The Mystery Of Square Enix’s Drakerider Solved, It’s An iOS Game

By Ishaan . June 5, 2012 . 3:23pm

Remember Drakerider? That’s another of Square Enix’s mysterious trademarks. Today, Square finally revealed what Drakerider is—an iOS game. You can watch a trailer for it below:



While the trailer for Drakerider is in Japanese, Square Enix actually brought the game with them to E3, and released English screenshots:


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  • eilegz

    sigh, SE stop living in the ps2 era please finish FF versus XIII and KH3…. in context people want the remake of VII too….

    Stop trying to postpone the inevitable, The lack of good inhouse SE jrpg this year its just depresing

    • Godmars

      This is cheaper to make than those games.

    • Please stop with this nonsense. If you don’t like the fact that a game exists, then don’t comment on it. I won’t warn you again.

      • eilegz

        sorry if you think that im trolling…

        check the current state of square enix

        As a final fantasy fan i just expect a little bit more from a company that previously do amazing games… now they are trying to look for fast cash in.

        if i said something offensive or just wrong then i just apologize… nothing harm have been done here…

        • Guest

           Cheaper games help fund the bigger ones dude.

    • Ryos

      Mobile gaming isn’t a reach back, it’s a reach forward for the industry because this is where everyone’s going.  If no one bought the games they wouldn’t waste the time and resources making them.  Sure the quality of mobile games may suffer but you aren’t going to see huge budget JRPGs with the same frequency as you used to, and that’s just going to become more frequent with time.

    • You do know that this is developed by a entirely different developer right? I’m sure you knew that…right?!?!?!?

    • usagi_san

      Funny that you tell SE to stop living in the “PS2 era” but want – or people want a remake of PS1 game. FF Versus XIII will come out when its good and ready; KH3 would only be in the planning stages, if it is being made now which I don’t think it is.

      In your opinion, they might not have been good but others would disagree. And as Ishaan said, you don’t have to comment on this article – the title was self-explanatory of which format this game will appear on.

    • Vampiric

       1 rpg, is better than vaporware rpgs

      something is better than nothing

  • AnimusVox

    That girl has some really big eyes. Even by anime standards.

    Wait…does she have…pecks?

    • Ryos

      Looks like a typical design to appeal to loli fans.  Or it’s the usual androgynous SE character.  Not really my thing but I’ve seen worse. 

      I’m more interested in the dog.  Another Koromaru in the making!?!?  Yeah, probably not…

  • mirumu

    I wonder if they’ve tried to keep it compatible with older iOS devices because those graphics seem a bit lacking compared with most iOS games coming out. The textures look especially low resolution.

  • MEH >_> :/

  • Vampiric

    is this an rpg?

    I really would like to see media visions next ios rpg burial

  • AzureNova

    Hmm, it looks ok, but I will still have to see more

  • neo_firenze

    Seeing as how the Chaos Rings games are better than most the RPGs S-E has published on the consoles this generation (with the notable exception of cavia’s Nier), I’m quite all right with them continuing to try iOS RPGs.

    RPGs also tend to work pretty well with touchscreen interface, as opposed to some genres with more precise input needs (e.g. fighting games), so the “IT DOESN’T HAVE BUTTONZ” complaint isn’t quite as valid.  Not that I would complain if Apple does announce an Apple TV game controller API next week as has been rumored…

  • Beautiful Daisy ♥

    It doesn’t look half bad… even if it’s only a game for the IPhone. Sure, I was hoping for something else, as I’m certain many others were, but I’m not going to complain about this~ it is what it is. And at least it looks pretty ^_^ lol

  • scratchbach

    Looks interesting- I’d like to see some gameplay videos though. 

  • BizzaroStephiroth

    I think Im in love with everything produced through the SiSiLaLaOverdrive project; the Chaos Rings games are some of my favourite rpgs/stories in a long time and look great, and this looks like its gonna be just as awesome!! (Why oh Why aren’t these people in charge of the bigger games at SQEX?)

  • Göran Isacson

    I can’t hear the cheap and sleazy female design over the fact I’M RIDING DRAGONS. DRRAAAGOOONNNSSSS.

    Did I mention that I am a huge Breath of Fire fan? Because I amDRAAGOOOONNNNSSSSSS.

    So yeah, I’ll probably be buying this, ignoring the girl and concentrating on sweet, scaley deathbringing.

  • Knowing this comes from the same team which got us the amazing Chaos Rings series, I am definitely excited. Bring it on SE!

  • chaosblack1991

    I don’t understand why they didn’t just make it for 3ds and vita, I really don’t know anyone who takes RPG’s seriously on their phones 

    • Go2hell66

       hey chaos rings II is awesome, i’m enjoying it thoroughly

    • Kieran Ray Hunter

      An RPG is an RPG. I don’t care if I play FFIX on a PS1/PS2/Emulator/PSP/iPhone, it’s FFIX.

      Zenonia 1/2/3/4 is a BRILLIANT RPG series on the iOS. I’d give RPGs on phones a chance. There are some real gems out there :).

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    i want a discount on chaos ring, cmn square!

  • Go2hell66

    its times like this i’m glad i have an iphone

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