Ragnarok Tactics Coming To PSP In North America This November

By Ishaan . June 7, 2012 . 10:46am

At E3 this week, Aksys Games had a new game announcement: Ragnarok Tactics for the PSP, scheduled for release this fall as both a retail and a download title. You may know this game better as Ragnarok Tactics: The Imperial Princess of Light and Dark. Or you may not have heard of it at all, in which case, the Japanese trailer below should give you an idea of what it’s like:



Ragnarok Tactics has customizable characters and job classes with skills that you can change. The game also has multiple endings. We’ll have more information from Aksys as it becomes available. The game will be released on November 7th in North America.

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  • Jungo

    Dude! I’m surprised. Excited, but surprised.

  • Why…

  • epy

    Wow, That’s quite a gamble. I’m really glad Aksys is still willing to work with the PSP, especially with the new Fate/Extra coming eventually, but I never expected this title to be localized.

    • xavier axol

      I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT EXIST IT!!! and here I was so pump for raragnarok odessy. this is a plus++ for me, i’m gonna be rocking my vita all this summer and fall staring with gravity rush.

    • Ryos

      This was one of those games where I saw it and said it looked neat but due to the PSP market never expected it to make it out here.  It is a gamble but hopefully it pays off well for them because they’ll have at least one purchase here.

  • Exkaiser

    Hm, has anyone actually played this yet? Is it any good?

    • I was able to play the Japanese demo a long time ago, and I actually find it decent. It’s quite tough because I feel like enemies hit hard. Also, if your lead character dies, you pretty much lose the battle and have to start over. It’s not like, say, FFT, where you are given a chance to revive the lead character before a game over.

  • Rei Fal’Cie Sanchez

    Exited for this, grungir and Growlanser

  • Ladius

    I read great things about this game from some importers, I’m really happy Aksys is going to continue supporting the PSP, with retail editions to boot!

    Seeing Atlus USA and Aksys’ 2012 PSP lineup, it seems a market is still there for those niche games, and as small as it may be it’s still viable for them.

    • Christopher Nunes

      And I will buy them all! >:D

      • Ladius

        Same here, and I plan to buy multiple copies in Growlanser’s case since that game is pure tactical bliss and is still my most beloved 2012 localization announcement :)

  • Aksys have all of my love. <3 <3 <3

  • More Ragnarok games are always good news. :D

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Wow, I had absolutely no hope for this one to get localized. So NA shores will be getting 2 RO-based games this year. Sweet!

  • awesome! and how it should be! digital AND on dics thank you!

  • killer_rabbit

    Disclaimer: No poring were killed in the making of this video.

  • CaibreGreyblade

    I think my inner Ragnarok fanboy will explode out of joy any moment now. Any news on EU release?

    • Ladius

      PSP is region free and you can import a physical copy from VideogameplusAxelmusic with ease, but if you want a proper EU release I think we should hope in Ghostlight taking notice, if they aren’t already too busy with all their other games. I suspect they’re Europe’s last hope for games like Growlanser WoT, Gungnir (USK rating aside), Ragnarok Tactics and Hakuoki.

  • wow, seeing a news about PSP game localizations is always a big surprise!

  • Christopher Nunes

    Aksys is AWESOME! ^_^

    Hopefully they will bring over Sol Trigger, 7th Dragon 2020, Digimon World Re:Digitize, and Fate/Extra CCC over to the US! I would love them even more than I do now if they localized them!

    And I’m wanting for NISA on announcing BRS: The Game’s release date in the US already! I wonder what is taking so long to reveal details on it? Are they busy with other projects that they can’t focus a lot of time on BRS: The Game?

    And what about that Makai Kingdom for the PSP? I would love to get that as well!

    • Ladius

      I suspect BRS has met some nasty roadblocks, NISA is a good company and they’re usually forthcoming with informations, but BRS has been completely absent for months and I fear a repeat of the GKS situation :

      That said, I think we can forget about 7th Dragon since the game is published by Sega in Japan, and Sega doesn’t seem interested in making other companies localize their games anymore (see VC3 or Shining Blade, games that would probably be a boon for companies like XSeed or Aksys).

      • Christopher Nunes

        I’m not giving up hope until NISA confirms they’re cancelling BRS! I think they’re busy with other projects, but will definitely release BRS!

  • Square Enix take a page from Aksys’ book. >:/ On topic however I am glad to see Akysys still working on PSP games and I’ll be honest I’ve neve heard of this game before now.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Or don’t.

      Mind you, these companies all take calculated risks based on what they think there’s an audience for. We all want Type-0, yea, but if SE doesn’t think it looks to be profitable, then that’s wise on their part. Aksys knows their niche audience, and SE knows they’re looking for more money than a PSP game is gonna bring in. That’s just how it is.

      • I realize (no matter how freaking idiotic it is) that Square Enix are money grabbing jack offs and don’t care at all about their fan base and what they actually want. They’d much rather give some crappy game on iOS which’ll sell stupidly well even though it sucks rather than a good game people have been clamoring for, for nearly a goddamn year now. >:/ But they should definitely take risks because people want the games that are “risky” to bring over. I doubt you know how pissed I am right now with stupid arse companies such as Sqaure Enix. I am so furious it is stupid.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Doesn’t care at all about the fanbase? Your stated dislike of iOS lets me know where you’re coming from, but Dimensions is a game that would only appeal to series fans. It’s intended to take after the earlier games. Turn-based, classic jobs, etc. You don’t have to be interested in it, but there would be much more sensible ways for them to show distaste for fans and simply “money-grab”.

          You’re letting your bias sour you argument, dude. “Good”, as everyone knows, is subjective. For as many people as there are that may want Type-0, there are also an uncountable number who won’t pay for it even if it does release; there’s a significantly greater portion of the population who own iOS and Android devices to access Dimensions; and a localization of Type-0 would cost a good deal more. These are factors that they have to, and likely did, take into account.

          Also, idiotic? First and foremost, Square Enix is a business. They owe it to their investors to make a profit. Considering that Type-0 was already a smash in Japan, profit elsewhere — profit that’s sure to be less than what they’ve already made, at that — is secondary. Their “money-grabbing” is how they work up to games like Type-0 in the first place. It might not sit well with you, but it’s far from idiotic. I want Type-0 as much as anyone, I assure you, but I know exactly why it’s taken as long as it has and why it may not come at all. For a company of Square Enix’s size, the western PSP isn’t — and definitely shouldn’t be — a priority.

          I understand being upset, but it’s not illogical for them to do what they’re doing. I’m upset over a lot of decisions Sega’s made, with them ignoring localizations several times over as opposed to Squenix skipping Type-0, but I don’t let that tint what sense their decisions make. It kinda spoils a discussion if that’s what determines what makes sense for you, you know? I do understand though.

          • They are doing things based solely for money that is what I am saying. That is what I keep saying. Sure they are a company, but a company should still care about it’s fans enough to localize games that even a small amount of fans want. :/ And it isn’t really SE as a whole. It’s SE US. They are just… not how they used to be. Their first mistake was Eidos and no skipping out on localization of games. I wish ever more now that I knew Japanese fluently then I wouldn’t have to worry about how stupid SE US is being.

          • Solomon_Kano

            That SE US sucks, I can definitely agree. That Eidos was a mistake? Definitely not. That was actually a great move. Since then we’ve gotten games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the upcoming Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution. That led to SE actually having a competent presence in Europe, so I can’t agree on that.

            “a company should still care about it’s fans enough to localize games that even a small amount of fans want.”

            Actually, a company of their size really shouldn’t. And I say this as someone whose often in that “small amount of fans”. It would please us, yea, but it’s not conducive to running a profitable business. A lot of gamers like to remove the business aspect when talking about this stuff, but it’s really important that we think about that. It’s not that they don’t care about us as fans, it’s just that some of these decisions just really make no viable sense.

            The skipping on localizations is an issue though, certainly. Really, they’ve mostly skipped PSP localizations and that I can understand, but some are just unacceptable. We’ve still heard nothing about Bravely Default for 3DS. Why the hell not? E3 would’ve been a perfect time to say something.

            That said, SENA is pretty poor about communicating. While I’ll understand if they don’t localize Type-0 (and at this point we can be sure they won’t), it’d be nice if they at least confirmed that for us. With people still asking about it, it’s only fair that they tell us straight up that it isn’t coming. Stringing people along like this is something that I really hate about them.

      • sherimae1324

        (–__–) ……

  • Who developed this title?

  • Hoshi星

    Aksys saving the PSP in America!!! That’s simply fantastic

  • looks interesting and since i dont have a vita this is the type of ragnarok that i can play.thank you aksys!

  • Palmer Nyako

    New PSP games that get localized are a blessing

  • OMG!!! Aksys you’re so awesome!!!

  • Solomon_Kano

    Now this is surprising. VERY surprising.

    Thank God for these niche publishers. XSEED bringing us Ragnarok Odyssey for Vita, Aksys bringing us Ragnarok Tactics for PSP. Yep, it’s a damn good time for Japanese games right now.

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    I’m simply amazed that Aksys can keep doing this. Talk about doing it for the art.

    Between the announcement of this and Fire Emblem Awakening being localized, the only thing that could make this better is…nothing really, except maybe the second Fire Emblem DS game getting localized. But other than that, this is perfect.

  • Kitestwinblades

    This is JUST the PSP game I wanted XD
    First news about Kite in //Versus and then this. Best Day Ever.
    IF we get this box art in ANY kind of way- I may just buy 2 copies.
    They definitely deserve it for this move.


  • I was about to say the PSP has enough strategy games, but after the trailer…damn that looks good. Looks better than Gungnir even.

    Do all of the characters use guns, though?

  • Carlos Daniel Flores Loreto

    I, for one, cant stand, or have never been “entertained” by a Tactical RPG. FFT? Dropped it twice. Disgaeas? Love the charas and wackiness, but dropped them as well. BUT, ill be damned if I dont buy this when its released. Glad to see the PSP is still getting games. Also, is that Fate / Extra game worth playing? What is that CCC version? An improvement ala “final mix” / “international”? Any news on it being localized if this is the case?

  • brian yep

    thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou, Aksys.
    Um, um, um, um

  • I’ve been waiting for this since the demo dropped. Aksys, you are amazing.

  • Nicholas Yee


  • Kevin Lor

    RO was the very first MMO I ever played… so I might give this a shot

  • TenRX

    I believe the PSP is coming back, since the Vita is falling down a lot.

  • Elvick

    Retail ftw. Totally buying it now.

  • release on election day?

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