Agni’s Philosophy, Square Enix’s Next-Gen Final Fantasy Tech Demo

By Ishaan . June 5, 2012 . 8:50pm

Today is the day of Square Enix trademarks. Or rather, the day we find out just what they were all for. Hot on the heels of Demons’ Score and Drakerider comes Agni’s Philosophy, which we discovered last month. It turns out Agni’s Philosophy was meant for an E3 Final Fantasy realtime tech demo. Watch it below:



Agni’s Philosophy was developed using Square Enix’s Luminous Studio engine. Square Enix say this tech demo is indicative of the quality they hope to strive for in their next-gen games, bridging the gap between pre-rendered and realtime in-game characters. Furthermore, Luminous Studio is planned to support everything from game consoles, PC, smartphones, and the web.


Note that the demo isn’t indicative of a game that is confirmed to be in development. Square Enix chose a Final Fantasy theme for the tech demo because they felt the series is known for combining magic and technology in its worlds.

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  • riceisnice

    Square Enix is a leading Japanese producer of CGI animation films, who happen to dabble in video game design.

    • AzureNova

      I lol’d =P

    • Sakurazaki


      Though the statement that they merely “dabble” makes me sad.

      • Jameel Aboulhosn

        Square Enix has never made a good game. Square and Squaresoft are the overlords of the RPG. Enix has made some good RPGs before. But, again, since they merged, not one thing worth a shit has been developed and released by them, including FF12, FF13, FF13x2, Lightning returns (Trust me we don’t need to play it to know it will be terrible), Deus Ex HR, and let’s hope to god Tomb Raider is good.

    • MrRobbyM


  • Xapth

    Square Enix, you will always have the most beautiful CGI and characters I can find in video games.

    When I imagine Kingdom Hearts 3, I like to think of something with graphics that rival these, and the thought is amazing.

    • That’s the point! They’re saying they’re aiming for this level of quality in realtime. 

      • Godmars

        And as riceisnice points out I’d rather they lower that bar to create more interactive/immersive gameplay.

        And by that I don’t mean “realtime”. Not all of the good stuff has to happen in a cutscene. There should have been at least one flying segment in FFXIII, even if it was only Snow and Sarah going through the fireworks.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Imagine versus xiii and ff15 powered by this tech, glorious. Hopefully its working great day and date with the launch of the next gen consoles for the hopes of an rpg present on the systems day one. Hopefully the actual game developers are using this tech now.

    • midgard229

      Kingdom Hearts 3!!!!!

    • Guest

       Luminous engine is being used in Versus sparcely for various lighting effects

  • AzureNova

    So…. damn….. pretty.

    My eyes are bleeding from all the awesome. =^_^=

  • ShinGundam

    Awesome, Survey about the realtime demo

    For love of god, tell them to not do shaky cam thing.

    • Godmars

      Thanks. Here’s the actual comment I submitted to it:

      “Need to show gameplay. Graphics have their place, but if anything the many complaints about FFXIII should be more than enough warning that they can’t be the central focus of a G-A-M-E.”

      • Scrooge_McDuck

         It’s a survey about a graphical tech demo. What has gameplay to do with it?

        • Godmars

          And when they get around to gameplay, it would be nice if there were some and not just some button presses and linear walks to the next cutscene. That’s all I’m saying.

          • Time for that fps design image I think. Applies equally well to rpgs.

          • ShinGundam

            FF12 was fairly branched, XIII has gran pulse, Versus has worldmap. Maps or scale don’t matter a lot in FF game or JRPG because what matter is the variety of locals and not making every map layout like a dungeon to fight random beasts.

          • Guess disqus has a limit to the number of replies or something, can’t reply direct to ShinGundam below. Anyway, I have nothing against linear games as long as the gameplay is good (Tales is the perfect example, story and gameplay take precedence and you don’t feel constrained by the linearity of them because you’re too focused on enjoying the story).

            FF13 was literally just corridor > cutscene > corridor > cutscene until you reached Pulse and the story wasn’t really compelling enough to make it worth it for me. I know a lot of people enjoyed it including me to a relatively small degree, but it still fell totally flat as an FF title. Either way though, I’ve stopped bothering with Square now, I’ll stick to Tales and Gust’s games and the various other things that retain the qualities I enjoy in games. Some people will love what Squeenix are doing, I’m just not one of them :)

          • komiko12

            Oh @twitter-233567196:disqus , you could use the Dashboard to reply to people.

          • Scrooge_McDuck

             Well, all I am saying that your “G-A-M-E” comment is rather unrelated because this is not even a trailer for a game.

      • ShinGundam


        It is OK and to each their own. I don’t find any console RPG to be compelling in the same way that a good Traditional RPG would be whether it is FF game or Tales or Atelier or even Xenoblade but gamers can adjust their expectation and desires with time but with FF nowadays then it is just about having a sense of entitlement among the current gaming generation. No hopes or wishes and that is the problem.

        • I’m the other way, I don’t find western RPGs as compelling as Japanese ones :) Which isn’t to say I don’t love them too, I’m just more into Japanese culture and therefore prefer Japanese games. It’s no biggie to me if Squeenix continue in their current direction, there’ll always be some Japanese developers doing the anime style games as Japan is far too into anime style for them to not keep putting them out.

        • Godmars

          And I want to see moments like Cecil going on a quest to go from a black knight to a paladin. I mean FF4 was as linear as XIII, you had to go on that quest every time you played, but you played multiple time because the story was that so good and involving you wanted to play it again. Because you saw and directly experienced the characters in their adventure instead of simply watching a cutscene like in XIII.    

  • Wow. O_O This looks freaking amazing. Gives me a Versus and Type-0 feel. If only this were an actual game I would buy the crap out of it. This is what I want not Eidos games. Seriously wow… freaking gorgeous. Agni is also pretty but not important. Those graphics just holy bajeezus.

    • This is what’s “more” I wanted ^^

      • Hmm? Did I say something stupid again like “Walking Dogs?” xD I re-read this one and don’t see anything……….

  • LustEnvy

    Tech demos: Showing us what games will look like the generation AFTER the tech being used in the demo.

    Nothing looked as good as the FFVII tech Demo, even FFXIII (though the first FFXIII was close). The PS4 will have graphics that look like the FFVII tech demo, and PS5 will have graphics like Agni’s Philosophy.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

       Eh, FFVIII tech demo looks pretty much like FFX, and FFVI tech demo looks worse than FFVIII.

  • cjeromek

    Oh square how I love thee. I mean they not have a beautiful game or what? I hope they really can get their games to this quality because it was just be more of a reason why I love them. Hell my friend couldn’t even tell the difference between FFXIII’s pre-rendered and real-time movies.

  • This looks freaking amazing.
    We all know the game that looks like this won’t come out for the next 7 year but still it looks amazing.

    • I expect it sooner than that maybe 2-3 years.

      • MakoSoldier7

         he means to complete it, it would take them 7, which is a completely reasonable statement.

  • Godmars

    Honestly, not feeling anything for it. Show game mechanics to go with those graphics, or degrade those graphics if it means offering shallow gameplay.

    Square needs to find a balance. That was FFXIII’s problem and they didn’t fix it with XIII-2. Not really.    

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    What’s up with that squeaky voice acting? I feel that that’s a major hurdle for japanese RPGs. 

    • Zeik56

       It’s a tech demo, they obviously didn’t go out of their way to hire professional voice actors for this. In fact I’m actually surprised it wasn’t a lot worse.

  • Looking at this it’s like….just make another movie!
    Advent children was great!
    Do one for FF8 now or maybe FF9.

  • Holy…..Shit.

  • MrRobbyM

    I don’t know what I just watched but I want this!

    • Rohan Viajar

       not to be mean. but umm.. it’s a Tech Demo

      • MrRobbyM

        I should of added more to that sentence. “I don’t know what I just watched but I want this *to be made into a game*!

        So yes, I know.

  • Sergio Pinheiro

    No too impressive as the Quantic Dreams or Fox TD.

    NX FF will have slums, magic, monsters defected from RE, betrails and….ARAB terrorists?!?!
    Who we gonna call??

    George W. Bush!!!
    Give us a rest S-E and DO (good) GAMES

    • D-Rev

      I don’t know about monsters looking like they’re from RE, that wolf thing reminded me a lot of that rat monster from Parasite Eve.

  • brian yep

    So quality equals graphics?

    • Well.. in the case of a tech demo, I guess it is. :X

      • Anime10121

        Exactly and the  fact that this was all in real time. This is an engine showcase, not a game, its designed to show-off what the GRAPHICAL engine can do.

  • GaiunxWolfenX

    at the risk of sounding mean, finish versus BEFORE making a new one please. geez

    • I am sure they are currently working on it. :/

    • MrRobbyM

      Tech demo doesn’t mean new game.

  • briony.conway


  • Phlo

    Game budgets really are getting too large…

    • MrRobbyM

      This is true. The standard from last gen to this has escalated so much that you don’t see as much experimentation in big name companies. But this is why indie games exist and will only grow and grow in years to come.

  • It looks very fantastic, the quality is amazing…

    But I do hope that there will always be a place for more stylized, less-realistic graphics, and for traditional 2D sprites.

    I mean, this is seriously impressive, but I hope games don’t get to a point where almost everything has to be realistic, even though the technology for it is available.

    • Guest

      I agree and as much as I love how this looks, I much rather stylized looks.  I really hope they don’t go away. I want there to be both.

      • Namco and Gust still deliver, thankfully.

        • puchinri

          I hope SE continues to as well though. I doubt they actually would stop making stylized games too, but I think they’ve always had a knack for going with realistic or stylized.

    • TWEWY.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Sweet jebus that was amazing. Why couldn’t that make THIS a game?

  • Pretty as it is, this doesn’t look like Final Fantasy at all.

    • Versus says hi. :/

      • MrRobbyM

        Versus looks like Final Fantasy as much as XIII does, if not more.

        • It’s still a FF game. :/

          • MrRobbyM

            That it is.

    • Zeik56

      Which might be a good thing for the franchise.

      Although honestly it basically looks like Final Fantasy in the middle-east to me.

      • CirnoLakes

         Good thing? Not in my opinion. I miss the SNES days.

        The problem with Final Fantasy is not the way the games look.

        • Zeik56

          True, just giving it a new look is definitely not going to fix all of it’s problems (and my favorite FF is 9, so I’m hardly against keeping it traditional), but I would be more interested in a Final Fantasy in this setting than most settings the series has taken place in.

      • TheBlackKnight3

         I agree. Since Final Fantasy is futuristic, people have a hard time imagining it in 3D. Like it or not, this would probably be one of the best aesthetics if FF7, or even FF6 and later would be made into 3D games.

      • Change is good, but not to the point you can hardly recognize the game.

        • Zeik56

          Switch up that summon with Bahamut and I doubt anyone would really bat an eye if they called it Final Fantasy. The black-haired chick looks like someone straight out of Final Fantasy.

          • puchinri

            True~. The summon did remind me a lot of Bahamut anyway, so it’s not like they’re far off regardless. 

        • You don’t recognize FF by cinematic events. You recognize FF by chocobos, potions, phoenix downs, airships, summons. These are the series’ mainstays.

          How were you supposed to recognize these things off a tech demo?

          • Don’t know why you’re responding to a 9-month-old post but thanks.

            I recognize FF not only by what you listed but also the setting and ‘atmosphere’ of the game. The setting and feeling is barely like that of a FF game; it’s more akin to that of a military FPS, just with a magic cult and a few crystals thrown in.

            But my complaints don’t matter. This is just a tech demo and not FFXV.

    • Looks FMA to me.

  • SLick123456789111

    They make engines quicker & better than their games.

  • gouramiagogo

    I miss the fantasy part of Final Fantasy.

    • kindly elaborate on that.. what is your definition of “fantasy” anyway? Middle-east type of setting+Magic+Giant Dragon is not “fantasy” enough for you? sigh..

      • Suicunesol

        It’s the machine guns and modern military trucks that are bothering him. I don’t blame him. If it weren’t for the lightning spell, the potion, and the dragon, I’d be getting a middle-east FPS vibe.

      • CirnoLakes

         I believe what people mean when they say that, is that people miss sword and sorcery. Like Final Fantasy IV had. There were old school towns and kingdoms mostly. And there wasn’t much in the way of guns.

        I think that a lot of Final Fantasy fans, miss their more old school dungeons and dragons-ish settings. Such settings may be seen as a staple of wRPGs, but jRPGs have had a very interesting take on the settings. The part of Lord of the Rings that was about friendship and the group staying together through thick and thin really comes out well in jRPGs in my opinion.

        • Though, FF6 did have guns too. Even Mechas in it.

      • puchinri

        I honestly could not tell at first if that was supposed to be India or representative of the Middle East. It had fantasy in it though, quite aplenty. But as a whole, SE (as far as FF and some other titles, I suppose) feels more like tech + mild scifi (so to speak) that leans on fantasy rather than being a shared balance of fantasy and tech/sci-fi (or just mostly fantasy).

        That’s not a bad thing though, because I think the technology they create in their games is also pretty fun and it’s great to expand. I like their uses of futuristic elements and would love to see more even. But it would be nice to see stronger fantasy elements implemented as well more often.

    • I know what you mean, since almost anybody can shoot lightning from their fingertips and summon blood dragons nowadays.

      • puchinri

        Pfft, it’s terribly basic. Even my current, lower leveled DnD character can do that. (No she can’t. . .)
        They’re going to need to summon ponies to impress me. Unicorns and pegasi included.

        But seriously speaking, dragons feel like a cheap catch-all for fantasy now. I need more. More glowing crystals for starters. =n=

  • rinalicat

    That…was…WICKED!! I rather feel sorry for that poor hyena-thing though…

  • Nathan_GreeneIV

    Beautifully stunning. Thats all I gotta say really.

  • Rohan Viajar

    I hope people understand that this is a Tech Demo (not saying that people don’t understand. but the possibility exists)
    which means they are showcasing the technical abilities (graphics, engine, etc.)

    so tech demo =/= a new game
    just for clarification purposes

    • noxian

      that having been said, i don’t know if you read their Agni’s Philosophy survey, but it pretty much reads like a poorly veiled feeler for a new game.

      not making a qualitative statement one way or the other if it is or isn’t.

      just making the point that while no a tech demo says nothing definitive, they did have a very funny survey attached to it.

      • Sakurazaki

        Yeah, that survey was fun

        Almost every question it asked made it seem like this was going to be a new game.

        I think one of the questions asked: “would you like to see more of this character and the world?” something like that.

        • komiko12

          Maybe they are considering of making it into a full game if it is popular enough.

  • Masengan

    Amazing, cannot wait to see how games will look with this engine. Wow.

  • We should not be seeing this as long as we don’t have Versus 13 or Type 0 yet.

    • We are not getting Type-0. ;-; There is no hope. Nothing at E3 for it.

      • N-no! Don’t say that! There’s always hope, because hope is inside your heart. And friendship. Or something.

        I dunno, I still hope. Maybe we should all write angry letters.

        • You do know companies never actually read letters fans send in they are like “HA! Fans! This is great for kindling.” Seriously… well actually that isn’t true I wrote Bill Gates once and his secretary actually got him to respond and I got a letter back. :D

          • Guest

             I one time wrote a letter to Square Enix and got a nice letter back.  It was a real good reply and I kept it. (^_^)

          • lol Nice

      • Anime10121

         Blame everyone who pirates more games for PSP than they buy.

        • I don’t feel the need to blame people. I am just sad that it most likely isn’t coming. The game looked amazing. I was really hoping to get to play it sometime. But it just doesn’t look like it is happening.

          • Anime10121

            Not saying blame them literally, but that IS the reason its not coming, I mean look at the sales for games before Pandora’s Battery and then after it became widespread. PSP games had many million sellers in its first couple years (Crisis Core, Dissidia, Metal Gear, God of War etc), but sales slumped after Pandoras battery and MMS.

            I believe it is also the reason people say PSP haz no games.  A lot of people relate good games to games that sale well, PSP has PLENTY of good/awesome games, its just none of them sell well because they are all pirated now.

    • Bentan


  • Panzer Dragoon saga 2 :D

  • Yesfir

    Square Enix should finish what is already on their plate…? I mean this looks very nice and I’m excited but where is the other stuff they teased us with?

  • Mago Iichi

    Looks good Squarenix, but I don’t give a crap.

  • And it gives me FFXII vibe. You know, desert and stuff  and I know it’s Tech Demo but the possibility of another Lead Female character for next FF makes me happy. I need more character like Lightning :D

    • Lightning was icy in the beginning but I liked her towards the end. What would that be a semi-Tsundere? I think… I might be wrong.

    • puchinri

      Word~! I’m really hoping for a female lead in the next game, and that there’s slightly more focus on her. I want more tough, action girls – with balanced and fleshed out personalities!

  • 肉@バカ夜空

    So, Final Fantasy XV next gen? I can wait.

    You can just blow it away and tell us it’s a tech demo for XV, Squeenix.

  • This is the best Final Fantasy thing I’ve seen ever. And everyone is comparing this to the wrong final fantasies, this is mostly like 7. Terrorists, guns, slums? But having summons and magic too? Definitely a very realistic version of FF7, which I think is when the series really set itself apart. I think this is a great direction for the series.

  • Niermyico

    So…I don’t care how it’s done. Let Kingdom Hearts 3 with this engine! Let’s goooooo!! *goes off in his imaginary world* :D

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    People will praise the trailer.
    People will complain that it’s linear and it’s not VII.
    I am not going to read any comment or review about any FF game again, just buy them.
    I’m off the play XIII.

  • Why do I have a really bad feeling about the next generation of consoles?

    • Because even more so than this gen it’ll be all about graphics and the gameplay will suck :)

      Also, WHEN are they going to quit with the stupid shakey camera nonsense, that’s getting really old and tired now. I like to SEE what’s going on, not feel vertigo and general nausea while I TRY and work out what’s happening.

      • Guest

         It worked in Kane & Lynch 2

      • Is it weird that I kinda like the shaky cam sometimes? :X I mean, in that one scene, you knew what was happening – she was being mauled by a dog. There’s not much more important going on than that, so you might as well add some tussle to the camera, right?

        I.. I dunno. Maybe I have weird tastes when it comes to film.

        • puchinri

          The shaky does make sense to me at times. I just think it shouldn’t be overused. I definitely agree with you, it worked well for that part~.

      • RupanIII

        Totally agree about the shakey cam stuff. At this point, it’s pretty cliche even, I’d say.

  • For now, I’m not hoping for anything from this trailer until a “game” is released using this tech…

    I believe it when I see it…

  • CirnoLakes

    Well, it looks interesting enough. Not that Square Enix trailers are reliable.

    Though at the very least, Final Fantasy XIII-2 does appear to show an interest in Square of learning from their mistakes. Doesn’t mean I’m expecting much. And it doesn’t exactly have the sort of feel I liked in Final Fantasy games growing up, either. It is novel in that it looks kinda middle eastern, but not super fulfilling.

    I like something a little more green and candy coloured. With swords and dragons and things. Like Final Fantasy IX. But if it’s good, it’s good. We’ll see. The PC thing sounds nice. When’s the last time a Square developed game came out for the PC? Last Remnant?

    • Tan Wei Lun

      well the main feature of this video is not the content or setting, its the fact that this is happening in real-time not pre-rendered, which in my eyes is massive mindblowing. when i saw beyond yesterday at the sony e3 press conference, i thought ‘man, quantum is doing great things’ today i saw this and my perspective was totally warped.

  • Chippel

    I do not want shaky cam in my video games.

    • puchinri

      Heh, yeah. That might work for a cutscene or two, but no want. Much.
      (By the by, what is your icon from?)

  • enorka miho

    right… where is my noctis and crew… like seriously? lol..

    that aside.. this look… interesting…

  • shuratan

    wow just wow. Really loved the details there. The lightning spell acting like real electricity, the summoning, the healing and bullet popping out of her arm. The injecting of the enraged wolf-dog thing. Cannot wait for Next-gen.

  • TheBlackKnight3

    Wonder how much that cost? Wouldn’t mind watching a whole live-action movie like that. Make Final Fantasy cutscenes like that, add in some good gameplay with graphics close to the ones from the cutscenes, and I’m sold on whatever system this would be on.

  • komiko12

    I wouldn’t mind if this becomes the foundation for FF15 :D
    More variety and differences among the FFs are welcome for me.
    As long as it has the Prelude, a crystal theme, chocobos and moogles …then its fine for me

    Oh also, it has to be an RPG where you use parties in combat. :D

    • Anime10121

      Yes to all this, I still dont know why FFXIII chose to do away with the Prelude, crystal theme, victory fanfare, etc.  Even just having the victory fanfare would have made the game seem more FF to me.

      • komiko12

        XIII did have a crystal theme though, just not the 4 crytals kind though. And yeah, the Prelude of FFXIII just sucks as it doesn’t capture the fantasy feel the original prelude have.

        • Anime10121

          Yep, for vs. XIII it would have been understandable if all of that was missing, because it’s a different kind of Final Fantasy (their words).  I hope whenever they do get around to making FFXV that they include all the old themes,  FFXIII-2 did better at making a game similiar in style to the older games, now they need to work on getting dat music back.

          • komiko12

            FFXV should have a good balance of old FF staples and new approaches in terms of gameplay and story (they already mastered the art of great graphics so they need to buff up the other aspects).

            But, it would be real rage-inducing if FFXV manages to be released before Versus XIII LOL :D

  • WonderSteve

    The problem for a demo like this is, we don’t know how this demo is being run on the engine.

    If 100% of the computation power went into the graphics in this demo, I would expect some reduction in quality when an actual game is made. AI, user interaction…etc…all needs processing power.

  • Go2hell66

    Yea but can you make a game like this in less than 10 years SE?

    • Vampiric

       thats only fair for like 1 out of 50+ titles

      • SE’s like that one guy in your circle of friends who does something really embarrassing once, like throw up in the punch bowl. Someone’s going to bring it up every time you guys get together, and no one will ever let it go.

        A lot of people are just joking around, I think. :P

        • Vampiric

           I am not getting angry or anything if your worried……

          but yeah all people remember is Versus

          • Lol, I don’t think you’re mad. xD I just think it’s funny that no one’s ever going to let SE live it down.

      • Anime10121

         I think he means generally as Vs. hasnt even reached a 10 year dev-cycle yet.  Generally speaking this gen, Square have been PATHETIC in their home console output.  They have only developed 3 games this ENTIRE generation (The Last Remnant, FFXIII, and FFXIII-2) and one of them was using Unreal Engine and had to be cancelled for PS3 because they couldn’t get it to work right.

        Final Fantasy XIII had been in development since 2003 (after they finished FFX-2) and didnt release until 2010,  as stated before Last Remnant had technical issues so vast they couldn’t even release it on its intended platforms, and FFXIII-2 was only released so fast because most of the characters, lore, and engine were already done.

        The time its taken them to do home console releases this gen is pathetic and Vs. XIII is continuing the trend (as it was supposedly started in 2006 after KH2).  I know the game never entered “100% development” until late last year, but they still have said nothing concrete on the project at all.

        Hopefully this new engine will do for Square what the White Engine/Crystal Tools failed to do, which is make games faster, more efficiently, and handle the graphics that Square is known for.

  • Rocket D

    This demo is really impressive. The graphics are stunning and the new setting/theme of the characters is fresh. I haven’t seen Middle Eastern influenced worlds in RPGs. I honestly can’t figure out why a majority of these comments are complaining about this tech demo. I will not deny that SE needs to bring fourth FFXIII Versus (as a completed game to release worldwide) and Type-0 (to the US and UK/PAL region) but how does that have any bearing on a “tech demo”? Like they usually do to prepare for a new generation of game systems it’s just testing capabilities. And there’s a survey which for once they are asking for fan’s opinions on the matter. (possible to build a game based on the structure of this demo). Whether this is for next gen or not it looks great.

    I agree that SE isn’t making themselves look good (mostly Nomura) by taking so long with Versus (which holds back progress of KHIII as well) but we seriously can’t let that cloud our judgment over what they try to offer. I’m not a mindless fan of SE defending them to the end though. They screw up a lot but they’re trying too and they seem to get a little better after each mistake. (Examples: the FF Spirits Within movie was made up with FFVII Advent Children. FFXIII’s mistakes were somewhat covered in the sequel although I know some people may fight me on that one. FFXIV is also being handled right now too and hoping the re-launch will bring in lost success)

    For people expecting old school FF during a time of gaming evolution it seems like you’re asking for a lot. There are some comments asking for SE to go back to their older games but I guarantee if they never tried to evolve people would be complaining about that right now. A company can’t progress with fan’s tastes if both are stand still. Not saying they should out right abandon what made them such a huge franchise today but the medieval “dungeons and dragons” bit can get old. And if they stayed with that theme FFVII (one of their most popular FF titles and the one people are begging to get a remake of) would not exist. Just think about it. Same with FFVIII, FFX and any other that venture out of that field of setting. I’m still waiting for fans to complain about companies that are TOO safe house with their games/franchises that have faults beyond hiding *cough*Namco Bandai with Tales of*cough* Guess that’s asking for a lot when only a battle system matters.

    The SE team wants to transcend their past or at least equal to it with new material. I’m willing to give SE that chance they need to make FF great on the current gen of games and the newer one coming up.

    TL;DR – Great looking demo, let’s give SE a chance.

    • There are a few middle-eastern themed RPGs out there you may be interested in! Particularly, Defenders of Oasis for Game Gear and the Digital Devil Saga duology for PS2.

      • Guest

         Which btw the latter should be getting a PS2 classics rerelease on EU PSN..

        • Rocket D

          Great! Let’s hope for more PS2 releases (hopefully some by SquareEnix and the FM versions soon if ever…)

      • Rocket D

         Thanks for letting me know! I appreciate it, something I can check out.

  • Looks good, but it means absolutely nothing until at least 3rd Birthday is made noncanon with a new game that treats Aya Brea respectfully.

    Games like 3rd Birthday and FFX-2 were incredibly disrespectful toward the characters and fictional worlds they inhabited in their prior games. In each, those characters’ personalities were completely thrown out to stuff them with whatever wet dreams the writer and/or director had in mind, and characters said and did things that past games suggested they would never EVER do.

    Such disrespect for the past speaks very poorly of the company and the people with power at the company. Even if a writer or director hates a character or hates the project they’re on, that gives them no right to ruin characters by ripping out everything about those characters and stuffing them with everything they were never meant to be. The people with creative power at Squeenix are supposed to be professionals. Professionals are supposed to be able to act professional and do the best they can in respect to what they’re working with and toward their fans. If they can’t be professional, they shouldn’t be in the business at all.

    So until at least 3rd Birthday’s damage is repaired with a new game, none of this matters. They have to be professional enough to treat already existing characters with respect before I’ll ever trust them with my money, and the only way they’ll ever do that is by admitting they did wrong to those IPs and making up for it. Besides, treating old characters poorly and refusing to fix the damage is suggestive that 5-10 years from now, their current new characters will get treated the exact same way.

    To that effect, I answered the survey on the Agni’s Philosophy site. I truthfully answered in the top ratings, because it did look good and it did make me interested in the character. But in the comments, I noted that none of it will matter until they at the very least undo 3rd Birthday. There are several games that treated old IPs terribly, but how thoroughly Parasite Eve and Aya Brea were savaged and insulted makes 3rd Birthday symbolic of everything that’s been wrong with Squeenix. Ignoring those problems does not rectify them any more than pretending a lock isn’t broken would make it not broken anymore.

    • Indeed, 3rd Birthday was a travesty. However, it did have an awesome soundtrack (unsurprisingly, Shimomura ftw).

      • I tend to concede for 3rd Birthday that the raw quality of the graphics (not their content) was good, that the music was probably good or at least decent since Shimomura did it, and maybe the gameplay was good (I wouldn’t know, I refuse to play it).

        • safros93

          You refuse to play the game? You mean you haven’t even played it yet or even know how it ends? And technically it doesn’t treat Aya disrespectfully. Music is great Graphics are great. The game is plenty of fun. At least beat the game…

          • LustEnvy

             I want my money back after downloading 3rd Birthday off PSN. That game is terrible.

          • safros93

             Okay, fair enough. I thought it was a great game, so much that I also bought it digitally to play on the Vita, but with a very weak story. But I was never the biggest Parasite Eve fan so maybe that’s the reason why I enjoyed it. I hear plenty of fans hated it while newcomers enjoyed it.   

          • LustEnvy

            Safros, yeah, being a Parasite Eve fan is tough. The first game was amazing. The 2nd was a Resident Evil rip off, and 3rd Birthday was… third birthday. The problem with Parasite Eve is that it has an identity crisis, both literally and figuratively.

            Each game is drastically different from the previous entry, which is a problem. They should’ve stuck with the system from the first game and built upon it like any normal series would. Instead, they decided on making it impossible to categorize.

            Sorry for being off topic… just felt like replying.

          • I know how it ends. I don’t need to buy and play a game to read and watch most of it.

            And you’re right that technically it doesn’t, but only people that played the entire game, or read spoilers, know that. To the average person who didn’t play the game at all, or didn’t finish it, the “Aya” you see until the very end is how Aya is supposed to be.

          • safros93

            I never really had a big problem with the way they treated Aya either. What I’ve read online about the game is so over-exaggerated to the point that you would almost believe that the whole game… is just a pervert’s game. Fan-service with no substance. The game has some great moments. And it does have some, well Maeda is strange pervert, I suppose rather weird moments but not as many and not as degrading as everyone says. But that’s just my opinion.

        • Chiupon

          When you admitted you hadn’t played it, you just made your entire opinion invalid LOL

        • Anime10121

           Wait a Mother-Trucking minute, for all the whining and complaining you’ve done over the last year or two regarding 3rd Birthday, you mean to literally say that you HAVE NOT even played the game?  I understand if you played the game and have all these pint-up feelings about how Aya was handled, but to not even play the game makes your whole argument fall completely apart.

          I played the first couple chapters and found the game boring, but I was never a big Parasite Eve fan anyway.  I could almost support all of your whining about 3rd Birthday if you had played the game, but to say that you haven’t, its almost pitiful.

          • Not really.

            It’s possible to know enough about a game to judge if it you watch videos (which I did), follow magazine article releases, look at screenshots, read summaries, etc. You may not know every single piece, but you’ll know the most important parts. My not having played it is why I make no judgments on the gameplay, because I know playing a game and experiencing that gameplay firsthand is much different from watching someone else do it.

    • SirRichard

      3rd Birthday was a complete disaster, but really? You’re making far too big a deal of it, how does it make everything they do wrong and render it meaningless? It was one game farted out on the PSP, it has nowhere near the impact or meaning you’re giving it.

      • Yes, I know many people don’t share my views, but I hold them strongly and I feel for good reason.

        Regardless of the medium, budget or even the writer or director’s own interest, that fictional world and those characters mean something to their fans. “It’s just a game,” but it still stands for something more. Think about Superman or Batman and how they affect kids as icons of good. They have value, and meaning. When you get involved in fiction, you’re putting some kind of emotional stake in it even if you don’t realize it, and even if there’s no story at all.

        This is why 3rd Birthday is such a big deal to me. Everything about it showed disrespect toward the value of that fiction, and toward the thoughts and feelings fans had for it. It also showed a gross abuse of creative power, and yes, I do realize that sounds stupid referring to fiction, but it’s still accurate. To me, 3rd Birthday was the absolute worst example to date Squeenix has ever created of all these problems, which is why I have brought it up so often. It’s THE example, the very definition of what not to do. Video games should be made to please the consumer and honor and respect what came before. If everything about a sequel or spinoff would be an insult to the original, forced in only to use the name brand to sell more copies, then it should be a brand new IP.

        This is also why 3rd Birthday is a game I think needs to be rectified before Squeenix can or should be taken seriously again as a company dealing with creative intellectual properties. They need to show they have enough class and respect for their past and their consumers that they are willing to openly admit when they’ve done something wrong and fix it. And before anyone mentions FF13 or FF14, those don’t count because by all appearances, Squeenix only fixed those because they knew they needed to at least look like they care if they wanted to keep people coming back. 3rd Birthday is a more accurate reflection of how they operate: “We messed up that character and series, but since it looks like that screw-up won’t seriously hurt our bottom line, we’ll just ignore it and never fix it.”

        Everything I’ve seen about the company lately in terms of its corporate culture has been bad, and it’s leaked out with some of their recent games. From lying about the contents of a game to making excuses for leaving out certain elements, there’s not much about them I can respect aside from their technical capabilities.

        For me, a company that makes games that are less spectacular in the technical arena, but made with heart and love and good will, mean infinitely more than companies that are entirely soulless but good in a robotic way. I’ll pay for and support good intentions executed poorly long before bad intentions executed well.

        • Guest

           I liked Crisis Core

          • lol What? Did he even mention Crisis Core? xD

        • I totally respect your opinion. I agree that video games are a medium, and to just throw a poorly thought out game out there would be an insult to the game industry. A lot of people have put in work to make games feel like more than just children’s toys.

          However, I don’t think that they’re going to be able to rectify anything until they figure out how to get themselves back together first. Right now, I feel like they’ve lost touch with something that made them great in the past – and they’re trying to find that magic combination again. (From what I hear, it’s Type-0.) And until they get back into the groove of making great games that don’t just focus on blowing me away with graphics, I don’t think I can trust them “fix” anything yet.

          And if that’s the case, I think it would be a better idea to just hold on to this idea until then. Talking about this in every single article won’t be helping your cause – no matter how right you are. I can tell you’re passionate, but it doesn’t look like you’re getting through to people right now.

          Or maybe you should spam letters to Square. Or get all of us to spam letters to Square. I’d do that, though I wouldn’t keep my love letter to exclusive to Third Birthday.

          • I seriously wish I could play Type-0 in English. From what I could fuddle around with in the Japanese version it seemed pretty awesome. It’s the language barrier though and I don’t think SE is bringing Type-0 over here. But Other than that I do agree with your last statement. Spamming SE with letters. Though it wouldn’t work and would probably just irritate them if anything. Oh well. xD

          • Yeah. At this point, it might be the only way we can really take action. Other than buying good games.

            And it’s not like we’re just going to complain or anything. I’m going to try to be as constructive and reasonable as I can.

          • This comment makes a good point. I’ve felt lately that Squeenix is trying to get themselves back in order after comments made by Wada last year, and I figured at the time that it was a mix of FF13, FF14 and 3rd Birthday issues. I try to tell myself sometimes that perhaps Squeenix will try to fix it some day since they haven’t said anything about Parasite Eve or Aya Brea since then, despite calling it their next big returning franchise during E3 2010.

            I guess part of what keeps fueling me to comment on it is because of two reasons. One, it still deeply frustrates me that Squeenix would make a game like that and not at least apologize for it. They were quick to try and fix FF14 and FF13, yet they’re completely ignoring all they did wrong with 3rd Birthday, seemingly because they figure so few people care that they can get away with it.

            But second, I dread that if I don’t talk about it, how badly the company treated Parasite Eve and Aya through 3rd Birthday will be forgotten. That instead of Squeenix coming back to it and fixing it when ready, it’ll sit there, defining “Aya” in the minds of people that never played the prior games, and Squeenix will never be taken to account for it. I don’t want to see 3rd Birthday go the same way as FFX-2, where the company allows it to remain canon despite everything wrong with it. I want to see 3rd Birthday undone. I don’t see that happening if everyone lets them off the hook. What I expect is ten years from now, people will talk about Aya as if she was a terrible character because they only knew her from 3rd Birthday.

            Maybe you’re right, and I can scale it back. It seems like a lot of people, by simply complaining about me complaining, will at least remember 3rd Birthday and all the things it did to what was a great character and franchise. I’m just disappointed that it seems to stop there… that we’ll likely never get Parasite Eve 3 with the real Aya Brea, and the last thing anyone will remember of her is 3rd Birthday’s misconception of her.

    • You’re still going on about The 3rd Birthday? Time to let it go, pal.

    • Paradox me

      You post the exact same thing in every Square article. Both here on Siliconera and andriasang. It’s non-stop with you, 3rd Birthday this, Final Fantasy X-2 that. Nevermind the latter was released almost a decade ago.

      Move on.

    • Guest

       I understand what you are saying, (I hate how they did X-2 for how they did the characters; know nothing about Parasite Eve and don’t care to), but you’re going way too far with it.  Especially since you post this in every single article, and been doing so for such a long time.  You just come off as blinded by your hate because of a couple of games more than anything now.

    • This is starting to go a little too far. I’m not certain what your angle is, but why do you post the exact same thing in every single Resident Evil 6 or Square Enix article? Knock it off, please. It’s bad enough that every single RE6 discussion has you repeating the same ridiculous conspiracy theories over and over, but your 3rd Birthday rambling has absolutely no place or relevance in this particular article.

      Edit: Again, it’s not that your points are invalid or that you aren’t wording them well. Just… I don’t see the point. Although, I do very much appreciate that you take the time to word your posts in such a well thought out manner. :)

      • Sorry if it seems irrelevant in this case, Ishaan. Originally, I wasn’t even going to post in this article, but then I saw an article on Kotaku (I think) where the person who wrote it pointed out the survey, and its comments section.

        That kind of spawned me posting in this case, since that survey invites feedback on the demo yet leaves open commenting beyond the bare graphical quality, which is essentially Squeenix saying “tell us any thoughts you might have.” At least, that’s how I saw it. The demo then ended up looking to me like it covered the company as a whole and how they function, not just Final Fantasy.

        I understand mentioning 3rd Birthday so much, even in this case, may seem overly obsessive or unnecessary, but for me it really is the most glaring issue with the company. I recognize that it would be inappropriate of me to actually state it everywhere, but I see 3rd Birthday as symbolic of everything wrong with the company. It casts a dark shadow on anything they release. It’s become something of a sign to me that deep down, they really don’t respect their IPs or history, don’t respect their fans, they’re just in it to trick money out of people. 3rd Birthday is bad in and of itself, but it says a lot about the company itself that they aren’t willing to fix it.

        So it may get grating to see me talk about it over and over, and for that I’m sorry if it really upsets you or anyone else. But it’s also a big deal to me as someone who used to absolutely adore everything Squaresoft, and who spent the past decade watching it get worse and worse. And I always approach these figuring that my comments can be ignored if a person doesn’t like it, just like I have to live with it if someone talked incessantly about 3rd Birthday being great even though I think it’s horrible.

        • Ahh, I see what you mean! Then, perhaps, what you could do is try to indicate where you’re coming from, so that people can see the connection between the topic at hand and the argument you bring up. I think you’ll find that more people would be much more understanding if you established a better connection and explained how you felt these things tie into the larger picture. :)

          • I’ll keep that in mind. :) Thanks for pointing out that problem of mine! I never realized that connections that seem obvious to me may be way too obscure without me elaborating. Maybe I take for granted that I look at this stuff a lot, have followed Squaresoft’s activities since childhood, and have seen them change so much from their former greatness to where they are today, so I just see these things right away.

  • RPAntonioSoler

    Meh. I’m more interested in FF Dimensions and Bravely Default.

    • You are more interested in a piece of s*** mobile game… Ok?… Flying Fairy does look good though.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Be fair now, at least have played it before you write it off so wholly.

        • iOS = Fail :/ Nothing good can come of it.

          • Solomon_Kano

            People said that about the Wii at one time, too. It’s not about the platform, it’s about the content. Given the right treatment ANY platform can have good games, so I wouldn’t say that. Is there anything on iOS I’d play? Not at present. Doesn’t mean there won’t ever be.

          • Wii… is still pretty bad… just saying. But iOS will never have anything good. It will be like FF1/2 iOS which were bad.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Overall, I agree. Still “pretty bad” is far removed from the former “nothing good can come from it” that people threw at it.

            Also: porting a game to a platform and designing one for it from the ground up are bound to lead to different experiences. The game may very well turn out bad, but that won’t simply be because it’s on iOS. Quality is independent of platform.

      • RPAntonioSoler

        Think before you type. You can’t know what the game is like. By all accounts, however, it’s very similar to FF5, and that has me interested.

        (And if it’s the touchscreen controls with which you have a problem, somebody is developing a piece of freeware called “Bluestacks” which allows you to buy and play Android games on a PC.)  

        • It is the terrible controls on touch devices, yes. And I thought thoroughly before I typed. iOS games are never good.

  • looks like we can’t even escape shaky-cam in games now. . . 

    I’ll say this, no amount of pretty visuals is enough to convince me that FF15 is going back to form. The big 13 craze they hyped up was such a colossal let down that I can’t understand why they are still focusing on visuals over substance. Not to say they didn’t do that in the PS1 era, but at least those games (except for 8)  played competently.

    In short, I don’t want another hallway tour of a pretty world I can barely look at, and I would just like to be able to play a Final Fantasy game again, without having to resort to the handheld consoles to fill that need.

    • Paradox me

      Final Fantasy XII was the most open in the series, XIII was the most linear. Ignoring the fact that Final Fantasy XV hasn’t even been hinted at, there’s no reason to believe it will be as linear as Final Fantasy XIII (especially after XIII-2 opened things up).

      Wait until the game even exists before you write if off as style over substance.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Well I never had a problem with SE and their graphics department. Lately, it’s been their story department that needed some help. But hopefully, in order for them to make a game look this good it won’t take some 10 odd years…

  • elvergudo666

     the looks better for a movie than for a game I mean the action and stuff

  • usagi_san

    From some of the comments below, I think some people needed to go into any game that falls under the Final Fantasy name to go into it with lower expectations than usual.

    Besides the shaking cam and the look of the lightning, everything looks great and look forward to the games that will use this engine.

  • SirRichard

    It looks absolutely incredible, but that’s not Square Enix’s problem these days, is it?  You have the graphics down, lads, but work on actually making games now and refining gameplay.

  • Katamari Toys

    great looking, but the direction that this video turned made me worry, looks like SE wants to mix the worst of Japanese and American games :/

  • I’m still waiting for you Versus XIII.

  • Hey Square Enix. How about finishing some of the games that have been years in development ? It’s not like everyone here is still waiting for Versus XIII, right ?

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Square-Enix has a survey for this demo at the bottom of their page: 

    Let them know what you think.

    Here’s the comment I posted:
    Graphics and visuals have never been Square-Enix’s problem, it’s been your story-telling, gameplay, and development time that’s been getting worse. And it always seems that the better a game looks, the longer it will take to develop(i.e. FFvsXIII). Story-wise: you need to flesh out your characters more, you need multi-layered plotlines (i.e. FFTactics or FFXII) Gameplay-wise: you need a more diverse and explorable worlds. More branching paths, more alternate routes, more side-quests,etc.  And a better Battle-system, people want MORE control over their party members, not less.

    • Anime10121

      Sad thing is, they probably wont even read your comment.

      •  The wonders of copy-paste and reiterating of what other people have said…minus the moaning about “remake FF7”, because I really could care less about that game. No wait I never have.

        • Anime10121

           Agreed, never did get what was so special about 7 and I played the game when it first came out.  It was a good rpg but nowhere near the “godsend best JRPG OMGBBQNHOTSAUCE” game that people make it out to be.

          • I think I may have been spoiled by FF6 since it was my first real exposure to a Final Fantasy game that I got to play and beat, however I’ve known about the series since I was in elementary school back in the 90s, and even with all the hype I think it was mostly due to the commercials and ads for FF7 that got people interested in the series moreso than before. But yeh, it’s no godsend, and certainly not the best though I did enjoy how Crisis Core fleshed out that particulary universe some more and made me feel that Zack was an influence on many people and a hero in his own right.

          • Anime10121

             While I agree that Crisis Core’s story was great (Far better than the original VII) , its gameplay was EXTREMELY stale and boring IMO. Basing everything on chance and not on skill was disappointing to say the least.

          • @Anime101210:disqus  Yeh I did find that repetitive, it could have been made to work better in a similar vein to Shadow Hearts but with the real-time control over your character presented with Crisis Core.

          • Happy Gamer

            Wow you are one of the rarer people I know how ff6 was the first RPG. for me it was 3. I am a bit older gamer and I saw this forum change as people I know who post often slowly disappeared…sad lol.

            but going back, FF7 did alot of great things for the RPG genre in terms of market, exposure and diversity of people. simultaneously, it really marginalized “real” RPG market into even more niche area. (when I say REAL it does not mean better, but rather more traditional, or RPGs that players were used to before FF7 swung by)

            Thinking back tho, FF7 had a huge impact on how video game RPGs should be on me. It totally changed how I felt about future of RPGs. Things are changing again and again. And definition of RPG is pretty scant these days imo (Mass Effect etc).

            I do like how some RPGs are taking strides to innovate tho this generation.

          • Happy Gamer

            shadow hearts was extremely frustrating for me at times but I played thru it. the Third game was magnificent in terms of setting.

          • @eladbrit:disqus Still need to get my mitts on the first time, I got No. 3 at a cheap price though I feel the character designs could have been abit better. But the setting is really interesting considering you get too many RPGs that go into a modern or even 20th century setting at times.

            I think FF6 was the first game that made me cry while playing it as opposed to being overjoyed I beat it (I was emotional at times for a kid).Also I sound old even though I’m just in mid-30s :P. Btw, how old is this site and forum?

            Indeed it did which opened up a plethora of RPGs that came out during that span of time (though the SNES was ripe in them too). And yeh I think it did put the genre back into a niche setting, but it also opened up varied experiences which keep getting reinvented or at least attempted to do so to this day and making characters abit more fleshed out by the standards set by FF2 and FF4-6.

            In honesty when I get my get back into a better financial setting I would like to start obtaining some of those older RPGs and other games, not just from our Eastern brethen but back here in the West. There of a ton of RPGs and other games that I was widely unaware of that came out on the PC thanks to

          • Happy Gamer

            yeah FF6 had a big impact on me too. Lots of chars yet awesome story for each, the setting (im a sucker for steam punk), the MUSIC. one of my fav scene was the ghost train :)

            but I think this RPG was good precisely because it was 16bit and also possible. to make a game of this magnitude with today’s technology would be immense. imagine FF6 using FFXIII technology. The amount of voice work etc. it’d be ludicrously long as well.

            I think in some senses, today’s technology limits the quality and often quantity of the game itself. It takes longer and more money to create content.

            Im in my early 30s i feel I found a friend haha. The forum isn’t too terribly old but I remember being on in the mid 2000s. I have to check on that.

            if u wanna game online sometime i’ll give ya my XBL and PSN. I never reached out to people on this forum about gaming I should more often!

          •  @eladbrit:disqus Now that I think about it, the only other game that drew me in like that was Earthbound/Mother 2 and I never did get to finish beating that. And my favorite part was the Phantom Train, Sabin and Cyan were hilarious.

            I think FF6 pretty much pushed the limits of what the SNES was capable of as far as content and visuals go….well that and Kirby Super Star.It would be great if we got a game like that in this day and age with today’s graphics, and yeh it would be very long, maybe longer than some of the Dragon Quest and Shin Megami Tensei games. I didn’t know the site was that, it must have been around back in 2007-08. Also my PSN handle is DustyA-L (albeit wonky for a username as least for my liking). I’m not on terribly much but feel free to add me. Also is that a Panzer Dragoon character as your avatar?

          • Happy Gamer

            Yeah it’s Azel from PD Saga. I am a huge PD fan. I’m not sure why I didn’t even collect their stuff to being with. Saga was the only Saturn game I owned from when it came out. I remember getting it from Toy’s R Us for 54.99 which was pretty expensive then for a CD based game. I still think it’s amazingly playable. I remember getting an XBOX just to play Orta. Such a beautiful game with amazing setting that never really got off the ground.

            My PSN is: eladbrit

            Not sure what games we can play coop or multi but we’ll figure it out. See u on PSN.

            p.s. – I remember I was forced to play Earthbound in middle school from my friend. I was like Ugh stop it! then I ended up spending the night playing it with him.

          • ThunderGod_Cid

            The thing about FFVII, is that it was the first major blockbuster for Square and for the PS1. At the time of its release it was the most groundbreaking RPG of its time, in terms of graphics, budget, and FMVs/CGI cutscenes. 

            It got more people interested in RPGs, people that otherwise would’ve overlooked the genre completely(probably due to the cutscenes alone). It got more people to buy PS1s, and it got more developers to produce games for Sony. The game singlehandedly put the Playstation on the map.

            So it deserved all the praise and accolades it got.

      • ThunderGod_Cid

        I know, but it’s worth a shot.

    •  Since we’re doing show and tell, here’s the one I posted (I hope the survey actually posted since once I hit submit it just refreshed to the top of the page with everything I entered still listed).

      The tech demo for this new engine was impressive though it would be nice to see actual in-game mechanics of this in use at some point in the near future. It would be interesting to see what was in this end up as elements in a new Final Fantasy game or a new IP altogether. Even so, with superb visuals, I hope that story elements, gameplay,and character development are given this much attention as well,considering it seems to have been lacking somewhat over some of Square Enix’s main branch games as of late.

      • Anime10121

        You had to scroll back down to the bottom and hit submit again.  If you didnt submit twice it didnt post.

        •  I did it a third time just to be sure, but I didn’t get a conformation screen or anything.

  • Paradox me

    I said this elsewhere, but:

    Square is a very large company and the people developing this engine, the people making Final Fantasy look pretty, are not the ones designing combat systems or writing scripts.

    No, Final Fantasy and Square in general don’t need any help with their graphics, but they will next generation. It’s not a matter of focusing on graphics over story and gameplay, it’s a matter of keeping up with technology like a AAA publisher should.

    Allowing themselves to fall behind technically will not magically improve their stories and gameplay to a point where you’re satisfied. It would just mean uglier games on top of whatever sorts of stories and gameplay they’re going to deliver.

    • Happy Gamer

      it’s sad but the graphics and battle system was prob the only thing that got me thru FF 13. In a total business sense you are saying the right things.

      As much as people whine and complain, we really have to think about the fact these people are trying to provide for their family. I know the top heads are massively rich but 90% of the workers are not. The bigger the company better  the cushon. Entertainment businesses are really fickle and at times unstable vs other businesses. in my opinion best to make as much cash if possible.

      Artistic vision and business do NOT mix well. It can find a comfortable medium if worked on tho. often times this is not easy.

      having said that I still feel this demo concept should be a full fledged game

    • puchinri

      This. In a way, I think it feels like they do strive really hard to focus on graphics more than anything, but I don’t think they actually want to just deliver graphics and not focus on story or anything. (More than anything, I think it’s their wording.)

      However, I do hope that their writing can improve significantly. I think they do a pretty good job with characters, and that has been mostly consistent for them throughout the years, but maybe they need to start hiring other talent for writing (not just temporary or anything though).

      I really hope they can find a way to balance things better like they used to. I don’t expect a return to things pre-00/around FFX, but I do hope they can catch some of that charm again and how well-rounded they made their games. At the very least, trying to keep up visually is one step. They just need to get the right pair of legs for gameplay and writing to walk forward there too.

  • Yamaneko22

    Ewww… So now SE  is trying to mix FF and CoD/Battlefield? I do not like how this turns out. I know that they want to cater to the western audience, but this is just too much to bear for me :(

    • This is just a tech demo, not a game. This video is to show what their new engine can do, and it is in no way a new game

    • But ya have to admit, it’s interesting that they’d even think to mix the two. Obviously I don’t like the idea of an FF shooter (although wait, maybe I do) and a gray-brown environment, but throwing in some Middle Eastern influences seem kinda cool.

      I mean, FFXII did a pretty good job of making a (mainly) desert setting colourful.

  • So this is what we get Final fantasy mets Middle east Ak47 and some other wired stuff. Instead of Final fantasy 7 remake that the fans screams they want talk about hating there fans much.Sure the game looks a tiny bit intressting but I rather take the remake.

    So I say and this is what I think from this day foward I will ignore everything about square never spend a single coin again on there games until a FF7 remake or a new great ff game that is not boring as FF13 was sure 13-2 was fun but still.

    At least Atlus keeps there fans happy and getting us new game but one ones Shall I name the Atelier series ? Has a Singel Atelier game disappointed there fans no it has not.

    Square stop shooting your self in the head or else your company will be no more.

    • Paradox me

      I would take a game like this over a Final Fantasy VII remake any day. This is new and exciting, where as FFVII is 15 years old at this point. I played Final Fantasy VII more times than I can count, but I’m over Final Fantasy VII.

      New games please.

    • Chiupon

      Even if they remade FF7, they’d have to change the mechanics to fit the current gen, which would lead to incessant bitching and whining anyways.

      People only like it for nostalgic purposes, not for the actual substance. It’s a transition of thought brought on from previous interpretations, not a current interpretation.

    • SirRichard

      If I had to deal with the FF fanbase day in and day out, I’d hate them too.

      • Well fans would bitch less if they made something right for a change. Stop being a disappointment and we stop bitching it is like a relationship stop being an ass and we don´t leave your for some one else. 

  • Crowlevel8

    SquareEnix. I hope you just create a new IP with this tech demo, its unbelievable! Plus they can’t make Final Fantasy forever…can they?   

  • Anime10121


    Seriously at a loss for words

  • WingsOfEternity

    Hopefully this new engine will bring Square back to what they once were…

    •  Graphics aren’t the reason why Square games from the 90’s and before were good.

  • Oh look something Square will use for another never to be released or cancelled game.

    • Happy Gamer

      lol the crystal engine/white engine hasnt been used as much and it’s been technically around for like 7 years. I hope this one doesn’t go to waste.

    • There actually is a survey on the website for this Tech Demo, may want to check that out.

      •  Ill probably fill that out.

        • neocatzon

          they really need our voices

  • What is there for me to add that has not been said already? I commend developers/publishers with the respective visual and tech studios pushing the limits of graphics and CGI, but at the same time this should not be the main premise as to what a game has to offer us. Granted a game should be visually stunning or unique, but if the story, characters, and gameplay are not stunning as well, then they have fallen short in trying to encompass people into something that would interest them to spend money on.

    In that regard, it is very interesting with the location and elements they used in the tech demo, as some folks are bemoaning the somewhat modernize arabic locale, less they forget this has been seen in other games that are not Call of Duty for years and have been a stalwart with the Ivalice Alliance Final Fantasy games with them having a Mediterranean/Western European setting.

  • Hinataharem

    I have to stop reading the comments of any Square Enix or Capcom related articles. Can’t go to talk about things we like anymore, just whining and crying about how things aren’t the way these princesses like it to be.

    No one is pleased anymore.

    • So true. I seriously can’t stand that crap.

    • puchinri

      What do you mean by princesses. . .?
      I didn’t realize being a princess was a bad thing that held some sort of connotation.

      And having fair or valid complaints isn’t bad. Whining is counter-productive though. Honestly, I think there’s a fair amount of positive and negative comments here. Which should be expected of a video game community. Any video game community.

  • *sigh* 

  • Happy Gamer

    so THIS is what they have been spending all their time on instead of working on their homework lol. Naughty SE.

    That being said, mind as well make this into a full fledged game, it’s the best setting and idea I have seen from the company in a long time.

    The facial animation is amazing.

    sort of a side note, I have said this before to my circle of friends but technology is starting to show a sort of bottleneck in my opinion in terms of graphics.

    The leap from this gen to the next gen is not as big as the previous and the one before (especially the 16 bit to 32).

    It is a perfect time to focus on how they can use this amazing tech for gameplay.

    This gen in my opinion for all the tech showed very little improvement in terms of gameplay. Not to say the games sucked no…there were fantastic games. However, the quantity is a very low. I sometimes feel certain technologies develoepd faster than creative aspects of gaming as a whole.

    I have a pretty good feeling about next gen of gaming in terms of quality.
    Too bad by then I have to start prepping for med school :(

  • LiamMusume

    Its like Final Fantasy and Resident Evil 5 mixed together…

  • Kinda irritated about the choice of apparent bad guys in the demo. I will admit that the idea of a more Middle Eastern setting would have promise, pity it’s just a demo.

  • Chiupon

    the entire team behind this needs to be SE’s new lead staff. I’m like absolutely in lesbians with that heroine, and her design — Akira Iwata > Tetsuya Nomura

    • Solomon_Kano

      The L word? Too soon.

    • puchinri

      SE has always been great at giving me girl crushes and leaving me with no choice but to fall in love with at least two of their female characters per game. 

      Even FFXIII, which mainly bothered me for the cutscenes and some of the linearness, gave me two different ladies to swoon over. (And one to be conflicted about, in a pleasant way.)

  • Alphabet Soup

    SE!  Why must you make such awesome tech demos, you silly tease!  Like many of you have already stated, this looks like it would make an awesome game!

  • The fact a game like has the name Final Fantasy takes a lot of courage for Square and it’s even better how there is little-to-no involvement with Kitase/Toriyama/Nomura. I bet people see these three as the anti-three-wise-men (Sakaguchi/Uematsu/Amano).

    • Heh Akihiko Yoshida would be more appropriate than Amano as the parallel artist to Nomura.

  • Kitestwinblades

    Wait… This is Final Fantasy? If not for the title and the Square Enix logo at the end- I would have never guessed XD  It DOES look great though!

    r.r; but Idk… seeing this in English(well… partially) makes me feel like the time put into this could have been used for localization efforts for Type-0 or at least giving us an english Versus trailer. But hey… new engine.

    • The thing is… this is like 4 minutes. Type-0 is not. :/ They won’t touch Type-0.

      • Kitestwinblades

        Yeah, but all that production time and it was even supposed to show up for E3. I’m rather disappointed in the lack of FF news :< 

        An English trailer for type-0 and Versus would be about 4 minutes too XD

        • Oh you just wanted a trailer? And production time meaning time to work on it is I assume there was no time spent working on it I am guessing and where was it said that it was coming to E3?

          • Kitestwinblades

            Yeah XD or at least SOMETHING. We’ve haven’t heard from both games in so long and I think its been a over year since we got a new trailer for Versus. They’ve been working on it for a good bit of time.  I would even accept a current trailer with some English VA or something to show that they’re on it at least.

            I can see why we might have a hard time getting type-0 on PSP but we’re getting things like gungnir and growlanser and THIS is square XD I dont think I know anyone who wouldn’t buy Type-0 if it hit PSN or something. Even when games are confirmed they don’t have to show of it much in English- just some.

            The article above says this was meant for an
            “E3 Final Fantasy realtime tech demo”.

            Keep in mind this is the last thing we saw XD
            Since then, I think they only thing we’ve heard was that a track from Versus is on Final Fantasy Theatrhythm(song on the game- yet no news for the game itself). I’m just ready for an update that doesn’t involves % completed.

          • I am so sad faced about Type-0 but I am not worried for Versus. I mean there wasn’t even more Japanese news so I didn’t expect any news here.

  • AnimusVox

    I’m not a big SE fan but I’m pleasantly surprised with this tech demo eve if it isn’t an actual game. Though I hope it ends up being such, I really like the setting, the Middle Eastern setting is a nice touch I think.
    Not so sure if I agree with the whole Arab terrorist thing though but at least they aren’t Nazis and/or Russians.
    That Agni woman is lovely too *U*

    • puchinri

      Lol, the Arab terrorist thing was pretty much the only disappointing part of that. I want to see more of this all, one way or another~.

      • AnimusVox

        Yeah me too. I’d invest in a game like this so long as I dont have to BUY story continuation as DLC lol.
        SE had a feedback survey on their site so I’m hoping with enough positive feedback they might consider making this a game or something similar to it.

        • puchinri

          Hah, point. None of that either. x’D
          Yeah, I hope they’ll take most of it into consideration. (Seems like a lot of us had some good stuff to say there.)

          • AnimusVox

            In all honesty, I hope it won’t be a ‘Final Fantasy’ title, but rather a new IP.
            I think SE needs to stir clear of the series for awhile honestly.

          • puchinri

            That would be pretty fantastic if it were a new IP.

            And agreed~. I would have liked to see them reboot or refresh some of their older series, but I think a newer IP or two would be great for them right now.

  • Göran Isacson

    This looked far more interesting than anything CoD related ever has to me, mostly because it seems like it uses everything about desert environments and desert city architechture that other series just ignores in favor of sandy dunes and dull little hovels. Simply put, I thought it was pretty neat… but would have thought it SUPER-cool beans if the lady had actually looked like she was middle-eastern instead of SE’s regular vaguely asian-face.

    • puchinri

      I was thinking that too. It was cool to see brown people show up, but given the context it was odd, and disappointing that she wasn’t at least a hint more tan as well.

      But the setting was really nice, and it’d be great if they expand on it at some point in time.

  • The location reminds me of that in the newer Hulk film.

  • Angeru_Lito

    So this is some kind of comentary on gaming right? like “shooters man they’re taking over everything … that’s why we need magic!” ,  

  • puchinri

    Wowzers~. That was pretty. PRETTY GORGEOUS! Okay, really gorgeous, actually. If they manage to accomplish that for real-time graphics, many kudos to them. ^u^

    Obviously, they can still be very creative with settings and ideas and such, I guess maybe if we see them finish the projects they have now and begin to balance everything better (time-wise, but hey, also between graphics and story), we may see this type of creativity and innovation return to their story and settings more!

    I plan of leaving a comment on leaving a comment on the survey for sure, and I hope they’ll be able to take everyone’s words to heart and make use of them. I don’t expect Square of old, but I hope they can recapture some of their charm and creativity from then.

  • i wish they would do something more interesting with her hair (the bangs are great, but the stubby ponytail can go away)…maybe add some accessories or a cool feather earring. but overall everything was very very lovely.

  • AnimusVox

    Does anyone else see the resemblance of default female Hawke (Dragon Age II) in Agni’s design?
    Or is it just me.

  • Nazoc

    I dunno about you guys, but I think the mix of modern-day and fantasy in this is AMAZING. I just love that combination to death. And the middle-eastern theme is a nice twist, one that looks super cool.

    I hope this setting is used for a video game later on! I’ve never really been an FF guy myself, but I’d buy this in a heartbeat!

    (As a little factoid, “Agni” is the name of a Middle-Eastern Fire god…fitting for this tech demo’s setting, huh?

    ….It’s also my normal username on websites, except some guy already took it here on Disqus…)

  • Nazoc

    I dunno about you guys, but I LOVE the hell out of the mix of modern day and fantasy here. I’ve always been a fan of combining things like that into an interesting mix. I hope this setting is used in a future game by Squenix. I’m not an FF guy myself, but I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

    Also, because I’m bored: “Agni” is the name of a certain Middle-Eastern fire god (I think he’s Hindu, I’m not certain however). Quite fitting for this tech demo’s setting.

    ….It’s also the username I normally use on the internet, except some guy already got it here on Disqus…>_<

  • Square Enix has only amazed me with one thing in this tech demo: the animation. I’m surprised no one’s talking about the absolutely well-done animation of the Grand Master. If anything, I think it was more entertaining to watch him talking as they summon the beast than seeing Agni complete the task against the terrorist forces. I have to say, I admire SQEX for being at the forefront of convincing 3D animation.

    Yes, this gen of gaming has reached the near peak of perfection in graphics. I think the attention should now be diverted from modeling and textures to compelling character animation and good storytelling. Not just Square Enix, but any other companies actually. No matter the genre, a good story is never a bad thing.

  • Wow, just wow. This is not a “proper” cutscenes!? Man SE graphic quality is as cool as ever. And I like the mix of modern setting with fantasy setting. I swear I thought this is the middle-east until dat final shot. 

    Lesson at the end of the day: NEVER go against magic user and their summon unless you are as [email protected]$$ as Kiritsugu.

  • jonoepic69

    this just shames the series so much

    • Exactly how? It’s stated clearly in the title itself that this is a Tech Demo – the type of technology to be used in future titles, not the story or characters.

  • I cried thinking this was going to be an actual game… Its so beautiful

  • Jameel Aboulhosn

    Luminous looks really good. The tragedy being that just like the last engine, they won’t produce anything worth 1 cent using it. I recommend licensing that to Naughty Dog who can use it to make the next Uncharted look AMAZING. Or any other developers besides themselves, considering they fail to make video games – even after having purchased Eidos. I’ll save my judgement to see how bad Tomb Raider ends up being though.

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