Phantasy Star Online 2 Paid Packages Revealed

By Ishaan . June 9, 2012 . 2:00pm

Phantasy Star Online 2 producer, Satoshi Sakai, has shared information about the game’s pricing structure on the series’ official blog. As you may recall, Phantasy Star Online 2 is both free-to-download and free-to-play. Sakai also promises that players playing for free won’t have any limits in terms of level caps or playing time imposed upon them, but paying players will have access to certain added features.


Paying players will have to pay real money (in Japanese yen) to acquire Arks Cash, which is the currency used to purchase paying customer perks. 1 yen is equal to one Arks Cash unit, Sakai says. One of the paid packages you can buy is the Premium Set. A one month Premium Set can be purchased for 1,300 AC, two months for 2,500 AC, and three months for 3,600 AC.


The Premium Set includes features such as My Room and My Shop. My Shop allows you to open up a shop where you can sell weapons and the like for Meseta (not real money or Arks Cash). You also get a Premium Storage Box, and other added features. However, something to note is that, there’s also a chance for non-paying players to get access to the My Room and My Shop features. This is done with the use of scratch cards. A scratch card could give you a free ticket to open up a My Room or My Shop for three days.


You can also buy scratch cards for 200 yen (normal) or 500 yen (gold). These contain customized clothes and accessories or boost items. Other items can be purchased using Arks Cash as well. However, they aren’t required to advance through the game. Sakai insists that they’re making it so that paying customers won’t be able to buy direct advantages such as stronger weapons and so on.

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  • Neat. Now bring it over here :)

  • I wonder how many people will get the premium just to sit around for days with an open shop and never play.

  • neocatzon

    *Staring at SEGA* (bring it overseas SEGA. International is preferable, but first spawn it overseas)

  • those prices are pretty shockingly high, premium set alone brings it in line with most pay to play mmos, when you have to buy character slots, inventory slots and scratch cards for random outfits/room items/character animations it’s pretty extortionate.

    I hope they revise things a little because the game itself is really REALLY good, I’ll be playing it and no doubt having my wallet destroyed in any case, but it’d be a shame to scare people off with such high price tags where it becomes more worthwhile to work around the system than just pay up for the convenience

    • (vara/バラ)

      “VIP” status in most (North American) F2P games is around 15$, so I’d say its just about average. Scratch cards seem a little pricey to me though.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      This certainly seems to me something that would need to be reevaluated with a world-wide (US specific) release. The immediate target audience for PSO2 are old PSO fans, who are not part of the new f2p MMO ‘experience’. If they are indeed going to be this draconian with limiting characters, I might even expect classic PSOers to just stay home. 

    • ezodagrom

      You shouldn’t compare the subscription prices with US subscription based games though, it should only be compared with other japanese subscription based games, since the prices are set for japanese players, not outsiders.
      Complaining about the PSO2 prices when comparing with US subscription based games is like an US player thinking of importing a 60€ console game from Europe (standard price of console games in Europe) and then complaining that $75 is too expensive (60€ is roughly $75).

  • Godmars

    So there’s going to be two types of money with one based on RW money, but the other type can’t buy anything in the game?

    • (vara/バラ)

      -RW money currency “arks cash” for cashshop

      -ingame currency “meseta” for upgrading, potions, etc. (copper/silver/gold in other games)

    • ezodagrom

      Technically there’s 3 types of money in the game.
      – Arks Cash – Currency used for the cash shop, where you can buy the premium or separate subscriptions, buy experience/drop rate boosters, extra character slots, skill tree reset/extra skill trees, invetory/storage expansion, or the clothing gamble scratches.
      – Meseta – In-game currency used to buy items from the game shops or the player shops.
      – FUN points – Used to participate in the FUN gamble scratches, which can award extra items like decorations for the “my room”, music for the “my room”, tickets to be able to use the “my room” or “my shop” for 3 days, and so on. You get FUN points by logging in, clicking the “good job” button in other players, being awarded with “good job” from other players, …

  • Darkrise

    So it’s like NX cash? Currency used to buy bonus items and stuff right? Because I think I’m misunderstanding it if I”m thinking that the currency in the game can ONLY be bought with real money. T.T

    • (vara/バラ)

      Yes it is like NX currency, only used for the cash shop. There is normal gold as well, in the form of PS currency, meseta.

  • Zetsomaru

    Does the whole F2P thing mean it will also be available for free download on VITA?

    • Yes.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Yeah, only hope that Sega publishes it in the US on the Vita so I won’t have to go out and get another mem stick to play in Japanese.

      • Even with another mem card you still need to reset your Vita and do the initial set up  (and watch the annoying intro movie) over again. And you do not need to format your mem card for that either… so it makes no difference if you use the same or another mem card for your different PSN accounts.

        • ZEROthefirst


  • Josh Strange


  • Spirit Macardi

    Even though this is in the Online continuity, I do hope that they utilize some of the improvements that the Universe games brought to the table like multiple weapon sets, lock-on, and first-person aiming.

    • Watch some Gameplay footage on Youtube. They implemented all of these aspects you just mentioned over very good.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Then this will definitely be a game I’ll pick up :3

      • What, even first person aiming? How do you do that? Mouse just controls the camera and there’s no real way to aim with it that I found, though I didn’t really look either as I found the system worked well enough as it was.

    • Not sure what you mean by multiple weapon sets as I haven’t played Universe but you can have three weapons equipped and hot-swap them with the mousewheel. Lock-on is in. First person aiming isn’t, or at least I never found it if it is, pretty sure it’s not though, mouse controls camera and keys control movement, it’s essentially impossible to aim with the camera and lock-on is essential.

  • jujubee88

    PSO2 is going to introduce so many newbies into the game (like me). I just wonder if this structure to make revenue (on the back of f2p) will be all that convenient for most consumers.

    Maybe? The “My Shop” allows people to sell their items (both crummy or valuable) for money but that is usually a “given” feature in any game with inventory and pick-ups (although, I am new to f2p MMO’s, so I am not basing it off that). 

    The fact you need to gamble or pay the equivalent of $15 USD per month to get a feature like that seems crazy to me and I wonder if it will come around to be a loop for acquiring new items. 

    I can already see the “My Shop” people selling their items to get more in-game money to buy better items while the f2p gamers are stuck stock-pilling or throwing away valuable items.

    • I’m not entirely sure if they’re still doing this but the worst thing if it’s still in is the fact you can’t trade items with other players without that premium subscription. I’ll find out when the open beta hits later this month I guess.

      • jujubee88

        All this does is create an environment where people will need to grind. And unless SEGA have created an open world with art direction more varied than anything seen in video games … no one will like ****ing grinding.

        This is so dumb. If the system was made like Skyrim where market value for items would shift depending on a certain skill, and you could pay for improving that skill and get more money for item(s), that would be ideal. The system currently in place is just restrictive for restrictiveness’s sake.

        • Indeed. The most annoying aspect though is that most of the premium subscription stuff was originally going to be part of the free game. Sega then apparently decided they weren’t going to make enough money from just costumes and the other stuff like xp boosting items and decided to make it pay-monthly instead.

    • ezodagrom

      It’s possible to pay for the “My Shop” separately without the Premium package, the “My Shop” subscription costs 700 yen per month separately.
      Also, if I’m not mistaken, while players can’t create their own “My Shops” without the 3 day ticket or the subscription, I think free players can still buy items from other player shops.

      Anyway, if the subscription price (either the premium or the my shop) is too high, you could just do like what I’m planning on doing, alternating between free and premium, it’s not like there’s a need to create a player shop or trading with other players every single month. (I’m probably going to play like…2 months free, 1 month premium).

  • kactaplb

    my interest just dropped enormously.

  • Relytgninroht

    So do you have to pay for the game initially and then you have the option to pay for a subscription? Or is it going to be a free download off PSN a la DUST 514? Kind of confused now.

    • It’s free to download and play with no restrictions on what you can do. No time limits, no drop limits, nothing like that. The pay stuff is things like costumes and exp boosts (which last 30 minutes and pause if you quit the game for a while, the timer restarts the next time you enter the game so you don’t waste any time/real money if you don’t use the full 30 minutes at once).

      The monthly subscription gives you some extra stuff; your personal room, extra storage space (you get 50 slots I think it was in your own inventory, 200 extra slots back on the ship you can transfer to/from at will, and the subscription gives you another 300 on top of that), a shop you can use to sell stuff, and the ability to trade with other players (unless this has changed in the next beta, but I doubt it). And it’s PC only initially, Vita version isn’t hitting till next year.

      So you don’t NEED to pay for anything but you CAN pay for certain things if you want. Sega are essentially hoping to make money off all the people who love to customise (ie, the costumes and so on) as well as the hardcore players who will buy exp bonuses and subscriptions and the like.

  • So, question. Are you able to, for example, reset your skill points using meseta? Or is it only for paying players? Also, how big is your inventory bad/locker/whatever if you don’t pay for any extra slots?

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