Robotics;Notes Trailer Runs Through The Game’s Characters

By Ishaan . June 23, 2012 . 10:30am

5pb have released a new trailer for their upcoming sci-fi visual novel game, Robotics;Notes, where you play as a member of a robotics club at a school. Scheduled for release on June 28th, Robotics;Notes also has manga and anime adaptations scheduled for release this year. You can watch the new trailer below:


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  • Andrew Austin

    Ahh, I was worried Ms. Itou wasn’t going to have a song in this game.

  • Nee Nee

    I still don’t know what to think of this.

  • Whose eyes are those eyes~

    • El Psy Kongroo.

    • Darkrise

      Sono me dare no me.

  • Hopefully Yandere Nae is a thing of a past. And this looks a hell lot more light hearted than S;G and C;H….But ya know…… 
    Wow they build a freaking Mecha!!! And somehow they use it to save the world…. WANT! Uncensored JAXA logo = good guys? Did I saw an X brand ver. of FaceBook?

    Also, can someone translate those Jpnese captions? I believe I saw:Red solar wind, Sun research satellite, silent weapon, 16 seconds *something* urban legend, mass death of animal, earth magnetic field, maximum solar activity…. Sounds lk “2012” any1?

    • Aoshi00

      It’s the in-game ver of Twitter, like MewTube from Chaos;Head :)  I think the overall atmosphere might be a bit more uplifting compared to Steins;Gate which was bittersweet and depressing.. but I doubt it would be short of mysteries, scientific concepts, and conspiracies (UFO, Illuminati, etc) as you could see from the caption.. and the two main chars have special abilities as well after an incident when they were kids.. 

      I only played about 1/3 of the demo (it was pretty long, didn’t want to spoil myself too much).  The story and chars were quite interesting, interface was good.  While the 3D was quite good (nothing crappy like Ever 17 remake), it took a little bit getting used to since I really like the 2D illustrations.  Not sure about JAXA’s role, there’s this company called Exoskeleton that makes mechs and prosthetics too.. a lot of real and fictional terms as usual..

      • Can’t wait 4 the demo to get translated.
        You don’t say……Reading Steiner? (Or something in the realm of building mecha) I assume the event is the rocket launch two of them saw with their mum(?). UFO and Illuminati TOO!? Exoskeleton….mechs…. They throw a bit of BD in too..

        I think we r in a fun ride.

        • I went through the demo and summarized it here (to the best of my memory, at least).

          I’m pretty sure the one they saw H-IIA Launch Vehicle Flight No.17 with Akiho’s sister, Misaki, who formed the Robot Club, started the giant robot project, and was the original creator and operator of Tanegashimachine 3, which Kaito and Akiho use in their first robot competition.
          Misaki is also a test pilot and poster girl for Exoskeleton, and may have some connection to the Council.

          • Oky I am curious, wht is this “committee”? Has it appear in C;H and S;G? 
            “Whose eye are those eyes?” Wht does it mean again? (Haven’t watched C;H) And does this mean (SPOILER)Airi is a gigalomaniac?
            I assume their helper frm JAXA is Nae?

          •  Oh, wow, the grammar in my post was a mess, and yeah, I meant Committee, not Council.
            The Committee of 300 was the one pulling the strings behind the Rounders in S;G.
            Whose Eyes are Those Eyes is a phrase in C;H made by Nishijou Takumi, that inexplicably spreads in notoriety, to his horror.
            Nae didn’t appear in the demo.

  • This cast looks too normal and forgettable, unlike Steins;Gate’s.

    • Aoshi00

      I like the char design, somehow reminds me of Sadomoto Yoshiyuki or Gainax’s (huke’s art was unique too).. the 3D models were not bad.. I think the chars would be developed and memorable too once you get into the story.  S;G’s cast looked stereotyped at first glance if you didn’t know about them as well..

      • I do hv to admit…..Compare to S;G charac design, the R;N cast seems 4gettable…(Hell, I can’t remember their name ex. 4 MC name) But I believe throughout the game they will flesh those charac out better.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Definitively leagues better than steins gate already. Main male character looks and seems > okarin, and the same mech weve seen for so long never ceases to please.

    • Tenno Seremel


  • After seeing Steins;Gate, I’m totally interested to see 5pb’s other work. I’m still really looking forward to this anime and still need to check out Chaos;Head as well.

    I was really looking forward to playing the demo, but for some reason it wasn’t working for me.  

    • LynxAmali


      Dear god, that was terrible.

      The VN is far superior.

      • == Wow. Is it as famous sounding as f/SN or tsukihime anime? BUT I STILL GONNA WATCH C;H when I finally found a dubbed ver. 

      • Daru Titor

         Hear Hear!!

    • Setsuryuu

       …It’s serious, listen to Lynx and don’t watch the Chaos;Head anime.

      Sorry, I just had to reinforce this. (that might have been one of the anime I hated most in my life, if only because it kept me believing it could get better up until the last episode; when it ended and I noticed “oh my, that was terrible all along”. Now I don’t even feel like ever playing the VN).

      That said, I loved Steins;Gate… And I did think it was cool when I heard the “sono me, dare no me” part too. lol~

      • @LynxAmali:disqus I will heed your warnings and avoid that anime. *goes off to remove Chaos;Head from this ‘Plan to Watch’ list*

        I’m glad to hear that the VN was still very good despite the “terrible” anime adaptation.

  • Stein’s Gate impressed me, in the form of the Anime adaptation, so let’s hope this is the same case, cuz it looks really cool!

  • Nicholas Yee

    Why’s the divergence meter there?
    Now i’m wishing that okarin and makise kurisu will make a cameo in this game. Hopefully with a baby too!

    • Aoshi00

      The 3 games are supposed in the same universe, w/ Chaos;Head in Shibuya and Steins;Gate in Akihabara.  In Steins;Gate we hear Daru mention Knight-hart, the famous MMO persona of Nishijo Takumi, who was the main char of Chaos;Head.. Here the divergence meter and the phrase “sono me dare no me” were thrown in too, not sure how much significance, probably not much..  I don’t think we would see Okarin or Kurisu, but the grown up Nae (Mr. Braun’s creepy daughter) was confirmed to make a cameo in Robotics;Notes.

      I like the setting of R;N alrdy because I’m not a big fan of violence, sex scenes, or shocking gruesome deaths that other VNs have which are just too grim for me.. I just want a good story and chars (why I didn’t feel like finish playing Chaos;Head), the science and mech part should be intriguing too.

      • Daru Titor

         Chaos;Head’s VN was better than the anime.
        The anime was good, but felt like it was crammed
        into 12 episodes. On the plus side, they did show Noah I
        in the anime, which was II’s prototype

        • Aoshi00

          I have only watched 1 ep of the Chaos;Head anime, seemed about the same as the game’s beginning. 12 eps is most likely too short to be a faithful adaptation unlike S;G which had 24 eps the perfect length.  I only played up to Ch. 4 or 5 on 360.  It just got too weird and dark for me I wasn’t very interested to go on, and the wimpy main char was very hard to like, hopefully I could go back to finish it one day (I only played half of Hiyoku Renri no Darling & still need to finish Dunamis15 and Instant Brain..).  On the other hand I liked Okarin a lot.  I’ll definitely try my best to finish R;N before the anime airs in Sept, dark or not, I hope it’s at least as epic and engrossing as S;G.

    • Daru Titor

      By the start of R;N, Daru’s got a two year old daughter(Suzuha).

  • Darkrise

    Oh shiiii- Divergence meter sighted! And OH GOD! DID SOMEONE JUST SAY SONO ME DARE NO ME IN THE TRAILER!? GAAAAAH!!! *FANGASM*!!!! I have high expectations for this to be equal if not, better than Steins;Gate!

  • Andrew Austin

    You know, since the game features a type of Tablet-like device pretty prominently, I wonder if we’ll see a Wii-U port down the line…? 

  • neetyneety

    I will read the manga, watch the anime, and read the VN (not exactly all in that order). That’s how high my expectations are for this.

    Also, DIVERGENCE METER~!!! Man, that made my hype reach uber levels.

  • Razentsu

    Maaaaaan, I am ready for this.

    I loved Steins;Gate. What has me excited besides the talent behind this game is that the main protagonist is a fighting game fan, like me. :D

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