Pokémon Conquest Trailer Shows 6-On-6 Battles And More

By Ishaan . June 5, 2012 . 12:29pm

While Nintendo’s E3 is mostly about the Wii U with some Nintendo 3DS information on the side, they gave a little nod to the Nintendo DS, too, with a new trailer for Pokémon Conquest, due out on June 18th. Take a look at it below:


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  • riceisnice

    The main character talks?!

    • Technically he didn’t. (No voices) But apparently yes in-game.

  • I’m genuinely looking forward to this release, especially with this hinting of gameplay. I cannot wait to see how the full game turns out and play it for myself. 

  • Code

    I’ve always wanted a Pokemon RTS so I’m really kind of pleased how this game has turned out. Sure I had no idea it’d be a cross-over like this, but you know what I think it adds something fun and unique to the title >w<;; Can't wait to give it a shot~

  • Beautiful Daisy ♥

    This kind of reminds me of a Final Fantasy Tactics game~ *hype rises* ^_^ lol. Also, I’m loving the music XD

  • IshimaruKaito

    this just looks sooo good….im glad i pre-ordered this!

  • boundries_san

    Yeahhhh. Ds still get some love there.^^

  • I’m still amazed tht they haven’t rip their country to pieces with those legendary pokemon…..

    I just noticed, WTH is mewtwo doing in ancient japan? I totally getting this and B&W 1 and 2 when I get a 3DS.

  • Guest

    *fangirl squeals* KOEI X Pokemon !! yays!! eh excuse my naughty mind but Infernape and Hideyoshi… *remembers THOSE pix on the Internet*  Watch out Hanbei I’m gonna recruit you when I get this!! *sighs* KOEI you’ve done it this time.. Mitsunari as a kid?? kyaas hes so cute!!! and Mitsuhide,Masamune are in this as well.. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Evan Groman

    I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t handle the fact that not all Pokemon are playable.
    They don’t even have Arcanine, for God’s sake.

    I would be all over this game otherwise, but I think it’s almost rude of them to sell a franchise on the diversity of the creatures you can control and your love for those creatures, and then expect you to play a game where less than half of them are available.

    “With nearly 200 Pokémon, mainly from the Pokémon Black Version and
    Pokémon White Version games, there are many options when building your

    Seriously, that sentence just make me want to puke. Nearly 200? Almost all from gen V?

    Come on, guys, how is anyone managing to be excited for this?

    (for those of you interested in the actual list, go to serebii and it’s in their Conquest section)

    • For the gameplay more than anything else. I didn’t expect them to include all the pokemon from the outset (I had the same complaint about the dugneon games from the main pokemon line) but I love tactical RPGs and I love Pokemon. Put them together and I will by the game (we’ll see how good it is later :P)

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