PlatinumGames’ Inaba And Kamiya Share Their Development Philosophy

By Ishaan . June 21, 2012 . 4:17pm

PlatinumGames have put up a developer diary video, with the company’s two most recognized members—Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya—sharing their development philosophy. You can watch the video with English subtitles below:



PlatinumGames currently have two announced projects in the works: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for Konami and Project P-100 (tentative title) for Nintendo.

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  • Laharl

    Kamiya is probably one of the most underrated directors around, along with Square’s Tokita.

    Shame P-100 will probably be swept under the rug by all the Nintendo Standards, even though it was the only interesting new IP at nintendo’s show.

    • Vampiric

       Dont hate. They showed plenty of great things.

      • Laharl

        Plenty of great things, that were great on the Gamecube and Wii and PS360

        • Vampiric

           not really

          • Laharl

            There was a zombie game, because you know, there aren’t enough zombie games…
            Oh wait, that one might be multi-console too.

          • Vampiric

             1) it will be exclusive

            2) we really dont get enough

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Steve, I can link you to articles where Ubisoft have said they are looking at making ZombiU for PS3 and 360, by using a combination of Vita/Smartglass so that it would have everything the Wii U version would have. All they’ve said is that the Wii U version will come first. I can guarantee you, btw, if they do make a PS3 version, it’ll be enhanced because of Sony’s policy towards late ports, and I doubt Microsoft won’t want some extras too, so the Wii U version will probably be the lesser version, in the end.

        • Anime10121

          That’s my major gripe with the Wii-U so far, it has nothing that you cant play on other systems already other than Platinum’s game.  I want to want the Wii U (same situation with Vita, only a couple games I REALLY want), but so far there isn’t enough to warrant a console purchase.

    • z_merquise

      Shame P-100 will probably be swept under the rug by all the Nintendo Standards 

      I hope not. Project P-100 is published by Nintendo, I’m sure they’ll promote it to their audiences especially that it’s made by Platinum Games.

    • Not that Kamiya isn’t a cool dude, but I don’t think he’s particularly underrated. He’s widely known within the gaming community as “that dude who did Devil May Cry/Viewtiful Joe/Okami”.

  • TrevHead

    Damn that vid needs subbing.

    Whatever they are doing they it seems to be working. Platinum games is one of the biggest reasons I still have hope in AAA gaming.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      It is subbed. Turn on the captions.

      • TrevHead

        doh! thx for pointing that out

  • Anime10121

    Hopefully after their deal with Sega is over, they find a publisher who actually wants to release their games to a World wide audience.  I like Sega but I love Platinum oh so much more, and with Sega’s recent financial issues (at least in the west), I hope Platinum can find someone who can afford to treat them a little better (Konami, Square, hell even Namco).

    • TrevHead

      As much as I liked Sega in the past and all the quality games this gen they’ve published and supported, the sad truth is that AAA retail is for those who can throw lots of money into marketing, and selling Vanquish and Binary Domain as clones of Gears of War wasn’t helpfull.

      If console manufacturers change their pricing models for XBLA/ PSN so mid tier devs can charge more than $15 for more niche games then been forced to put their games as boxed retail which quickly make their ways to the bargin bucket, then hopefully SEGA can be successfull on digi DL.

      If not it’ll just be more rereleases of past AAAs and cheap indie efforts.

  • Asura

    Just about makes one tear up, don’t it?

  • Somehow it makes me feel heartwarming and sad.

  • z_merquise

    ” Kamiya: I don’t think our jobs are to take what they ask for and make it a reality.

    I think our jobs are to listen to what they ask for, then come back with something totally unexpected. “

    Exactly! That’s what creators should put in mind. Audiences would never know that they would like something until they see it. Asking for something that we’ve seen before would turn the product stale in the long run.

  • Andrew Austin

    Oh my god. That piano.

  • Wow.. Raiden cut people like cutting butter using a hot knife XD

  • Looks like a pretty neat place to work.

  • ShinGundam

    I really think this goes beyond P* philosophy, it seems just sad in someway?

  • Setsu Oh

    i think they would be very successful if they took their stories most seriously.
    instead of doing stories like infernal affairs they do sheet like kitano takeshi’s getting any. westerners don’t just look at the gameplay like japanese gamers apparently do, they look at the story and dub quality.
    why do you think bayonetta won’t be remembered for its story but gameplay?

    • Göran Isacson

      On the one hand, I want to point to the sales of God of War 3 and say that you are wrong, because that series plot totally went out the window and became very average and dull as time went on yet it still sold in the millions. But then I recall that, in the end, God of War had a very SIMPLE plot as well. Kratos had made a mess off his life and was taking out his anger at various people who sometimes deserved it. Bayonetta was simple at it’s CORE, but it went so balls-out insane (in a very VERY good way) with it’s main character dressed in her hair, punching God into the sun, supremely creepy father figure-boss and time travel shenanigans that it was a lot easier to get lost in it.

      I for one absolutely LOVE Bayonettas plot and hold it as far superior to God of War (which I’m comparing Bayonetta to because hey, it’s the big major Western action game that’s competing with Bayonetta), but I know that’s coming from my deeply subjective love of things that are strange and weird and out there, and Bayonetta delivered that in SPADES. God of War has a much simpler and straightforward plot that people can follow without raising their eyebrows and going WTF every fifth minute, and while that is no fun or challenging to me it is the preference of the majority.

      Which makes me wonder… IF following your advice would make their plots a little less like Bayonetta and a little more like God of War, would I really want them to go there? To me, that would mean they would lose what makes their games shine so strong in my eyes. But if that would also mean increased sales… ah. It’s a tough balance.

      Of course in an ideal world Platinum might write stories as well as Naughty Dog with the same shining gameplay as they always do, but I don’t know if I dare imagine a world that perfect.

      • Setsu Oh

         the problem is nostalgia and feelings like that.
        gow is old enough to be able to sell games because it is a old gen IP. besically it began with an old console.
        to me the gameplay isn’t really thecause of gow here, it is kratos. the same way people do not really love halo for the lore but for master chief. even if the gameplay is there, some IPs have that very enviable ‘old’ to them that make their roots.
        P*games is all about new ips (aside from mgs of course but that isn’t them right, they went on that because it was to be saved, they didnt created it they salvaged it) any old game can live thx to their old roots that is to say the already established lore and hero and everything (see mario and sonic) they don’t need story. never did. now people (me) need more story and more char, for example i’m exceptionaly bored in crysis 2 because all it does is superb visuals and good gameplay. but the story isn’t there. to crytek it seems that story is like a carrot to make u go through the game: ‘go to point B there will be story here. OH something happened go to point C it moved to point D!’ plus u don’t know squat about the guy you play and it is very boring because of that.
        P*games to me is very cheesy wannabe cool english dialogues i can’t stand. ok visuals and very good gameplay.  i don’t play
        mario because all there is is gameplay and colors,
        sonic because of the same thing even worse: the story they try is flawed with childish sheet,
        gow because cratos is a very boring char al ways saying the same thing and the gameplay isn’t that varied(i got bored of the e3 demo! a DEMO!),
        tuna black ops because i can’t stand chars screaming things at you every 2secs until u do it.
        there is a lot more. it pains me to see such good gameplay and talented studio and no immersive story (like: shadow of rome, mass effect saga, uncharted saga etc…)

        • Göran Isacson

          Mmm, those are some very valid complaints, but I don’t think you’re ever going to get what you want in this case. The way I see it, Platinums whole design-philosophy centers around creating fun moment-to-moment gameplay. They can create a story that somewhat adequately explains and justifies their mechanics, but they will NEVER make a game like Mass Effect where the story drives everything else, including gameplay. Just like Nintendo and Sega concentrates on keeping their Mario and Sega games for all audiences (save their RPG-versions) and deliberately keep the stories on a level were they don’t become so complex or mature that kids can’t keep up with what’s going on. You will never see a ‘mature’ game about Mario and Sonic in the same vein as Uncharted or Mass Effect or Shadow of Rome because that was never what they were meant to be. What’s important to Nintendo and Sega is that new kids constantly pick up their games so that they can create a new audience that will slowly be brought up as “loyal” to the brand. They aren’t interested in making a mature game for a smaller, mature audience and at this point I think it would be silly if they did.

          I will admit that Platinum games, since they aren’t trying to make all-audiences games, COULD stand to actually deliver a really memorable story for once. But I still find it unlikely because that simply goes against their core design beliefs- they will never prioritize story over gameplay, and that’s often what you HAVE to do in order to deliver a really memorably story in a videogame ala Uncharted. I mean, this is again my own personal taste, but I can’t say that playing Uncharted was EVER as exciting as slaying angels in Bayonetta, even if watching Nathan Drakes tale unfold sure beat anything that Platinum ever wrote.

  • Göran Isacson

    “It’s about how much air you can swallow in that instant, because you’re about to go under again” . MAN doesn’t that ever sound familiar, so committing that phrase to memory.

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