Phantasy Star Online 2 Open Beta Kicks Off This Week

By Ishaan . June 18, 2012 . 10:30am

Sega have announced the date for when Phantasy Star Online 2’s open beta will kick off—June 21st, at 4PM JST. Producer, Satoshi Sakai, says that the game will temporarily be taken offline in preparation for the open beta. You can download the game here.


Sakai also reports that this past weekend saw a new record for the highest number of simultaneous players connecting to the game—41,500 connections on Saturday.


The open beta will allow you to get to level 30. Barring any serious problems, Phantasy Star Online 2 is scheduled for a full launch sometime this summer. The game will be free-to-play with various payment options for unlocking features like My Room, My Shop, and additional items for character customization.

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  • :D registered and downloading. My body is ready for this game!

  • I previously missed out on the 1st one and will not make the same mistake twice with 2.

    Besides, I have not played an MMO since Fantasy Earth Zero.

  • hopefully someone will be nice enough to post a psuedo help guide for non-japanese readers. lol.

  • Guest

    just registered and downloading. Can’t wait to start playing

  • Xapth

    The game felt great during the Pre-Open Beta a few days ago,

    I’m really excited for Open Beta to begin!

    A tip for people who are planning on downloading the game:
    Install/patch the game beforehand, because it can take a while depending on your connection speed. I missed over 3 hours on Saturday because I didn’t realize how long it would take to patch.

    Also, there’s a character creator out there which you can download and use right now to make your character, and then save and import to the actual game!

  • Free-to-play?
    Why was I not following this game?

    • Testsubject909

      Well, now you know. And knowing is half the HYPE! Damnit I’m so HYPED for this!

    • I know! I had no idea either.

      Now to see if my computer can run this game without farting on me.

  • Jiikae

    *wishes laptop had higher specs*

    • KingGunblader

      I was gonna make this exact comment, but you beat me to it. XD

    • Testsubject909

      I feel your pain…

      *wishes the Vita release comes sooner*

  • does anyone know if there will be a english text patch like the closed beta??

    • Radiosity

      What English text patch?

  • Unlimax

    I have been waiting up for this moment , Downloading . . .

  • Zenkito

    Can’t wait ^_^ *jumps with joy*

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    I’m downloading it right now, just one warning, you need to make a SEGA ID account and it’s completely in japanese,

    • Solomon_Kano

      Thanks for the warning, I was just about to dl it.

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

         I just got into the beta, I can’t understand a thing but it’s top notch MMO entertainment. The combat is extremely fluid, the game looks amazing, the music is awesome, overall, if you can tolerate some frustration thanks to the fact that there’s a part that involves a katakana captcha (I nearly ripped the hair out of my head at this point) then give it a shot.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Will do.

    • Radiosity

      Still got the client from the closed beta installed thankfully, just need to patch it and I’m done. Wouldn’t fancy another 5 hour download (17Mbps actual connected speed and it was completely unused because Sega’s download servers suck, kinda annoying heh).

  • Kefkiroth

    Closed beta was fun. Definitely looking forward to this. Hope this can make the Vita more successful when it comes out on it.

  • Onizuka Gio Hikari

    IT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been training for this my body is finally ready!!

    • Testsubject909

      And your mind and soul?

      • Onizuka Gio Hikari

        Idk if my mind can handle the sleep i will not get xD

  • Testsubject909

    Why… Why don’t I have a PC that can run this effectively!?

    Oh right, my actual laptop broke and I’m borrowing someone’s crappy netbook… *sigh*

    Glad to see this is moving forward though, and I for one cannot wait to see it get a Vita release. Both for the sake of the Vita, and for my own gaming desires.

  • KuroiKen

    Wow, never knew its free to play. Downloading ASAP.
    I know japanese, thankfully, and played some MMO in japanese successfully already, so shouldn’t be any problems for me.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Will be using the same name as alway

  • Fango

    Jinouga subspecies lol

  • Radiosity

    Nice timing guys, seriously. That’s literally the very same day that P4 golden should be arriving. Nothing is getting between me and Yukiko, not even PSO2 :p

    I’ll try and find some time to check out what they’ve changed sometime though.

    Incidentally, for the English players (or people who don’t understand any/much Japanese) you should probably enter Ship 2, that tends to be where all the gaijin (foreigners) hang out.

  • ZeroNova

    Registered and downloaded. I also stayed up till 5 AM playing around with the character creator… I got a constant 100+ fps on the benchmark with the highest settings, so I guess my PC can handle it :p

  • ZeroNova

    Registered and downloaded. I also stayed up till 5 AM playing around with the character creator… I got a constant 100+ fps on the benchmark with the highest settings, so I guess my PC can handle it :p

  • eliel

    will w8 for English beta…

    • Jhiand na

      thats going to be another year or two T^T

  • Kai2591

    I now have the machine to run this effectively :)

    Just need to wait for english localization now…

  • *tries open beta* *every ship is full* ;n;

    •  Really? even ten ( i know most american services are in that one or 2)

      • mhm…those are the first ones i tried… ;n;

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