One Piece: Pirate Warriors Trailer Stretches Luffy Every Way Possible

By Ishaan . June 5, 2012 . 2:43pm

Namco Bandai have brought One Piece: Pirate Warriors to E3. This afternoon, they put out a new trailer for the game with subtitles. Take a look at it below:


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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    I was slightly disappointed that its JPN-dub only (eng shonen jump says), but I already have watched over 100 or so of the episode subbed and like their JPN voices, except for Robin, Franky, who sound way too old, and Sanji at times sounds way over the top. But still day one for this beloved anime of mine. 

    Ace x luffy, ftw.

    • Anime10121

       Only subbed? That’s slightly disappointing, while I by no means dislike subs (I have way more shows in Japanese than I do dubbed) I prefer dubs just because you dont have to stay glued to the tv to understand what somebody’s saying.  Generally when a lot of people start talking or arguing you miss things with subs that you would understand in English.

      • Jake Joe

         I extremely doubt it is only subbed. I think this is just some lazy promo just like Persona4 Golden trailer for E3 used the Japanese voices.

        • Ryan Baer

          Um, English Shonen Jump confirmed it, so yeah. Its Sub only. More and more of these anime games are going that route since they don’t sell enough to justify a dub, and the target audience typically doesn’t care about a dub.

    • usagi_san

      Just means that there isn’t any reason for some dub haters NOT to pick this up.

      • Captain Bringdown

         So you mean if the game was on Blu-Ray release with the option to switch voices, you wouldn’t buy it?

        • Testsubject909

          That’d be some messed up logic there.

        • usagi_san

          If like a game that comes from Japan, etc but only has an English voice option I would still get it. I’m not one of those wouldn’t buy a game if doesn’t have the native language as an option.

          I’d play the game in Japanese, English, Russian, Arabic, Afrikaan, Hindi or whatever language. I just want to play this game.

          EDIT: I didn’t want my comment to be a complete generalization of people.

      • Testsubject909

        Eh, screw em.

        They’re too deaf to know what good voice acting is in their own language is. Then their freaking loss.

    • Rirath

      So, sub only?  I’m actually glad to hear this.

      • Testsubject909

        It lowers the chances of having a retail format, it limits your choice of audio, it causes you to shift your attention to text as opposed to the action. I’m used to subs, but it does take away momentary focus which can cause some mistakes. Plus, the English dub work is excellent.

        So really, why are you glad to hear this? It’s lose lose.

  • Anime10121

    Gameplay looks extremely versatile for being a Dynasty Warriors knockoff.  I’ve always wanted to see what the big deal is with One Piece that make people say its one of the best shonen anime out there, but its so much of a time investment to try and start watching a 400-600 episode show (no idea how many there is now) and this game looks like a good way to get up to date.  Hopefully it handles the story like Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 did and gives a good summary of the story up to a certain point.

    I just PRAY the gameplay is as good as it looks and doesn’t actually play like Dynasty Warriors like that Bleach game did (I am SO glad I played the demo on that, as I was planning on buying that garbage).

    • RedShadoww

      IMO it doesnt really because it skips some of the main arcs including skypiea and thriller bark, one of the best arcs in one piece.

      • haku67

         urgh I’m still mad. I love both of thous arcs :/ 

      • Anime10121

        But if the story is interesting enough I’ll actually watch the anime, and that’ll give me something to look forward to if its missing some of the best arcs:)

        I just hope the gameplay’s not repetitive, as that is the one thing that holds me back from purchasing any Dynasty Warriors or Sengoku Basara type game.

        • Shogunreaper

          You’ll usually know if you’re going to like one piece within the first 10 or so episodes. And no video game is going to do the story justice

          • Anime10121

            I feel that Ninja Storm 2 did Naruto’s story justice as before that game came out, I was considering dropping the series all together (I only watch the dub and at that point they were at fillers) but that game reinvigorated my interests and now I cant wait for the next episodes to come out!

            Oh and with a show as long as One Piece 10 episodes can NOT give you a good enough impression of a show.

            To give you an example 10 eps amount to about 3 hours worth of story, looking at wikipedia the show currently has 550 episodes total and is still ongoing, which amounts to about 183 hours of story/plot. If you take those hours and convert them into the length it takes to complete a standard RPG (about 60 hrs or so) its like quitting a full scale RPG after 1 hour because you dont think the story is going anywhere.

            It’d take at least 100 episodes or so to determine if I wanna stick around for the rest of the ride and watching that many would take far too much time, however if this game can summarize a lot of it and keep it interesting, I’ll be that much more likely to invest the time to watch the series.

          • Shogunreaper

             no you wouldn’t need to watch 100 episodes, you will know if you’re going to like it within the first 10 episodes.

            Why the hell would you continue to watch something for more than a few hours if you don’t like it?

          • Herok ♞

             if you want 100 episodes just watch water 7, its the single best arc in the show, plus its still early enough plot wise that a summary of all events that lead to it would work.

          • Anime10121

             I’m just saying 100 relative to the size of the anime to be fair, heck in 10 episodes, I doubt even most of the main characters would be introduced.  Going back to the example I used earlier, its like playing an 60 hr RPG for an hour and quitting, when in most cases you wont know anything about the main plot, will have barely met your second party member, know nothing of the battle system etc. etc.

            Sometimes it takes time for plot to build up and I dont even know of many 26 episode anime’s that give enough info in 10 episodes to let you know that you’ll like the show (didn’t know how I felt about Evangelion or FMA until I watched at least half of each show).

            Its like saying you wont watch a full movie because you didnt like the first 5 minutes.

          • Shogunreaper

            Doesn’t matter how big the anime is, if you don’t like the first 10 episodes of one piece you will not like the rest of them.

            Comparing a video game and an anime is stupid, they are in no way the
            same. I can tell if i will like a game within 10 minutes of playing it,
            from the controls to the way the story is told.

            Everyone is different, but one piece is pretty much the same through out
            the entire series. The way the story is told and the way that fights
            and the humor play out are exactly the same. Pretty much all shonens are like that

            As for characters that’s not really a valid argument seeing as in one
            piece we don’t even get introduced to the entire (current) crew until
            like 380 episodes in.

      • thriller bark was not one of the best, ending was good for it but aside from that it felt like a never ending episode of scooby doo

        • RedShadoww

          Well thats your opinion. It was hilarious, (spoilers) nightmare luffy, oarz fight, luffy finally combinded gear 2nd and 3rd like i always wanted, they got a new crewmate (and he’s a freaking skeleton too), they beat a shichibukai, and like you said, the ending where it showed one of the most epic moments in anime history. Thats why I consider it ‘one of the best’ anyway.

          • Herok ♞

             I hated thriller bark I feel it was the worst arc, it dragged on about 70 episodes and only had about 5 episodes worth of good stuff(the things you mentioned with the exception of being funny it had its moments though).

          • lol i do want more nightmare luffy though

      • Testsubject909

        I think they also skip little garden. I think.

    • joe ling

      You could just play the game and then just watch the arcs they skip.

      • Anime10121

         That’s the plan. As long as the gameplay is not too much like Dynasty Warriors (which is my biggest worry since its made by the same team).  If I like the way the story’s handled in game I wont mind watching the show from the beginning to the end.

    • Testsubject909

      They made a simple change to the combat system that already improves it heavily.

      You can return to square after pressing triangle and have it in the same string combo, rather then having triangle finish a combo and the next square press be the start of a new one.

      Basically, opens up a whole new combination of possible… combinations.

      • Anime10121

         Cool thanks for the info, hopefully there’s a demo to try it out, though I have more incentive to get it now.

  • MrRobbyM

    “Stretches Luffy every way possible”

    They missed a few that I would have liked to see.

    *cough cough*

    • Testsubject909

      My, how perverse… I approve!

  • Spirit Macardi

    So Fist of the North Star which doesn’t have an official English dub cast gets English voice work, but One Piece which does have an official cast gets subs only. It’s not like it’d even be all that costly, since the people at Funimation are all non-union.

    And before someone tries telling me that the Japanese voices are better, know that I don’t care. I like Colleen Clinkenbeard, Chris Sabat, Eric Vale, Sonny Strait, and all the others. As far as I’m concerned, they ARE the Straw Hat crew.

    • Brandonmkii

      Ken’s Rage had English voices? Shows you how much I was paying attention.

      • Kevadu

        Ken’s Rage came out here?

    • Ryan Baer

      Its one of those cases where they know that anyone who would buy this game would just be using subtitles, anyway. Its far ahead of where the dub is so if anyone was only watching the dub played this game, they’d have the majority of the story spoiled for them.

      • Anime10121

         Not really, as I said earlier I dont have a problem with subs, but dubs are just easier to deal with while doing multiple things.  Being glued to the tv whenever someone is talking is not ideal in everyone’s scenario.  When NUNS2 came out, I had played the whole game in English even if it did partially spoil the show.

      • Testsubject909

        Let’s assume for a moment I’m a fan of One Piece who’s only watched the dubs, theoretical situation.

        “Oh freaking AWESOME! One Piece is coming! Totally buying it!”

        Your theory that only the fans of the subs will buy it is void and null. Or that not having the dubs will prevent spoilers… Because really? That argument felt… weird… And lack of dubs will discourage dub fans from buying it? Dub fans is one thing but One Piece fan is something else.

    • PK212

       I wouldn’t mind if it was in Japanese, at least I can play and understand it.

  • jap voices has me sold on this game!
    First day buy for me!

  • I have not watched or read One Piece in a few years now, and I really enjoyed it when I did. I am happy to see this get brought over with subs, as it looks quite good. The gameplay looks fun, and the graphics seem to fit One Piece very nicely.

    I am looking forward to this. :)

  • Vampiric


  • scratchbach

    Come out sooner. That’s pretty much all I have to say. 

    • Testsubject909

      And Chopper looks fun to play with too.

  • hellz. yeah.

  • this looks awesome!!!

  • Narrator 1

    Is this a new trend for Musou games?  I remember Warriors Orochi 3 (at least the PSN digital download — dunno about the retail versions) not having an English voice track as well.

    • Orochi didn’t have the english track because doing one for 130~ characters is insane and would’ve pushed the game’s release out even further.
      Fist of the North Star had dual audio, I expect this one and FotNS 2 to have dual audio as well.

      • Testsubject909

        Ah, I hope they struck something with Funimation…

    • Testsubject909

      It’s an early preview trailer. Doesn’t guarantee the final product will be subs only.

  • The first decent one piece game, sub/dub or missing a few arcs…just take my money that I was still going to spend on one piece anyway already.

    • British_Otaku

      I may be taking you too seriously but on what basis is this the “first decent One Piece game”. There are games dating back to the PlayStation and exclusive to the WonderSwan. No matter what region you are in, you need to import to get them all (not to mention differences between some localisations)…


      Sorry for the trouble.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Day one. That is all.

  • but can luffy stretch himself into a north american ps3 game case, NOOOOOOO :(

  • Ace.Of Hearts♥

    This looks awesome.. and hmms there the Paramount War so.. Trafalgar Law will be in the game right??? I wanna play this!!

    • Testsubject909

      Freaking Trafalgar Law… Man that guy scares me now.

      • Ace.Of Hearts♥

        He’s not scary!! he’s so cool!!! that cool, cold charismatic attitude… that super strong ope-ope no mi power.. the surgeon of death is awesome! and he’s badass too!! like when you first see him he’s giving Luffy the finger, but he’s so cool!!! Hes one of the warlords as well ands he just so cool!!! *sorry fangirl rant eh heh*

        • Testsubject909

          And he can chop off my heart at will and exchange it with any other commonplace item within a mile’s distance…

          Yeah, no, he’s scary. Now… I await the epic battle between Law and Buggy.

    • British_Otaku

      He isn’t in as a playable, support or cameo character. This game released late last year and you can confirm the character cast now.

      He is so far only playable in One Piece Gigant Battle 2: New World on the DS. It isn’t region locked but it is Japanese only, should be region friendly enough if it is like the first one.

  • Luckly you can import the eu version that is on dics! EU >> USA videogames

    • Testsubject909

      If I must, I will double dip and buy retail and digital.

      It’s what I’ve planned for WO3. I’ve already got the retail, I will get the digital once I’m secure money wise.

  • Learii

    i hope this game didn’t come out on psn only

  • Testsubject909

    Oh goodness please be retail and can’t wait for this day 1 robin in strong world outfit must have uuuoooooOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!

    *goes running a marathon in excitement*

  • Nitraion

    YEAH :D

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