.hack//Versus Playable Roster Includes Kite And Black Rose

By Ishaan . June 7, 2012 . 2:30pm

Famitsu.com has revealed three new characters for CyberConnect 2’s .hack//Versus crossover fighting game. Today, they confirmed the original Kite and Black Rose (from the PlayStation 2 .hack games) and Tokio Kuryuu (from .hack//Link on PSP). You can find screenshots of them below.




Black Rose:




Famitsu.com also revealed another interesting feature—collectible weapons. Similar to the Soulcalibur games, you can collect weapons in .hack//Versus and equip various characters with them, but the catch is that these weapons differ only in appearance. They don’t make any actual difference to your character and are just meant to give you a little bit of freedom in your appearance for online play.


Here’s Kite in the same pose as above, but with a completely different weapon:


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  • Jungo

    Looks cool! I love the .hack series, and I’m definitely looking forward to this.

  • pgover

    Blackrose… is playable… in a fighting game…

    I can’t express how much joy this news makes me feel.

  • I said this over on andriasang, but I’d really like to see Pi announced for this game. She’s my favorite character in the series, and perfect for this type of game.

    I still plan to buy this regardless, because it looks great, but I’ll be left a little disappointed if it’s missing her.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Eh, rather than Pi I’d like me some Natsume or Alkaid. Or even Atoli. But that’s just me though.

      • Christopher Nunes

        How about Pi, Natsume, and Alkaid? Everybody happy! ^_^

  • Welp.  Interest is now definitely piqued.

  • Sweet…I was sold on this since the Terror of Death was listed as playable.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Black Rose and Kite! Yes!

    Not that fruity new Kite that was recently introduced.

    • AzureNova

      But the new Kite is a girl lol. So I don’t know if “fruity” is the word to use lol.

  • Chiupon

    There are sooooooo many Kites.

  • milkman116

    We need Haseo in there.

    • AzureNova

      He was one of the first people mentioned in the roster lol

  • AzureNova

    Awesome! Now all we need is a localization date =P

  • cedx123

    They got me the moment they put Sakuya in the game shes funny awesomesauce! 

  • T-Tokio!?

    • LynxAmali

       That was exactly my response. I guess this “9” figure was really Tokio. Can’t say I’m really suprised.

      Also; where’s Sora? No, I don’t mean this Sora.

      I mean THAT Sora. Screw canon and give me a playable Sora I say!

  • Nathan_GreeneIV

    Kite has seen puberty this time Lol

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    Kite using the Empty Skies. Nice.

  • All they need to do is add Ouka as a playable character, and they may very well get a preorder from me. <3 ;o;

  • Endrance?

    • Vulpis

       They *really* ought to put in special dialogue if Endrance fights either Elk or Mia, or if Sora is up against Haseo. :-)

  • Kitestwinblades

    ( ゚ Д゚). . .  Ok, that does it.  I Officially cant wait for the 28th.
    This is honestly all I needed to build some serious Hype. THANK YOU CC2!

    • Christopher Nunes

      This June 28th, right? Damn, I might as well import the Movie and Game pack!

      • Freud_Hater

        You should. CDJapan would be the better website to order it, as they’re reliable and efficient. I even got some fancy/expensive UPS delivery-thing so I’d receive it in 2-3 days XD I’m thinking of buying the OST, too… We’ll see XD

        • Christopher Nunes

          No other websites have it listed for pre-order?

  • Is it a little sad that despite all the stuff for E3 this week, THIS is the most exciting news I’ve heard all week for me? XD

    Cannot wait to play this game even more so now. Data Drain will look INCREDIBLE in HD.~ 

  • KyoyaHibari

    BOUT DAMN TIME YEESH, we finally got the “OD of the OG” er I mean…the “OTB of the OG” now where’s Balmung? ;)

  • Get out, Sora and Sakuya. Watch a REAL .hacker do his work!

    Seriously. He’s taken a level in puberty in this game, from both pictures. He actually looks like a veteran in dotHacking.

  • boundries_san

    Soooo…. we will have three “Kite” this time lol.^^ And Tokio? Playable? YEAHHHH!!!

  • William Carpenter

    Getting weirdly nostalgic for .hack all of a sudden, despite having washed my hands of the series a long time ago. Wonder what the odds of this coming to the States are.

  • Speedo Redempteur

    Sigh ..Another game i need to import… now

  • shion16


    • Christopher Nunes

      I second that motion! Please bring .hacl//Versus over! And while you’re at it, .hack//Link! I don’t care if the VA’s in Japanese, I want the game in English!

  • Sardorim

    They aged their avatars? I mean I know that after the games that Kite went to college and kept in contact with Black Rose in the real world, and she drags him back into the World every once and awhile, but I didn’t think they wuld reflect their ageing through their avatars too.

    Black Rose’s face and hair look a little off. Must be the art style I think.

    • This is an MMO. If they wanted to, Kite and Black Rose could’ve adjusted the height/age of their (new) avatars. But since this is pretty much a fanservice fighting game, I would call on the avatars to “age” according to their real counterparts.

  • Christopher Nunes

    This is awesome! After the what E3 had little to show, this is GREAT news to hear! But Kite and Blackrose were sort of a shoe-in for this game, but awesome to hear actually confirm they are in the game! and Blackrose looks sexy, beautiful, and awesome as usual! ^_^

    And Kite is looking badass! Though the photorealistic appearance is somewhat weird, it is kinda cool! But the game was designed like an anime, and moving away from that root is going to take some time to getting use to.

    And I was expecting Tokio to reveal himself sooner or later! He got a haircut I see, but to be honest he looks a little better with longer hair but not super long!

    Can’t wait to try this game out!

  • Henrique Melo

    Black Rose loves to show her armpits

  • After seeing the gameplay, my interest in the game had dropped dramatically.
    This is Ultimate Ninja Storm except with .hack characters, pretty high-budget graphics, and somehow, less balance.

    Also, three Kite avatars in the game. What.

    No thanks.

    • Sardorim

      Blame it on Kite’s popularity, .hack took a huge jump in popularity when Kite and Black Rose appeared. Though I don’t suggest looking for fanart of those two, some of it can destroy one’s innocence.

      • This is what I kept talking about. Kite practically became the mascot of .hack next to Aura. And yet that’s an excuse to create 2-3 spinoffs and incarnation characters that wouldn’t touch canon with a ten foot pole? Popularity is only awesome till it becomes saturated.

  • Damn. Tokio looks older.

  • Xekyo

    Why fix something that’s not broken?  I personally liked the Ultimate Ninja Storm Generation mechanics.  I only watched a couple of .hack episodes from one series back when it was on toonami or something but i liked the character designs and concept of the franchise.  I think i’ll give it another chance when i have the time.  Which series should I start from?

    • Hard to say. Dot//Hack is spread all over mutiple mediums so one part of the story at large may be animated and another a game (ex:Dot//Hack Roots is the animated prequel to Dot//Hack G.U.)

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