You Can Now Buy Gilgamesh’s Chess Set From Fate/Zero

By Ishaan . June 21, 2012 . 3:17pm

Bandai will release a chess set inspired by the one owned by Fate/Zero’s Gilgamesh, as reported by Anime News Network today. The chess set will ship in December, although pre-orders are now available on the Premium Bandai website. The set includes 16 pieces—seven servants, eight masters, and a Holy Grail.


See the human-like figures in the front row? Those are the masters. The ones behind them are the servants. Here’s a closer look at those:


The Fate/Zero chess set costs 9,980 yen. That’s about $125.

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  • Suicunesol

    So you get half a chess set? No black pieces? That’s not a complete chess set then.

    This is actually really cool, but I can’t pay $125 for an incomplete chess set. :(

    Not to mention the board has only seven vertical spaces instead of eight >_>… But the board probably doesn’t come with it.

    • Exkaiser

      It’s not meant to be played, or even to be a complete chess set. It’s just a cool visual prop.

      In the anime, Gilgamesh uses it to represent the state of the masters and servants.

      • Suicunesol

        ._. I see. So… it’s like an anime figure. Supposed to sit there and look pretty. And here I was hoping for something practical for once.

        Really, it should be a complete set. >_<

  • It looks nice, but where’s the rest of it lol?

  • it looks awesome but… isn’t the queen or at least one other chess piece missing? I know this might be an awesome collection for die-hard fans but… other might …like to play with it too?

    But hell it’s… really good looking and…I …want the money to… *slaps myself* NAH bad Alkaid, bad… don’t even think about it!


    • Suicunesol

       The queen is the grail. *hint*

      • Isn’t Angra Maiyu a du- Ohh I think I got it……

        • Suicunesol

           Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of the Da Vinci Code. Grail –> Chalice –> Woman –> Queen. Yeah…

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Certain things should never be put in direct comparison to chess. The Holy Grail War is very clever as the setting of a story, but when you put it on a chess board it gives the presence of “this is as smart and tactical as chess”.
    Even as a Fate fan I have to say it’s not. At all. There’s strategy to be had in the Grail War, sure, but not the kind of strategy you find in chess, especially since a lot of the “strategies” the “players” of the Grail War employ is stuff they make up on the spot or ever really result in A) Let someone else do all the killing and then kill them, B) Team up and kill everyone else (and maybe betray the companion to win), or C) Just kill everybody.
    Now if it was customized to look like the a Fate cast and had a more creative board (that didn’t look like chess) and was an actual tactical board game, with rules following the Holy Grail War (that weren’t bent constantly like in the stories) you’d have a nice sale.
    For $125 this is just silly.

    …I really want an actual Holy Grail War Board Game now. I imagine it’d have elements of Risk and obviously D&D, with a stack of servants to choose from by lottery or something. Man, that would be amazing. I’d pay a good price for that easily.

    • Exkaiser

      Well, it is customized to look like the Fate cast. The class pieces are the same as the class artwork used since F/SN. Anyways, it’s just a neat visual prop, just like it is in the Fate/Zero anime. Gilgamesh doesn’t play chess with it, he just uses it as a visual representation of the statuses of the Masters and Servants.

      I was thinking about how a Pen and Paper RPG based on Fate would work- it might be pretty easy to translate the Servants and their powers into D20, especially given how their stats are already written in the VN as if they’re RPG characters, but how to get a bunch of players to work in a scenario like the Holy Grail War is another matter entirely.

      • TheCynicalReaper

        I see. If that’s the case then I can understand it a bit better, but the pattern on the board should’ve really been changed to something else, since it confuses the thing with chess so easily. Also can’t see how a prop should go for 100+ dollars unless it’s actually from a movie set or something.

        As for your RPG idea: I was thinking the same thing about the D20! The way Nasu wrote the stats for the servants and just how incredibly technical he gets with moves vs character statuses shows he had to have been a big pen and paper RPG fan. I heard actually that he still is and even participated in a game with a couple of other high profile VN/manga authors. Found the news on the wiki a while back.
        -But anyway, yeah, the number of players would have to be the biggest problem. In that kind of sense I can see the most fun to be had would be getting a player to be a master and another player to be a servant, and having them get into role play cooperation and such, but the amount of variables there would be insane. Keeping it as each player being their own master/servant team, you’d still need to get at least seven other players to the table. Maybe it would work best at a convention or something, like where people often have sections devoted to big table RPGs.

        • Exkaiser

          I was thinking the main problem is that the Master/Servants are usually A) working separately and B) working against each other, so it would be really hard trying to do all this at a table. As a DM, I could easily run the other Master/Servants as NPCs, but I was trying to think of a setup that would get three-four teams working together in a way that made sense.

  • $125 for Gilgamesh’s chess set? When you think about it, that’s a little cheap. lol And where’s the Avenger piece?

    • mirumu

      Gilgamesh does claim everything in the world is his possession so I guess that $125 is just the fee for renting it from him.

    •  I thought it would be 300+ before I looked at the price in the article.

  • SirRichard

    Seven Servants but eight Masters? Why the extra Master?

    Regardless, I remember day-dreaming about actually owning a chess set like that when I was watching the show, so it’s sort of neat?

    • Suicunesol

      Two reasons.

      1. You need the eighth master because if you only had seven pawns, you wouldn’t have enough pawns to play chess with.

      2. At least in Fate/Stay Night, Kirei can be considered the eighth master because he is the master of the eighth servant, Gilgamesh.

      • SirRichard

        Thing is, this board looks like it’s a column short in the images on their site, you can only fit seven pieces on a row for this board. If they wanted to do a proper chessboard, they could’ve added Avenger or Saver/Saviour as an eighth piece. But then it wouldn’t be entirely accurate, and nuuuuh

        • Suicunesol

          I’d throw out the chessboard. :O

      • Kyle D. Johnson


        1.It was my understanding Gilgamesh occupied the Archer slot (more like he never left it), since EMIYA!Archer wasn’t actually a Servant, but a Counter Guardian.
        2. Bazzett Fragarach/Avenger?

  • Kawashima

    Wow I’m surprised this is only $125.  Cospa’s BRS jeans were about $206 so I expected this to be in the $300 – 400 range.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’d have preferred a full chess set, but this is still cool. Now is it $125 cool? Ehhhhhh

  • Mr_SP

    Wait… Do we get the board? Because that’s a terrible board to play chess with.

  • Just where Gil get all those fantastic toys?

  • Alexandra Cordes

    If I played chess, I would get this.

  • Ringgit Malaysia is how much??? may i know???

  • u got sell  servant chess set right??

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