interact with many puzzles such as taking pictures of something around your house etc.

    • I hope it’s as comfortable and the dreamcast controller! lol.

  • Zonic505

    I like it. A shame it can’t be used as a remote for cable/satellite, but I still like the idea of it being used for a TV remote.

  • badmoogle

    I don’t like that the analogue sticks are above the d-pad and buttons but i hope i’ll get used to it. 

  • revenent hell

    Yeah I dont know about this…for some reason it looks heavey to me its probably lighter than I think it is though. I guess im just not a fan of this type of “gamepad” because its so similar to a handheld it makes me think “why not just make the 3DS compatible to play like this,hook up a cable and presto it becomes “gamepad”…Then again I very rarely touch the “touch screen” for any game since its not something im in to so I think id have to go buy a “classic controller” if a day comes where I need to buy this…Touchscreen gamepad+console=alot o funds..

  • Tan Wei Lun

    it looks uncomfortable, but at the same time 99.9999999999% of all the people that had the chance to try it out says it feels natural, more natural than holding any of the controllers of other systems. at this point im only excited how ‘natural’ the controller is going to feel. HAHA

    • Christopher Nunes

      Can’t wait to get my hands on it! XD

    • I can say that having the hands further apart, in comparison to normal controllers, is more comfortable and feels more natural. This may be one of those reasonings. I still loved the Dreamcast controller and how it just sat naturally in my hands.

      • komiko12

        Same reason I like playing platformers using a PC keyboard.

  • Blue_card_


  • Anthony Black

    (oops double post)

  • Anthony Black

    Joysticks, Y U NO 8-axis-guided like every other Nintendo console?!?

    Nintendo, you shouldn’t be fixing what isn’t broken. Those joysticks were on the N64, GC, and Wii, so why not on either of the WiiU controllers? This is going to make trying to play fighting games rather frustrating.

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