Try Out A Demo For Doujin Shoot-em-up, Ether Vapor Remaster

By Ishaan . June 3, 2012 . 10:45pm

Doujin games publisher, Nyu Media, are getting set to publish another indie shoot-em-up—Ether Vapor Remaster. While the full game is scheduled for a download release for PC on June 29th, Nyu Media have released a demo that you can try out in the meantime. You can grab that here. Also viewable is a trailer for the game:



Ether Vapor Remaster will be released via its official website for $8. In the weeks following its release, it will then be released on download services including GamersGate, GameStop, GameTap and Steam.

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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Very cool. Haven’t played this game in a long time. Thanks for bringing it to attention.

  • Mister_Nep

    It looks neat. The gameplay reminds me of one of Marisa’s shot types in Touhou 11.

    • Christopher Nunes

      I was actually thinking about Touhou when watching this. Touhou is HARDER by way, though this looks challenging this is tamer than Touhou in terms shoot ’em ups or bullet hell.

      Looks really fun! I want to get.
      Which reminds me to beat Touhou 13: Ten Desires… they furthest I’ve got is Stage 4 on Normal and it’s my first Touhou game too! I’m not going to stop until I’ve beaten it, but I haven’t played it in weeks!

      • fqc

        It’s harder than the average Touhou game to clear that’s for sure. Besides like like Julien_N said it’s nothing like Touhou so if you’re going to compare it to something else then at least pick a something that’s actually similar like the Thunderforce series.

        If you are a fan of traditional shoot ’em ups I suggest giving this a try.

        Also I hope Nyu Media will get a chance to publish even more shooters. Personally I’d love to see Siter Skain’s Alltynex trilogy localized, I bet a lot of people would love those games.

        • Christopher Nunes

          Hmm… I can’t exactly remember playing traditional shoot ’em ups except Galactica. Not exact, but close.

          It’s been so long since I’ve played one of those games.

      • Mister_Nep

        You know I can beat Touhou 13 in practice mode, but in the actual playthrough I keep making lots and lots of mistakes. Hang in there. One day we’ll both beat it.

        • Christopher Nunes

          I will!

          Good luck to both of us!

    • Julien_N

      It doesn’t look like Touhou at all in my opinion, aside from the fact that it is a shoot em up.
      Even if we don’t take into account the completely different universes, the multiple weapons are reminiscent of the Raystorm/Layer Section’s multi-plane lock-shot and the Milestone games’ circular shield. The simple fact that there are plenty of weapons at the same time is a little bit like Radiant Silvergun, and the mix of horizontal and vertical phases is a gameplay twist you would see in a Salamander game or something.

      • Mister_Nep

        I was specifically referring to the fact that Marisa B in Touhou 11 also swaps shot types. She can shoot front, diagonal, side, and back whenever you want.

        • Julien_N

          Yep, you’re right about this very specific point.
          But even then, the differences between the shots types in SA’s MarisaB are not as huge as in this game, Karous or in Radiant Silvergun. Here, the various weapons are of different types with different properties (homing, powerful but not very wide, circular range, etc.) while Marisa’s shots are simply firing in a different direction.
          But as I said, I get you point. ^^

  • Tyler Beale

    So…what does Crapcom have to do with this?

    • Godmars

      Publishing. Giving a JP indy dev the money to uprez and translate.

  • I’m still waiting for their other games to release on Steam… definitely getting this once it releases there though. Might even be in the summer sales…

  • Triplicity/3LeafIvy

    I played Ether Vapor. I’m not seeing what’s “remastered” ’bout this.

  • Reive

    Is this specifically for the English version? Because Remaster has been out awhile, it’s on patch 2.07 now.

  • Code

    Ohh it’s been forever since I played the original release of this >A<;; I'm kind of curious what all has been changed for this version. But I remember it being pretty sharp for it's time owo;

  • puchinri

    I was only mildly interested in this game before, but that demo did a lot for me actually. I’m going to try and get this as well as CHCC soon. I hope Freesia (or is it one e?) will also be out soonish; it’s the title I was most looking forward to~.

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