Rumour: Persona 3 Tease At The End Of Persona 4 Movie

By Ishaan . June 9, 2012 . 11:00am

This week, Persona 4 The Animation –the Factor of Hope-, a 90-minute Persona 4 film based on the recent anime series with new footage, began running in Japanese theatres. If reports are to be believed, Persona 4 may not be the only Persona game with an animated movie in the future.


Multiple reports from Japan are stating that a tease pertaining to Persona 3 is shown following the credits of –the Factor of Hope-, with time turning back to show the protagonist of Persona 3. Perhaps Index are teasing a Persona 3 movie?


We’re marking this story as a rumour, just to be on the safe side, but with so many different reports on the matter, the tease is likely to be real. Just what it’s a tease for, however, remains to be seen.

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  • Total_Overdose

    I vote anime over movie.

    If an official P3 anime happens. OMG OMG OMG OMG.

    • LynxAmali

      If TV, it’d be a minimum of 26. I can’t see P3 working out as just 26 episodes. P4A felt crammed in as is. And considering how much more material and plot there is for it, what with The Journey and The Answer…..

      I’m hopeful nonetheless. I’d actually like them to take time and develop things instead of bumrushing through the S. Links like P4 did.

      Now, if we can get a FemMC cameo……

      • doubleO7

        Maybe a three cour show would work? (For a total of about 39 episodes). But if they did that they might have to split it up into seperate seasons with gaps in between. But if thats what they had to do to make it without having to cut out large chunks of content, that would be fine with me.

        They could make The Answer an OVA, or turn that into a movie if they were really adamant about making more theatrical Persona anime (they could probably cram all the important stuff into a 2-hour film…maybe)

        A FeMC cameo would be great. I don’t know how they would do it though. Maybe…as the MCs sister, or something? Perhaps just a brief scene where she calls to check up on him after he moves into the dorms?

  • Arizato


    • KyoyaHibari

      Head over heels for Persona, but hardly a care in the world for Demon’s Souls? ~.~

      • Arizato

         They are very different games. Why should me loving Persona make me like Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls?

        • KyoyaHibari

          I’m not saying Persona is a terrible series by any means, in fact I thoroughly enjoy them, but I’m just surprised at how much you love Persona but you find so many faults with Demon’s Souls. IMO, Demon’s Souls is a truly revolutionary game defying the boundaries of a video game and its own surreal dark medieval fantasy world. Persona is a great series, but I don’t think my fondness with it is anywhere near yours. With that said, I don’t think Persona is not that much of an astounding series, there are a lot of genuinely great things about the games which makes them respectable RPGs, but in comparison to Demon’s Souls, it doesn’t really push the envelope with me IMO. With Persona 3 & 4, to me it’s simply a combination of a visual novel, (the social link paths and the excessive dialogue) with 3D turn-based RPG/breeder and exploration/dungeon crawler elements, the former (RPG/breeder) of which has some unique quirks like the All-out attack and the Persona fusion and collection and the core combat is engaging and strategic, but doesn’t ‘WOW’ me or do anything that new. The latter is a bit restrictive with its camera and locations, but still provides interesting settings to explore whether it be a dungeon or a daytime location. The characters and the premise are kind of interesting, although somewhat mundane. Then there’s the story…but we pretty much know the gist of that. The art and music are very stylish and clean, but the graphics are a bit dated. Overall, it is still a high quality RPG, but IMO, I don’t get as enthusiastic over it, nor do I hold it in the same regard. You have me curious though, care to elaborate on why you show so much love for Persona and not for Demon’s Souls? I’m not trying to sound obnoxious, I just want your thoughts.

          • I’m not seeing why you brought up Demon Souls. I mean I think I would get what you were saying if you metioned another part of the Megami Tensei franchise getting it’s time to shine over persona but it seems kinda out of place that even metioned it. The only thing DS and Persona have in relation to one another is that they’re Atlus games.

          • KyoyaHibari

            Sorry about that, it might seem odd for me to mention this when seen out of context, I’m just asking Arizato personally because we had a discussion on Demon’s Souls a while back and how he didn’t really enjoy it, and then seeing him so thrilled at a Persona article made me curious about his thoughts on the series.

          • Arizato

            Look. I am sorry if I made the impression that Demon’s Souls is the worst game ever, it’s really not. I just hear so much positive stuff about the game all the time, when the game in fact has alot of the flaws that would get so much criticism in any other game. I counted some of those things up while we had that discussion the last time.

            That being said though I don’t dislike the concept that Demon’s Souls made. I’ve been investing A LOT of time in The Witcher franchise as of late. Even to the point where I’ve started to read the books the games are based on. CD Project RED (Developers of the Witcher games) even admitted that they took a lot of inspiration from Demon’s Souls when developing The Witcher 2. The gameplay shows alot of traces from DS. But The Witcher 2 has a clear goal right from the start, when Demon’s Souls just tells you to slay big demons.

            One could say that Persona 3 has a really weak story in the beginning, and I agree. But I really invested time in getting to know the Social link characters instead and that is a main selling point for me. Making friends and getting to know their stories which can be really tragic at times. Like the dying man from Persona 3. You help all these people realise stuff. Stuff that they will remember all their lives. You feel like you made a difference.

            One good example of this is when you visit Tatsumi Port Island (The city from P3) in P4. Where you meet Chihiro (Girl with glasses from P3), who was really shy and hard to deal with. In this game she has developed into a more confident and responsible woman and you clearly helped her do that in P3.

            That’s where these games speaks so much more to me. There are characters you get to know and even sometimes relate to. It’s not always about beating the latest boss you encountered, it’s about the trip getting there. You are rewarded for investing time and helping these people out. Some are even heartbreaking but still very realistic like when (P4 SPOILER) You find Nanako by the river late at night wondering why her mom died and why her dad “hates” her. (END OF SPOILER)

            I’m just trying to state my opinion about interesting characters here. I love the characters in The Witcher, which is why I bought the books. To get to know the characters better. Persona 3 & 4 is essentially 50% about gaining friends and helping them out, while getting stronger in battle as a bonus. Another example is Final Fantasy VII (Which is one of my all-time favorite games), which wouldn’t even be half as interesting if all the main characters had really boring personalities or almost no story at all.

            The point of all this is that the characters of Demon’s Souls really have nothing interesting to say or do to get me interested in the world or lore. Most of them are: “Hey… I’m a blacksmith and I live in this cave. Pay me gold for these amazing items I made.

            Bottom-line. It’s an awful lot of an RPG to ask me to invest several hours in it if they don’t bring me something that makes me feel like I am a part of the world, making an impact on people and places. Sure, Persona 3 had the same thing going for it at first. But at least you have the option to pursue Social links and make impact that way. Persona 4 is a whole different story though, you get an awesome murder-mystery while making friends at the same time.

            Anyway, that’s why I like the Persona series over Demon’s/Dark Souls!

          • KyoyaHibari

            @Arizato No need to apologize, I was just wondering what your thoughts were. I can understand that you enjoy Persona so much based on the social links and getting involved with the characters of the game, and that’s a valid point. IMO When it comes to video games, I don’t care about the relationship building and character growth as much, because I usually look for elements like those in an anime or movie as opposed to a video game. To me, those are a good incentive, but I usually focus on the core gameplay and the complementing music & graphics and voice acting to really bring the central conflict or purpose of the game to life. I would argue however that there is more backstory to the characters of Demon’s Souls than one might initially expect. Given the freedom and liberties you can take in the game, if you really dig into the lore, info and start conversations with the NPCs, they will reveal more about themselves and the world around them, but then again, since the narrative isn’t the focus of the game given how you are free to do whatever you want with the world of Boletaria, you can choose to ignore the other NPCs so that they don’t affect your perception and your fabrication of the story. It’s  basically a metaphor for the theme of the game, given that the character is thrust into this unknown world without any initial attachment to any of the other characters in the game, the character is basically another insignificant warrior with the ambition to salvage this land wrought of demons and deprived of life (or not), but if you choose to interact with the NPCs and become more involved with their scenarios, you become recognized as a more pivotal figure in the plot to both the NPCs and the enemies as you become more knowledgeable of this world. So you can go about the game through distancing yourself from the characters of the game, and conquering a world you have no attachment to and know nothing about, or you can truly immerse yourself in the lore and characters and “light the darkness” of the unknown world, connecting yourself with the characters and becoming a part of their lives, expanding your story. For reference, this sort of archetypal mystery and world building narrative is seen in works like Evangelion, RahXephon & Casshern Sins, even Persona has these elements in a sense, only each social link has its own route and isn’t as connected to the world itself, but rather just the individual. Demon’s Souls is more implicit with its world and character building because it contributes to the mystery of the setting and the ambiguity of the player’s options. For example, you can simply go about having Thomas store your goods, and him being simply recognized as Stockpile Thomas, but if you choose to talk with him, you learn about why he has such a fragile yet kind disposition, given that his wife and daughter were killed before his very eyes, but now he lives on with the regret of being unable to help them, and carrying the burden of that guilt on him. This too could be a metaphor for him carrying the weight of his sorrows as well as the storage he holds for you. Plus, if you  choose to return his daughter’s hair ornament, he will become more fond of you for returning that precious memento. Bottom line, I respect your reasons for loving Persona so much with its personal character focus, but they don’t have as much significance with me, and I prefer Demon’s Souls’ minimalist plot & lack of restriction, but respect your insightful decision nonetheless, I’m glad we were able to discuss this.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    This is really good news, animated Akihiko x main character, Ken, and Shinjiro. I can see it being able to condense p3 into a 90 minute movie. Dont know where people are hearing new 26 episode p3 anime though.

  • DongT

     *cough* though id rather have an anime *cough*

  • If they are doing something, I’d rather a movie than an anime. The way that p3’s plot is setup worked perfectly for a game but it’d end up having quite a bit of random shadow fighting or social link time for each month as an anime.

  • RmanX1000

    Persona 3 The Animation. Please. I love Persona 4 The Animation, but personally Persona 3 had a better story. A movie would be just fine if done correctly though! :D

  • Well it’s the only way they *haven’t* milked it, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • XypherCode

    Great news even if it’s just a rumor :)) 

  • Covnam

    I’d prefer a tv series to a movie as well, either way though, hopefully some fully animated P3 production is coming!

  • Natat

    As long as they don’t butcher P3’s already established ending I would love a movie/anime.

  • Niermyico

    As long as Minato stays being the *spoiler* for *spoiler* then I don’t care how many animations they do. I just feel that the ending was very fitting to it’s plot.

  • darkfox1

    If they do hopefully they start with a animated series first then a movie like they did with P4.

  • Ooh Bee

    Persona 3 ANYTHING would make me happy. More Aigis, plz.

  • can we save the FeMU instead? lol

  • Speedo Redempteur

    As long as i get something i’ll be happy ..Tv series is better than movie but i ‘ll be happy with either of them especially if they keep the same team that did p4the animation

  • Abhishek Posooa

    Please,let it be real…MINATO!!!!TIME TO SHINE!!!

    • Opn

      minato is called keitaro in the drama CD’s so most likely his real name now is keitaro kinda weird if you ask me :/

      • I thought it was Kitaro and that it was just a Japanese Fan nickname?

        • Opn

           sorry typo lol and no apparently it came from drama CD’s and it will most likely be his name in the movie since they used it in the drama CD’s

  • Opn

    this news made my month and i cant wait to see P3 in all its glory in anime form :) heres hoping its either going to be a series of movies or going to have a tv adaption too. also it should be noted that the MC (known as keitaro apparently in japan since hes called that in the drama CD’s) also appeared and i heard he said movie production has begun or something.

  • konsama

    I would totally dig this over P4, i really prefer P3 story and the characters, and would love to see the 12 arcana bosses in all its HD animation glory. I just hope they leave the end as it is, it was in animation already they would just need to remake it with better up-to-date animation.

    And MITSURU!!!

    • The train boss. BJ. Full Stop. Tht one hell of a uncomfortable ride….

  • vivaluis59
  • P3 shouldn’t be a series, just a 2 hour long movie at best.

    • Niermyico

       I for one welcome the animated P3 series rather than a movie, just because we will get 2 badass opening songs for P3!

  • PizzicatoSpirit

    As much as I like P4, I prefer P3 story.

    A series or a movie or both of P3 will be awesome.


    Oh man, awesome news.

  • It’s totally Persona 3 for the Vita I can feel it in my gut.


  • TheFoolArcana

    Persona 3 & Persona 4 are my favorite games of all time, but Persona 4: The Animation was fucking terrible overall. If this is an anime I probably won’t watch it.

    • vivaluis59

      Someone finally said it, the animation quality is what bothered me the most and since this is a movie lets hope that its better. 

    • Oh come on. Its not dat bad.

    • The pacing was pretty terrible in terms of plot. I watched the first episode and found it to be a bit exhausting. There isn’t the time to let the atmosphere sink in like the game so it loses a lot of it’s storytelling technique that way.

    • OneOkami

      I don’t think it (or Persona 3 for that matter) was truly fit to be a full animation.  They’re (repetitive) dungeon crawlers-slash-date sims with the gameplay that cycles back-and-forth between them with some overarching story sprinkled throughout.

      Thats far from an ideal recipe to be adapted to a more thoroughly story-driven, visual art.  And my opinion is in agreement with yours, it really showed painfully and anime overall sucked.

  • Hoshi星

    Too much P4 and now P3 is going to catch up? At least, do a movie of P1 or P2 or tease P5 video game

  • Krimson_Persona

    As much as i love p3 i just hope that this wont be a short movie that destroys the brilliant story which is persona 3.

  • KyoyaHibari

    My god, seriously Japan, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ADAPTATIONS OF PERSONA 3 & 4!? They do not, I repeat, DO NOT work beyond the realm of a game for story telling! We don’t need an anime, manga, movie and play about people monotonously gaining special powers by accepting their evils (Persona 4). When you have a medium that focuses on story, you can’t get away with something as derivative as this so many times, it’s aggravating. There are a lot more well deserving anime/manga/games that deserve another medium to shine on, and Persona is not one of them. It’s a good game franchise, don’t get me wrong, but its story execution does not work well for a medium besides games. With Persona 3, it will be the same as 4’s plot with each character’s persona gaining, only this time it’s now “fight new boss monster every _ nights”.

    • This. It worked well as a game since you were doing these things. Watching it is nowhere near as good, especially when most of us know the plot as well as we know the alphabet. >.>

    • Rohan Viajar

       hey hey hey.. before you complain into oblivion maybe you should think of the upside for this. (you don’t have to watch the adaptations if you don’t want to. nobody is stopping you) though I understand why everybody would be complaining.

      BUT….the way I see it. more money for the company.
      which means more allowance to spend for their future titles.

      as long as their future games are still gonna be entertaining than why should we complain?

      we don’t even belong in that realm.

      or would you want it so that they don’t make any more games?

      bash me all you want. but you better not buy any future games if you keep going on like this.

      • OneOkami

        “BUT….the way I see it. more money for the company.
        which means more allowance to spend for their future titles.”

        It appears to me that just as much (if not more) money is being spent on reproducing existing titles.

        “as long as their future games are still gonna be entertaining than why should we complain?”

        One reason would be that those “future” games are fewer and farther between.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Don’t mean to sound condescending here, but what do you mean by “you better not buy any future games if you keep going on like this”? I think I’m entitled to purchase whichever game(s) I feel like.
        Now as for my point, I don’t think Atlus should put all this money towards additional mediums to tell the whole Persona 3/4 story a gagillion times over when we already know all about it, not to mention it isn’t an amazing story to begin with. We already have Persona 4 the Golden to revive the game itself in case anyone missed it on the PS2, plus we have a whole new game with Persona 4 Arena, I’d say that’s the perfect amount of promotion you need for a game and its adaptations, given that the focus on Persona 4 is not the story, but the gameplay and the brand name, because that’s what people recognized it for. 

        Persona 3 came out about 10 years after the 2nd one (CMIIW) and despite being a sequel to an almost long forgotten franchise, it’s gameplay reinvigorated the fanbase leading to Persona 3 FES and Persona 4.
        Given that Persona 3 was a great game, they used the Persona brand name to draw people into Persona 4, and thankfully, 4 built on what made Persona 3 so great and improved upon it and again, that was the gameplay which drew people in. Here we have The Golden which is an expansion on the already fortified critically acclaimed game, so it can’t go wrong. As for Arena, it uses the Persona 4 name to garner attention, and despite being a spinoff fighting game, they delivered with the quality of the game, showing a lot of devotion and effort into making an amazing looking spinoff of a popular game with quality gameplay being the priority, and story being a side effort. 

        That being said, the other mediums focus on story, and that’s when things spiral out of control. There are 2 universally regarded principals that come to mind in this scenario: 1. It takes money to make money and 2. Video games have bad luck as other adaptations. Here Atlus (or whoever is responsible for the other products) put money into making not only 2 more games out of an already high quality stand alone game, but also a manga, anime, movie and play where the focus is not on gameplay at all since you can’t interact or make decisions to affect the game/entice you into it, and Persona 4 doesn’t HAVE a good narrative, so that means that unless they alter(ed) the story (which they haven’t) to make it more accessible as a stand alone story itself, it is bound to be a failure. Persona 4 is meant to shine on consoles, not on TV, silver screens, plays or books because it doesn’t have a coherent plot to make it compelling. We know the ‘meh’ story from playing the ‘superb’ game, we don’t need to see the rather crappy story again, we need to have more Persona 4 & its characters to play with, and Golden & Arena are the saving grace for that. Heck, I was practically yelling at the TV by the time Yukiko was about to get her Persona…the same way everyone else did…but thank god the gameplay was worth it. 
        Protagonists: “ZOMG, -insert other P4 protagonist here- IS BEING POSSESSED BY A SHADOW!” *Shadow version starts rambling on about the concealed personality of -insert same P4 protagonist here-* Possessed character: “No, that’s not me, I’m not -insert hated personality trait of said character- I won’t accept it!” Protagonists: “You have to accept the darkness inside of you, it exists in all of us and we have to live on, not abandoning the qualities that make us who we are!” *Possessed protagonist completely ignores* “NO, I DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE ME LIKE THIS!” *Cue boss battle*.

    • Youareallcryingmorons

      If you don’t like it don’t FUCKING WATCH IT. It’s not like they are holding you at gunpoint to make you have to watch it. It’s not like they are keeping anything from you. Get mad that it is happening as much as you want but until I hear about them forcing you to deal with it.

      • KyoyaHibari

        Lol, not saying I’m reluctantly going to, I’m saying Atlus is wasting money by trying to milk Persona 3 & 4’s story like they deserve Pulitzer prizes, they should focus on the games with Persona and not try and move it to other media formats because it won’t hold up. I mean, why do we have like 5 different adaptations of Persona 4, but still no 5 yet hmmm?

    • Youareallcryingmorons

      Deal with it.

  • LightZero

    So they got done milking P4 and now going to back to P3 *sighs*. I don’t know whether I should be glad or annoyed that P1 and P2 aren’t being milked too. 

  • vivaluis59

    An anime with FES as an OVA series would be the best but I will be happy with a movie… But I don’t think its possible to include all the drama and events into a 90 minute movie. Maybe a trilogy..

  • Shadowman

    I probably need to watch it so I can catch up to my Persona series I know everything about P4 now I need to know everything on P3.

  • Will this be a movie or an anime series? Either fine but if its a clip show movie plz don’t screw it up. More SMT or Persona anime is always oky 4 me.

    As stated in the Open Thread, there are two P3 spin off novel and both make a good choice for an movie. Though I am fine either way ‘cuz it the 1st animated P3 stuff after all.

  • klkAlexar

    Eh, I would much prefer a P2 anime or movie since I liked the characters and the story better than P3 & P4.

  • Beautiful Daisy ♥

    Well, I personally am quite happy about this (^o^)/
    There will always be complainers however… I’m not even going to scroll down here ’cause I know there’s gonna be people saying “Persona 3 and 4 SUCK” or “Y no Persona 2/1/ SMT movie???” Sure those things would be nice, but I’ll take what I can get. Maybe Atlus is milking the crap out of these two titles, but I love milk (Persona 3/4) and it is actually quite healthy for you (profits for Atlus for future projects) ^_^ lol

  • Please don’t start milking Persona 3.

    • OverlordZetta

      You say that as if it wasn’t milked already.

      •  P3P4: The Milkfest.

      • OneOkami

        You beat me to it.  Really, you can say that about the Persona brand in general nowadays.

    • Oh come on, P3 only got 2 remake and 2 LN tht I am aware of. 

    • Saphira

       I don’t really care if they continue to milk P3…

  • Okay, so after P3 we can go back further into my favorite portion of the series P2, right? Right!?

    Probably not. Oh well…

    This is exciting as P3 does have a stronger story than P4 so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s done with it. The P4 Anime was okay, but nowhere near the level of Trinity Soul (I did enjoy that series, hate me all you like for saying this, but to me it’s true) in terms of pacing and plot presentation. For that reason, if they do make a P3 anime I hope that the pacing is much better as it could be epic at 26 episodes or 50 that way. However, if it’s a film, I’m going to sit here and say that it has to at least be as long as The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (2 1/2 hours) or no deal.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      They can always make a Catherine anime.

      •  They could, but I’d question how they’d get the nightmare aspect to be cool in an anime. It seems tough. Not impossible, just tough.

      • Taht would be too hot for TV…..

    • Devil survivor anime is fine too….

      •  Yes, Devil Survivor would also be fine (better than fine, great actually… if done right).

  • Maybe that dream crossover with P3 and P4 cast?

    • P4Arena did that.

      •  Nah, outside that, I meant. Plus other than Aki, Mitsuru and Elizabeth.

        • Don’t forget abt DLCs!! Wait, should I be glad if there a DLC?

  • Freesun4

    Man, I wonder if the Persona 3 Protagonist would be a pimp in the anime version

  • you know what would be better then a movie or series spinoff, a Persona 5 teaser, with Minato as the main character once more. But now with long flowing locks ala Naoto

  • I wish Persona 3 was made into an anime (that’s actually based on the story of the game, not a spin-off with only one character from the game).

  • AzureNova

    My interest is piqued.


  • Ahead of time, I apologize.

  • thundergodCN

    p4 cow milked out moving on to p3 cow, rich atlus farmers 

  • Zonic505

    I would totally watch either a P3 anime or movie. I wonder if they’d include stuff from FES.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I always liked P3 more than P4. I’m not sure why, but I do, so this is good news if it’s true. 

    • Altoire

       I feel the same :|

  • WingsOfEternity

    P3 wont really work as an anime IMO. Most of the game is composed of scaling the Tartarus, even if they included The Answer it would barely be enough to make 24 episodes

    •  You say that but you never know. Depends on the Studio and how they would do it and i can see it going about or over 24 episodes (once again depends on how the Studio would do it) and hell even if it isn’t going be that many that doesn’t mean it can’t have it, its not like there’s no such thing as 12/13 episode animes

    • I kinda hope we see more of the other characters’ back stories, we only read about it but we never really got to see Akihiko and Shinji as kids, more so with Miki who is Aki’s driving force.

      I was also looking forward to seeing them way into the future (like P4:Arena) Sure we see Aki, Mitsuru, Aigis and Elizabeth but I’m in a snooping mood, I want to check on the others (BISHOUNENKENBISHOUNENKEN)

      • Good to see they r ppl who is not on the Hate Ken boat.

    • Ethan Russell

      Half of persona 4 was done leveling up

    • fanoultimate

       What about a 12 episodes anime?

  • Another P3 huh? I would prefer to have an anime version of Persona 1.

    • fanoultimate

       I don’t see why the complain though. After all, Persona 3 only got a “sequel” as anime, while Persona 4 had a 2 cour anime and a movie. I do welcome this movie, although i’d prefer an anime for this.

      • Well yeah, but the older Persona games only got one remake each unlike P3, who got 2 and a sequel anime, and P4, who not only got a remake but an anime and movie. It’ll be nice if Atlus also do this to the older Persona game. Actually, It’ll be better if Atlus also did this with the other SMT series.

        •  I agree. Nocturne at least is the most popular SMT of Atlus (note that I said SMT not Persona).

          • Splintee

            no it’s Megami Tensei LOL

  • FitzpatrickPhillips


    Persona 3 anime! Now THATS what I’m talking about!

    Please do this, please do this! P3 is the only persona that I played. 

  • canarinta

    Cha~ran! It’s people going wild over twitter. I underlined the word P3MOVIE : )

  • amagidyne

     ..but, the game lasts a year. How can you make a movie out of that without having it end up awfully episodic? Rewrite the plot completely? So.. it would have to be a sequel, prequel or side-story.

    My bet is on a sequel. People can’t seem to leave The Journey‘s pitch-perfect ending alone. An Aigis/Kirijo/Tartarus/Pharos/Nyx prequel would be interesting, though.

    (Or they’ll make a P3 stage play instead! Mass destruction!)

    •   Persona 4 also lasts a year, and yet they managed to make an anime. I don’t seem to understand your concern.

      • Movie not anime. An anime with 25 episodes shouldn’t have any problem containing a story that goes for over a year, it’s different with a 2 hour movie.

    • If its a trilogy, maybe it’s oky. Or will this be the adaptation of The Answer?

      If its a prequel, they hv 2 LN to work on……

  • Zertan

    If they did make an anime retailing the entire story of Persona 3, I will watch it and point out every stupid thing in it.

  • Okay, I admit it. I liked Persona 3 much more than Persona 4. (I still loooooved P4, mind you, but I loooooooved P3 even more.)


  • Alphabet Soup

    A real Persona 3 anime would be nice.

  • DanteJones

    Yesssssssss. More P3 stuff is always welcome!

  • dahuuuundge

    Now to adapt Persona 3 into anime without all the boring Tatarus climbing.

  • Roberto Armando Iraheta

    Wouldn’t mind seeing an adaption for P3. Story would make for a great anime.

  • pothier.adrien

    Another anime/movie that I won’t be able to watch with a clean conscience if I don’t buy it… I mean, It’s freaking Persona 3 !

  • Kittymimiko

    Really hope it will be an anime then! I really can’t see it as a movie unless it become a mess. They could also cover more on some of the back stories on some characters with the anime, if they feel like it too. That would be a bonus for us.

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    Well, I like P3 much more than P4, so I might really enjoy this if it’s really an anime which covers the game and not some kind of unnecesary sequel or something. BTW, this is really suspicious. I bet it’s to promote another P3 remake/port or something.

    I hope someday we can see a P2 Anime. That trailer in Eternal Punishment is too great to be forgotten. Come on, Atlus! Milk your older games, too!

  • Splintee

    In my point of view I think P3 is perfect to be a movie than an anime…..
    I also think that the P3Movie will make Aigis or Yukari * or maybe Koromaru* to be the Main Character…
    I mean the story will based on Aigis/Yukari’s point of view……
    But I wish it would be Koromaru cuz he my fav character….

  • Blesmi

    Now if they made a P2 movie, that would be pretty swell.

  • =)

  • Lisa Fraulein


  • where i can look the persona 4 factor of hope credit???please give me the link i want see!!!

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